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Special Osama Bin Laden Edition: HE'S BACK!

Foto by tgw, New York City, September 2010
Just As You Thought It Was Safe to No Longer Fear al-Queda, Here Comes One of Those Inaudible Cassette Taped Messages From Osama Bin Laden!!!!
Yep, I mean, the fucking Pentagon's been lying to us. They recently said there weren't but about 150 al-Queda troops left in Afghanistan. Why, hell, they just recently claimed one of our drones successfully blasted away an al-Queda top dog, its latest leader, you know, head cowboy. And now from out of nowhere, here comes a friendly message, garbled, only his mother could understand him, from Osama Bin Laden-Bush (Prince Bandar Bush's half-brother--a child from one of their dad's 50 wives--oh what a hell of a good life those Bin Ladens have). In this message, our crack CIA translators say old Osama is saying al-Queda's pissed off about the government of Pakistan's and the rest of the world's turning their backs on helping the flood victims of Pakistan. Hell, Osama, just like we've mostly forgotten you, so have we forgotten the flood victims of Pakistan. Hell, we've totally forgotten the worst earthquake to hit the northern hemisphere ever--an earthquake that killed 200, 000 people--in this place called, er-ah, what was that place called now?...Hay Tea? Ha-i-tea? Haiti? Oh yeah, Haiti, the place that Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush are going to transform into a New World Order Dependent State under the governorship of Governor and Chief George W. Bush. Hell. we've totally ignored our own people in New Orleans when half of that city was wiped out with floods--"You're doin' a heck of a job, Brownie," our faux president hollered as New Orleans went down bad...went down as though the butcher had cut it down. Yep, Osama, we've forgotten so many things. Besides, we're at war with Pakistan now. Our Pentagon fools are calling it the Af-Pak War. Why, hell, Osama, the Pakistan Army is blocking the routes we use to get that precious oil and gasoline to our NATO troops and our CIA Murder Squads and our Blackwater chaps and our Raytheon and Dimecorp chaps and all those private contractor armies--and the Paki sons of bitches blew up a whole fleet of contractor gasoline transports--oh those bloody Pakis--those flooded Paki assholes--let 'em drown. But, hey, word up--I've seen a lot of reports of al-Queda activities on the upsurge around the world lately, like the al-Queda terrorist plot aimed at Europe that was blasted open by Europe's investigative forces this week, in cahoots with our brave CIA Murder Squads stationed all across Europe, we assume--that same bunch of fine American men and women who bravely accosted and kidnapped that Italian citizen off the streets of Milan because he was on somebody's terrorist list--he looked suspiciously like a Muslim. Still we are unable to locate this Osama Bin Laden who is so out-of-date he's still using cassette tape recorders to make his evil-deed indecipherable messages on. How's your dialysis machine holding up, Osama? How are your kidneys holding out? What the hell do you do for food? Boy, there's thousands of questions I'd like to ask you, Osama, my man.

So, look out, folks, get your gas masks and masking tapes out--get ready to fall and roll under one of those school desks--or you'd better start diggin' that bomb shelter out in your backyard. The mighty al-Queda Armed Forces are back at top form--readying to mount their fleet of manned drones and head over our way--aiming right at New York City--so you folks out in the Podunks of the US don't have to worry--unless the al-Queda computer piloting system (Microsoft Vista) mistakes Liberty, Kansas, say for New York City. Yeah sure.

The Shit Is Flying
I listened on early morning New York City rainy day radio to two journalists discussing New York State politics. You talk about dumb. Why do journalists insist on analyzing bullshit looking for truths? Why do journalists stack everything up against a false set of ideals, such as their having to be politically correct in their analysis and in the writing they produce from this analysis. I mean in New York State this year we have a governor's race in which two types of political parasites are challenging each other. This year's opponents are: in the Dumbocrat corner, the deceitfully clean-cut and performance-art liberal, Andrew "Mario" Cuomo. And in the Repugnican-Tea Bag corner, the wacko, mean-spirited, government-housing rip-off real estate billionaire buffoon from Buffalo (hey, Wow, the economic situation is booming in Buffalo), Carl Paladino. Hurumph! Notice. Both of Italiano descent (everything is racial, folks). Hey, it doesn't matter to me. Some of my best friends are Italians. Andrew's vaunted mother (ever notice how mothers of male politicians are always vaunted?), let's throw some gossip into the works, is directly connected to the Mafia through her father. There ya go. And I won't even mention that Andrew's phony liberal father built the current prison industrial complex in New York State in order to get Upstate wacko votes--Upstate New York factories were all shipped off to Mexico, China, India, etc., so the economy up there was tanking until Governor Mario Cuomo gave them prisons to work in--and also making the harsh Rockefeller Drug Laws stricter (under these draconian laws, a guy snorting a quarter oz of coke can get 25 to life with no chance at parole while a guy murders his girlfriend or his grandmother and gets 12-to-20 with a chance at parole after 5 years).

