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Existing in New York City: Oh, Come All Ye White Hypocrites

Foto by tgw, New York City, April 2013
Say Goodbye to: Deanna Durbin, a great singer and movie star.  In the late 1940s, Deanna Durbin was the highest salaried woman in the USA.  She started appearing in movies as a teenager; one of her first movies was with Judy Garland.  Deanna Durbin, 91, Canadian singer and actress.[3] (death announced on this date).  Check her singing out:
Say Goodbye to: Janos Starker, one of the great cellists I had the privilege of digging a lot of as a young man when Janos was the principle cellist with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra under Antal Dorati.  One season as a kid, I attended the children's music appreciation concerts under Mr. Dorati and during one of those concerts Janos Starker played a Bach and a Kodaly cello sonata. I was totally impressed and for several weeks after that decided I wanted to be a cellist.  János Starker, 88, Hungarian-born American cellist.
Say Goodbye to: Maria Tall Chief (she changed it to Tallchief later): I just found out that Betty Marie Tall Chief died back on April 11 from complications of a broken hip suffered in 2012.  Maria Tallchief, born in Fairfax, Oklahoma, on the Osage Reservation, was the first Native American to become a diva in the ballet world becoming first a star with the Ballet Russe and later with the New York City Ballet.  in 1946 she married old George Ballachine, but the marriage was annulled when George threw Maria over for another dancer.  Maria was a beautiful woman and became one of the world's greatest-ever classical ballet dancers.  Watch Maria dance with Rudi Nureyev:
Say Goodbye to: George Jones, the good ole boy from right near Beaumont, Texas, whose first hit was "Why, Baby, Why?" and who at times in his life was better known for his extreme alcoholism and missing gigs than he was for his recordings.  I found George Jones a fine songwriter and sang a couple of his songs in my heyday as a New York City cult-band singer.  I can't imagine anyone ever imagined George would live to be 81 years old.  George Jones, 81, American country music singer ("He Stopped Loving Her Today", "The Race Is On").
Oh, Come All Ye White Hypocrites
I’ve already had my say about the Boston Marathon bombers, The Tsarnaev brothers, and their pressure-cooker bombs that killed 3 and wounded (maimed) 170.  The younger brother ironically had become an American citizen on September 11, 2012.  And the older brother, again ironically to me, was married to a Christian woman and was the father of a 3-year-old kid.  I wonder, will one of Obama’s death drones kill that kid for the sins of her father the way one killed Awlaki’s 16-year-old American son, Abdulrahman, in Yemen?  That’s how Obama’s spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, at the time justified that kid’s murder.  This American kid who at the time was living with his grandparents in Yemen, grandparents who disagreed with the politics of their son.  Gibbs said glibly that Abdulrahman should have picked a better father, the father another American citizen murdered by one of those wonderful drones.  [I’m just reading in Counterpunch that there is now a drone base in Philadelphia.  Look out Philadelphians who aren’t Christians but look like Muslims…but wait a damn minute, did those American-Chechen brothers look like Muslims?]

Can you see why I see White Americans as hypocrites?  Hey, I’m White; I know my people.  I grew up in the Southwest among all-White neighborhoods, going to all-White school systems, finally getting a form of relief from Southern White hypocrisy when I attended the first college in the Southern Collegiate Association to integrate in 1956.  Integration meant Blacks could now attend my college.  Ironically, Middle-Eastern Muslim students, I had an Iranian friend in college, were considered Whites in those days.  You see what I mean about White Americans being hypocrites?

Later I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, where prominent White people (politicians, newspapermen, lawyers, judges, etc.) pronounced Blacks not humans but rather “coons” and “gator bait” and “jungle bunnies” and the worst pronunciation of all, “niggers.”

And when finally, I left the South for good and moved to New York City, due to my accent, a New York City White cab driver said, my first day riding in a New York City cab, “I can tell from your accent you’re from the South so I know you understand me when I tell you what’s wrong with New York City…it’s the niggers and the Por-toe Reekin’s who are our [meaning New York City’s White people] biggest problem.”  You see what I mean about White Americans being hypocrites?

While three people died in the Boston bombings (and, yes, 170 people were injured badly), that same day 50 people died in Baghdad from a car bomb.  Nearly every day in Iraq innocent people die from being blown to bits by bombers.  Check out the followingt:
Documented civilian deaths from violence in Iraq
112,114 – 122,644
Further analysis of the WikiLeaks' Iraq War Logs
may add 12,000 civilian deaths.
Deaths over time

This data is based on 31,804 database entries from the beginning of the war to 17 Mar 2013. The most recent weeks are always in the process of compilation and will rise further. The current range contains 10,302–10,666 deaths (9.2%–8.7%, a portion which may rise or fall over time) based on single-sourced reports. Graphs are based on the higher number in our totals. Gaps in recording and reporting suggest that even our highest totals to date may be missing many civilian deaths from violence. See Recent Events for as yet unpublished incidents, and read About IBC for a better description of the project's scope and limitations. 
Now do you see why White Americans  are hypocrites? (I could say “the majority” of all Americans are hypocrites, though I don't see Blacks, Muslim-Americans, and Native Americans as participating in the hypocrisy of which I'm writing.)  Think about if the United States suffered 10,000 deaths a year from “terrorist” bombs.

