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All Along the Watchtower: Will It Be Another Clown Show?

Foto by tgw, "Original Met-Life Building," New York City, 2004
President Obama's Speech

I'm sorry. It didn't inspire me. Yes, the man has poise and charm and he is proud of his woman and kids...but nothing in his speech gave any indication of any change from the same-ole same-ole and in mentioning energy, he seemed to imply that hydro-fracting was going to continue at an environmentally wrecking pace--as he put it, we have all of this natural gas right under our feet--he also mentioned "clean coal"--and he said he was going to open up public lands to drill-drill-drilling. Yes, he is more suave and sophisticated than Mitt "The Mormon" Romney, but economic-fixing-wise...I mean, come on, he kept boasting about saving General Motors and Chrysler from bankruptcy--yet General Motors was saved on the backs of its workers agreeing to take cuts in salary or working longer hours for less money than before--and Chrysler is now owned by Fiat of Italy, both bailouts costing We the People several billions of dollars. Besides, does General Motors still make most of its cars in Mexico? Yes, the Dumbocrats do look more US melting pot than the all-White Repugnicans, but the Dumbos still went to the same parties given by the same ole corporations that the Repugs partied to. Oh well (Orwell), I still maintain all politicians are deceivers, liars, and backward thinkers--and remember, whatever they say turn it around to the opposite and you'll be close to the truth about these birds of a feather.
And There He Was: Slick Willie "Big Dog" Clinton Ridin' Again
Yep, there he was, old Slick Willie Clinton, the Dumbos trotting him out, the White side of Barack Obama. The great Liberal. The poor boy from the backward state of Arkansas. A poor old White boy from Hope, Arkansas, home of the watermelon and its famous pickaninny-eating-a-watermelon city limits sign; the White boy who lucked out and got the attention of old White codger William Fulbright of Fulbright Scholarship fame. The poor little White boy who rose from kissing old Bill Fulbright's ass to become $30,000-a-year governor of the Backward State of Racist Arkansas (i.e., Governor Faubus)(i.e., Governor Winthrop "the Drunk" Rockefeller) to become Democratic keynote speaker to become president of the USA to become now the richest ex-president in the history of our presidency by being worth over 200 million bucks. And there he was. Yes, he's lost a lot of weight--remember he had a bunch of heart attacks--remember, as president when he went jogging he stopped off at McDonald's for his coffee and egg-McMuffins--remember as president he deregulated the banks and financial institutions--remember as president he opened up Guantanamo Navy Base as a prison to hold Haitians who did everything they could to flee Haiti to get to the USA, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, to the point of risking drowning by coming here on anything that would float including innertube rafts, only to be rounded up by Bill Clinton's US Navy and pitched into prison at Guantanamo Navy Base--remember, too, old Sailor Bill put a circle of US Navy patrol boats around Haiti to keep those grimy Haitian N-worders from contaminating our precious White culture--remember old Big Dog Bill following in the footsteps of philandering JFK got a series of blowjobs in the Oval Office--did you notice that Monica Lewinsky wasn't at the Dumbocrat Convention to cheer old Big Dog on to another ejaculation? And what a speech--mostly praising himself--did you notice that? And oh how the Dumbocrat women were swooning over this "perfect" man--and all the Black women in the audience were swooning over this president who forced millions of American Blacks into abject poverty with his forcing millions of Americans on Welfare to either get a job or starve.... I apologize, folks, but I can't stand this phony profligate of a man--this two-faced Liberal who gave us the Patriot Act; who gave us NAFTA; who gave us GAAT and whole bunches of outsourced jobs under his Reaganistic Free Trade policies; this man who gave us Larry "Dump Nuclear Waste in Africa" Summers; who gave us Robert Rudin; who gave us David Axelrod and Emanuel Rahm; who gave us his wife, Hillbilly Hillary....
The Dumbos Are Already Caving In to the GOP Nutjobs
Their platform hadn't mentioned GOD and they hadn't declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel--but after the Christian nutjobs and Benjamin Nut'nYahoo started railing on them over this, the chicken Dumbos put God and Jerusalem into their platform--Whose God is this God, I ask? Is it OK for the Muslims at this convention to say it's Allah?

