Sunday, November 06, 2011

Existing in New York City on a Beautiful Sun's Day

Foto by tgw, New York City (Looking East) 2011
Who Are These People?

The dumbass backward crowd in Mississippi, our 51st state in terms of progress and humanitarianism, a position it has held for decades now, has just passed a state law [Mr. Ed: Actually it's a referendum to be voted on--AND IT IS WORSE THAN WE IMPLY because what it does is declare an embryo a human being with a Constitutional right to life. OH HOW UTTERLY HUMANLY STUPID! All the Mississippi Republican candidates (all Southern Republicans are racists) are promoting this legislation. Praise the Lord, you dumbass Christian fantasizers] that says if a woman, white or black, is raped and gets knocked up, SHE HAS TO HAVE THE BABY...if she gets an abortion, then she's breaking the law and she'll be subject to prison time, while, in most cases (and I'm thinking via habit of thought now), the rapist will beat the rap on lack of evidence--I mean, a rapist now can always refer back to New York City's recently allowing the big-shot French rapist, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, to go Scott Free while turning the tables on the victim and making her the rapist in the case.

And I'm dumbfounded and sit and puzzle over who the hell these vicious human-hating Power Elitists are in Mississippi first of all who propose such brutal Dark Ages punishments...and I stop in mid-thinking and start remembering my Southern upbringing and how these even modern-day Mississippians are still following the White Christian rules on sexuality. A White interpretation of which can be satirized as follows: White Mississippi lawmaker (a protege of Trent Lott perhaps) stating the facts of this new law: "Hey, if the women folks allows themselves to get themselves raped, then, hey now, it's God's will she bear that little bastard.
And I must emphatically add, this law applies even to a sweet virginal White gal--and I pray to God Almighty that a pure Christian White woman never has to face this heah reality, who lets herself git knocked up by the ugliest, meanest Kneegrow, yep, mah friends, she's gonna have to bear that little N-worder bastard--that thar's the sacred law of God first and the great backward State of Mississippi second."

So you gals down thar in Mississippi, you all be careful when you're out there at some honky tonk playing the Devil's game and shakin' your booty all up in the faces of them thar horny men, boys will be boys, you all know, you don't git some man so hot he has no choice but to rape you. How 'bout if you stow a diaphragm in thar 'fore you venture out for a night of Satanic fun? Would that constitute an abortion in the sight of Backward Mississippi law?

And then I accidentally Sunday morning flipped on some blah-blah-blah-bullshit commercial pap teevee politics show and there were all these high-paid talking-head pundits spewing out tons and tons of hot air over this Neanderthal Black pizza king bozo from Kansas City, this Herman Cain. Their heyday discussion was totally centered around the gaggles of babes coming out of the woodwork to testify that Herman Cain has trouble controlling his Johnson's taking over his brain when it gets erect--but then Herman's also the victim of the White Man's stereotyping--remember, to White males (especially in Mississippi) all Black men have trouble keeping those big black snakes inside their dens (pants) where they belong when they're around hot chicks--especially hot White chicks, who all White males know are the victims of all Black males's lusts. Like Clarence Thomas (he has a White wife), Pappy Bush's token Black gift to our Supreme(ly dumb) Court, was excused his teasing hot, shy, little vulnerable Anita Hill, who ended up being the castigated one in that "electronic lynch" attempt. And after listening to these White pundits, a couple of bimbo women, one from this Politico on-line site that is so respected these days, go over and over this idiot's "charges of sexual harassment," I'm thinking, all this bullshit and not one intelligent question or intelligent report on why is this baloney-packing Black man being given all of this evaluating? Of course, this fool would make a horrible president. He's got the Koch Brothers hands up his ass working his brain and mouth. They're using him to mock Black Obama--remember, these rich White men hate Blacks and Latinos. They are White racists--and that I guarantee you. I do know my people. Like even Herman Cain, who got rich off selling fat-globbed pizzas to his own high blood-pressured people and overweight White folks--naming his company after his favorite film, I assume--even Blacks admire Mafia characters, can't come in the front door of one of the Koch mansions--"Herman, this is David Koch. Come on, Herman, we see you at the front gate--you know your place is back there at the alley gate--you know, Step-in Fetchit has to let your Black ass in this White man's castle--and then I'll see you hat-in-hand in my master bedroom, and I emphasize that Massuh part, Herman, while Beulah my maid serves me my breakfast in bed--and, by the way, Herman, don't get any ideas when you're checkin' out Beulah's big fine booty. She's my property, Herman."

Idiots. Mitt Romney's an idiot; yet he gets so much god-damn attention. Mitt Romney's George Romney's son. They are Mormons. I'm sorry, folks, but I gotta be front and center on this since I've actually tried to read the Book of the Mormon once, but, folks, Mormons are oddities. Oddities are eccentrics. Eccentrics are fantasizers. The Mormon theology is pure fantasy. The fantasy of a stone alcoholic--they said Joe Smith was drunk most of his life--and Mitt Romney is a true believer in the Mormon fantasy of a drunken self-proclaimed prophet.

And Rick Perry...he's so idiotic even the Tea Party freaks find him alarming.

So another Sunday's over. We start yet another week. Blue Monday, how we all hate Blue Monday--except, one bit of cheer, people all over the US of A on Bank Transfer Saturday transfered millions out of the too big to fail banks and into credit unions in amounts never before seen in credit union banking! I'm safe, I bank at the Apple Bank, a New York City bank at which NYC's working class banks.

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A Little Taste of American Art:

Winslow Homer Civil War Drawing: Thanksgiving-Day In The Army. After Dinner : The Wishbone

Winslow Homer (1836-1910). The above was an illustration that appeared in Harper's Magazine during the Civil War, which, as my grandmother said, wasn't civil at all.

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