Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Funnies

It's All So Comedic
How stupid and looney tunes are today's happenings and politics and stupid wars and Constitution-bashing executive privileges being handed out with liberal gusto to administration aids and lyin' fools and deceitful warmongers and deceitful chickenhawks and lyin' like dogs Pentagon officials and lyin' like dogs press releases and propaganda that our national media take serious.

Top story today in New York City, our little-man, billionaire, self-impressed mayor came out and stood by the huge hole in East 39th Street where one of Con-Ed's steam pipes blew sky high; Con-Ed, our mismanaged and bungled high-price utility company-- and our little boy mayor is constantly defending Con-Ed--having to do it more than several times a year they screw up so much and have so many transformers blow up and substation fires and power going out in 3,000 homes here and there around the area--no big deal--and the mayor is babbling on about how this pipe was 100 years old (turns out it's 83 years old) and blah, blah, blah, and why Con-Ed needs to raise their rates--they are currently before the Public Utilities Commission (made up of ex-Con Ed execs) wanting like an 11% increase in their rates, already the highest in the world--so now, since there will be tons of lawsuits against Con-Ed over this steam pipe blowing skyhigh and so far only killing one though the wrecker driver under whose wrecker the damn thing went off is in critical condition with burns over 90% of his body so you know if he survives or not there's going to be lawsuits against Con-Ed and probably the city, too, and by God We the People will have to pay for it--so our little bloomingboy billionaire mayor is crying the blues, poor Con-Ed, they just don't have the money to take care of their obsolete steam transporting system that runs under all our streets--then this idiot mayor pulls a Christy Todd Whitman and while all the cops and Con-Ed types standing around him are wearing masks and respiratory apparati, the mayor stands sans mask bravely telling us that though there was asbestos found in the remains of the explosion, it was such minor amounts that hell, breathe deep, you fools, get a good dose of asbestos down in your lungs where it works like little knife blades to rip your lungs to shreds (rich boy Bloomie is running for president, folks, and he could be like a Ralph Nader against the Dumbocrats since most of the the people of New York City are Dumbocrats but they keep electing these sleazebag two-faces like Rudi Guiliani, and what a scumbag he's being revealed to be, though thegrowlingwolf has been going for Rudi's throat ever since he announced he was running for President under the 9/11 Hero and America's Mayor banners, both untruths, Rudi was if anything a 9/11 coward and if he's America's mayor, then America can have his old rude, humorless ass--keep an eye on your daughters though if this rude piece of goombah shit becomes president--and I mean by this that these Dumbocrat New York City fools like this little billionaire shit who is rezoning the whole city to favor his developer friends, changing the whole communal face of Manhattan and Brooklyn--he's probably involved in a private equity investment scheme firm of his own--it's a new rich boys's game--they've got so much of our earnings--greedily lapping it up as profits--so much money they don't know what to do with it all. "I mean, I bought two damn yachts and a fleet'a Hummers, six mansions in California and New York and Florida, and two penthouse apartments in Manhattan, sending my worthless kids to Harvard at 100 grand a year, invested half my capital gains into a private equity company with a couple of my buddies, and, shit, I still got a shitpot full of money left--what the hell am I gonna do with all this money?"

We are being fleeced. I guess we love it. We can't impeach this bunch. Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi, the richest woman in California, says impeachment is off the table. Nancy just voted more subsidies for big farmers, who are you know who, like Archer Daniels Midland--nothing for organic farmers--and Bush is threatening to veto the Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) because he says it's socialized medicine--and besides, F poor people and their god-damn kids--"That's why I've started all these wars, to wipe out as many of these poor bugger children as I can. God, me and Mammy Babs and my old Pappy hate poor people. Remember when my old Pappy mocked poor people when he was asked was he concerned about poverty in this country, and my old Pappy gave 'em that 'read my lips' look and said, 'Poverty, I don't see no poverty. Hell, I got two homes, I don't see no poverty anywhere.' What a man, folks, my old Pappy. And like I told that woman that told me she had three jobs, 'Ain't America great? Only in America, bitch, could you get three jobs'--that's what I want to give the people in Iraq, the freedom to work three jobs at once."

More Sunday Funnies
Tammy Faye Baaker Messner died yesterday--still wearing her false eyelashes--and though Tammy Faye was a money-grubbing, greedy slut of a woman the media charmers were kind'a sheddin' some tears for old Tammy--saying though she succumbed to colon cancer, she stayed true to her God all the way to the end. So tonight there's a new slut on the streets of Heaven. What a sorry ass of a specimen she was and her pervert ex-husband too; even Tammy's second husband, at one time one of the rich backers of Brother Jim and Her, he was the contractor who built all those fabulous now-empty and rotting buildings outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, at the PTL Disneyland Christian Pleasure Park, is currently serving a little jail time for his stealing money from God's precious PTL fools, goons, perverts, and cowards--Tammy had a blowjob booth there didn't she? And to show grief for this dumb hick bitch from the icelands of Minnesota to me is sheer nonsense and Tammy Faye Baaker to me is one dead but still ugly joke.

By the Bye
The doctors told Georgie Porgie Bush, our phony "president," that his colon though full of shit was not full of malignant pollups, just Unka Dick's old shitty hand up there, you know, the guy who makes the puppet talk and shit and shit like that.

A truly funny Sunday.

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