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Existing in New York City: Coming Soon: Obama the Republican

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2012
Where in the World Is Hillary RodHAM Clinton?
From USA Today:
We all saw Chelsea Clinton applauding her dad Wednesday night.

But where in the world was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while her hubby, Bill, was holding court for 48 minutes at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte?

Timor Leste. Or, as it's more commonly known: East Timor, in Southeast Asia.

From Mark Ames, a The Daily Growler Hall of Famer

And yet as putrid goes, this [The Great Salt Lake and the awful smell it lays over Salt Lake City] is nothing compared to the decomposing Democratic Party politics and bullshit wafting out of Charlotte. Whether it was Clinton whinging for hours on end that he and Obama have done everything the Republicans said we should do — and by golly, not even a thank you kiss? And golly, the Republicans themselves never live up to their own vision for America, they just go all crazy ‘n’ stuff — but Barack and I, we’re the only ones carrying out the Republican right program! We killed welfare; I deregulated banking, while Barack upped the banking bailouts and completely screwed millions of homeowners after promising help; we both presided over massive increases in wealth inequality; I, not the Republicans, created NAFTA and destroyed American manufacturing, while Barack Obama has been working tirelessly to expand free trade agreements to ensure that Americans never work anywhere but as Wal-Mart store greeters ever again!

"You Republicans talk about busting unions — heck, Barack Obama has done more to bust teachers’ unions than any y’alls! How do we know that we’re more anti-union than you while pretending to be pro-union? Just look around you: Almost every union is boycotting this convention! [APPLAUSE, HIGH FIVES] While Republicans talk about cutting the deficit, I’m the one who slashed welfare and turned the deficits into surpluses [CHEERS] While President Obama’s deficit commission laid out the first real Republican rightwing blueprint to privatizing Medicare and Social Security, and you and I all know that when Barack Obama is re-elected, he will privatize every last fucking social program in existence [CHEERS ON THEIR FEET] Because We. Are. The. Real. Republicans [APPLAUSE, CHEERS!]. It’s that simple. Barack Obama created the framework for the Republican dismantling of every last program with the Simpson-Bowles Commission, and guess what? Paul Ryan voted it down. Really, who’s the Republican Right-winger here, huh guys? America, I ask you: What else can we do to prove how Republican we really are? For forty years, we’ve been trying to score a date with the Republicans, and they just keep spurning us and saying mean things about us, and treating us like we’re weird stalkers hanging outside their houses all the time. Well, guess what? The more you spurn us, the more Republican we’ll be. It’s almost like you want us to be this way or something, god you folks are really dumb! Like it or not, we’re gonna just keep trying to be Republican, America! And that’s why you oughtta vote for Barack Obama!”

To read this whole brilliant article:

All Along the Watchtower
The above article by Mark Ames (a writer who you can keep up with on exiled (see our Blessed Blog List)) puts better than ever what I tried to write about in my last post. I just don't trust politicians and never have, no matter how glossy their reigns have been made by controlled history. And to me all history is controlled by the storytellers telling it. The only true history is the history of the moment. The history of the NOW. Reality is so in our faces we refuse to believe it and find solace in hiding behind the skirts of our philosophical gods (those creatures invented by our instincts).

Bill Clinton is a phony Southern philanderer who'd be a Fundamentalist Holy Roller preacher if he hadn't a lucked out and gotten to kiss the privileged ass of old Bill Fulbright back during Fulbright's glory days in the backward racist state of Arkansas. Barack Obama, I've said since his glorious victory in 2008 and when he showed his real self during his inauguration, is a trick-bagging Reaganite whose whole shuck and jive is similar to a hat-in-hand Uncle Tom so graciously thankful to the White man for allowing him to be the butler in the Big Plantation House.

We live in a Plantation Society. Our corporations are extensions of the Plantation system that made this country great, a system based on slavery, the cheapest form of labor there is. Even Goldman-Sachs' history in America can be traced back to pre-Civil War America. Even Aetna Life Insurance can be traced back to those days. Insurance scams have been going on since those early days when the White aristocrats who founded this country (all of 'em slaveholders) devised schemes to keep the common man in poverty so he could easily be ruled. Insurance a form of insurance is gambling on your life; healthcare insurance is gambling on your life expectancy, according to Metropolitan Life's life expectancy tables.

This is the reality we've lived in since the White Man came ashore in this Red Man's land. Came ashore either as European (British) outcasts or European trading company executives and management people (the Dutch West Indies Corporation, for example). Most of our original rich dudes made their fortunes in slavetrading and rum (sugar cane).

As Gore Vidal always argued, this country has never been a democracy (one man-one vote, as William O. Douglas defined a democracy) it has always been a republic.

As I've written in the past, all our presidents have been natural-born scumbags from George "I Cannot Tell a Lie" Washington on down to Barack Obama. Most of them have been excessively rich scumbags. Even old humble Honest Abe Lincoln wasn't a poor man. Hell, his wife, Mary Todd, was rich as sin, her old daddy a big-time slave trader whose wealth was derived from that evil occupation made angelic by the White aristocrats' Supreme(ly dumb) Court and carefully worded aristocratic Constitution that declares Black people as only 1/5th humans, which means 4/5th animals (or savages).

President Obama, we tend to forget, is half-White. We tend to forget, too, that his White mother was a confused mixed-up White gal who was born in the backward racist state of Kansas (check out Kansas' racial history). I can imagine how guilty she felt growing up a woman with brains enough to figure out her Kansas clan were racist Christians who openly believed all Blacks and Redskins were savages. As a young hippy girl, she glided over into the arms of the Zen Buddhists through the influences of the Beatles and Herman Hesse's novels. Out of this guilt and against her family's beliefs, she hooked up with the brilliant student from Africa she met in college, a philanderer one of whose goals was to come to America and get himself a good education but also a White girl. This was pay back against the colonialism he'd suffered under growing up in multitribal Kenya.

Reading Mark Ames' above article brought all of this clearly back into my noggin'. That and that the American melting-pot folks are easily duped by the White man's skulduggery and shenanigans. Both candidates for the presidency are trick baggers. Mitt "the Mormon" Romney a spoiled little rich-boy brat and President Obama a half-breed under the White man's logic. And don't you think our President and his lady don't know this and talk about it all the time in private--Michelle growing up in racist Chicago, on that White man's city's delegrated "colored" South Side?

Sorry, folks, but this is just how I grew up seeing this country. All empirically obtained notions, an empiricism that led me in college into Sociology and reading the works of great empiricists like Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Charles Horton Cooley, Lester Frank Ward, Pitrium Sorokin, Thorstein Veblen, and my fellow Texan, C. Wright Mills.

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Cedrick Delaney said...

My fave Mark Ames article is the one where he boasts, in his 30s no less, of fucking a 15-year-old (search for the word "pervometer"):

My fave article about Mark Ames is the one written by a former associate of his who accuses him of being a rapist:

I'm SO proud that he's finally crusading against "sociopaths"!

The Daily Growler said...


Sounds like you're a bit spiteful of Mark. Have you never had a chance to fuck a fifteen year old girl? In some countries, don't you know, fucking a fifteen year old girl isn't considered statutory rape. Ask Roman Polansky about it.

I don't give a damn if Mark Ames admitted to fucking his pet dog as long as he writes so brilliantly about so unbrilliant people and the crudest of politicians and influencers.