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thegrowlingwolf Too Sane to Go Insane

Foto by tgw, "Prez Off the Wall," New York City 2011
Say Goodbye to:
Easy Ed Macauley--
as a kid I got into basketball when my brother became sports editor of my hometown newspaper. One of my favorite players--I first heard of him when he played college ball for the U of Saint Louis Bilikens (in the Missouri Valley League), from college going on to the NBA and the Saint Louis Bombers--then the Boston Celtics, where he was a star until he was traded to the Saint Louis Hawks and was replaced by the great Bill Russell. Ed Macauley, 83, American basketball player (St. Louis Hawks, Boston Celtics, Saint Louis Billikens)

Joe Frazier--How could I have missed Joe Frazier's dying? I didn't catch mention of it on any news--certainly nothing on teevee about it. I mean Joe Frazier--second greatest boxer of the 20th Century--dying before Mohamed Ali did--who'd a thought it? Joe Frazier, 67, American boxer, World Heavyweight Champion (1970–1973), liver cancer.

Jimmy Norman--Jimmy had an r and b hit back in the early 60s, "I Don't Love You No More"--then he hit gold in 1964 when Irma Thomas wanted to use Kai Winding's "Time Is on My Side" as a B side but thought it needed some extra lyrics and her recording company hired Jimmy Norman to do the job. Later, "Time Is on My Side," was on the single that was the Rolling Stones first single to hit the Top Jimmy's sad story--it ends up Jimmy was saved for a while from a tragic ending by of all institutions, the Jazz Foundation. Jimmy Norman, 74, American rhythm and blues and jazz musician and songwriter.

Being Too Sane in an Insane World
I'm sitting here a self-abusing animal. Banging my head against the wall. Recalling Henry Miller writing that he was too sane to go insane, I, too, sense that I'm in that same boat. And Henry was put to the test more times than I have been and he lived very sanely for 89 years.

That's probably why I'm banging my head against the wall. I'm pissed off that I can't go insane. Insanity is salvation in my family. Sanity means you must face life's facts in full awareness. Too aware. Total sanity is total awareness. Total awareness is too damn scary for the average human-elevated-monkey being--all of us really just a notch below the jungle treetops. Tree houses. Did you ever stop and consider what we live in as tree houses? In our collective primate instincts there is a safety-in-height factor. Like if a wild boar or a pissed-off bear is chasing you what do you do? You look for a tree to scamper up. In order to survive, we understand naturally that we have to get as far up away from Nature as we can get (escape to). And then we realize halfway into building our towers of Babel that Nature's rule--Nature's domination, as Alfred North Whitehead called it--extends far beyond our means to escape it.

Yes, we do have the capability (and its many potentials) of building rocketed vehicles that can whisk us out beyond the reaches of earth's Nature. But so what once we're out there? Ironically then we run into another form of Nature, a very alien Nature, a Nature in which we cannot survive. A Nature in which order is just now advancing out of Chaos. I know, I'm writing philosophically and some might say I'm grasping for philosophical straws, but I'm not grasping at straws; I already have a bale of straws tightly possessed in my mental hands.

You see, sanity reveals evolution has "survived" us to a point where we realize our only HOPE at ETERNAL EXISTENCE (the direct cause of what we call "civilization")--our instincts (most untamed) still driving us in that hopeful direction--is somewhere in the future--if not in the immediate future, at least in the long-run future (like we've been waiting for all these religious salvations to arrive for thousands and thousands of years now).

There is no guarantee in natural law of any kind of substantial future. In fact, most of our natural laws lead us into Chaos. Like the Second Law of Thermodynamics leads us into entropy.

The Chinese yin and yang attitude is to me the logical key to Nature's domination over us. It really is a binary situation, a two-sided-coin conflict: where there's one thing and then there's that thing's opposite. Where there's a healthy naturally easy-born child happening there's a super-difficult birth happening at the same time or a death in birth happening at the same time. Both sides of this kind of reasoning lead us into the same future--a future of mystery. A future of surprise--except, that surprise is always going to be dressed in black and carrying a scythe and hooded and masked like our traditional executioners and speaking all languages clearly, by the way. Death is a progressive concept in Cosmic terms.

I mean everything is so clear to me. Yet, when I spew out my reasonings--all dialectically crunched--even my closest friends "pooh-pooh" them--and I use so dainty an onomatopoeia--perhaps it is better put using "blow me off"--even my closest friends blow me off--which also has a dainty ring to it. You see how our use of language can throw us off--innuendos ruling us toward insane deductions?

The sanest of you who read this blog know exactly what I mean. As well, the sanest of my friends know what I mean--and all of my friends are sane though one or two of them seem to desire to be insane; however, they are realizing like Henry Miller and myself that they are just too damn sane to go insane. Which is my point.

