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Existing in New York City: We Are a Nation of Killers

Foto by tgw, "Radiating Cell Phone Panels Aimed at New Yorkers," New York City, 2013
GIVE THREE CHEERS TO THE DAILY GROWLER--as we celebrate our 7th year of blogging...we started back in April of 2006.  Go to the end of this post for a 2006 post!!!
Say Goodbye to: Grady Hatton, another great old baseball player from the 8-team days of Major League Baseball, an infielder with the Cincinnati Reds back in my early days when I followed MLB and collected baseball cards; passed on at 90; like I say, old baseball players (some of 'em) seem to live forever. Grady Hatton, 90, American baseball player (Cincinnati Reds) and manager (Houston Astros), natural causes.
Say Goodbye to: Annette Funicello, at one time every young boy's fantasy sex symbol when she was a well-developed member of the Mickey Mouse Club.  Walt Disney later insisted that Annette not show her marvelous cleavage in all those stupid beach blanket bingo movies, though he did allow her to wear one-piece bathing suits.  Annette Funicello, 70, American actress (The Mickey Mouse Club, Beach party films) and singer ("Tall Paul"), complications from multiple sclerosis.
We Are All Killers
War, war, war.  Hot damn!  Don’t you just love war?  Now we’re beating the war drums for a possible nuclear war with North Korea!  Double hot damn!  Finally a nuclear war.  You know our military goons have been praying to the God of War for it seems like forever for a nuclear war with some heathen society; so why not North Korea?  Those lousy dirty commie assholes; we need to teach those sorry bastards a lesson.  Only problem is, these heathen, commie, bastards do have nuclear weapons.  Of course, don’t dig too deeply into where they got their nuclear capabilities.  They supposedly got their nuclear missile capabilities from Pakistan and Egypt, though I seem to recall a connection between a Swedish nuclear power company and either Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld having something to do with selling North Korea nuclear power capabilities.

God, we love war.  We love killing heathen.  We love defending our allies to the death.  Even to the possible end to all mankind.  You see, these lousy commie North Koreans have missiles with nuclear war heads capable of perhaps reaching the California coast.  Remember last year sometime when North Korea tested a missile and we pooh-poohed it as going up a few feet in the air and then slamming back down to earth a dud?  Why do I remember all these incidents and nobody else seems to?  Is it because I’m an armchair objectivist sociologist? (I like the fact that the objectivist poets (Wm. Carlos Wms, Oppen, Zukofsky) considered poems machines built out of words.)

And President Obama.  What is with this guy?  He continues to compromise with these nutjob Republicans.  Why?  He doesn’t have to.  He’s got the people behind him, though, yes, the American people are fools.  Why fools?  For one reason they keep electing these arrogant, hayseed, backwards-thinking boobs who don’t give one flying shit about the people they’re supposed to represent.  I mean can you imagine these beanheads allowed this bullshit sequester crap to prevail, a bullshit political move that in cutting Medicare has put in jeopardy cancer patients, Medicare once paying for cancer patients to get their chemo therapies at local clinics but with this sequester bullshit now forcing these poor boobs to go to HMO for-profit hospitals where Medicare only covers partial chemo expenses leaving these poor folk to have to come up with upwards of $650-a-month out of pocket.  These Washington, District of Corruption, jerks living the good life with the world’s best paid-for health care gouging poor folks to pay for the economic mess these lying-dog jerks shoved us into with their ass-kissing of non-tax-paying corporations who are hoarding billions of dollars in offshore banks (mostly British banks) so they don’t have to pay taxes on these hoards of money, these corporations who aren’t paying taxes anyway given all the loopholes these Washington, District of Corruption, creeps keep voting their way.  These same creeps who after 21 little kids were gunned down by a antipsychotic drug-taking nutjob kid in Newtown, Connecticut, still can’t come up with any gun-control legislation that might perhaps save some future lives.  Fuck no.  Instead, they hem-haw about as they kiss deep into the ass cracks of the nutjob National Rifle Association and the weapons manufacturing lobbyists who want to arm the fucking world so we can go back to having shoot outs and multiple drive bys and cops mowing down innocent people and antipsychotic drug-taking psychopaths to continue blowing us away on a whim with assault rifles that can fire 100 rounds in a matter of seconds.  But of course the USA is the weapons capital of the world.  We are the world’s largest makers and sellers of weapons of mass destruction.  We are the world’s cruelest people.  We love murder.  We love serial killers.  We love mobs and the Mafia.  We love outlaws.  We love fear.  We love the thought of being given a license to kill.  And we love killing.  Life means nothing to us, not even our own lives.  Look at all the fat slobs waddling around boogie-ing into McDonald’s to carb up on green-slime-beef hamburgers or butt-shaking into Burger King for some abscessed cow meat or maybe glue-factory slaughtered horse meat for all we know.

