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Existing in New York City: Celebrating Our Seventh Year of Blogging

How to Spot a Chechen (from The EXiled)
Say Goodbye to: Richie Havens. I once lived next door to Richie up in Greene County, New York...the man loved to party. Richie Havens, 72, American folk singer and guitarist, heart attack
Say Goodbye to: Artie White, blues singer...who I knew from his recordings on the Jewel label.
The Boston Massacre
Do you think the three who died and the nearly two hundred who were injured (losing limbs, some with brain damage) in the Boston bombing would have suffered this foolish bit of trauma had we not been killing Muslims wildly around the world and placed in such a fear society, fear of Muslims attacking us, fear of losing our means of income, fear of intruders, fear of the police?  What if Obama when he took office in 2008 had brought peace to the world...brought our troops home and disbanded Homeland Security (what terror has Homeland Security stopped?) and the CIA goon squads and grounded all the drones and sent out tons of diplomatic corps with open arms of peace, love, and tie dye? In the meantime, look at the next item in this post about the George W. Bush Library being built at the expense of millions of dollars of our tax money (and probably our Social Security pool money) and think about how that little lying prick is living the good life down in Dallas, Texas, both he and his pothead wife getting the best of free health care and being protected to the hilt by Secret Service goons.  That low-life weasel of a spoiled brat boy who never grew up...a weasel of a man who went AWOL and cried behind his mammy's dress when his time to SERVE his country came up; yet, this same little prick sent thousands of military personnel to their deaths and millions of Iraqis and Afghanistans to their deaths.  Too bad this year's Boston Marathon wasn't held down that nice Dallas street on which this criminal bastard lives.

In the meantime, what did I tell ya, Congress didn't pass one god-damn new gun law.  Obama continues to show his Republican side is his true side.
Look What Your Tax Dollars Are Building: The George W. Bush Presidential Library: This building will not contain any books but will be filled with shit.

Solar Flare (CME) to Hit Helpless Mercury
"Earth was not in the line of fire. Instead, the CME is heading for Mercury: ETA April 20th. NASA's MESSENGER probe in orbit around Mercury will be monitoring the effects of the impact. If the CME overwhelms Mercury's relatively weak magnetic field, it could scour material off the planet's surface creating a temporary atmosphere and adding material to Mercury's comet-like tail." (From
Ironically this West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion happened close to the anniversary of Timothy McVeigh (our homegrown terrorist and ex-US Army-trained killer) blowing up the federal building in Okie City using this same kind of fertilizer.  Ironically, also, West, Texas, is only a few miles from David Koresh's compound that Janet Reno ordered burnt to the ground, fuck the people inside.  Ironically also, the ATF is involved in this investigation, too.  This chemical plant (that's what this ammonia-based fertilizer is, a chemical) hadn't been inspected in 5 years (it is also a non-union plant); chemical plants blow: Bopol in India; one in France a few years back; and down in Texas City, Texas, when I was a kid, a boat loaded with sulphur-fertilizer blew sky high killing over 1,000.  But we are hooked on chemicals...we love them and we love our fertilizers and we love our chemical weapons...but the plant executives and officials who allowed this to happen, they're not terrorists...oh no, they'll get bonuses and be excused for their carelessness and mediocrity in concern for their workers and neighbors...hey, it's all about profits, folks!  It's Capitalism at its best and most dangerous.

By the way: President Obama's oil-executive-packed Keystone Pipeline investigative thugs released their report on the Keystone Pipeline (one of the members of this committee was a Trans-Canada executive) and guess what?  Why, of course, they said it was perfectly safe and blah, blah, blah...and now Trans-Canada is flooding the press and internet sites with ads telling how many jobs and how much money this "safe" pipeline is going to mean for our economy (and Canada's).  Plus, check out who owns the Texas refineries where this dirty crude is going to be refined and sold to European markets.  Would you believe the Koch BrothersLet's give those two sorry bastards a big round of tax breaks for their giving not one shit about anybody's lives but their own.
Interesting Statement About Social Security (from
"...when it comes to Social Security, there is no division between 'old' and 'young.' There’s only 'old' and 'not yet old.'"
 OH BOY, Here We Go Again: Remember How Vietnam War Started?  WE LOVE WAR!