Look at the devastation and destruction and death the White Political and Military Leaders of America brought to the people of Afghanistan…the innocent people of Afghanistan who had nothing to do with 9/11…who had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden (a Saudi-Arabian) being in their country…he was invited to Afghanistan by our CIA who took over reigning militarily over Afghanistan from the then Soviet Union who warned us not to get involved in Afghanistan because it was impossible to win a war there.

And look at the innocent victims of our drone strikes in Pakistan.

As irony would have it, today (April 25th) in Dallas, Texas, the weasels and rats and corrupted ones dedicated the George W. Bush Presidential Library.  I was shocked to see Jimmy Carter there and speaking highly warmly about Georgie Porgie’s benevolence toward Africa.  I never thought much of Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer/rocket scientist who fucked up tragically in trying to rescue the Iran Embassy hostages, a foolish endeavor that left the gate open for Ronnie “Raygun” Reagan's invasion into the White House during the next election.  All of our White Presidents have been hypocrites.  And now our first Black (half White) President is a hypocrite, too.  Maybe it’s just natural for White (or half-White) Americans to be hypocrites. 

And speaking of hypocrites, wouldn’t you know New York City’s billionaire mayor who can’t stand being out of the spotlite for one minute, came on NYC television today (April 25th) with his shanty Irish police commish to take the spotlite away from Boston (ironically his hometown) by declaring that the Tsarnaev brothers next stop was Times Square where they intended on doing some serious bombing having one pressure cooker bomb left and some smaller hand-grenade bombs left in their arsenal…no one has explained yet how the brothers were carrying this sack of bombs around Boston as they tried to escape the long arm of what seemed like every Boston policeman and Sheriff’s department goon and FBI agent in the whole damn town.  It seems the young Tsarnaev, handcuffed to his bed in a Boston hospital, is taking advantage of the attention he’s finally getting to trumpet himself and his brother as master planners of bombing away the USA with their three pressure cooker bombs.  [Please, I’m not making light of the death and injury these two nutjobs brought to the couple of hundred watchers of the final yards of the Boston Marathon.  I’m merely showing how hypocritical we Americans are when it comes to someone hurting us while we’re hurting so many more around the world with our war economy and stupid War on Terrorism and our stupid drone strikes and our stupid selling and giving away weapons of mass destruction to whichever ally we deem needing them or, in the case of Saudi-Arabia, those able to purchase them.]

We the American people, especially those of us who elected that little criminal privileged prick, G.W. Bush, to two terms as president (whether he stole the elections or not, We the People of the US allowed him to do so without any challenges) and then reelected President “Two Face” Obama again after he had reneged on every “Yes We Can” promise he made in 2008 (he was the lesser of two evils, you argue…so what, he was still evil…and look at the messes he’s continuing to get us into while at home he seems intent to force Republican austerity on our asses) (in today’s (April 25th) hearing on the murderous effect of drone strikes, President Obama refused to send a representative from his administration to explain his drone-strike policies to the shindig).

I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe how We the People of the USA, no matter how fucking neurotic, frightened, bamboozled we are, are continuing to be led down the path to Chaos by our damn noses by our corrupted politicians and global corporations without so much as a weak call for help, a call for stopping this vulgar shit, a call for the arrest of George W. Bush, a call for the recall of these fucking backwards low-populated state representatives and senators who ignore the needs of their people in favor of the pockets full of cash offered them by our true rulers, the global corporations who have no allegiance to our national needs anymore and whose main vision (as used by corporations) is to go about confiscating the wealth of the world for their own powerful positionings and rankings on the Forbes 500 and their own hoarding of trillions upon trillions of dollars and stashing it away in offshore banks and financial ventures and not paying any taxes on the enormous profits they are making off this war economy.  We are such hypocrites...and by now I'm saying all of us Americans are hypocrites.

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Marybeth said...

I'm in a snit, too, with this shit. The anti-Muslim jihad that the Americans are waging is just awful. When the Soviet Union fell, the war machine needed a new enemy and they quickly seized on the Muslim world. Notice how James Holmes who killed 12 and maimed scores and also booby-trapped his apartment with explosives was not denied his Miranda rights, nor called a terrorist, nor an enemy combatant, nor accused of wielding "weapons of mass destruction" but this child is.

Weapons of mass destruction!? So now a homemade pressure cooker bomb is a WMD? Is that why we invaded Iraq? They had homemade pressure cooker bombs?

Such a pile of shit. There is so much wrong with the handling of this. I am no fan of the Tsarnaev brothers but neither do I like the Justice Department using them as a reason to whoop up anti-Islamic sentiments and to further gut the Constitution of the United States of America.

The way America has killed and continues to kill innocent civilians in the Muslim world would radicalize any Muslim. Muslims are portrayed and treated as non-human and it is a disgrace.

And if all that weren't infuriating enough we have that sham of a library honoring that sham of a president opening in the midst of all the other hypocrisy. I've been on a big internal rant about how fucking stupid the world is.


Marybeth said...

Actually, George Balanchine didn't throw Maria Tallchief over for another dance. Maria Tallchief left Balanchine for an Egyptian pilot. Ha! She regretted it in the end. In her autobiography she said that she should have just had an affair with the Egyptian pilot and stayed with Balanchine. Other than being beautiful and exotic, the Egyptian had nothing to offer her. They had no shared interest beyond sex.

Maria Tallchief had quite the love life. She was lovers with Erik Bruhn and with Rudolf Nureyev but made the mistake of introducing them to each other. They became a couple and she was the loser there.