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Existing in New York City: A Look at the Yahoos' Backward Thinking About Rape

Wild Shooting New York Police Responsible for 9 Bystanders Hit in Empire State Building Shootings: You should have known it. The wildfiring NYPD's finest it is now being admitted were responsible for the 9 bystanders injured in Friday's Empire State Building shootings.

Gunfire at the Empire State Building: Yeehaw, right around the corner from me on West 33rd, a disgruntled ex-employee of the Hasan Ladies Apparel sweatshop came and shot and killed his ex-boss...no big deal; the shooter had a right under the 2nd Amendment to own a rifle or shotgun and have plenty of ammunition to go with it. Maybe he was a deerslayer. Maybe he was a duck hunter. Whatever, when he got pissed off at his old boss, why not grab that rifle and go to Midtown and plug the old bastard. Then after you've shot and killed the intended, why not run on around the block and shoot it out with the cops? Only one innocent bystander got wiped out in the confusion--whether the perpetrator, as Billionaire Mayor Mikey Bloomberg called him, or the cops killed the innocent bystander, no one's for sure. The Mayor in his photo-op with our Police Commish Shanty Irish Ray Kelly and the President of the City Council who was there, too, said all they knew about the incident was the perpetrator's name, Jeffrey Johnson, and that he was a pissed off ex-employee and that's all they knew and the reporters were asking stupid questions anyway--photo-op over, case closed. I got a big kick out of reading some of the over 4,000 comments already posted on the Yahoo News--there were the usual Liberal replies--"America the land of the killers"..."Why can't we stop this idiotic gun violence?"--interspersed with the more sensible comments, "Gun laws are no good; criminals always have a way to get guns while law-abiding citizens are forbidden to have guns" and "We have drifted away from God and until this nation comes back to God ...." Americans are so idiotic...yes, all of us are neurotic, but, dammit, there are psychotics among us, too. If you fire a guy after he's worked for you 6 years, and you leave him economically bankrupt, broke, unable to find another job, drinking heavily, having trouble with his wife and family perhaps, pissed off, hopeless, and he owns a rifle or shotgun and he looks at it and he thinks, "Fuck, I'm a dead man walking, so why don't I go and show that son of a bitch who fired my ass," the consequences be damned. The issues of unemployment and poverty in this country are being totally ignored by our President and the two rich boys running against him in this stupid presidential election going on right now. And our politicians will give us the old "this is a shame and we're praying for the victims, but there's nothing we can do about it...hey, the Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, so our hands are tied." I was taught as a rebellious youth, if you own a gun you're gonna have to use it one day. That's why I've never owned a gun. Besides, too, I've never found it necessary to go out and shoot and kill animals. The only time I did have a gun was when I was in the U.S. Army...and they were teaching me to "Kill or be killed," for that's the idea behind having a gun of any kind.

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2010

Backwards Thinking

Christians, especially Catholics, really do believe if a woman is raped she should lay back and enjoy it and then suffer the consequences if she gets knocked up. Why? Because she evidently brought the rape on herself. This is why ultraconservative states are trying to make fetuses citizens with rights. This insanity was started by the Right to Lifers many years ago now. It's basically a set-in-stone creed among White people in this country. Among White religious nuts, abortion has always been taboo. You see, even if your rapist knocks you up, you are obligated by God's holiest of edicts to have the baby. The holiest of rollers among the White crowd believe that women are pure sin, which they deduce from the Adam and Eve fable, the invention of the first White man and woman. White to these White people is purity. Therefore, this is the same insane crowd of Yahoos who still believe Blacks are the cursed sons and daughters of Noah's son Ham whose mortal sin was that he looked on his father while old Noah was drunk as a Lord and naked to boot. Isn't that insane? But Mitt "the Mormon" Romney and his running pal, Paul "the Catholic Cheesehead" Ryan truly believe these fables and feel as real men, they are God's special earthly representatives and must enforce his holy edicts.

This Missouri (Mule) joker, this Akin fool, truly believes, he's worked it out in his moronic head, that when a woman's raped if she holds back her orgasm, she won't get pregnant. If she however orgasms, then, hell, she's enjoyed the rape and has accepted the rapist's seed into her fertile egg and therefore has to bear the resulting little bastard, according to the Holy Big Daddy's law. This stems from the curse of original sin, don't you see? A woman's vagina is the source of all evil. Children are born in sin. Because fucking, though necessary to procreate, is an evil act, especially fucking for just the pleasure of it. Rapists are lured into rape by the allurement of certain women--women who wear too much make up or who wear revealing clothes. We men in the USA are so sexually immature.

Onan was condemned to death by the Holy Big Daddy for spilling his seeds on the ground. Onanism has become another word for masturbation or it could be conjured that Onan spilled his seeds while enjoying a forced fuck. You know, he pulled out before he shot his wad and spilled it on the ground instead of risking having a little bastard with a heathen woman. Perhaps Onan was raping a heathen woman. Or maybe one of his wives. Who the hell knows.

Women in the Christian Bible and the Torah are considered as low as dogs. Women are trouble unless their men keep them under control--outfitting them with chastity belts or keeping them knocked up and in the kitchen where women belong most of their lives. Because, you see, men can't trust women because of that vagina.