Now for some equal-time dirt on Carl Paladino? Who cares. No research needed. Carl's a slum-lord landlord who got rich off scamming both the Federal government and the New York State government and I'm sure the good citizens of Buffalo. Could Carl through his forebears be connected to the Lords of most Italian communities? I don't speculate. Come on, I only spread gossip and rumors that are facts.

One fact is a known fact, Carl Paladino is a billionaire. He's criticized by Cuomo as a "self-made billionaire." I wonder what that means since I'm sure Andrew "Mario, Jr." Cuomo has amassed enough bucks as a parasite politician and a parasite politician's son to be worth at least a few million if not quite a billion--his primary income coming from the political offices he's held since his daddy retired and turned the Cuomo Political Parasite mantel over to him.

And finally I get back to these journalists talking about Paladino and Cuomo and what was that all about or what's going on do you think or all this babbling on and on trying to figure out things that are obvious to me--I mean, call 'em like they is, for God's sake. Paladino is a rich asshole who of course is a bloodletting Conservative, worse than a Conservative, a scumbag slumlord landlord Conservative--why, this creep would evict his own dying mother out of one of his slum apartments in order to get State and Federal rezoning and reentitlement privileges so he can turn his human-degrading slum apartments into luxury condos--and these are the birds who have the whole State of New York up for sale on the world REAL ESTATE MARKET. Yes, the big shot billionaires own the land; they own the commonwealth; they own our means of making a living; they have foreclosed on our homes so now they own our homes and our apartments (yet we still have to pay their taxes for them); they own the banks in which we continue to put all our life's savings--trusting our savings and cash flow balances to these now-run-as criminal organizations. And We the People who still have jobs trust our pensions (if we still have any pensions left), our 401Ks, our IRAs (remember them?), and our insurances to one of the criminally intent (I mean they are out to grab as much of your hard-earn money you put into their hands as they can get through interests, fees, service charges, late fees, overdraft charges, money transfer charges) money-management firms, like Fidelity.

Hey, journalists, check out where these two creepy political parasites, Paladino and Cuomo, these goombahs, have their personal wealth invested. Check out their oil stocks, their financial market stocks, their hedge-fund and private equity investments, who their palsy-walsies are, what clubs they belong to, what advertising agencies handle their PR, etc.


