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Only Two Presidents Ever Impeached

Can You Name Them?
This Scooter Libby bullshit is all about THE BIGGEST LIE OF ALL--the famous 13 words in Georgie Porgie "our never honestly elected 'president'" Bush State of the Union address back in 2001 when he said that the British had told him (not God) that Saddam (the Devil) Hussein had bought yellow dirt (or whatever it's called) and aluminum tubes from the African nation of Niger both to be used to make Weapons of Mass Destruction--those same WMDs shown so clearly in drawings, you heard me, by our Sec'y of State, Colon's Pal, who knew full well, he's an F-ing 4-star Army General who was responsible for fixing the accounts of American dead vs. Cong dead in the Vietnam War for his bossman General "Old South" Westmoreland--in other words, Colon's Pal, and what I'm trying to say, knew full well he was lying like a caught-red-handed lowlife dog--you know, head tucked between his legs, tail tucked in over his asshole, ashamed to even offer up a make-up smell. Those 13 words were the lying words that started the War in Iraq--LIES, all lies, all told by the world's record-holding liars, I mean lying champions--RICH lying bastards--RICH, POMPOUS ASSHOLE CHILDREN OF RICH, POMPOUS ASSHOLE FATHERS--I'll tell you this, and I grew up around millionaires in Dallas, Texas, my brother one of them, and I managed to keep my honesty throughout it all and my brother, who was honest-to-the-bone same as me before he got rich, by our being born when we were, where we were, and to whom we were. To lie in my family tradition was to be the same as a murderer. My mother has told me a million times that it is much braver to tell the truth than it is to lie: "Only cowards have to lie." And, dammit, my mother enforced that truth in her sons--and my brother became a millionaire and it changed him; it did; the first thing it did was make him revengeful. He suddenly was able to walk into roomsful of the world's richest men with a free pass (once this closed society knew my brother was one of them, and it was in all the local newspapers and in Newsweek and Time all about my brother getting rich, he was 'in like Flynn,' as his generation used to say), and at the time Ross Perrot was the world's richest man and lived a block behind my brother's sprawling estate in a totally high-walled and strongly guarded gated mansion--rich people solve problems of people immigrating onto their properties by building high walls around their lands--sound familiar? We were so appalled by that Berlin Wall ("Mister Gore-boo-chef, tear down that wall") and yet we condone Israel building a wall between itself and Palestine or G.W. "Border Patroller" Bush and his zillion-mile 20-foot high wall from Tijuana, California, around to Brownsville, Texas, at 2 million bucks a mile--now guarded by what little National Guard troops we have left in this country--remember when Commander Bush assigned them to "border" duty? And given his rapidly moving mind, this is the same Commander Bush who had that wall built between the Sunnis and the Shi'ites in Baghdad--remember that one? By the bye, no more reportage since on that wall's progress--no more coverage of the progress of the "Keep out the illegal spics" wall either.

Huey Newton, before he was mysteriously gunned down on his way home one night, said everything was politics, even the food we eat.

So this whole Scooter Libby bullshit is all about covering up the FACT that the War on Iraq was based on absolute lies--and since, this phony president's whole time in office has been one BIG TOTAL PULLING OF WOOL OVER WE THE PEOPLE'S EYES blinding us to this administration's corruption and its robbing We the People of our entire treasury, and when they leave office, if they ever do, they will leave this country totally broke and in tremendous debt--who's gonna pay Halliburton the billions they will charge when they get the contract to rebuild Iraq? The Iraqis? Well, that's probably who will get stuck with this WAR's costs--they'll have to give up their nation's wealth, their nation's oil to Western oil behemoths--BUT, WE the People will never see that oil money that will be paid to Halliburton though we'll still get a bill--don't you worry. I mean, consider what horrible shape this country will be in when the accounting's done honestly and we see just what a mess this country's in in terms of our future as slaves to the corrupt rich who have put us into this mess as part of their grand design.

