Monday, July 02, 2007

My Lazy Day

"I might'a gone fishin'/Got'ta thinkin' it over/That road to the river/It's a mighty long way/Well, there's no rhyme or reason/It must be the season/ I'm takin' it easy/It's my lazy day"
It was a truly beautiful day in New York City--no reason to do anything but just sit back and enjoy it--the cool Atlantic breezes came zephyring in all day long from deep over the Harbor and south toward Bermuda.

I tussled all day with my dial-up connection--HOLY COWS OF HADES, you're crowing, you use dial-up, GEEEZ? I know. I know. I'm looking into DSL and CABLE. My problem is I'm a Scrooge of a Wolf Man--money's tight, folks, and the billionaires are determined to move "RENTERS" like me out of Manhattan--as a young real estate chick--good looking but dumb as a locust--put it on one of those teevee network "financial advice" shows, "Why, people living in rent-controlled apartments in Manhattan should be glad landlords are wanting to do away with rent controls so rents in Manhattan can go up to unaffordable levels unless you are filthy rich [families of 4 are expected to earn between 80,000 and 110,000 a year; single tenants from $50,000 to 80,000 a year--and you have to prove this to your landlord with copies of your taxes and then you have to pay him a fee so he can check your credit--the land of the free, eh?] because they should welcome the rich to Manhattan because it means the rich moving into Manhattan are leaving behind their old fabby apartments and condos and shit in the suburbs, great apartments and condos and shit that are suddenly affordable to the 'working class' who are being driven out of Manhattan." What a stupid statement. First of all, rent controls were necessary after WWII because given an open-market landlords were gouging high rents out of people but providing them with below par maintenance and services; that's why we got rent control and subsidized housing; the working class is now being categorized a near-poverty-level class--like in "the POOR class"--and yet the working class has traditionally been the middle-class in this country from back when the labor unions had balls and would face death on a picket line rather than work 16-hour days, seven days a week--and I exaggerate but not really--a lot of workers had to work those kind of hours to make ends meet until the Unions organized 'em and gave them the strength in numbers and though hundreds died they did manage to get the 8-hour workday and the 40-h0ur, 5-day work week; they got sick days; they got vacation days; they got overtime pay; they got incentives to work in the form of health care and life insurance--those weren't offered by the good ole kind and considerate corporations and the bosses--oh hell no; they need cheap labor and that's what they lobby for in Washington, District of Corruption--and that's what the Repugnican Party has been about since it turned Consevative in the 80s--CHEAP LABOR!!! That's all the Neo-Cons are about: CHEAP LABOR and WAR--because WAR is profitable and will MAKE THEM even richer.

Check out Georgie Porgie Phony "President" Bush on Pappy Bush's Kennebunkport, Maine, estate--check Pappy and Pootin and Georgie out on Pappy's cigarette boat barrelassing around that beautiful Kennebunkport harbor--what a disgraceful scene--but it's a beautiful place--my brother used to use a Kennebunkport friend's yacht to write on his books sometimes and I've been up there a couple'a times--Pappy's estate is well-guarded by security goons paid for by you know who--WE the People--Pappy as ex-Pres. gets SS protection for the rest of his life--Wow, it is a beautiful place--too bad it's contaminated by the Bush Family. That's the estate Pappy held up jokingly when he was president and someone ask him about the POVERTY in this country and Pappy said, "Poverty? Why I don't see any poverty anywhere I look--besides I have two houses, doesn't everybody?"--remember it was during Pappy's little reign that the National Debt took a god-damn really worse nosedive ever--even worse than the nosedive Ronnie Raygun, our Alzheimer's president, put it into--the first president since WWII to put us in such debt. Remember David Stockton? Remember the trickle-down theory? Remember "voodoo" economics? Remember "read my lips." And it's still the same crew, folks, running this ship of fools we're all on.

And now, check it out, Al Queda is world-huge again--and the British Police are trumpeting how they're uncovering this huge Al-Queda network now working in England and in Europe and headed toward the USA--oh yes, they're all headed toward the USA.

I heard one really stupid ass commenter on one of the networks, an expert on terrorists--you know, one of those experts you'll see for five minutes on Sunday mornings and then who you'll never see or hear of again. This terrorist expert said, and Jesus this is dumb, "Well, you know, we haven't had the trouble here with our Muslim population because they are more assimilated into our culture here than they are in England and Europe where they find assimilating very difficult and that is why there is so much terrorist activity in England."

Wow. Case closed. But look out, folks. You should see the New York City PD--oh boy, they're racing around town in their convoys of cruisers with their lights whirling wildly red and blue and their whiny sirens ringing madly in your already insane ears and in Times Square the big, sloppy, pot-bellied men and women cops are walking around in full military attack gear and with military-type automatic weapons--something that's really against the law--police are not suppose to have access to military-type weapons. I see these cops and I wonder just what the hell they would do if a bomb did go off in Times Square. The same inept rescuing and emergency service would result as it did on 9/11--the same turmoil; the same wild disconnections between the fire department, the emergency units, and the police--the same miscommunications, except this time the panicking people would be overwhelming Times Square is so overbuilt and congested nowadays.

New York City very well could be a doomed city; and I'm not kidding.

And, guess what? Why the Taliban are back stronger than ever in Afghanistan--that righteous little wrong war. Why I even read where the Taliban may be planning on overthrowing the military dictatorship in Pakistan--why, guess what else: Osama bin Laudin could emerge one day as the new President of Pakistan--now wouldn't that be something?

Wow, this world is full of future surprises, isn't it?

I'm going up and listen to Pastor Melissa Scott babble in 12 languages for 50 minutes and then I'm gonna listen to her sing--I am obsessed spiritually with this woman--man, I could howl at her moon anytime. When Melissa sings, you know what Jesus meant when he supposedly said, who the hell really knows, "All things are possible." That's a scary statement but it is true until proven false, right?

Rajah Rocket Clemens
Roger Clemens did something tonight that only 6 other Major League Pitchers (and 5 of them are pitchers from the olden deadball days--except Walter "Big Train" Johnson pitched into modern times) have done--he won his 350th game--the only other modern-day pitcher to win 350 games was the great iron-man pitcher Warren Spahn, who won 356 games before retiring. I've actually seen on early television Warren Spahn pitch both ends of a twilight double header--one 7-inning game and then one 9-inning game--and completing them both--yes, he did that several times--and I was into Spahnie from the time he came up with the Boston Braves in the late forties--and later with the Milwaukee Braves--even pitching in a Yankees uniform for a while--I think--I think I'm right about that, though I wouldn't bet on it.

Anyway, hail to Rajah Roger, a fellow Texan, I might add, same also as Nelson Ryan. He's 45 years old so that's a superfeat to hit 350 wins.

The Yankees and Rajah beat the Minnesota Twins tonight, which surprised me since the Twins have been playing pretty good over .500 ball lately.

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It's 9/11 Everyday in Iraq
From the Washington Post

Truck Bombing Damages Bridge in Western Iraq

Washington Post Foreign Service
Monday, July 2, 2007; Page A16

BAGHDAD, July 1 -- A dump truck laden with explosives detonated on a bridge over the Euphrates River on Sunday, the latest in a series of attacks targeting Iraq's bridge network.

The 3 p.m. suicide bombing damaged a large section of the bridge, which is along the main road north of Ramadi in the western province of Anbar. Two civilians were injured and evacuated to a hospital, according to U.S. military officials.

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