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Existing in Chaotic New York City: With the Power Off

Foto by tgw, New York City, November 2012

We consider Mitt "the Mormon" Romney and Paul Ryan a HOAX; yet, hey those two phonies are getting millions of Yahoo votes, winning in most of the racist/backward states!
Some Scary Shit From
We have a very alarming update and are still working to have more details ASAP. News that even has the full attention of the National Academy of Sciences along with NASA and other world scientist are quite concerned as they are not sure just what to expect, if they do, they are not talking.  Simply said... the earth will soon start to cross through the absolute center of the dark rift of the Milky Way "plane" which is (not to be confused with the center of the Milky Galaxy Way itself) around 12.21.12. The rift is dark because it's littered with lots of space debris that consists of stationary rocks and boulders, even asteroids, and some objects which are planet size. This "dark rift" is the galactic gravitational plane of the Milky Way which traps all of this space debris. As the Earth passes through this plane, we may very well see a meteorite storm producing thousands of rocks that come raining out of the sky with hundreds, possibly thousands of meteorites making it all the way to the ground. We will just have to see what really happens. Keep in mind that countries around the world have long since built massive deep underground survival bunkers for 2012 and beyond. See Milky Way photo above.

   Additionally, solar scientist are concerned that this gravitational plane (that is the backbone to the Milky Way's dark rift) may send the sun on a rampage which sets off powerful x-class solar storms and CMEs. (coronal mass ejections)  It's these x-class storms that have the ability to generate an EMP event (electromagnetic pulse) like the one that hit the Earth in 1859. Once that happens again with today's technological world of electronics, the United States will go dark in about three minutes or less, along with the rest of the world.

   Food trucks will no longer be able to supply stores with food, cell phones and computers will no longer work, and without power from the grid most factories will no longer work. Within three days or so, what food that's in your local store will be gone. Since most cars and trucks today require electronic ignition to work, most likely most vehicles will not work, however non-electric trains most likely would continue to work.

   It's estimated that it will take at least six months to repair the grid. But the National Academy of Sciences estimates it will be closer to five years to repair it all. However populations in third world countries are use to growing their own food and should survive such an event much easier.

Say Goodbye to: Elliott Carter.  I had the pleasure of attending, with thedailygrowlerhousepianist, Mr. Carter's 95th birthday party, where we sat up front with the old maestro right down the row and listened to a concert of his latest compositions...I did like his Cello Concerto and some of his earlier works, but he got a little too minimalist for me in his later years...besides he was an early admirer and "friend" of my hero Charles Ives but later turned on Charles writing some very critical articles against him and that turned me off Elliott, though I think he later rescinded a lot of his vindictive criticism...anyway, he lived 103 years...think of that!  Elliott Carter, 103, American composer, natural causes.

Say Goodbye to: Ted Curson, jazz trumpeter, a mild-mannered cat who I first heard playing with Archie Shepp over at the Tin Palace on the Bowery in NYC way back when.  Ted was also composer of "Tears for Dolphy," a tribute to the great Eric Dolphy. Ted Curson, 77, American jazz trumpeter, heart attack.
Those who know me know I'm neither a big fan of either major candidate running for the presidency.  But today, Sunday, Nov. 4th, on NYC teevee I saw two anti-Obama ads put out by the American Cross Roads and a bunch of goons who call themselves Return Our Future (sic)...I think these are ads who have behind them two of the most despicable characters in our crooked politics, Karl Rove and Ralph Reed, both lyin' sons of bitches whose shenanigans should have landed them both in jail years ago.  Both of these ads blamed our current economic situation on President Obama.  Unka Dick Cheney and that worthless piece of Bush shit, G.W. Bush, must be laughing their asses off when they see these ads.  And old Mitt "The Mormon Bishop" Romney must call both Karl and Ralph up and tell them he's gonna give them important jobs in his presidency.  Like I said, I'm not a fan of Obama's, but to blame this economic crisis on him is a big fat lie.  Now, if you blamed Obama for continuing G.W. Bush's ruinous policies, you've got him there, but then you'd have to blame Reaganomics and G.W. Bush's ass-kissing of the Neo-Cons and their purposely bringing the economy down and tanking the dollar and neither Karl or the Cocksucking (Koch) Brothers or Ralphie Boy "Mr. Christian" Reed would dare do that.  Remember the whole idea of successful Capitalism is CHEAP LABOR...and the cheapest labor there is is SLAVERY.
Sittin' Here Thinkin'  
Right down Broadway from me, people of all ilks are trapped in their high-priced apartments and condos with no electricity, no water, no food, no nothing.  Some are having to go up and down 20 to 30 stories in order to get out and do business and then get back home.  Con-Ed, New York City's high-priced deliverer of electricity is taking its merry time about restoring power to the parts of New York City that have been without power now for 6 days...and tempers are flaring and all of these powerless people just don't understand...what the hell's going on? [Power is finally back on in the Lower East Side and the Village as of Nov. 4.]

We are so god-damn dependent of electricity.  We rely on electricity for survival.  When it is taken away from us, we are like fish out of water.  We forget that historically speaking it wasn't that many years ago that nobody had electricity.