Do you realize that if we simply taxed Bill Gates, Warren "Junk Bond" Buffett (and all the other overrich individuals like them--T Boone Pickens--throw him in there, too), Exxon-Mobil, CHURCHES and CHURCH MINISTRIES (scams like the Christian Children's Fund or the Oral Roberts Ministries or the Billy Graham Ministries--tax the Hell out of them), all celebrities who are worth over 10 million dollars (and that's most of your big Holy Wood actors, directors, producers, etc.), tax all superrich athletes--and while we're at it, how about we bring back the luxury tax: a tax on yachts, expensive cars (like Beamer sports cars), race horses--or even if We the people instated a 1 cent tax on all stock trades (NYC Mayor Ed "How'm I Doin'?" Crotch (Koch) did away with the New York City penny tax on every stock trades--a matter of billions of bucks a year--given the hundreds of millions of shares of stock traded every day of the work week) --we could wipe out our debts, end the War in Iraq and rebuild the country, set up a National Health Care policy, set up free clinics for every US neighborhood (I've read where all you'd need is 12 billion dollars to bring basic health care to every community in the world)--but NO, no, we can't tax these excessively wealthy institutions and individuals--oh no, they are allowed to waste their money and OUR money any damn way they want to. I ask myself, would Bill Gates be so damn rich if he hadn't stolen the DOS operating system from that small Seattle company? Would he be so rich if all of us didn't rush down and buy the latest Windows bullshit OS every time a new version of DOS is developed--though I'll admit, I enjoy my Windows XP Pro--though I don't trust using it to do business on the Internet, though I do have Firefox on it as the browser. Though Firefox has its problems, too.

I mean isn't a liar a conspirator and isn't a conspirator a member of a closed society that behind closed doors is making up laws and regulations and decisions to tap anybody's phone lines and tap anybody's emails and break down anybody's door in the middle of the night and accuse them of being a terrerist (GWB spelling) and they then can disappear from the face of the earth and good riddance as far as the corporate world cares.

And isn't all of this bullshit a form of treason against We the People, and isn't treason one of the presidentially committed crimes that carries with it the punishment of impeachment?

Here's a site that is pretty damn thorough on the Constitution and impeachment.

Seems to me case closed--round 'em all up--the whole administration--and impeach 'em all (including this Congress that keeps giving Bush a blank check in terms of money and full moral support in terms of his treasonable offenses against the civilian populations in Iraq and Afghanistan). In spite of Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi saying Bush isn't worth impeaching, he is definitely worth impeaching--and like I'm saying, let's impeach Nancy and her Dumbocratic knee-knocking cohorts, too. [I heard Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame's husband, say on Amy Goodman's Thursday morning radio show that Pappy Bush had started all of this Middle-East mess when he made a deal with Saddam Hussein a deal that allowed the Devil Himself to invade Kuwait--with Pappy's blessing--Joe Wilson talks about his being in Kuwait when Pappy allowed Saddam to attack Kuwait (Kuwait was once a part of Iraq, according to Saddam).]

However, in the history of this white man's Constitution, only two presidents have been impeached--and both were acquitted: Andrew Johnson and Slick Willie Clinton.

Of all the people involved in the Valerie Plame leak incident, which is what Scooter Boy Libby was charged with, the only one so far to serve any prison time is Judith Miller, the lyin' like a bitch NY Times reporter, who served 80 days or so in the slammer for contempt of court. Karl Rove who was the culprit behind the whole thing is being driven around Washington in a big fine limo, being guarded day and night by the "President's" little private army, his SS dudes, living in luxury, partying with party-hot-shots of the Beltline keiko-muckity-mucks, like Henry Kissingasser--that vile old war criminal still hobnobbing around the social circles of the USA, a country so liberal it will give a Nazi police chief's son the opportunity to steal the governorship of California right out from under the noses of the dimwitted and stupidly crooked Dumbocrats who already had the California state house in their pockets--

Jesus, how principally filthy is all of this?

Enough, enough, enough. I need to clear my growling head.

Yep, Huey, even all the food we eat is POLITICS.

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From Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., of Illinois:

"In her first weeks as leader of the Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi withdrew the notion of impeachment proceedings against either President Bush or Vice President Cheney," announced Jackson. "With the president's decision to once again subvert the legal process and the will of the American people by commuting the sentence of convicted felon Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, I call on House Democrats to reconsider impeachment proceedings. Lewis Libby was convicted of lying under oath to cover up the outing of active, undercover CIA agent, Valerie Plame. It is beyond unthinkable that the president would undermine the legal process to protect a man who engaged in treason against the United States government, threatening the security of the American people. In November's election, voters put Democrats in charge of Congress because they believed our pledge of oversight and accountability. Now it's time for us to honor that pledge. The Executive Branch should be held responsible for its illegalities. Our democratic system is grounded in the principle of checks and balances. When the Executive Branch disregards the will of the people, our lawmakers must not be silent. Today's actions, coupled with the president's unwillingness to comply with Senate and House inquiries, leave Democrats with no other option than to consider impeachment so that we can gather the information needed to achieve justice for all Americans."

Source: BuzzFlash, July 5, 2007

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