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Existing in New York City: Where 3000 Cameras Keep a Close Eye on Us

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2011
The Repugnican Thicket

The choice of Paul "the Catholic" Ryan as Mitt "the Mormon" Romney's running mate was no surprise to us here at the Growler, though I was sort of rooting for Condo-Leasing Rice to be the choice. We predicted it would be Paul Ryan weeks ago. Paul the Cheesehead backwards-thinking clown who idolizes Ayn Rand, a true female buffoon...I mean, the Repugnican Convention is going to be a convention of clowns and buffoons and backward-thinking poor little rich boys and this is not to say that the Dumbocrat convention isn't going to be any more progressive or serious.

What worries me is that the Dumbocrats will take Mitt and Paul as a big joke and relax their campaigning (Obama has already started pulling his compromise bullshit by saying he and Paul Ryan are good palsy-walsies and that Paul is a family man, etc., that typical "I don't won't to offend the White man" bullshit that Obama is so god-damn frighteningly stuck on)--but the Dumbos had better be careful. I still contend that the White backlash is coming and though Mitt Romney is a fool, he's a White fool; and though Paul Ryan is a spoiled brat dumbass Catholic fool, he's a Cheesehead fool from the backward-thinking state of Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy's home state, a state that loves White fools and elects them with fervor to their highest offices.

President Obama in his first term in office has proven himself also a fool. Here's a man elected by a hopeful majority who could have become our greatest president ever but who gave up that chance in order to pay for his billion-dollar campaign and kiss the White asses of his Wall Street crooks (but benefactors) and Clintonista creeps who obligated him to their politics rather than the "Yes, We Can" politics that got him elected. Allowing all those Clinton power-hungry bastards, like Larry Summers and Robert Rudin and David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel (who bailed out on him to run for mayor of politically crooked Chicago) and who kept the same old military jerk-offs that had served under G.W. Bush in power and who then kept on Bush creeps Ben Bernanke and Little Timmy Geithner and then put back into power Clinton jerks like Leon Panetta--I mean, I'm sorry, but I don't get this man's thinking...which of course is backward thinking, a coward's way out, a man with no balls, no progressively girded loins, a man who went from a Southside Chicago community organizer, whatever the hell that is, back to his Harvard-Corporate law intentions, who suddenly found himself a new millionaire--I mean I knew this guy was a phony the minute for his inauguration he bought a fleet of Cadillac SUVs and gave center stage to a right-wing nutjob evangelical preacher and honored old wobbly Pappy Bush and Bill "I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman" Clinton ("Pappy Bush is my new best pal"). I mean, here's a president that had the solutions clearly in front of him and yet being obligated to the global-world-dominating corporations, he jived us and turned Reagan Repugnicanism and bullshit Free Trade set ups on us. But then....

...and the "but then" continues when you as a voter have to decide between the two evils again in this election. In 2008, Obama wasn't considered an evil, but this year, I'm afraid, millions of White voters are going to turn on him...White backlash...and begin agreeing with Mitt "the Mormon" Romney and Paul "the Catholic" Ryan who are currently, same as Obama, not mentioning G.W. Bush, and actually blaming Obama for our economic crisis, a crisis started by Ronald "Grade B Actor" Reagan and made worse by Pappy Bush and his cowardly dumb son, G.W. (Georgie Porgie Puddin' & Pie, I call him). Obama doesn't respond to these clowns. He thinks their records will bring them down, which may show that Obama doesn't really know who votes and how they vote in this country. Repugnicans have been in power since Lyndon Johnson goofed and got us involved in a Repugnican-started Vietnam debacle, a war we lost by the way. Lyndon was being forced by Progressives Democrats to fight a War on Poverty and a War on Racism and leading us into the Great Frontier, and in those years the Democrats had a 4-to-1 majority over the Repugnicans, a bunch of flippies who became powerful due to the White Racist backlash against Harry Truman integrating the U.S. Armed Forces and the effectiveness of the 1950s and early 1960s Civil Rights Movement under powerful leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr.

