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Existing in New York City: Our Stupid President and Congress

Foto by tgw, New York City, November 2012
Say Goodbye to: Dave Brubeck, who goes way back in my musical life; he was one of the first successful jazzmen in the biz, a success that got him branded as "commercial," a bad stamp back in the early days of progressive jazz.  But Dave was an original.  Dave Brubeck, 91, American jazz pianist ("Take Five", "Blue Rondo à la Turk", "Unsquare Dance"), heart failure.

One Weird-ass Story by Mark Ames at Salon: What the CIA does with We the People's money:
A Simple Explanation of Coronal Mass Ejections, Those Which May Bring on the End of Mankind:
Our Stupid President and Congress 
I just don't read or listen to the news anymore.  What a bunch of dumbasses we have handed over our lives to.  And especially this president.  What is wrong with this guy?  This election he just won didn't change his mind one damn bit.  He's still acting more like a Reaganite Republican than he is a true Democrat, the party of Roosevelt and the New Deal.  He's still letting this god-damn idiot John Bonehead call the god-damn shots.  He's still kowtowing to the Wall Street crooks, still kissing their asses, this after the American people tried to show him they are sick and tired of these clowns trying to buy our votes; by reelecting Obama, We the People tried to let Obama understand that we think Mitt "the Mormon" Romney and the Ayn Rand crowd are full of shit and we don't want their brand of Paul "the Catholic" Ryan's austerity methods, clown methods, the rich buying elections, these jokers continuing to cut the taxes of rich assholes who don't pay any taxes anyway; to continue to cut corporate taxes on corporations that don't pay any taxes anyway.  FOOLS!

We're in an economic crisis not because the richest assholes and the richest corporations in the world don't pay taxes and not because of Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare and not because of public education and not because of these religious institutions not paying any taxes at all and not because...We're in an economic crisis because of WAR and warmongers and hawks and the Military Industrial Complex and all the military aid in the billions of dollars we are giving to Israel and Egypt and Saudi-Arabia and now Libya and the money we are wasting on drones and the money we are wasting on the CIA, Homeland Security, the NIS, the money we are wasting on this stupid and insane WAR on TERROR and this stupid and insane WAR on DRUGS and the money we are wasting on our dependency on OIL and this stupid hydrofracting and this stupid TransCanada Keystone pipeline, and the money this god-damn stupid Federal Reserve is printing up and secretly still handing over to the most crooked banks and financial institutions in the world, and money we are wasting on all this free trade bullshit that doesn't benefit We the People of the USA; in fact, all the free trade stupid Milton Friedman economic deals benefit only the Global Market Place and the greedy gluttonous corporations who are continuing to be left unregulated and left to jeopardize We the People of the USA's manufacturing and our jobs, our futures, sending our jobs and manufacturing over to countries like China (a Communist country that is now ironically the world's most successful Capitalist country), Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam (also a Communist country), Taiwan (the country that the loser Chinese stole from the Formosans after Mao ran Chiang Kai-Shek, that despot, out of China), Thailand...God-damn, I could go on and on.

In the meantime, the little worthless dumbass who got us into all of this is still highly respected and living like a prince down in Dallas while the other asshole who before Georgie Porgie started all this mess, Slick Willie "I  Did Not Have Sex With That Woman" Clinton becomes richer and richer and more idolized, this the dumbass who deregulated the banks and the insurance companies and the financial scumbags, this the dumbass who gave us NAFTA and GATT and who gave us Osama bin Ladin (via the CIA) and who gave us wars in Somalia and Kosovo and Serbia.  And these millionaire pricks we keep electing continue to force this austerity on us...continue to jive ass us with this stupid "over the cliff" crap and kiss the asses of true dumbasses like John Bonehead and Mitch McConnell and John "Failed Mission" McCain and the seemingly dumbest of them all, President Obama, who is still compromising with these neanderthal-thinking clowns, these idiots who even the American electorate just showed Obama by reelecting him that We don't want Paul Ryan's austerity measures forced on us; We don't want to keep giving free rides to idiot men who have so much god-damn money they don't know what to do with it, jerks like Warren Buffett, Little Billy and Melinda Gates, and New York City's Billionaire Mayor, Mike "Mall Mad" Bloomberg.  And in order to solve our economic crisis President Obama keeps going back to the assholes who got us into it in the first place, holding on to jerks like Little Timmy Geithner and Ben "Bailout" Bernanke and Obama keeps gathering all these crooked CEOs like Little Jamie Dimond (and some superrich are suggesting that that crooked little job outsourcing jerk replace Little Timmy as Treasury Secretary) into secret meetings in the White Man's House and he keeps on promoting that old crank Alan Simpson (from the backward low-populated state of Wyoming) and that prissy Clinton asshole Erskine Bowles (from the backward state of North Carolina) wanting to gut Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare, old geezers who have made their livings at the public slop trough...I'm exhausted from this.  You see why I no longer read any news, all lies, all bullshit?