I just watched a whole slew of George Carlin live on YouTube and oh what a right-on man of wit and wisdom he was.  And speaking of old bitch Maggie Thatcher's death, in one of his bits called "Things You'll Never See," he said one thing you'll never see is Maggie Thatcher strapping on a dildo.  This pinhead of a Brit corruption who thought Nelson Mandella a terrorist and who was palsy-walsy with some of the corruptest assholes in the world, including Pinochet and Saddam Hussein.  This warmongering bitch who was hand-in-hand with old Pappy Bush in starting the Persian Gulf War and who bombed the bejesus out of the poor Falkland Islanders because Argentina wanted to take back what was their sovereign territory.  In Merry Ole England as I write on this they are having parties celebrating Maggie's death.  From our friend Nick Jainschigg comes this link


And we sing "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead" along with the Brits.  But then we must remember, Maggie didn't rise to power without the full support of a majority of Limeys, did she?

The Syrian Conflict
I just watched a very awesome PBS "Frontline" program this evening (April 9th) of some brave filmmakers in Syria with both the regime forces and the rebels and Jesus X. Christ what a telling program.  It shows the futility of war; how stupid it is; how dividing it is.  People who once were neighbors are now enemies.  The rebels blame the regime and the regime blames the rebels.  The official word in Damascus is that the rebels are foreigners, terrorists from England, France, Turkey, Libya, while the rebels seem ragtag at best, with weapons they managed to grab from overtaking regime outposts, weapons most of the rebels shown in this program don't even know how to fire.  One weapon they knew how to fire it but they didn't know how to aim it.  Trying to aim it, they were using Google Earth coordinates they were downloading off cell phones.  They had rocket launchers, for instance, but they didn't even know how to fire them.  At one point the rebel commander says they only have 80 bullets left in their arsenal.  There is a sad moral to this bullshit conflict, at the end of this program, one of the defeated rebel soldiers says he is going over and join al-Queda.  Most of the civilians I saw were women and children.
Just as I heard on an interview with an Iraqi civilian who said he wished they could go back to the days of Hussein, a Syrian woman on this program was saying Syria used to be so peaceful under Assad.  "We used to could walk around at night without any fear."  "WAR...what's it good for?  ABSOUTELY NOTHIN'"

In the meantime, President Obama is being advised by the same ole dumbass military goons who advised Little Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie Bush, that little prick who got us into this whole war economy mess we're in, spending trillions of dollars on these stupid conflicts around the world, in war-ravaged and now absolutely divided Iraq; in war-ravaged and innocent-of-having-anything-to-do-9/11 Afghanistan, while We the Dumbass American People suffer, while we lose our homes, our jobs, our manufacturing, our pensions, our public lands, our minerals, our water supplies to President Obama's Reagan/Thatcher-like austerity measures and the privatization of our lives as he allows corporate criminals to do as they please, to go about robbing us blind, to go about making billions off these useless wars, to go about making billions off polluting our air, to go about making billions off chemically and genetically ruining our food supplies [we are letting Monsanto and DuPont destroy our honey bee populations through the use of their pesticides that are 1000-times more powerful than DDT...without bees to pollinate most of our food supply, we'll produce no crops in a few generations.  Yet, President Obama continues to promote Monsanto goons to high-level decision-making jobs in our FDA.  And he continues to promote fossil-fuel fools to high positions in our energy and interior departments.  And he continues to let his White side rule over his Black side brain in order to kiss the criminal asses of the Wall Street gangsters, gangsters who get free rides though their policies (of gambling with our money) that are bringing ruination and more war to this collapsing (heading toward Chaos) world.  Are we doomed?

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Happy Birthday The Daily Growler...Here's a post from 2006

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Old Father Time Is Hanged By His Neck

Here Goes Yet Another Year
I am all alone this New Year's Eve, a situation I have purposely placed myself into. I have no gig again this year. It's now been 6 years since I fronted a New Year's Eve band at a NYC club, a band I fronted for 7 years before one of the star bartender's galfriends, a violin player who had been around NYC for a long sagging bunch of years, a star follower...but I'm growling about a personal disappointment and I'm sure the violinist is no longer the NY's Eve band down there--but that was a wonderful time for me--I was a star then, and, boy, I gotta admit, I love the power of being a lead band singer and the miniscule stardom but still stardom that that brings--and, yes, the babes, ah the sweet women who love musicians, the best women in the world, that I guarantee, to put up with the emotions of a musicians, the depressions, the drinking, the associating, the drugs, the "always" disappointing hopes--it's a hell of an emotional trip for a musician's babe and god help 'em if they marry their musician--I don't give a shit if the musician is a successful musician--they're the worst husbands.

