Monday, August 27, 2012

Existing in New York City Where the NYPD Make This City a Battleground

Foto by tgw, Chelsea Pier, New York City, 2012
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I'm Curious

I just watched a former Air Force trooper who served in Iraq who has written a book that he starts off by writing, "I am crazy...." His contention is that after returning from Iraq, he now has a mental attitude that is with him 24/7 that the only way he can explain it is to admit that he's crazy. He explains what he feels by saying sometimes when he's in an airport he has to head for an exit door and that his head is telling him he has to kill anything between him and that exit door because his "mission" is to get out that exit door. While I was watching this guy...and I know he's hustling his book trying to make a buck so he may be a little overdramatic in his promotion...I'm thinking, "Hey, dude, to me you were crazy for joining the Air Force in the first place. Nobody forced you to join the armed forces. You volunteered for duty. So, to me, a guy who had no choice when I had to join the U.S. Army back in the 'Nam days, you are crazy from the git-go...and, yes, OK, you were made even more serious crazy by duty in Iraq since you were brainwashed in the military 'Kill or Be Killed' philosophy of war."

The New York City Police Department's Military Attitude: Kill or Be Killed
Mark Ames in The EXile (see our blog list), and Mark to me is an excellent writer and thinker, has a great piece on poor old Jeffrey Johnson, the fired ex-ladies handbag designer and Central Park birdwatcher, and the bullying he received from his ex-boss, the guy he shot and killed Friday at the shop where he once worked on West 33rd Street in the shadow of the Empire State Building. This was an incident where Jeffrey shot and killed his ex-boss and the NYPD wounded 9 innocent bystanders in their effort to kill Jeffrey.

It reminded me that the NYPD is now considering itself a military tactical outfit and not a protector of the citizens of New York City it is supposed to courteously serve. Just recently the NYPD announced it had made a deal with Microsoft to install 3,000 cameras around NY City, very sensitive cameras (yes, Microsoft and Apple are now in the spy camera business) whose purpose is to catch NY City citizens either committing or looking like they may be prone to committing crimes. Our Billionaire mayor and his Shanty Irish police commish claim these cameras are necessary in order to keep "terrorists" from repeating 9/11 on us. Of course, these cameras couldn't have prevented 9/11 could they? Nor could they prevent a crime like that poor harassed boob Jeffrey Johnson committed. I mean, say you're walking down the street with a piece in plain view, walking fast and determined to kill, so one of the hundreds of screen-watching cops who are sitting in NYPD's private bunker somewhere are not going to prevent that perpetrator from carrying out his murderous intentions. Even if this perpetrator was wearing a towel around his head and sporting an al-Queda banner, these cameras wouldn't stop him or her from concluding their mission.

The Republican Clown Show
The Republicans have landed in Tampa, Florida. So have AT&T, Microsoft, the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, the Chamber of Commerce, the NRA, and a host of other Teabagger and Republican angels of mercy there to spread the joy and frivolity that millions upon millions of tax-free dollars bring the right-side representatives of We the People. Soon big fat bloated Chris Christie will be spewing his bullshit all over a cheering bunch of half-drunk with their pockets packed with Koch dollars and Rove dollars convention attendees who now wish this overblown subject-to-a-heart-attack-at-any-moment Governor of the backward state of New Jersey was their presidential candidate instead of Mitt "the Mormon" Romney will be hooplahing like crazy for every word this blimp of a man sputters. All of these convention shenanigans going on while the City of New Orleans is readying to see if its fragile levees will hold as Hurricane Isaac eyes this vulnerable city, though Isaac is not Katrina...but still, who knows? Katrina wiping out New Orleans was the worst natural disaster in US history--G.W. "You're Doing a Heck of a Job, Brownie" Bush flew over it in Air Force One while scratching his ass and not giving one crap about the truth of what happened to the US citizens down below.

By the bye, I was reading where We the People of the USA are contributing several bundles of millions of bucks to the Republican Convention...for security and convention expenses. This to the party that claims it hates government spending and entitlements, the party that from Raygun Reagan (the B actor turned politician) until G.W. Bush has consistently raised our deficit to the point that we are now on the brink of economic disaster, a disaster these clowns will be blaming on Barack Obama, the N-word Kenyan Islam Muslim non-US citizen president, during all their ballyhooing during this convention. Note that G.W. Bush, the idiot child of G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush, is not invited to this convention, nor will his glorious "Mission Accomplished" achievements be mentioned by any of the speakers at this convention. The clown show will give us some good laughs--Big Fat Chris Christie will blabber away with bullshit that though scary as hell will be like full of laughable moments, especially if this big whale of a man gets in one of his tough-guy modes. Then the lovable Paul Ryan will get up and spew out his scary bullshit--Paul by the time he speaks will want to do away with the government all together, except of course he'll not want to get rid of Congress and how he makes his good living. And then Mormon Moron Mitt Romney will give his acceptance speech and oh boy the bullshit by then will be up near the rafters. A list of their biggest clown events will be: tax cuts for the wealthy; billions of more worthless dollars for the Pentagon, the Defense Department, the CIA, the FBI, the NIS, Homeland Security; doing away with Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security; doing away with food stamps and whatever welfare is left; opening up We the People's vast public lands to private corporations--gold mining in Yellowstone, hydro-fracting in all fifty states, drill-drill-drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Alaskan Wilderness, the cutting down of our old forests, the blowing up of mountains for coal; making Ayn Rand a Neo-Con saint, even though Ayn was an Atheist; promoting pay-or-die health insurance and for-profit hospitals; backing a nuclear strike on the evil Iran--giving billions more bucks to Israel...on and on it will go.

So bring in the clowns and let's get this party started...I'll be lighting my cigars with some Koch Brothers dollars as I get drunk and giddy with the Teabagging, KKK, NRA, Repugnicans. The Yahoos have landed in Tampa in the Backward State of Florida---Yee-Haw let the hateful fun begin...and it has.

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Anonymous said...

It is sure looking like there are rogue cops in the NYPD. There are good cops I'm sure up there, but all it takes are a few bad apples. Speaking of which, what do these good old folk be doing in the audience at the Repub convent center? I mean, what is their real job? To tell us all that one party is better than the other? That stuff is "Long ago and far away." No one, I mean no one believes in the two party system we got ta day. Blacks knew this long ago and now everyone does cept the whatucallits sitting and standing there. What are they doing for the country, standing in the aisles and sitting in their seats clappin? Do they got a job at all? I saw some astronomer in the audience that gives us a spiel about radiation from Japan every now and then. Guess he likes nuclear reactors anyway, els whay would he be there. Do any of these people in the audience clean their own bathrooms is what I asking? Do they actually have to drive to a restaurant to eat, or are they party folks that eat deviled eggs? What do they do for their pay? I guess they just keep the lid on it. and this is how they do it. Smoke and mirrors and a lot of hot air. So the answer is lain before you all. Hot air coming from their lips. It is sad what we waste our tax money on. On the other hand I am not caring to the point where I personally am sad anymore. I am happy about who I and what I've done in this life. I've come from a poor background and was angry a lot. Now I am not going to harm myself any more. The buck stops somewhere just outside my door. Maybe, I can only wish well for the blue collar folks. I was one of them. I hope they learn as I did to let go of the harmful things that may come into their lives. Keep only the things that make you feel good about yourselves. Takes practice but we all can do it. Much kindness to you all.