Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Liars Are Immune From Justice

Libby the Liar's "Harsh" Sentence Commuted by Our Kind and Law-Abiding, Human-Condition-Caring Never-Honestly-Elected "President"--The First-Ever Supreme Court Appointed "President"--King of All Liars
Here's the compassion: G.W. "the Bush Puppet Boy" Bush on the day that his administration pushed through Congress a bill that would mandate that all of US, WE the people, would have to serve full minimum sentences if we commit "a crime" or "take the rap for Unka Dick" and we are convicted and sentenced to a minimum stretch in a hoosegow whether we like it or not. Then he goes and commutes the sentence of Scooter Libby--who got the minimum sentence, by the way, in his conviction, saying it's too harsh a sentence (for so important a Neo-Con). Another Bush finger in the face of We the People. And now Libby can still use the Fifth Amendment since his sentence was commuted to a fine and probation if Fitzgerald or somebody tries to requestion him under oath about this matter. Had Scooter Boy done some prison-time, he would have lost that privilege--pleading the Fifth, the liar's legal way of avoiding having to tell whatever the truth really is. The Fifth Amendment was for We the People's protection--that we wouldn't be forced to incriminate ourselves while under oath; it could mean you're not guilty of a crime though you are the way the prosecution is asking questions of you--"On the night of the crime, where were you, Mr. Scooty Boy?" "I plead the Fifth." See what I mean?

So justice has been done. Freedom is still on the march. US soldier deaths have now way-topped 3500 long ago--probably bordering right at 4000 by now in real numbers--and now the injured, maimed, and psychologically damaged for life number in the tens of thousands. The number of Iraqi civilian deaths is way over 600,000 now, though the Pentagon only admits to 30,000, a number they've held to for a couple of years. Besides, too, the number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan is at its highest in their history and that includes their living under both Soviet Union invasion and Taliban control. Even the phony president of Afghanistan, the oil company executive, has condemned NATO (read US) forces for bombing civilian neighborhoods and, oh the nerve of these heathens's accusations, saying the bombings are killing women and children.

Bush, on the other hand, just yesterday said things were going very well in Iraq--so now he's trying to restart the Cold War and turn Russia back into the Soviet Union by putting unnecessary and probably obsolete missile sites in the Czech Republic and Poland and right on the Russian border [as you may know, to Christian Nut Jobs (all of 'em) Russia is the Great Bear; pure-dee religious zealot and wild nutjob the Good Saint John, who was so nutty, the Greeks exiled him to the Isle of Patmos in the Mediterranean, wrote what the Christian holier-than-thou creeps called "The Book of Revelations"--not really a book, more like a pamphlet--and in that gorified-full-0f-pagan-iconologies pamphlet, Old Beautiful John, said to be Mother Mary's gigolo, if not one of her sons, says that the Great Bear of the North (the Christians read that "Russia") will come down on precious God-favored little Israel, the never-wrong country of the never-wrong Hebrew Children, the Godly opposites of the Devil designed A-rabbs, even though Hebrews, Arabs, Persians, all of them, come from the same Mesopotamian nativity--and thus when this Great Bear attacks little helpless God-chosen Israel, then the Big Boy in Charge will let happen the Great Battle of Armageddon, which is the battle (fought on horseback acc. to Wild John) during which the clouds (ancient Christ-followers swore the sun went around the earth, which to them was flat, and that the clouds were actually the gateways to the heavens--or the place where Big Daddy (Allah, Jehovah, Elohim, you put whatever name you want on one of these "Gods Almighties") resides with his half-breed son, Joshua ben Joseph)--the clouds will part and here will come Joshua ben Joseph himself, leading his band of Heavenly guardians to battle on a big white horse).

Bush the Gaul
and his illegal Mexican wife; I wonder, did What F-ing gaul this "president" of ours has!! It amazes me how he walks around like he's already decided he ain't giving up the presidency--and certainly not to a god-damn woman or a damn uppity nig......whoaaaaaa; remember, Pappy and Mammy's little brown babies from Jeb and his illegal Mexican wife--and, by the bye, did Jeb's drug-addict daughter ever serve any jail time--minimum sentence?

From a wolfman's point of view--there's a lot a blood on that full moon now. I may be soon howling for sadness and blues at what's being done to OUR only paradise--this planet--the only planet for billions of miles around perfect for human living--and instead, we fear it as an enemy and are out to literally destroy it, obliterate it, our instincts telling us in the form of legends that somewhere out there in outerspace--all church-type buildings point toward the heavens like observatories do--is a place, a true paradise, a true human-invented utopia where MEN never DIE and live in mansions of gold brick on streets paved with gold--our greed our downfall--GREED, GREED, GREED, and then GLUTTONY, and then GUILT and WAR and DOOM. Moulah is our God, the God of filthy lucre and double-whammy mammon.

But, folks, WAR is good; WAR is reWARding; WAR is the key to prosperity and long life.

And Scooter Libby had a sardonic smile on his face as he realized his old asshole buddy, Georgie Porgie Puddin' 'n Pie, was keeping his "Scooter" ass out of the Federal Prison System. Scooter's one of the divine in the Neo-Con ranks--they need Scooter to be free so he can think of more autrocities to commit in the name of WE the People.

Praise the Lard (all gods are made from Pig Fat) and pass the ammunition "so we'll all be free."

You have to have WAR before you can have any PEACE.

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