US to deploy 200 troops to Jordan over Syria war: minister
AMMAN — The United States plans to deploy 200 troops in Jordan because of "the deteriorating situation" in war-torn Syria, Information Minister Mohammad Momani said on Wednesday.
"The deployment of the troops is part of US-Jordanian military cooperation to boost the Jordanian armed forces in light of the deteriorating situation in Syria," Momani told AFP.
He did not say when the troops were scheduled to arrive in Jordan.
"US and Jordanian officials have been in touch for the past two days. It is still unclear if military equipment and weapons will arrive with the group, who will come to the kingdom in the coming stage."
Jordan, a key US ally in the region, says it is hosting around 500,000 Syrian refugees.
Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur told parliament on Sunday that the impact of Syria's war posed a threat to the kingdom's security and Jordan would seek the UN Security Council's help to tackle the fallout.
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Say Goodbye to: Frank Bank: Lumpy on "Leave It to Beaver." Frank Bank, 71, American actor (Leave It to Beaver).

In Celebrating Our Seventh Year of Posting The Daily Growler, Here's a Post From Nov. 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

An I for an I

Me, Myself, and I
Since my transcendental elevation from cynical bottoms to the existential plane of universal mazda—the light bulb, symbol of the Idea, I am seeing clearly NOW almost to forever. Only NOW, because about the past I am confused and about the future I know as much NOTHING as the most vaunted soothsayer or scientist. With NOTHING visible in front of me and NOTHING truly remembered in back of me, I am left with the NOW.
In the NOW, what matters?
For many years I was a professional editor in New York City working in several areas of editing, first as a copyeditor, then as an editor, then a senior editor, then an editorial director, and finally as a pharmaceutical ad editor. I started in editing as a freelancer peddling my wares in whatever back-office temp job I could land—and I temped at some of the hottest publishing houses, magazines, ad agencies in NYC—and I worked so hard and was so easily accessible night or day I impressed directors and senior editors and soon I began to get more work than I could handle. I was on my own. I loved freelancing. And during the seventies, one could freelance one’s way into steady enough workloads, most of which you worked on at home (I had a brand-new downtown loft I worked out of, though most of the time my official office was a special table in a window they had set up for me around the corner at a local watering hole). I edited everything from cookbooks to horribly bad poetry manuscripts to the pompous asinine trumpetings of an old upstate New York rich man and ex-U.S. senator and WWII general rambling out his memoirs before the approaching Alzheimer’s took him under and left him more goony bird than important homo sapien. In my best freelancing years, I made easily $500 a week, always getting a check every Friday, taking it right to the check cashing place where I had an account, cashing it, and heading straight back to my watering hole office for a little successful celebration that lasted until Sunday afternoon when I once again had to come to my senses and start editing on the pile of another week’s worth of work, buckling down until the eagle flew on the next Friday. I swore I would never again work for anybody except ME, MYSELF, and I. Do I hear a drumroll and a salute?
It was all me. My being the important being; my individuality my freedom. And I believed in NOTHING then. I had learned in college as a student of sociology that all was darkness and that only in light did we progress—nights were given over to shivering in fear and alarm and days were given over to being creative, to thinking, to getting ideas, light bulbs over heads symbolizing a light for the coming darkness. Bringing light to darkness is God’s first creation in all the holy books of the world. The more light bulbs you have, the more light you have. Eventually, the light bulb eliminates DARKNESS—and or NOTHINGNESS. Our individual space is our place in the sun. We protect ourselves from the darkness; in the light we are so aggressively idealistic we have to be controlled. “Stiffled,” as Archie Bunker used to put it.
When I was finally tossed out of my profession on my ear, a part of my dismissal had to do with me being out of the modern mode, the new work world that insists we're all members of TEAMS, which, of course, is bullshit, except TEAMS keep workers in line--TEAMS following the B.S. adage that two heads are better than one. What, though, if there's only one light bulb over just one of those heads? That's usually the case when it comes to TEAMS in the corporate structure. They are there to take the individuality out of the worker. I don't like that. I'm an individual; I work better left alone. My line of work demands separation. TEAMS handicap a guy like me.

