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White Man's Independence Day

July 4th, Why Are We Honoring the Armed Forces on This Day?
All over teevee today they are waving the flag and showing a lot of army and navy and marine recruiting type tributes, showing our BRAVE soldiers--mostly tributes to male soldiers is all I saw--posed so tough and determined, all of them profiled looking off into distant space, which we assume to the government propaganda department means "the Future." "More WARS, please, to keep us serving and getting killed and maimed so we can protect this administration's coveting of OIL and control of the dirty, filthy, towel-headed A-rabbs, our mortal enemies."

What does July 4th have to do with our military? The USA had no military when the Declaration of Independence was signed and sent to King "Nutjob" George III of England; yes, the one who reminds me most of our current phony "president"--our own King "Nutjob" George--and trust me, folks, he does see himself as a king-type and not a people's choice-type. Our King George still has a pretty well-embedded 30% support--plus he has made billions and billions of dollars for his family, turning them into a royal family with privileges you and I, dear We the People, will never have access to unless one of us "lucks" out and hits a lotto somewhere or a jackpot in A.C. or Vegas (and chances of that are even higher than winning a state lotto (about 40 billion-to-one).

Besides, the Declaration of Independence was a document of the white man breaking away from his Father England--except for the Tories, some of whom stayed here, though a lot of them fled like rats to Canada. This document did not declare the Black man "independent." This document did not make a Native American a full citizen, independent from tyranny. This document did not represent the independence from tyranny for the Mexicans who used to own a hell of a lot of this country.

My neighborhood is changing drastically. It started out as a Lebanese neighborhood. Then it went through a transition period in the 80s when it became a large Korean neighborhood, with Korean banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and their treasured karaoke bars and tea rooms. Mixing in with the Koreans came Chinese, Vietnamese, East Indians, Pakis, and other Middle Easteners.

Now this neighborhood is turning WHITE. These huge new hi-rise luxury apartment buildings now towering over this neighborhood are bringing in tons of white people--80% of the apartments are at such high rents and values only white people and foreigners (mostly Germans, French, Israelis (oh boy do the Israelis have a lot of investment capital), Commie Chinese, Rim Asians) can afford to live in them. Already with two of these huge buildings now up and running within two blocks of each other on my street, I see more and more young whites hooked on their cell phones, most of them very young, very hip, the babes all sleek, blonde, working-out hot and all the dudes working-out nerd types, with the backwards baseball hats on, and the not-a-worry-in-the-world attitude toward the rest of the people on this earth. I guarantee you these new whites despise those of us left in the old neighborhood, and the Koreans still out number them, but not for long--we are going WHITE and that's that. Manhattan Island is going WHITE, too; Harlem is going WHITE. The Whites have all the money; plus young whites out of college are getting top jobs in the financial industry and in advertising, etc., where blacks have no chance--I worked in advertising on Madison Avenue in NYC for 35 years and during that time I never had a black boss, never saw a black executive, and the only black man I ever knew who made it in advertising did it by starting his own black advertising agency that was backed by the very white J. Walter Thompson Group.

Yes, there are very successful blacks in NYC; black millionaires galore, I'm sure; and I'm sure, you could probably find several black billionaires around town if you looked hard enough--I'm sure Percy Sutton's a billionaire. Still, mark my words, you don't see blacks at all in the upper managements of most ad agencies or major brokerage houses and banks--a few tokens, yeah, but for the most part to top paying jobs in Manhattan go to whites. Turning Manhattan into a rich man's paradise will drive all the blacks, Latinos, and poor white trash totally out of Manhattan except in subservitude roles--like cleaning the rich whiteman's shithouse--keeping it spotless. Yassuh, yassuh, yassuh.

