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Existing in New York City: Ah, the Hypocrisy Hooplah

Foto by tgw, New York City, November 2012
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Waving the Bloody Shirt 
The hypocrisy spewed out on Veteran's Day here in New York City was enough to make a true hero puke.  But not just here in NYC but all across the nation, the trumpets blared and the cowards (meaning newscasters and pundits and politicians who've never served one lousy day in the military or who've never taken a stand against this nation's leaders who get us involved in these unwinable and in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan unnecessary wars) filled the air with blowhard B.S. as We the People of the BS US honored our heroes, our poor stupid desperate poor boys and girls who coming out of high schools without a chance in hell of going on with their education or getting a good job are hoaxed by a bunch of recruiting dudes suckering them into the military with lies about how they're going to BE PREPARED for their futures with travel and pay and training and these poor boobs are sent off to basic training bases to be taught to KILL or BE KILLED, to be taught that these towelheads, sand N-worders, al Queda terrorists, Muslim creeps are enemies of the glorious and totally innocent USA and have to be KILLED or they're gonna come KILL US like is shown in the Hollywood hypocrisy remake of a propaganda film like Red Dawn, this time the enemy is not the Soviet Union but rather a bunch slant-eyed gooks from North Korea.  And these poor young boobs, these 18, 19, and 20-year olds, are sent to fight in these illegal wars started by true cowards like Unka Dick Cheney and that little privileged prick G.W. Bush, one a big scared turkey who got 5 deferments from the Vietnam fiasco and the other a little spoiled brat prick who went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard to hide behind the skirts of his wimpy old father, Pappy Bush, whose WWII war record was marred by his plane crashing on his final mission and him bailing his ass out before all his men were out of the plane, and kept in war by new-to-power cowards like President Barry Obama...I mean even writing about this shivers me timbers and ruffles the hairs on the back of my neck and makes me want to duck into the nearest alley and puke my brains out.  Hypocrisy.  "The greatest nation on earth!"  "These heroic men and women who are sacrificing their lives to keep this country great!" "USA, USA, USA!"

And all the PR clowns around the country trotted out these smiling perfect little angel soldier boys and girls though they didn't go into the Veterans hospitals and show all the invalid soldiers in there, soldiers with their limbs blown off, soldiers ruined for the rest of their lives, soldiers with the shakes, soldiers with heavy-duty mental problems, soldiers having to constantly be watched so they don't take their own lives, or ex-soldiers like Lyndie Englund or Jessica Lynch, or the soldiers who went on a killing rampage in Afghanistan and then pissed on the bodies of the trophy kills, or good ole Charlie Bates who in the name of Old Glory, the bald eagle, and his mother murdered in cold blood 16 some-odd men, women, and children...no, they didn't trot them out.  Did you know there are 18 suicides a day in the US military?  Also, did you know there are 60,000 homeless veterans living in our streets?  You see, after these poor boobs have served their country and are discharged, we throw them on the old soldiers garbage pile.

And the praise heaped on this stupid war-minded general, this man I call General Betrayus.  What the hell so great did he come up with?  The surge?  Hey, we lost the illegal war in Iraq.  We didn't win a god-damn thing over there in spite of General Betrayus, a G.W. Bush pick, and his stupid surge.  Under the Neo-Con rule-the-world policy (an imperial scheme that old Pappy Bush called the New World Order), G.W. Bush was informed by the clowns surrounding him, that hellfire, now that the Soviet Union was out of business, the US was the toughest god-damn nation of military killers in the world and as such, why we could just fly in helter-skelter into any god-damn little wimpy country in the world we wanted to conquer for their natural resources (read: OIL) and batter the bastards down in a matter of 3 or 4 days (Mission Accompished!).  Now, remember, our Commander in Chief, that little coward prick, was reading My Pet Goat to 5th graders in Florida (his intellectual equals) when the most fabulous military unit in war history (20-plus Saudi-Arabians whose weapons were box cutters) attacked this country...and remember, when Georgie Porgie was informed about the US being under attack, when he finally got it in his 5th-grade head that it was serious, he ran like a coward dog out to Omaha, Nebraska, to hide his AWOL ass under the protection of that Strategic Air Command (the creation of General Curtis "Bomb 'em back to the stone age" LeMay) fortress base while that sissy coward Unka Dick Cheney fled to his private bunker in a mountain somewhere in Virginia.  Where was General Betrayus then?  Banging his biographer on his Pentagon desk?  You see how god-damn silly and stupid this whole scenario is?