I quote Gore Vidal:
Any individual who is able to raise [enough money] to be considered presidential is not going to be much use to the people at large. He will represent...whatever moneyed entities are paying for him.... Hence, the sense of despair throughout the land as incomes fall, businesses fail and there is no redress.
- The Decline and Fall of the American Empire, 1992.

There, my friends, is the truth about this year's presidential election. Whichever person is elected has a personal agenda and obligation to cater to and that agenda and obligation has nothing whatsoever to do with We the Stupid People of the USA. The only redress We the People Have is to take our money out of the big crooked banks...but we won't do that; to quit buying Made in China goods at Walmart of China or Apple of China, which we won't do. There are other candidates running for President, but we have no idea who they are; the commercial media won't give them air time. Jim Lehrer is fixing to moderate (and that's a genuine term in this case) a debate between Mitt "the Mormon" Romney and Barack "New Millionaire" Obama...and I suppose a joke debate between Paul "the Catholic" Ryan and Joe "the DuPont Asskisser" Biden.


[adj., n. mod-er-it, mod-rit; v. mod-uh-reyt] Show IPA adjective, noun, verb, mod·er·at·ed, mod·er·at·ing.
kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense: a moderate price.
of medium quantity, extent, or amount: a moderate income.
mediocre or fair: moderate talent.
calm or mild, as of the weather.
of or pertaining to moderates, as in politics or religion.
Jim Lehrer is not a dumbass. I happen to know; I've known the guy since he started in televised news in Dallas, Texas, in the 1960s. But now in his successful late seventies, Jim is a coopted prop as a moderator and is not about to rock anybody's boat in a debate. He's too down the middle of the road to bring out any controversy between these corporate-favoring and -obligated candidates. Trust me, he won't ask these two candidates anything outside of the moderate. He won't for instance say to Barack Obama, "Hey, Mr. President, you had a chance to be our greatest president ever and yet you practically followed in the footsteps of G.W. Bush, the coward who had Unka Dick Cheney's hand up his ass working his brain. I'm puzzled as to why you did that? I'm also puzzled as to why you don't mention G.W. Bush at all...I mean, it's as if this little sniveling rich-boy coward never existed...what's with that?" Or, "Why, Mr. President, did you take on so many of Bill Clinton's backward-thinking goons as your advisers? And why in Holy Hell, Mr. President, did you keep the same old military creeps from G.W. Bush's administration as head of your military...and Zbigniew Brzezinski
, why did you keep that creepy dude on as a military affairs advisor?" Nope, I guarantee you Jim Lehrer won't ask those questions. Nor will he put Mitt "the Mormon" Romney on the spot. Jim knows on which side of the bread his career has been buttered. It's too bad Gore Vidal up and died before this debate; I would have loved to have seen Vidal question these two corporate-ass-kissing ninnies.

In writing or discussing politics I get to growling so hard and deeply I feel like going for a young baby elk's belly meat, tasting some hot blood gravy with my fresh meat. I get provoked. Of course, if I were voting I would have to vote for Barack Obama...I mean the Repugnican choices are both backwards-thinking fools...at least Barack Obama is half-Black and it's his Black side that has the hope (and those who know me know I don't believe in HOPE only faith in myself, though my family's motto is "Anchored in Hope") the only hope we have left in this nation.

That's enough growling about politics. Whichever one of these candidates is elected, life will go on down the tubes here in this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave...the White Power Elite will continue to drain us dry of our jobs, money, land, possessions, water, clean air; our military economy will continue to roll about the world following the empirical rules set down by the Neo-Con Christian Soldiers back in Ronald "Raygun" Reagan's administration. It's the Crusades all over again. The Wars for the Holy Grail of Energy. The Wars for OIL. OIL our true USA official God. Not the God of the Fundamentalist Christians. Not the God of the Joe Smith-invented Mormons. Not the God of the Jews. Not the God of the Islamics. Not the God of the Nihilists. Our true God is Mammon, that god-mask worn by our true Lord and Master CHAOS.

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