And as for Michelle Obama's speech: simply a commercial for her husband.
The Solution-less Democrats (the Dumbocrats)
President Obama will compromise his ass off as is his usual way of being our duly-elected president. He should have an easy victory over Mitt "the Mormon" Romney; yet, he's facing a White backlash that could easily bring him down UNLESS he changes horses in midstream. As it stands right now, there's no difference whatsoever in these candidates except maybe their religious views. They both represent corporate America rather than We the People of the US. Obama will brag about his killing of Osama bin Laden and then dumping his body in the sea. Obama will brag about ending the Iraq War, though we still have a huge military and US corporate presence there--in other words, we're still running the show in Iraq, where currently an average of 20 to 40 people a day are being blown to bits by car bombers and suicide bombers, and Sunnis and Sufis are still killing each other right and left, and U.S. oil companies are raiding the Iraq oil reserves. Obama will brag about how he's reducing our dependence on foreign oil by his opening up our Alaska Wilderness to the drill-drill-drilling of BP and Shell (both foreign oil companies though most of their profits come from U.S. oil) and his allowing the criminal BP jokers to return to deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and by allowing unregulated hydro-fracting in all 50 states, and by continuing to allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built, and by defending what he calls "clean coal," and by continuing to promote nuclear power. There will be no mention of the word POVERTY at this convention; there will be no blame put on G.W. Bush at this convention--oh, yes, Obama will defend his own following-in-the-footsteps of this little criminal prick by saying he inherited all the problems he continues to bolster rather than reverse, like that insane Afghanistan War, the insanity of keeping on G.W. Bushites in his administration--General Betrayus, Ben Bernanke (that worthless piece of crap), Little Timmy Geithner, G.W. Bush's Pentagon creeps and Defense Department creeps, by continuing G.W. Bush's bailout of the most crooked financial and banking bandits in our history, by increasing G.W. Bush's executive privileges to now include Obama's being able to assassinate U.S. citizens and compile what is known in his circles as a "death list," and defending Obamacare (written by the Pharmaceutical industry, the Pay-or-Die health insurance industry, and the Pay-or-Deny for-profit hospital industry) as healthcare reform. Bullshit.

Many still have faith that Obama will turn us around and bring great prosperity back to this country. BUT, he won't; he's still in the back pocket of our corrupt corporate elites, our Power Elites, the Wall Street criminals who will be giving him upwards of one billion to run his campaign. The Wall Streeters don't give a shit which of these two men wins the election. Either one isn't going to rock their Power Elite power boat. The filthy rich power brokers are gonna reap huge harvests no matter which of these guys wins. The losers will still be We the People of the USA. We the Dumbass People of the USA. The losers will be those of us who still continue to have hopes that Obama will suddenly make good on his 2008 "Yes, We Can" promises (I'm reading where the Dumbos are bringing that limp slogan back as "Yes, We Plan"). The losers will be those of us who continue to keep our noses up the smelly ass of a nonexistent God. The losers will be all of us living off credit cards. The losers will be all of us losing our homes to the financial pirates like Goldman-Sachs, the crooked-as-a-snake-at-night Bank of America, the crooked Wells-Fargo Old West-style bandits, the boldly crooked J.P. Morgan-Chase pirates (Obama's favorite bank)--why do you think the Dumbocrats chose Charlotte, North Carolina, as their convention site?

The only way We the People of the USA could gain some control of our fate back would be to ignore these shammers and not vote at all. Another way would be on election day to go en masse and pull our money out of these Charlotte, North Carolina, headquartered banks. But, of course, citizen responses like that won't happen. The only hope for Obama winning against the Super-Pac-ed-backed White backlash is in the hands of Blacks and Latinos and all Seniors and Union members, the very voters the White backlashers are going after with Jim-Crow-type voting registration laws. Remember, G.W. "Stealing Votes" Bush only had to steal less than 50,000 votes to steal both his election wins--the first one given him by the rightwing nutjob Supreme(ly dumb) Court--after his brother pulled the voter denial trick in the great backward state of Florida--the second one given him by the people of the great backward state of Ohio. Remember, too, vote fixer Karl Rove is back with millions of bucks behind him; even that little crooked phony Christian hellion Ralph Reed is back with millions of Koch Brothers bucks behind him.

Another scary thing Obama should deal with is Benjamin Nutjob'nYahoo, the American-born Israeli leader, going on Christian-nutjob-television and saying that Israel is under a threat of nuclear attack from the new heathens in Iran and then adding that the U.S. is still under attack, too, from these same Muslim devil forces and the people of the USA should not vote for any one who is not pro-Israel and pro-separation of Palestine and Israel and pro-nuking of Iran.

Watch out, President Obama. The White Man is after you--he's gonna try every trick in the books to take back the White Man's House. Watch out, President Obama. The White Man is pure evil.

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