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Existing in New York City: Solutions Are So Simple

Foto by tgw, New York Ciy, 2012
Where in the World Is Hillary Clinton?

Today the Hillbilly Gal
is in Russia. Here's a lucky lady whose only political experience just 12 short years ago was being Bill Clinton's cheated-on wife and being on the board of Walmart of China! Remember, she was in East Timor during the Dumbocrat Convention. Think of what the airfare must cost We the People to fly Hillary from East Timor to Russia!!! Hillary seems to be flying around the world on a weekly basis now at a cost of millions per week!!! Nice work if you can get it.
Solutions Are So Simple
I just watched Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, the Green Party candidates for president and vice president, on Bill Moyers' PBS show Sunday and damn, come on, these two very sensible women, especially Jill Stein, have the solutions to all our problems in their vision of what the president and vice president should be standing up for in recreating the USA as a people-oriented republic and not a corporate plantation as it is now.

Jill Stein is a leveled-headed and very powerful woman in terms of ideas and her expression of them. The old plantation mentality politicians, those in power, have to keep her off the commercial pulp-pap airwaves (supposedly owned by We the People of the USA--and that's a big joke, folks) and out of the debates and certainly off the ballots. Her solutions are simple but brilliant. The most important of which are 1) breaking up these large banks and financial and insurance institutions (Teddy Roosevelt style), 2) forcing the 1% and our biggest corporations to pay the same rate of taxes as all of us pay and closing down their stashing huge sums of money in offshore banks and 3) to put a sales tax on all Wall Street transactions, including a stock transfer tax on the stock market.

Of course, these two women (Cheri Honsaka has experienced being homeless. She also ran for sheriff of Philadelphia on a platform of not honoring foreclosure notices) haven't got a snowball's chance in the upper reaches of Hell at even getting heard much less elected--being given voice on Bill Moyers' show about as prime time as they'll get. Too bad. Jill Stein is more a true Democrat (in the FDR sense) than any Democrat in Congress and that includes Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich.

Check out Jill Stein's's pretty cool, like her:

Nicholas Egon Jainschigg
Nick Jainschigg, a The Daily Growler Hall of Fame artist, has four new paintings, a bird's nest; a raccoon skull; a mango; and a coyote skull, up on his Blogsite: These are paintings he does on 8x10 boards where he limits himself to a certain period of time (30 minutes, I think) using a kitchen timer and which you can buy for $100 (the painting and not the kitchen timer, though I'm sure he'd sell you the kitchen timer for a hundred bucks if you so desired it--he might even sign it for you). I've known Nick for several decades now; he's one of the most brilliant and interesting of people I've become friends with over my years in NYC. I'm a lucky man to have so many brilliant and interesting friends. Nick, who teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design, is one of the nation's great illustrators who is currently into rather large landscape paintings, which he'll sell you, too, but for much more than $100.

Internet Love of The Big Dog
I expected Bartcop to go hog-raving mad for Slick Willie Clinton...he is totally in mad love with both Bill and Hillbilly Hillary...but other on-line pundits and movie stars, no, I expected them to be more analytical with the Slick One than they were. Chris Rock, for instance, expressed his outright love for Billy Jeff on his Twittering during the speech. The Daily Howler, another Clinton devotee, praised Bill's speech to the hilt. Only myself, Mark Ames on Exiled, and Glen Ford on the Black Agenda nailed old Bill to a cross for his many deceptions, hypoglycemic self-endorsements, and self-praising falsities during that speech. I have openly been critical of this Arkansas Traveler since the years he was in office. I grew up with all sorts of Billy Jeffs most of whom became Holy Roller preachers. As far as I'm concerned, Obama got elected after making a back-room deal with the Slick One and Hillary after he started whacking Hillary's presidential run (topping her in the primaries), otherwise why did he choose so many Clintonistas for major roles in his administration? And why did he pick Hillbilly Hill for his Secretary of State? But, hey, women love this guy; he shivers their timbers; of course, look at the semi-beauts he's cheated on Hillary with: Ginnifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, and the gods only know how many others. Remember when it was rumored old Babs Streisand used to call him and talk for hours?

To be continued

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languagehat said...

I started disliking ol' Bill when he executed Ricky Ray "I'll Save the Pie for Later" Rector to improve his chances of getting elected ("I'm so tough on crime I fry guys with the mental capacity of a five-year-old!").