And who says journalists are all that insightful in the first place? One of the journalists I heard this morning talking dumb was a former Young Lord! This is a dude, if I'm not mistaken, whose brother was taken out by the FBI--J. Edgar Hoover, that sorry bastard, that pervert, was still dictating over the FBI back in the late 60s when the Young Lords (including Geraldo Rivera (Jerry Rivers)) we revolutionarily active and Nuyoricans came to be and this reporter's brother was assassinated. In fact, J. Edgar (he looked so darling in his red cocktail dresses) claimed he owned the FBI since he founded it. Like any self-hating in-the-closet Gay, he took his sexual hatred of Power Elite males and turned it on those who would if in power perhaps eliminate his ass and his fucking fucking-up FBI, who under their original orders were supposed to be a national outfit out to get folks out to beat the government out of its due share of the take by owning politicians, robbing banks, swindling, setting up gambling schemes and financial scams, selling bootleg beer and hooch, and hijacked goods, etc....oh, but, oh, this is all such bullshit--the FBI, the CIA, the NIS, the DEA, the Marines Intelligence, the Army Intelligence, the Navy Intelligence, the Air Force Intelligence, the NYPD Intelligence--spying, surveillance, back-door computer invasion rights, no more individual privacy. As predicted by the book 1984, Big Brother is everywhere--all over the light poles of my neighborhood here in New York City. Plus, my landlord has cameras all over this building--even on the roof--and how do tenants know when the landlord remodels apartments he doesn't install hidden cameras?--and all the cell-phone transmission towers on all the building roofs up and down Broadway as far as my eye can see have cameras connected to them; and all the city street lights have cameras atop them; every business and hotel on my street have surveillance cameras all over the place; the NYPD flying over our neighborhoods constantly in their helicopters have heat-sensitive laser beam cameras trained on us, they have listening devices that can hear through roofs and brick walls trained on us. Plain clothes cops and FBI and CIA are everywhere in New York City, especially when the UN General Assembly is meeting like it has been this week. But we love spies and spying and hearsay evidence and rumors and gossip--and fables and fairy tales--we are living in a virtual reality--the true almost pure state of existential existence. The only time we have to ourselves is in our inner thoughts, those we think as we confront these beasts, these antihumanitarian elitists--and, dammit, I was reading a big-time blog journalist who is so trumpeted with respect on the big-time blogs and the son of a bitch suddenly used "er..." and made an ironic quip--a device the The Daily Growler has been using since our first post, the famous, "Er-ah, ah, let me be perfectly clear, er-ah, I mean, yes, I was drunk in the West Palm Beach bar--er-ah, like they say, the only bar I can't pass is the Bar Exam...." And, yes, er-ah, we stole that from the late departed Senator from Massachusetts, yes, the late lamented Uncle Teddy Kennedy, the wimpiest of Bootlegger Joe's set of wimpy sons, all intended by Joe as political parasites, who used "Er-ah" so much it became a perfectly good word in his speech-making vocabulary. This highly respected LIBERAL Senator who the citizens of Massachusetts replaced with a Repug Conservative hatrack (his head's only good for hanging a hat on). And now that irreverent Jimmy Carter in his irreverent memoirs has said Uncle Teddy was a phony (oh, come on, Jimmy, the Kennedys phony!). Jimmy said not only did Uncle Teddy not promote national healthcare, he was a big hindrance to Jimmy's national healthcare plan.

By the bye, we're supporting a hell of a lot of ex-Presidents now--most in history--let's see, we're supporting Reagan's widow who is still alive; we must be still supporting Betty Ford, don't you think? Pappy Bush, is still alive, though getting more and more shuffling and wobbly as he drags on living the good life. And, of course we're still supporting Bill Clinton and Little Bush the, and Jimmy Carter. President Obama is still very young, so if he loses in 2012, he gives a shit really since he's set for life no matter what--and he may have 20 more years of good politicking life left to him and his now world-traveling wife, who I'm sure will soon ascend into politics herself--maybe she has aspirations of beating Hillbilly Hillary to being the first-ever US woman president. Ex-presidents all living well, spending money as though it's water, Bill Clinton flying all over the world; Jimmy Carter flying at will all over the world; Pappy and Mammy Bush still doing the world social circuits; Little Georgie Porgie Bush still working for Obama in our effort to annex Haiti into the US Empire and still going about making million-dollar speeches or maybe just sitting at home in his forclosure mansion in Dallas We the People bought for him, sipping on some bourbon and branch waters, maybe doing a line or two of pure coke, or taking some tokes off one of Pickles's doobs--or, hey, Georgie Porgie has a private box at all the coming-up Cowboys games--and he is a sportsman remember? And we're supporting all those coming-and-going Congress people, too--don't forget that--ex-Senators pensions and the finest in healthcare benefits (remember when companies offered BENEFITS in order to attract the best workers--like good healthcare in order to keep their staffs healthy, life insurance policies, good vacation time, and good overtime pay should production get to such heights to where overtime was needed. I even remember ERISA--does anyone remember ERISA?

Journalists. Even the good ones are numbskull when it comes to gearing their columns to the style and flavor of the newspaper corporations they peddle their wares to. Paul Krugman, for instance: he basically says the same things over and over in his columns, just words them a little differently every time--trying to put the CONTROVERSIAL spin on his writings through the heads though the body of his work is the same-old stuff--there's never any results to any of these columnists's aims. Robert Reich: same old stuff over and over. Glenn Greenwald (does he live in Brazil?) spouts the same-old-same-old shit--never any viable authentic solutions--like calling for a revolution. Instead, as Grandpa Al Lewis used to say, they are preaching to the choir. Grandpa's solution: "The asses of the masses have to get up off their asses and get their asses into the street." The action always starts in the Street. Revolutions start in the street or in the outskirt jungles or high up in the mountains. We need a revolution in this country before it divides again--and it is in the process of dividing.

And it's Ludwig Von Mises birthday.

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