Besides electricity, those of us who can afford cars are totally dependent on gasoline.  And when the gasoline runs out, we wait in long lines at those filling stations we find open, desperate for whatever amount the now all-powerful filling station owner will allow us to pumped up prices, too, that I guarantee you.  Again, it hasn't been that historically long ago when there were no automobiles.  There was no oil or gasoline.  It was so little time ago that we still rank our cars by horsepower.

I was lucky (though of course there's no such thing as luck), Sandy didn't put a curse on my neighborhood.  My neighborhood didn't even get any rain.  My neighborhood experienced no high winds.  My neighborhood had no power outages.  Even the subway lines in my neighborhood weren't flooded and their power cut.  And yet, right up the street from me on the East Side, Bellevue Hospital was put out of business via a loss of power and by flooding from the East River, on which Bellevue has sat since the 1700s.  Bellevue had to evacuate over 500 patients to other hospitals due to their power being cut and then their back-up generators failing and the first floor and all the basement floors flooding.

Way up in the Bronx, far from the surging sea levels, my relatives lost their electricity for 5 days.  And above them in out-of-the-way Westchester County, several hundred thousand people suffered power outages.  These are all in Con-Ed (for Consolidated Edison, the power company founded by old Tom Edison himself) territory, to which customers pay the highest electrical and gas rates in the USA.

According to the doomsayers, events like Sandy are now a part of our everyday lives.  According to these seers, New York City better get used to these yearly hurricane events.  Plus, we've got to now start worrying about the effects the coming solar storms are going to have on us.  The doomsayers say these solar storms will wreak more havoc that 1000 Sandys.  One thousand Sandys since these solar storms will wipe out all of our electrical grids and leave millions of us without power, without water, without food, without hope.

Ain't Chaos grand?  I love these Chaotic times; I mean they're fodder for my grist mill.  I thrive on ironies.  Ironies make me happy.  All during Sandy I sat pompously gulping down the many ironies going on around my safe ass.  EXCEPT, and I love exceptions, too, since I'm a Bellevue Hospital outpatient, a heart patient, and Bellevue is still out of business, I may be fucked big time.  Like already two of my most important meds have run out leaving me vulnerable to another heart attack and a stroke, good stuff like that.  Besides, worse than anything, I'm a procrastinator.  "I'll take me chances" is my motto during grave times.  And isn't it ironic that we use the word grave in such a grave-bound sense?

Tuesday is election day and I'm wondering how many people are actually going to traipse out to vote around here?  The choice is ironic: do we want Mitt "the Mormon Bishop" Romney to lead us into the Mormon Empire--will he move the capitol to Salt Lake City?  Of course it might be kind of interesting if he legalizes polygamy to have five wives and 31 children like Mitt's old Mormon grandpappy  The Mormons do believe that their God (from the planet KooKoo) took this land away from the savages in order to set up his kingdom here--old inebriated Joe Smith even put the American Constitution in the Book of the Mormon.  Our White forefathers were Mormons.  Did you know that?

Or we can vote for the International American, President Barack Obama, once known as Barry Obama, the poor little half White boy who explained to his Hawaiian schoolmates that he was royalty in Indonesia and Kenya.  And perhaps Obama is just that, a royalist.

Whichever one of these inept men We the People elect, they will continue on the policies of the Bushes, especially the chaotic path hacked out by Unka Dick Cheney who had the long arm of his law up Georgie Porgie Bush's ass working that dumbass's mouth.   That little spoiled brat prick who got us into two unnecessary wars that sunk us into this economic crisis and yet he goes about life now having a grand old time, a true dumbass American who went AWOL from the U.S. Army and got away with it 'cause his old worthless daddy...oh, God-damn, how my blood pressure soars when I think of G.W. Bush walking about free as a god-damn privileged bird...the bastard!  Yet, President Obama said G.W. was not a bad guy, very personable...hell, he was so impressed with him that he made G.W. and the man who has his hand up Obama's ass, Slick Willie "I Like to Cheat on Hillary With Ugly Broads" Clinton co-administrators of Haiti...and look what a splendid job those two jokers did with Haiti--by the way, whatever happened to all those billions We the People gave to rebuild Haiti?  Last I saw, Haitians were still living in makeshift tent cities, starving to death, in need of medical aid...shit, it's all so god-damn wrong.

While watching the Oklahoma State-Kansas State football game Saturday, I thought it quiet interesting how Oklahoma State was bragging big time about how it had played a significant role in the development of unmanned aircraft, i.e., drones.

By the bye, I've just started reading the first novel, Burr, in the series of Gore Vidal's revisionist history novels (Burr, Lincoln, 1876, The Golden Age, and Hollywood) and I'm enjoying the Holy Hell out of it.  Vidal is my kind of writer; brilliant; revealing...quite a writer...I miss the crusty old dude.

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The Daily Growler recommends you vote for Dr. Jill Stein for President--OK, so she hasn't got a snowball-in-hell's chance of winning, she's still the best candidate--I mean she's been arrested for trying to get into the phony presidential debates and she just recently got arrested again down in Texas for protesting with the Texans against the Keystone oil pipeline that Obama has approved to rip through the pristine forest lands of Texas in order to get that dirty oil down to the big Texas oil refineries.   


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