Most of the whites moving into my neighborhood and now into my building, too--are young white kids who act nonchanlant as hell as they move into this creepy building that only two years ago was a Class B Hotel building where rents could not exceed the rent guidelines given out every year and most of the people in this building have lived here for more than 10 years, myself 25 years, and one guy I know, he and his family have lived here since 1964. The average rent in the building was $300 a month, some lower and some higher, but probably none higher than $600 a month. Two years ago, my building was just suddenly taken over by an Egyptian Jewish dude; he just suddenly sent us around a letter saying he'd bought the building and for us not to worry, blah, blah, blah, bullshit and more bullshit.

This dude got this Hotel redesignated an Apartment building--and he immediately began kicking people out, starting with the undocumented Chinese, who were in this building by the hundreds, this building being one of the places the Chinatown snakeheads sent all the illegal Chinese they could smuggle in--putting sometimes as many as 7 Chinese boys in one room and charging them each $300 a month rent, meaning $2100 a month for one apartment. Next he went after families who had lived here for 20 years in some cases, again mostly Chinese; some of these people over the years had rented adjoining rooms so that they might have 2 two-room apartments, paying like $600 a month for the two apartment. The new landlord went to them and said you can stay with your 4 rooms, but you'll have to pay $2000 a room now, which means $8000 a month for 4 rooms. Families took him to court, but I never heard any results. You see, $2000 a month is the new base-rent our billionaire mayor has imposed upon us--and now our mayor is a presidential hopeful as a third party candidate (remember how they came down on Ralph Nader when he tried to start a third party--not so with Bloomingidiot Bloomberg (a Boston lad who's mayor of NYC--you figure it out); he's getting praise for his throwing his billionaire hat in the ring--though he hasn't got one chance in seven hells of being elected)--and our idiot rich-boy mayor considers $2000-a-month what all rents should be in Manhattan--$2,000 a month per room per rental; to buy an apartment in Manhattan: Bloomie says you should be prepared to pay a base million and a half for even the dinkiest of apartments.

Mister Bloomingidiot Bloomberg has also gone about changing the zoning restrictions in Manhattan; he's now allowing buildings up to 72 stories (55 was the old limit) in any neighborhood they want, but especially in the hot real estate market of MY area, my neighborhood, the fastest developing neighborhood in this city. We have no factories or industries in Manhattan anymore--Bloomingidiot has said New York's main industry is now the tourist industry and thus we need 22,000 more hotel rooms in this Tourist Mecca--which means 72 new hotels are coming on line within the next ten years. And all the while the mayor is concerned about traffic congestion and clean air--bumbling asshole billionaire son of a bitch knows nothing about living and working in Manhattan--when Manhattan goes closed-community, all white, all rich, who the hell's gonna clean their shithouses? How about illegal immigrants? You better believe it. The mayor wants no poor people anywhere near Manhattan--and especially he wants no blacks, latinos, or Newyoricans, or just plain Puerto Ricans in Manhattan either. Illegal immigrants--you know shithouse cleaners, nannies, servants and stuff will be allowed to live in servants quarters, which I'm damn sure, or at least it better have, a million and a half dollar apartment will have servants's quarters. Good question to ask your realtor when you go to buy your million and a half dollar flat.

So today I'm celebrating nothing independent except my will; I'm still an independent thinker. I figure I'm safe in my apartment for at least three more years when one day the landlord (he says he likes me and is determined to keep me in the building--yeah sure, and where did you sell your grandmother, pal?) will come and say, Wolfie, you can stay in your apartment at your current "poor man's" rate but you have to show me proof you could pay $2000 a month if you had to. Whaaaaa! That means you have to show the bastard all your financial records, your tax returns especially, and you have to pay him a fee for checking your credit. If he determines you couldn't pay $2000 a month rent if you had to, he then has the right to boot your ass straight out into the gutter overnight. This whether you've never missed paying your rent on time in the last 100 years--that don't matter--if you can't prove you can pay...blah, blah, blah, more rules, more regulations against ordinary citizens in favor of the privileged few--those who own the finest houses, the finest beaches, the finest parts of every town, the most buildings--MONEY RULES. WAR brings in the money. So if you desire to live on Manhattan Isle, you better start buying up some WAR stocks--I've told you over and over which ones to bank on--Exxon-Mobil, Halliburton of Dubai, Wal-Mart, Kellogg-Root-Brown, they call themselves KRB now or something like that--still originally an oil company--Kellogg-Root-Brown--offshore drilling their speciality--tied in with the Texas Railroad Commission, the Texas political machine that controls offshore drilling off the Texas coast--headquartered in Houston--the home of Pappy and Mammy Bush until their Dubai mansion is finished.