I have the draft of a novel I wrote on another laptop that's still up here above my head on a shelf gathering age, which is told by the layers of dust that have like tree rings collected on it. I fire it up occasionally just to keep it alive to me, but, anyway, in that novel I discussed what it was like being a musician and the problems a musician had with his woman--a horror story, a real horror story, too, a story that only a musician could tell, though most musicians aren't good writers. I must have written 500 songs about my particular horror story with women. [In that novel I talk about a young Viet Namese immigrant who lives directly across the hall from me and who still lives directly across the hall from me and who is into what I call "house" music, meaning it's a kind of mixing--which is stealing the riffs, beats, and actual recordings of real musicians to make a synthetic music that is called house music because it's the kind of shit you hear when you go in a Mafia-run or an Israeli-run dance club or "house" out in the distant boroughs of New York City. Young people dance straight up and down now and that's what this crappy music sounds like, just straight up and down boring, boring rhythms--their tempos never changing--boring, GOD-DAMN BORING. But anyway, he's just fired up--he's really a good neighbor, kept up by a really nice Viet Namese woman who's a strong, hard-working babe, the kind a real musician really needs and not this poor little amateur kid who truly thinks he's Amurican hip by playing his mixes--he told me one time he had over 2000 albums stored over in Brooklyn he made his mixes from--he tried to take advantage of me when he first moved in over there, hearing me practicing and shit he told me, "Hey, man, could you teach me to play a keyboard, I just bought this Yamaha...." Musicians are funny. We don't like to pass out tricks on to kids, especially kids who...oh hell, there I go again, growling due to my own frustrations with being a musician who used to work every New Year's Eve not having a gig this New Year's Eve.]

And that's why I'm purposely alone this New Year's Eve.

And what has been the worth of 2006 to me? I don't know. It was just another year to me. Let's see if I can recap what this past year was...

1) the 2006 baseball season was one of the best I've ever lived through, though as a New York City baseball fan I was terribly disappointed that the two best teams in baseball were eliminated by two rather second-rate teams who went on to perform in a truly boring and who-gave-a-shit World Series won by the Saint Louis Cardinals, the least worst of these two undeserving teams. That was bad; but the season itself was a winner, both for the asshole owners--they made billions, trust me--and the fans. The fans got their money's worth and the owners got much more than their money's worth.

Hey, here's another irony, it was the best year in the Yankees's long history in terms of attendance and earnings, and, yet, the greedy son of a bitch who owns the Yankees had the nerve as punishment for his all-star millionaire Yankees letting him down to announce he was raising Yankees ticket prices by up to 25%. Baseball ain't a kids's game anymore. What kid has $30 in his jeans to afford even a bleacher seat at Yankee Stadium? That means only people with good paying jobs are keeping baseball alive and well--it's no longer a poor people's sport and that's a shame. The only hope for poor people is that they still broadcast all Yankee games over the free radio--I mean, you have to subject yourself to what seem like eternal commercials, everything, even a ground ball to shortstop is sponsored by some sponsor--"Wow, here's hot ground ball to Jeter at short, brought to you by Toyota, the throw to first, brought to you by ConEdison, is, in time, brought to you by Budweiser, for the out, brought to you by the good people at Kay Jewelers." But, hell, it's free and you can be at every damn game, road or home. Of course, if you can afford a $100-a-month and can get ESPN, you can watch the games on television--but for Yankees games that means it's Bobby Mercer as the announcer. [Poor Bobby just underwent brain surgery down in Texas to remove a tumor from up there. Hey, Bobby is an old Okie hillbilly just like the Mick--in fact, Bobby was supposed to become the next Mick but he never could cut that mustard. As an announcer, he's kind'a boring, though the boy does know baseball in a hillbilly sort of way.]

2) In music. I discovered that Charles Edward Ives is the greatest classical composer ever produced in America, and to me, in the world; the most original composer ever. I raise a glass of Moet to Charles Ives--especially his Concord Sonata and his great 4th Symphony and all the stuff, man, all the Ives you can eat in one meal. Damn right, he's worth gorging on.

