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From New York City: the Voice of the growlingwolf

Foto by tgw,  New York City, September 2012
Human Animals Looking for Escape
We seem to think nothing of spending a billion dollars on putting a robot, Curiosity, on Mars.  What is this fascination we human monkeys have for this planet?  First we spent ultramillions to send the Mars Rover up there.  Now this latest.  I see no difference in the photos sent back by either robot rover.  I read years ago speculation that these Mars expeditions are sponsored by the global mining cartels who are looking for precious metals up on that desolate planet.  Of course that's a cynical approach to why we're spending these fortunes on these probes.  In searching the Internet for answers to my question all I get are subjective ideals.  One romantic woman says she's fascinated by Mars because she sees herself sitting on it admiring its vistas amidst silence. Most commentors on why they are fascinated with Mars say it's simply because we can see it with the naked eye; it's the closest planet to us; it appears to be (perhaps) inhabitable.  Another more intellectual crowd say we are interested in Mars because curiosity is simply a part of being human.  We are curious by nature.  All those answers are too simplistic for such a cynical mind as mine.

Our government is spending billions on destroying this planet; therefore, I cynically ask, why are they spending billions on exploring Mars, something they've been doing since the 1970s?  One cynical question I put to these Mars enthusiasts is: Could it be for military reasons we are so interested in Mars?  One commentor on the Internet said it was stupid for us to be wasting so much money on exploring Mars since it was nothing but a planet of dust and rocks.  This person was totally trashed by a plethora of Mars exploration true believers.

Something interesting I found out about Mars on the NASA's the only planet that NASA doesn't give a human monkey credit for discovering.  NASA says Mars is a planet that has been known since ancient times.

The Romans named Mars after their God of War because of it appearing to be red to the human monkey eye (due to the iron oxide in its soil) and their associating red with blood.  Even as far back as the Sumerians, Mars has been associated with war deities.

I have always associated Mars with the jazz man, Shorty Rogers (and his Giants), whose most famous composition was "Martians Go Home," which ends with drummer Shelly Manne spinning a 50-cent piece on his snare and letting it gradually spin itself out.
Alaskan Wild Salmon 
Every holistic doctor I know recommends eating a lot of salmon.  "Salmon rather than red meats!," they holler on a daily basis.  Yet, what do you do when you can't stand salmon?   As a recovering heart patient, I'm advised to eat salmon and avoid high-sodium meats; yet, here again I'm in a fix, I love high-sodium meats, especially steak and pork chops.  You put in front of me a lovely piece of grilled Alaskan wild salmon and a lower cut of steak (like a flank steak) grilled to perfection and covered with grilled onions and mushrooms and I go for the steak every time.  Even the smell of salmon turns me off.  The only two fish I can stand are rainbow trout and red snapper (in particular the one they prepare for me at my favorite Irish pub--grilled and covered with a mango salsa).  And, yes, I can eat those two fish IF they are fresh.  The holistic docs however warn against anything but Alaskan wild salmon because of the high content of mercury in fresh ocean or even now in fresh inland freshwater fish.  They also denounce farm-raised fish as contaminated.  And, as all us heart patients know, canned fish is out because of its high sodium content.

I never have had any ambitions at being a hunter or a fisherman.  I have never hunted.  Killing any kind of animal to me, except mice, is murder--and, yes, I am a murderer of mice, the nasty little bastards.  I have twice tried to be a fisherman.  The first time when I was 13 years old out in Washington state on the Hood Canal where using a deep-sea fishing rod and reel I caught a dog shark, a fish so disgusting to the true fishermen I was fishing with they condemned it to becoming fertilizer for the garden rather than prepared for the dining table.  My second effort at fishing--and, yes, I consider killing fish, even though Kurt Cobain said they had no feelings, murder, too--was at a lovely gentle creek just south of my hometown with several of my boyhood friends and one of them's father who was a true fisherman, with the hat and lures and expensive rod and reel and the motorboat and all that jazz.  I bought me a very cheap rod and reel from Sears-Roebuck (before it became simply Sears) and a River Runt lure and ended up standing on the bank of that creek for almost 48 hours (without sleep) and as a result I caught absolutely not one damn fish...nothing.  Nor did anybody else on that trip including the true fisherman father catch one damn fish.  We ended up going into San Angelo, Texas, to a famous seafood and fish restaurant there and ordering a whole mess of fried catfish, which we devoured with much glee.
The USA Can Do Nothing Wrong 
I find it very quaint how We the People of the USA are getting mixed gobbly-gook out of the District of Corruption about the storming of our consulate in Benghazi by Libyans pissed off over the movie that made Mohamed look like an idiot.  Our corrupted officials are now blaming this incident on one of the greatest military organizations in the world, al-Queda.  It was a planned al-Quedan plot, they are babbling.  Wait a minute!  Did al-Queda have knowledge of this movie in advance of the Egyptians and the Tunisians...I mean, those folks' attacks on the U.S. Embassies in their respective countries happened almost simultaneously with the Libyan attack; yet our corrupt government isn't blaming those assaults on al-Queda.  Besides, where was our ambassador's protection?--where were our CIA operatives who are supposed to be keeping absolute track of al-Queda in terms of informing our ambassador?  What do religion and oil have to do with all of this?---everything, because both our God of religion and oil is MONEY.

I've always been puzzled as to where al-Queda gets the vast sums of money it needs to do all the shenanigans blamed on it? (Of course, the BCCI scandal of many years back now proved they get most of their financing from Saudi-Arabia (and Saudi-Arabians brought down the World Trade Center buildings, or so we were told).) And where do they get all their weapons and ammunition?  And where do they get the enormous amount of money it takes for them to be mobilized and present all around the Muslim world?  And how come the death of bin Laden hasn't seemed to bother al-Queda one damn bit according to our corrupt government?  We the People of the USA need a demon to justify our releasing our young people to perhaps die on all the many battlefields we are on all around the world.  Battlefields that are Capitalistically oriented, as General Smedley Butler said about them back in the time We the People of the USA were sending our Marines into Central America and Haiti in order to protect the investments of United Fruit and Imperial Sugar and our huge banks like the Chase Bank.

"War is a racket....," Smedley Butler said back in 1933.  You can read his whole speech here:

Life is a racket.  I said that.

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