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thegrowlingwolf in an Apologetic Mood

Foto by tgw, New York City 2011
An Apologetic Wolf Man

I was not so much surprised as stunned when on awaking this morning I learned that the people of Mississippi, who I sort of referred to in Sunday's post as imbeciles all, had arisen in a new dress of progressive glory and had defeated overwhelmingly the "embryo's a human being" (with a right to life) anti-abortion legislation White racists with deep-rooted Old South White habits of thought tried to ram down their throats.

And there can be ironies galore in a Chaotic society--like as I tooled on down the information dial lo and behold it was revealed unto me that the mentally healthiest people of Ohio had arisen en masse to land a solid right jab on the glass jaw of their newly elected Teabagger governor, ex-Fox News commentator, John Kasich. After gathering over 1 million signatures on a petition to veto a governor's imposed wacky law through a referendum vote (the people's right to veto via referendum), in this case Kasich's Teabagger legislation to do away with state employees's right to collective bargaining, progressive Ohioans got their referendum and yesterday they threw out old Tea-Party Turkey Kasich's law and restored collective bargaining rights to state workers.

And as I said, there can be ironies galore in a Chaotic society--out in Arizona where the White Power Elite is openly racist--especially against Messkins (using White pronunciation of "Mexicans")--the White dude, Russell Pearce (president of the Arizona Senate) who wrote the state law that forces Arizona police to stop anybody on the street they suspect as being an illegal immigrant (a Messkin) and making them prove they're not or arresting them on the spot was thrown out of office on his ear via a recall election in which he was defeated by a fellow Republican named Jerry Lewis.

And there were other political and Sociological ironies, too, last night--in Maine and in Kentucky...but still, they shocked me--can I have faith in them, though, that is now my cynical question.

And that Big Black Numbskull, Herman Cain, is playing the deny-deny-deny game with his best male superiority attitude regarding the several women who have recently popped out of old Herman's political woodwork to accuse him of practicing that male superiority by trying to tease them out of their panties and into his big King-size magic miracle bed. Herman's pleading loss of memory as his first superiority move--using the Bill Clinton method of "I did not have sex with that woman" categorical lying, Herman puts it "I did not sexual abuse these women"...why, Herman, says, to do that he would have broken precious American values he stands for as a serious presidential candidate. What a fucking joke.

I just found out from reading EXile (Yasha Levine's article) yesterday (Tuesday) that the Koch Brothers, those billionaires who have their arms up Herman's big Black ass thereby moving his brain and mouth like Paul Winchell used to give life to the wooden dummy Jerry Mahoney, were born in Quanah, Texas [named for Chief Quanah Parker who had a White wife named Cynthia], to Herman Koch, a Dutch immigrant, who owned and operated Quannah's first newspaper. The Koch Brothers are Texans. From Quanah, a railroad-founded town. Founded by the Fort Worth & Denver City Railroad, a Colonel Dodge railroad that I found out in this same article was heavily financed by Dutch investors. Old Herman Koch was a pro-corporate-state man who was laissez faire to the bone--the whole idea of America to this immigrant Dutchman was to grab as much wealth as you could grab while the grabbing was good--in the case of his newspaper editorials, old Herman Koch, by promoting the Ft. Worth & Denver City's corporate desires and grabbing up as much land as he could afford along that railroad right of way, soon amassed a fortune in real estate and railroad stocks and bonds. Greed was good and an honorable way to accumulate wealth in this New World White nation that became the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to these desperate Europeans who flocked to this country to provide a work force for the advancing British-Empire-designed Industrial Revolution that was tumbling into existence in this once agriculture-based economy.
Matchbook from Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railroad (courtesy The Daily Growler Historical Society Collection)
So think about it this way--the Koch Brothers are backing Herman Cain not only in order to mock Barack Obama's campaign but also to promote their father's politics, which is all their politics is, a continuance of what they learned growing up under their father's politics and philosophy. Remember, Holland gave us Calvinism (anti-Catholic/anti-Lutheranism), which is what all this Libertarian bullshit is rooted in--"Work your ass off now for the night is coming when you'll work no more." Hard work brings success; accumulation of wealth brings fame; fame brings fortune; and fortune brings heavenly gain. All divinely procured. Calvinists are very charitable, as are the Koch Brothers--here in New York City, one of their homes, you go to a New York Philharmonic Concert and you see their names as leading donators--and in terms of the whole Lincoln Center project, you see them as board members and heavy contributors. At several of our hospitals, you see the Koch name on boards and on buildings.

It's Milton Friedman Economics--Phenomenonological thinking--like even if an Economic system isn't working but you say it is, then therefore it is working. One of the problems in Sociological study has to do with a school of Phenomenologists--they let their own ideals determine their Sociological results paying no attention to the actuality of the society in which they are imposing their fantastic intuitions.

The Occupy Wall Street people are buying heavy-duty tents preparing for a winter vigil in Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend's realty-company owned park on Wall Street in downtown Manhattan. Kindly old billionaire little man lady's man (he's had his share of women accusing him of sexual harassment in the office place) Mayor Mikey Boy Bloomberg has allowed them their generators back. They are also putting together a two-week long march on Washington, District of Corruption, via stop offs in Newark, Philadelphia, and Baltimore before arriving en masse in Washington for a protest rally--though occupiers will be left behind to continue the Occupy Wall Street efforts now all over the country and in foreign cities, too. The Bank Transfer Day move must have been phenomenal, though it's not reported much on Wall Street Week in Review or other corporate-sponsored infomercials on commercial-pap television.

And in Italy, guess who ain't gonna come to dinner anymore? Why old Silvio Berlusconi, that Power Elite criminal, has resigned and has retreated to one of his many hillside villas to sweat out his being arrested by the Italian people who at the moment are facing a bigger financial bust than anything the Greeks are coming up with. Ah sweet Capitalism! Thy death has such a sting!

MARX WAS RIGHT AFTER ALL! It is all about workers's wages.

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