And then, I came back to pianist Jaki Byard, his playing and his leading and composing, and thanks to thedailygrowlerhousepianist I got my hands back on what I think is one of the greatest live recordings ever recorded, in jazz or whatever, improvised perfection, Jaki Byard's album from the 1960s, Live From Lennie's on the Turnpike, a dump of a club that used to sit outside of Brookline, Massachusetts, on the Mass Turnpike. It contains a Jaki tune called "Twelve"--it's written in 12/4 time, that's 3 triplets of eighth notes played 4 times in one measure, like a Delta blues, like Lightnin' Hopkins and Mance Lipscombe played, and it is massive, wide-open, free-as-a-bird, soul-stealing, giving wings to those same feelings that give us energy to rise from a nothingness into a 12-minute-long period of ecstasy, the highest pleasure man can enjoy, the pleasure of being entranced by a music as it arises and explodes--or ejaculates, though I'm reading it from a male point of view.

And as always, I've found Charles Mingus continuing to be fascinating, unbelievably fascinating right up to the time when his body told him he was through and he refused and kept on writing from his wheelchair--humming it out into a tape recorder. I got a DVD of Mingus at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1975 doing a rendition of "Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat" that just knocks your F-ing sox off, with Benny Bailey and Gerry Mulligan and Mingus taking over your totally aural intake and bringing it straight into your solar plexus where it turns to feelings, man, deep expressive feelings, feelings that soar you and cause you to memorialize Lester Young, man, that is if you know Lester Young like we jazz afficianados have to know Lester Young and we know it takes two to tango, two to rango.

Which brings me to another fun musical thing that happened to me in '06--re-getting-into Lester Young, the one master I tended to overlook coming alive when I did in the middle of the happening careers of Charles Parker, Jr., Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Bud Powell, Oscar Peterson, Clifford Brown, Max Roach, Thelonious Monk, the innovators--my teachers, the masters, but then, thanks to John Coltrane whose life I followed step-for-step till he died, I began listening tighter to Lester Young, especially a Columbia LP issued back in the earliest 1950s, called Lester Leaps In, and featuring the earliest Lester Young recordings mostly with Count Basie and the Kansas City gang from back in the late 1930s, Jo Jones, Freddie Green, Walter Page, and that band, that old Benny Moten band kicking Lester on and on note velvety perfect note after velvety perfect note, playing the tenor sax as though it were an extention of his body, which it was. Hail, Lester Young!

3) Politics in 2006. Politics broke my F-ing heart in 2006. Scary politics. Fascism blooming faster than crab grass on a southern front lawn right before our eyes and our leaders seem dumbstruck in their efforts to stop it in its tracks, its huge tracks, its overwhelming tracks, its big feet slamming down on us as it goosesteps over our necks with its bootheel-enforced philosophy of demand. Politics may be beneath me in 2007. I'll do it dog-style if it is--up the rump, if you don't mind my crassness. Bush. Hooey on that gone-astray monkey. He's a crushed wimp. Killing is getting boring to him. Killing Hussein should have been one of his thousand points of light, but it seems old George had rather be down in Crawford, Texas, on his faux ranch entertaining his advisors--"Here, boys, have a couple'a swigs of this Ezra Brooks here. My old pappy, that old sagging wimp, sent it to me congratulatin' me on stretching old Sad-dam's neck till it snapped. Gawd, there was a day when I'd like to have been there, like when I used to enjoy those executions I ordered down there in my adopted State of Texas. Yeee-haw those were good times. I don't know, boys, maybe I'm gettin' tired'a killing folks--though hell, I expected a lot more of our doughboys to have been killed by now--I used to think the more of my boys killed overthere the more peppy the populus would get behind me--you know, get behind in a good sense and not the sense they all seem to be expressing--they're gettin' behind me all right but I think they're fixin' to dog F me, boys--I don't think there's any luv in their motives. I may have to bail on you boys. I'm rich as hell; I don't have to take this; Prince Bandar Bush sez he has a room at his Pakistani Tiger Camp I could come live in with my old half-brother, Osama."

4) I started reading books voraciously this year. I love reading books like that. 14 at once presently--and looking to start reading another one as soon as possible. I've never read Finnegan's Wake. I think I'd like to give it a try. Here's a link that will lead you into that Joycean World, a fascinating man, Joyce; a man who wrote in many languages at once, Finnegan's Wake having that great long sentence--it has a name, but I've forgotten it--like there's one word mentioned over and over in it. Hell, go with me to this link:


You can even find out what "fweet" means.

Ulysses is the funniest book I've ever read; second is Lolita; and wouldn't you know Nabokov got to sit at Joyce's feet in Paris and idolized the guy; and James was an interesting sweet singing drunkard of a man, becoming eccentrically blind as a bat in his latter years, yet able to see amazingly through walls of words.

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