I've admitted over and over in this blog that I consider myself a soothsayer--a seasoned predicter. Not a fortuneteller. Of course, I don't believe anybody knows what's gonna happen tomorrow, much less a 1000 years from now. But as predicters I can see brainy characters among us with the chess-master kind of reasoning that lets them strategically see moves ahead and who can throw up huge piles of suppositions a ton or two of which might prove in the future to be on the money, BUT...and that's the big BUT of life--that opposing BUT. You think you're on the right road...BUT are you? Otherwise, why do we need maps? Why do we need GPSs? Why do we need Google satellite cameras that supposedly can infrared now clean through into our most sacred areas of our private lives, our Corporate Big Brother at his cleverly meanest.

All of this diatribe because I didn't watch the goofball Republican goofball insane debate last night (Wednesday, Nov. 9th). I did, however, see a lot of quick clips from it and I heard several excerpts from it--those mainly covering Herman Cain's continuing to deny-deny-deny his macho need to impress young women with his sexual prowess and that great Texas bullshit idiot Rick Perry's sticking all three of his left feet in his BIG DUMB TEXAS WHITE TRASH MOUTH!

Mitt Romney, the billionaire Mormon fool, came out, according to the commercial-pap teevee pundits, the big winner! Though the right-wing-nutjob audience seemed to beam with much affection still for the Koch Brothers in Black disguise, Herman Cain. Herman was obviously being his most Kingfish self as he babbled out his bullshit, avoiding any kind of logical response to any serious questions in terms of what kind of a President he would make. So he becomes President and diddles a young government babe worker with an illegal Cuban cigar in the Oval office--who cares?--what kind of a President would he be?--more hat-in-hand than Barack Obama? Herman did manage to reveal how he'd like to prick-tease Nancy Pelosi--calling her Princess Nancy--and Princess Nancy is a pretty hot White woman for a mid-life-crisis billionaire Catholic-girls-school political-daddy political parasite! I keep screaming, these bastards and bitches all know each other--they are all certainly politically akin--they are all from the same clubs from the same fraternities from the same law firms from the same colleges from the same stock from the same backgrounds from the same philosophies from the same in families.

And I'm listening to these lower-than-dog idiots blowing us sane folk off with so much hot-air--hot-air stenched with the methane deposit eruptions from their rectum-babbling bullshit assmouths--that gas that's been hydrofracted out of their minds that have been shoved up and jammed into the rock-like formations in their lassiez-faire (property rights over human rights) gas-filled asses! Can I get any plainer? Or daintier?

And these same kind of rich-ass fools are currently bringing down Europe and the European Union. Italy has been led down to the bottom of the financial garbage dump by its billionaire divinities, like this crooked-as-a-pit-viper-at-night Berlusconi, called by Forbes magazine (the Malcolm Forbes publication of Capitalist Pig worship) the 21st most powerful man in the human-monkey universe. Italy's richest criminal. And look where his bankers's ass-kissing and derivative-buying-and-selling scheming has taken the Italian people. And, of course, the stupid Italians put him back into power over and over--he's now the longest-serving prime minister in Italy's grand political history that includes their once future hope Benito Mussolini--"Hey'a, com-onna', he keep'ah duh trains runnin' on time." Pardon my attempt at imitating a stupid Italian. And, people, I swear, I love the country of Italy and have always wanted to end life there, especially along the Amalfi Coast...though as Gore Vidal said, eventually you get too old for a continuous adventure in living in Italy and have to move back to the USA and buy a home directly across the street from the best hospital in Los Angeles, as Gore had to do when he developed leg and hip problems while living in Italy.

Gary Null when asked to comment on the Republican debate said he had no drive within him to listen to these Republican idiot debates they were so far beneath him. And Gary's right, the only reason for a progressive thinker to listen to these fools is for comedic fodder to use against them. Like what a laughable fool Newtie Gingrich is, this big Gawjah fool who is totally in bed with the Military Industrial Complex--this immoral wretch who divorced his wife as she lay in bed dying of cancer so he could marry a young open-legged-to-his-love-me-daddy-charm piece of ass--Newtie a constantly re-elected Gawjah flip-flopper who always flops toward the money side of matters. And then there's scary Rick Perry, a cartoon-character type of fool. And for a feminine fool, the Repugs are offering us Michelle Bachmann, a woman perhaps going through "the change" and an Oral Roberts Law School (now the Pat Robertson Law School) graduate married to a Christian true-believing fool who has super-Christian powers that enable him to convert Gay men to straight and counsel young boys against the sins of Man--those background points alone enough to categorize Michelle as an idiot.