In the Christian Bible, most of the holiest of men, like old sordid Abraham or the lusty King David, either had a harem of wives or they fucked around like crazy, Abraham banging his servant girl and King David banging all the women in his kingdom, one of whom was his own daughter. Oh, but you see, these profligate men repented and the Big Daddy God forgave them. And remember the Holy Big Daddy's only child happened after he banged old Joe ben Joseph's young wife as she was walking home to Joe's shanty in a Nazareth slum from her job as a waitress in a Judaic cantina that served wine to Roman soldiers [Ernest Hemingway wrote a parody of this situation].

The idiocy of all of this bullshit, and that's what it is, pure-dee bullshit, is so beneath me. It astounds me how in these modern times these fables still rain down such influence on our freedom. And look at President Obama's response to this...yes, he made a cool statement about rape being rape but then he turned around and tried to prove to these Repugnican goofs that he's a real Christian and a believer in God and Jesus X. because the Teabagger nutjobs and Ayn Rand idolizers and Conservative idiots, remember, call Obama a Muslim. Obama seems to kowtow to these fools when really all he has to do is condemn them as idiots.

First of all, how did Arabs (which most White people see as Muslims, even though Muslims come in many ethnic forms including Chinese, Indonesian, Persian, and Indian) come to be according to the Holiest of Christian fables? The tale goes: Abraham was so desperate for a male heir that at 180 (maybe I exaggerate, though not by much) he tried to knock his 180-year-old wife, Sarah, up and on failing to do so, with Sarah's permission, he trotted out to the servants' quarters and banged a hot minky little servant girl, Hagar, an Egyptian slave or so it has been said. As a result of Abe's certified fucking around, he knocked Hagar up and conceived through her womb the true heir to his tribal wealth and power, Ishmael. Soon, Abe's wife, Sarah, got extremely jealous of Hagar and sent her packing. Hagar headed back to Egypt but gave up in the wilderness of Shur and came back to Abe and Sarah and their Hebrew tribe. Sarah then, still 180 years old, miraculously got pregnant herself via Abe and thus begat Isaac. Again, Sarah expelled Hagar and Little Ishmael, blah, blah, blah. The fabulous genealogy of all this biblical bullshit is that from Adam descended Noah and from Noah descended Abraham. And from Abraham descended both Ishmael and Isaac and from Ishmael descended the Arabs and from Isaac descended Israel. It's an amazing story, though as one Christian site admits, it was probably perfectly normal in those polygamous days of that ancient age, an age when tribal leaders such as Abraham, had to have male heirs, males being so much more important in life than females, a way of thinking still in effect around the world today.

Most women who get raped--at least 100,000-a-year in the good ole USA--don't file charges due to the male-dominated police forces and the male-dominated court system or if they do file charges, the male-dominated police forces usually decide against their evidence based on male attitudes toward raped women. Here's an interesting overview of rape and rape statistics from a 2011 Ms magazine article:


My 2nd wife was a charter member of the National Organization of Women (NOW). At one of their first meetings in New York City, I attended and the topic for the evening was abortion and a woman's right to an abortion. I and another male present said we didn't think an out-an-out campaign for abortion rights would work in this country--it would turn a majority of Americans against feminism. That night, the NOW leaders, Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, led a vote to not let men into any more of their meetings. I at that time was a promotional genius and thought a better way to approach abortion was to simply keep it as a sober platform of the Equal Rights Amendment and not make it a rallying cry for the whole movement. Women like Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer, Kate Millett had the power in the movement and they got the abortion rights passed through Congress after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a woman's right to abortion in Rowe vs. Wade. This was a time when it looked like this country's politics were moving progressively left, which turned out to be a misconception as soon after this the rightwing nutjob Repugnicans won the presidency with Richard "I Am Not a Crook" Nixon and his babbling idiot VP, Spiro Agnew. and they took over Congress and we've been burdened with backwards-thinking in this country ever since.

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We note: that in a promo on Truthout.com for Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco's new book, they use the following quote: "'[A] growling indictment of corporate America,' says the Financial Times."


Anonymous said...

Nixon did a head fake to the military industrial complex. He authorized the bombing of Cambodia and Laos, which the generals loved, then he began the reduction of our forces in Vietnam. That was his high crime, ending the war. Everyone who has any critical thinking capacity knows that he left a legacy for peace, note his efforts to open dialogue with China. Unfortunately his quirky persona and poor posture was an easy target for the military industrial complex and the media. Watergate indeed, who cares. John Dean said, after he appeared before the committee with loads of information which hurt Nixon, that in time we will see the good that Nixon did for our country.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you witnessed a pivotal moment in US history! The views of sympathetic men were expelled from the nascent feminist movement, while abortion rights simultaneously became a rallying point. You correctly predicted that feminists would be villified as a result of their strident focus on abortion.

Ending abortion rights has become a major goal of the RRR (right-wing religious Republicans). Anything else that remains from the last progressive period in America may also be eradicated. Imagine our present time if the leadership of NOW had chosen to include the perspective of supportive men.

Anonymous said...

Wow, praise for Tricky Dick Nixon! Even Dick's own party disowned him just like G.W. Bush's own party is disowning him this year. Oh well, there really are two sides to every coin of the realm...now we don't have Nixon to kick around anymore. How 'bout Spiro Agnew, any praise for him?

I have praise for Marnie Nixon.

A Nonny Moose

Marybeth said...

Backwards thinking indeed. All rather unbelievable, except it is true. Humans are largely stupid and it will be their undoing, along with their cleverness in producing lethal weapons.

Marybeth said...

I thought about you as soon as I heard about the shooting at the Empire State Building. I'm glad you are safe.