Oh the Bullshit--will we ever be Independent from BULLSHIT.

It doesn't look like it.


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And While Macy's Department Store Is Blowing Away Millions of Dollars Worth of Fireworks in the Middle of the East River in New York City; We've Just Had a Big Commander Bush Victory in Iraq--Yep, They Have Given Us The Rights to Their Oil; All We Wanted Anyway, Right?

It sounds tonight in midtown Manhattan like it must sound every night and day in Iraq and in Afghanistan and in the Gaza Strip--bombs going off every few seconds, screaming fiery things shooting off into the night sky, lighting the place up to look as close to Christian heaven as we can get it. But here's an article from the Calgary Sun, yep, a Canadian paper--you don't read much about it here in the good ole USA:

American officials are hoping passage of the oil bill and companion legislation to distribute oil revenues will help rally Sunni support for the government and reduce backing for the insurgents.

In the latest violence, a car bomb exploded late yesterday at an outdoor market in the Shaab area of northeast Baghdad, killing 18 people and wounding 35, a police officer said.

The market is in a Shiite neighbourhood frequently target by Sunni bombers.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said his cabinet unanimously approved the oil draft and that the parliament would begin discussing it the following day. He called the bill "the most important law in Iraq."

The cabinet endorsed one version of the legislation last February. But the Kurds protested that measure was unconstitutional because it gave too much power to a yet-to-be-established national oil company in managing the country's oil fields.

Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh did not release the bill's final version.

In a statement, the Kurdistan Regional Government said it would reject the latest text if it made "material and substantive changes" to the outline agreed upon during weeks of negotiations.

"We have not seen the final text of the law that the Iraqi cabinet says it will put to parliament," the statement said.

"We hope that the cabinet is not approving a text with which the (Kurdish administration) disagrees because this would violate the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan region."

Well a hey-nonny-nonny. They forgot about the Kurds? Can't you believe this silly shit.

So soon, we predict, Commander and Chief and Sentence Commuter General G.W. Bush will announce another "Mission Accomplished"--and that the surge has worked and the Iraqis are now free and the Sunnis and Shi'ites are going to be blood brothers again under the flag of the American occupation forces. American OIL stocks and British Petroleum stocks will be skyhigh soon as this gets around--plus Exxon-Mobil is getting ready to post even greater quarter profits ever--RICHES await you; take advantage of the "good times" WAR offers you, as long as those dog soldiers are dying over there and not you as you move into your new swell hi-floor Manhattan apartment and you start your new job as an account executive (if you are a woman) or a copywriter (if you are a man) with BurnBomb, BurnedOut, and Whacky starting at $60,000 a year, if you are the woman, and $67,000 a year if you're a man, and with a chance to shack up with one of the new hot babe account execs or one of the truly with-it, backwards baseball cap copywriting males on-the-prowl in the office. So if a $60,000-a-year account executive hot babe hooks up with one of those $67,000-a-year backwards-baseball-cap copywriters, that's $127,000 a year--which means they could certainly share a fabby hi-floor luxury apartment until they hook up with even better matches as their careers develop further.

Blacks get jobs in accounting departments--black women, that is. Black men get jobs in the mail room, but the first complaint from a white female of his taking sexual liberties, and he's out on his ass. We have seen two that we recall in recent years very hardworking black dudes get the ax based on white women complaining they were taking sexual liberties around them--they were simply black dudes following the instincts made legends by their culture that the black man is all-sexual and expecially that white women desire black men--those big black snakes, you know. Such bullshit. But it's alive and well in these WHITE offices.

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