In the meantime, I'm becoming more and more inclined to go along with these Occupy Wall Street movements that are popping up like poison mushrooms all over the contaminated political scene these days. Methinks they are scaring the hell out of the heavily protected Power Elite--especially the bankers and the Goldman-Sachs pirates and the Bank of America thieves. Bank America thieves who are now running teevee commercials trumpeting their helping Americans regain their homes and their humanitarian ways saving just plain people from foreclosures and helping small entrepreneurs develop their start-up businesses, this bank the biggest foreclosing bunch of pirates in the US, these banks foreclosing on 10-more million homes this year, meaning they have foreclosed and thrown out of their homes now over the past several years 80 million Americans, if you consider each home foreclosure affecting an average of 4 family members--thus 20 million homes foreclosed upon kicks 80 million Americans into the streets--into tent cities--sending them into instant poverty. And the Republican candidates and our own current President are saying "Let these lazy people eat cake," our richest assholes are too wealthy to tax. That's laissez-faire Economics: protect property and not humans.

And President Obama is still trying to tell us we are so desperate for oil and gas (remember, the biggest user of fossil fuels in the world is the US military!)--for that reason behind closed doors our President is once again giving out drill-drill-drill rights to British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell (the Hell oil company)--BP back drilling deep wells in the Gulf of Mexico--the U.S.'s largest ever oil spill miraculously, soaked up by the Christian God, one assumes, just suddenly all gone--no more oil contamination to our Gulf Coast region--WHY, hell, folks, British Petroleum is sponsoring ads showing Black and White people from Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana saying, "Hey, you all, come on back down heah to the Gulf Coast. Why, we are back to cookin' up our famous seafood--our famous shrimp dishes, our famous oyster dishes, our famous ocean fish dishes--maybe they have a little oily twist to them, but, hey now, they're perfectly safe to eat now thanks to the wonderful people at British Petroleum...and while we're braggin', check out our wonderful white sand beaches--they're open again for fun in the Gulf Coast sun--from Florida all the way around to Louisiana, the Gulf Coast is clean and safe and proud once again--again thanks to the wonderful benevolent folks at British Petroleum." And British Petroleum is now forgiven enough by President Obama that he's giving them permission to start drill-drill-drilling like wildcat hell back in the same area of the Gulf in which they fucked up that deep-water well. And they are even forgiven enough to be allowed to drill-drill-drill on the Northern Slope of Alaska. So we have another huge oil spill! It looks now like British Petroleum has enough miracles left in their miraculous way of cleaning up their major spills that they'll be allowed another couple of disasters--and still We the People of the USA will trust them to drill-drill-drill anywhere in our pristine wilderness they want to as long as we continue to have enough oil and gas and petroleum products to keep our multiple wars going on, an invasion and occupation of Iran certainly looking definitely eminent--using our US-created Israeli military to attack them first, with our great NATO troops right behind them. Why, hey, folks, Iran is once again "proven" to have the potential for making Weapons of Mass Destruction--all they need are some aluminum tubes of yellow cake from Nigeria--where's Valerie Palme when you need her? Where's Colon's Pal--he's good at convincing just plain folk that countries DO DEFINITELY HAVE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION that they are aiming toward the good people of the good old USA.

I saw a film on Anarctica t'other day and how different nations are staking out claims to land down there--Chile and Great Britain in some cases claiming the same land--Russia a big land claimer down there, too, as well as the USA, who along with Great Britain claim rights over the whole continent. Why this rush for staking out claims? Why when all that ice melts, just foresee all the oil under all that ice--all the diamonds and minerals and wealth under both polar ice caps. Fuck that ice. Let it melt. Corporations are prepared to tow icebergs to areas that need fresh water. Why some corporations are already melting icebergs and collecting their water in huge plastic balloon bags that they then tow over to say Japan where after Fukushima, no one over there can trust their fresh water supply.

A lot of futurists say the next World War will be a War for Fresh Water.

I predict, too, that one day we'll all have to wear oxygen tanks full of clean air that we'll need prescriptions for in order to breathe the one-day overcontaminated air. That is if we survive the coming Solar Plasma Storms. Today, November 11, 2011, two blasts of Sun-ejected plasma will glance off the earth and affect our electro-magnetic system to the point the experts are saying on the night of 11-11-11 the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) should be spectacular, especially across the northern skies as some of this exploded out plasma will shoot in through the huge hole in our skies over the North Pole. Our Achilles Heel when it comes to getting hit and injured by Solar Plasma Storms.

So I leave you all with SANE HOPE, though I don't believe in hope, only faith in oneself and one's sanity.

for The 11-11-11 Daily Growler

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