My critics awash me in finger pointing because I have no faith in President Obama pulling progressive rabbits out of his hat.  I refer them to Ex-first lady Hillbilly Hilary's rebuke of the UN recognizing in a sort of way Palestine's legitimacy as a sovereign nation and the truck-driver-voiced Susan Rice's blatant Israeli-ass-kissing as she, too, condemned the UN vote as blocking the two-state head-on negotiations between the continuously Palestian-land-stealing Israelis and the unelected leaders of the Palestinian subjects.  Remember, a true Israeli like Old Ben Net'nyahoo! considers the Palestinians less than human beings...dogs being the designation the true Zionist gives these former Chaldeans...these brothers under the same God of Water for desert survival.

Pundits are now promoting Hillbilly Hilary as the next Dumbocratic candidate for the presidency after Obama runs out of rabbits from his top hat.  I'm still amazed at this former wife of a president having so much clout now as a politician.  You know how I feel about her Ozark-hillbilly husband, this sleazebag philanderer who kissed the asses of the Milton Friedman free trade hustlers and deregulated the insurance industry, the banks, and the financial industry crooks...this pretty boy who took the advice of Wall Street princes like Robert Rubin and second-rate economists like Larry Summers, this schemer who at the end of his disastrous presidency pulled the wool over the eyes of We the Dumb People of the USA into believing he left us with a surplus economy, a surplus based on futures and a robbing of the Social Security pool that little Georgie Porgie Bush, that little freak, stole...  God-almighty-damn, here I go again, getting my dander up over these openly crooked politicians....  I've just finished reading Gore Vidal's great revisionist history novel, Burr.  As Gore points out, though his novel is fiction, since Day 1 in this Republic, our politicians have been asshole aristocrats whose Constitution never intended for We the Common People in the USA to have any say in what these privileged assholes do in terms of taxing us, getting us into wars, and trick bagging us in favor of their aristocratic pals.  Remember under the original Constitution, the Constitution we still chop to bits via amendments, only landholders could vote, women were reduced to babymakers and silent crybabies, several of our early presidents being bachelors, and Blacks were not even considered human beings...oh, yeah, 1/5 humans and the rest monkeys, jungle bunnies.  Our early forefathers being floorflushers, many of them with mistresses, and all of them with slaves and servants and all of them living high-lives surrounded by gaudy extravagances that left most of them stone broke by the time of their deaths.  The joke is still on We the People of the USA.

I await to see just how many rabbits President Obama magic like pulls out of his top hat.

By the bye, I highly recommend you all read Burr.  To me, Gore Vidal is one of the more brilliant thinkers to come out of the aristocratic class...and yes he was out of that class, too...born at West Point and raised in the District of Corruption, with Burr as an ancestor and the old Senator Gore as his grandfather.  I'm now reading his revisionist novel 1876 about politics after the Civil War during the Grant administration.  Next I'm tackling Gore's tome, Lincoln, my intentions to go on through this series of revisionist history novels that ends with Hollywood and the connection with our politicians and the film industry.  Great reading for a dyed-in-the-wool contrarian like myself.

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