The irony here is that as a man I love being alone but as a wolf I need my fellow wolves for certain advantages in hunting, which is the main occupation of a wolf.

This is becoming a nice writer's puzzle for me. I've got a lone-wolf-contrarian versus a member of a tribe or wolfpack; one the shepherd the other the lamb. Besides, I haven't really gotten deep in this existential atheism yet; I love the sound of that. It means a believer in NOTHING doesn't believe in any SUPERNOTHING either, only the darkness of pure NOTHING. So when I turn on all my light bulbs what I see is me and all my shadows, the "I's" that behold me through my self--the Id, the Ego, the Superego; those that are NOW.

I said I am writing poetry again.

Coming: the Great I AM.

To be continued as everything is continued until it is discontinued.

the growlingwolf
for The Daily Growler

The Word From Baghdad--The Idiots Were Meeting in Jordan While in Iraq

From the Washington Post:

But Iraqis on both sides of their nation's sectarian divide report worrisome signs that the conflict will soon evolve into pitched battles between large armed groups.
One secular Shi'ite speaking on the telephone from Baghdad said Shi'ite militias were massing in preparation for a large offensive against Sunnis in the capital.
"They had a big militarylike ceremony today for the Mahdi militia, to show their force. They are making themselves ready for something big -- protests, fighting, killing," said the Shi'ite.
A secular Sunni in close contact with one insurgent faction, said rebel Sunnis were also trying to form alliances among militias for a big push in the city against the Shi'ites, including more raids on government buildings.

Our truly dumbass, phony "president" says we're staying the course in Iraq until "the mission is accomplished," his words in Jordan where today the phony "president" of Iraq got pissed at his master and tried to bite him back. In the meantime, Unka Dick was summoned to Saudi Arabia where the Bin Ladens are getting pissed off at Bush Baby is letting the filthy dog Shi'ites take over the country and the only Shi'ites close by are the Iranians--the Saudis are Sunnis--oh boy, what fun we have created overthere. Unka Dick's nose is deep up the asshole of the ruling Saud. We are owned by Saudi Arabia, if perhaps you didn't already know that.

Pappy Bush is now stepping in to solve the Iraq situation with his own study group paid for by, guess who? We the People. Pappy's picking up a staff and a few million bucks to help on his retirement--how old that old F anyway?

Be Glad You Don't Live in Baghdad, Unless You Do...

for The Daily Growler

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Marybeth said...

Yes, it's really been especially crazy lately. Three dead in the terrorist bombing of the Boston marathon but never any discussion of the hundreds of Pakistani children killed by US drones under Obama. Isn't that an act of terrorism? killing children with unmanned drones? Then they are refusing to read this American citizen bomber baby his Miranda rights. They insist that they will question him without reading him his rights, invoking some foreign combatant clause or some other illegal shit. It is very disturbing. And yeah, Janet Reno was quite the murdering monster in the siege of David Koresh's compound in Waco. That one was a mind blower. Things just continue to be shitty because humans suck. The shut down all of Boston with a military takeover to look for one skinny, little teenage boy with multiple gunshot wounds who was cowering inside a boat bleeding to death is not exactly heartening either. Where were the warrants as everyone's property was searched? Seems like multiple civil liberties violations to me. How big was the threat from this wounded child? The whole city had to be shut down? Talk about terrorism. Sheesh.