General Betrayus's surge didn't work in Iraq.  We were there for 8 years.  Little did we know that the Iraqis would fight back against us.  Rather than cheering and throwing rose petals at our armies...you know, letting us make them a part of our new British-type empire (a Neo-Con idea), they fought against us tooth and nail with suicide bombers and car bombs and roadside bombs.

And then, after another G.W. Bush general, that McCrystal fool, fucked up by drinking too much beer while he was partying it up in Europe while his troops in Afghanistan were getting their asses kicked and making N-word comments about Barry Obama and President Obama fired his ass, what did Obama do?  He put good ole General Betrayus and his surge tactics into Afghanistan, the longest war in our war-mongering history.  Did the surge work over there?  Hell no.  Betrayus's idea was to pick out certain villages and go in and massacre the Taliban elements in them and then bring in his boxed leaders from Kabul to take over these villages and rehabilitate them to respect US invasion and occupation forces as the good guys and their Taliban cousins and brothers as the bad guys.  That was soon brushed under the carpet because it was a total failure.  So much for the strategic brilliance of good ole General Betrayus.  Then President Obama saves the good general's ass by bringing him home and putting him atop the CIA!  And what does Betrayus do at the CIA?  Why he turns it into a military outfit and talks President Obama into giving it a drone force and before he got caught banging his biographer, he had asked President Obama for more drones and it was this same asshole general who infiltrated Libya with his CIA special forces and one day we'll learn that he did the same thing in Syria, all a part of the Neo-Con idea for world dominance.

Again, I quote my Sociology guru and mentor, C. Wright Mills from his book The Power Elite:

In the twentieth century, among the industrialized nations of the world, the great, brief, precarious fact of civilian dominance began to falter and now - after the long peace from the Napoleonic era to World War I - the old march of world history once more asserts itself. All over the world, the warlord is returning. All over the world, reality is defined in his terms. And in America, too, into the political vacuum the warlords have marched. Alongside the corporate executives and the politicians, the generals and admirals-those uneasy cousins within the American elite- have gained and have been given increased power to make and to influence decisions of the gravest consequence.

I feel sorry for kids who have to join the military to make ends meet.  I feel sorry even for poor dopes or traditional military sons and daughters like John "Failed Mission" McCain who make careers out of the military.

President Obama is tackling this week what the pundits and moron politicians are calling "falling over the brink," which means we've got to solve our economic dilemma or else we're going over the brink of disaster like's happening in Europe right now.  One way to solve it would be to bring home all our troops from the 150+ bases we have on foreign soils and to end that worthless war in Afghanistan, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11; a country we've been infiltrating for many decades now; our CIA responsible for Osama bin Laden being in Afghanistan in the first place.  Also, what the hell, we could do away with the CIA, Homeland Security, the NIS, and all the billions of dollars we waste on supporting security forces and supporting the Military Industrial Complex.  Another way to save the economy would be to reinstate tariffs on imported goods--this free-market Reaganomics-Milton Friedman-Austrian Economics doesn't work, folks.  By taxing imports we would force US-chartered companies like Apple and Nike to come back to the USA to manufacture their products.  Another way to solve our economic crisis would be to stick a stock transfer tax on Wall Street and put the Federal Reserve out of business and turn its business over to the Treasury.

But, of course, that ain't gonna happen, folks.  Instead, yours and my taxes are going up and big corporations' taxes and Warren Buffett's taxes and Little Billy Gates' taxes and Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg's taxes are coming down and the pirate banks and crooked financial businesses will continue to speculate with our tax money and foreclose on us with impunity...I mean can you imagine if you were declared too big to fail?

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