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Existing in Stormy New York City: Well Shut My Mouth

Foto by tgw, "The Penn Terminal of my fav NYC buildings," NYC, Nov. 2012
Say Goodbye to: Panbanisha, an American bonobo, one of our (homo sapiens) close relatives, one of our distant cousins. Just look how fascinated we are with our close relatives: Panbanisha, 26, American bonobo involved in language studies (Great Ape Trust), common cold.

Say Goodbye to: Darrell Royal, most famous as the University of Texas football coach, but as a kid I remember him as a quarterback on the Oklahoma Sooners under coach Bud Wilkenson, the football team that won 49 straight games without a loss. Darrell Royal, 88, American football coach (University of Texas), Alzheimer's disease.
The worst of two evils lost.  On the other hand, I'm disappointed.  I was anxious to see a Mormon in power...I mean, what if the Mormons are right?  What if there really is a God from the planet KooKoo, and what if the Mormons are the lost tribe of Israel (the children of Benjamin)...and what if there really is an angel called Moroni looking over us?  And what if Salt Lake City is the New Jerusalem, the place God led the polygamist Brigham Young to in order to establish his kingdom there one day?  Come on, it's just as possible as what the Protestants and Catholics (really old chips off the same block) truly believe.  I mean, old Mitt could have brought us back to God.  It looks like the majority of We the People will put our trust in Barry Obama for another 4 years of the same old-same old, Barry Obama the man of royalty, even though in the eyes of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachmann, Dr. Jack Van Impe (the The Daily Growler Christian Minister to our Faithlessness), and that ilk he may truly be the anti-Christ.

Does one understand my mockery?

In order to rule us with their iron fists, we must be kept in constant worry and fear.  This is because these creepy politicians need us afraid, these blessed human monkeys who never miss a paycheck, who have their Georgetown mansions paid for by We the People, who have the best god-damn free healthcare in the world, who have enormous expense accounts thanks to We the People, who have chances due to their political positions to reel in millions of extra bucks from the corporate gods who rule their lives.  In this stupid election, these two fops spent 2 billion dollars!   Think of that!  Consider that!  Two billion dollars!  You think these human frailties aren't obligated to the fat cats who gave them that much money?  By reelecting Barry Obama, We the People feebly at least gave the shaft to the Repugnican downsizers, but they still rule the House and, or am I wrong, they even gained in the Senate, so it's gonna be the same-old same-old all over again: Compromising Barry Obama vs. the Uncompromising Backwards Thinking Repugnicans.

Check out the red states that gave the Mitt Man as many votes as he got...I mean, ironically, he won more states than Obama...but look at those states.  Those are the most backward states in the union.  We could do without them.  In fact, we'd come off even safer were they all to secede from the union.  Mississippi-God-Damn, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Gawjah (what a revolting state Gawjah is), old Kaintuck, the top half of Florida, North Carolina...let 'em secede and form a Rightwing/Teabagger/Ayn Rand Nation and just see how long before they'd be begging to come back into the union.  Check out those Romney strongholds and see that the majority of those states make up an area that has been referred to forever as the Bible Belt.  Backward Thinking anti-progressive states.  Hellfire, that idiot Paul Ryan didn't even carry his own state, which surprised me since I think Wisconsin has slipped more backwards lately that forward.

Did anyone notice that the commercial-pap television did not mention how many votes Dr. Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson got?  Sure, they hadn't a chance in Hades of winning, but at least it would have been interesting to see how many left-leaning wingdingers there are left in this country.

So here we go onward into continuing wars and continuing with withering rights and homeland spying and drones flying over us all and continuing to kill millions of men, women, and children all around the world, and supporting 150 military bases all around the world, and continuing to send US jobs and manufacturing to those nations where there's cheap (in most instances child labor) labor, and continuing to allow the Federal Reserve to pass out money by the bales to our gloriously crooked too-big-to-fail financial institutions and pirate banks--did you notice that Obama almost won in North Carolina where the headquarters for our biggest and most crooked banks are?  The Mitt Man pulled it out at the last minute.  So there goes Bishop Romney and Nutjob Paul Ryan off into history, to be on the same junk pile now as John "Failed Mission" McCain and Sarah "Pale Face" Palin...but don't worry, the Teabaggers and the Repugnicans will still be able to bring us more and more misery and our economy will continue to tank and we'll continue to lose jobs and we'll continue to lose our homes, our lands, our chances at "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."  And watch out!  Guys with arsenals of weapons will continue to surprise us with killing sprees, the latest out in California...especially now after Barry "the Black anti-Christ" Obama was reelected by We the Heathen People of the USA.

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