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Johnny Damon, Sex, and Politics, As Related By thegrowlingwolf

Foto by tgw, New York City, September, 2010
Who Is That Behind the Johnny Damon Mask?
Well, hell, once again, We the People of the USA have been told by our President that We the People of the USA are COMMITTED to stand behind Israel's rights to their homeland, our HOLY LAND, the land on which the USA's Messiah, the Nazarene Jewish dude who may or may not have existed--there's only a scant mention of a Jewish Reformer who was pestering the Jewish high caliphs (yes, the Jews had caliphs, too) during the Roman invasion and occupation of Judea under Tiberius and supposedly, according to the Christian Bible, under the Roman governorship of one Pontius Pilatus, of which there is little proof of existence, most of it based on a limestone block discovered in an old Roman theater in Caesarea that contains an inscription saying a "Pilatus" ("a man skilled at throwing a javelin [a pilum]") paid tribute to Tiberius. The Pilatus on the stone's title was 5th Procurator of Judea. The stone was discovered by Israeli archaeologists and is in the Israeli State Museum. Both the Christians and the Jews are using this stone to prove biblical history is authentic.

I drift so far off course, but here's the direction I'm headed: President Obama's speech before the United Nations. But before I get to the speech, let's detour to say, President Obama's coming to New York City and giving a speech at the UN ties up Midtown Manhattan traffic into wild long-suffering-time-period knots--I mean the bully cops block off half of the East Side from 42nd way up past 49th-50th and from Fifth Avenue over to the East River--plus the President stays at the Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue--the street Bernie Madoff lived on--in the $7,000-a-night Presidential Suite, which We the People are probably paying 10 times that amount for with all the accoutrements that come along with a president when he visits New York City--think about it. Air Force One has to boogie Obama, his staff, his Secret Service dudes, his own personal body guards, his Cadillac Escalade supersouped up SUV, into an airport, then this force has to bring him into town from wherever Air Force One finally lands--I'm sure that's a national secret--but wherever it is, he needs a fleet of SUVs to lead and follow his big Caddie SUV, plus the NY State troopers with flashing blue and red lights blazing away atop their best dress-up cruisers, then being picked up by our own NYPD dress-up squad cars with their blue and red lights flashing and their sirens sending out their banshee warnings to get out of the way or get run down, gunned down, blown down, the president is coming to town.

It's interesting to note here a new CBS cops show glorifying the NYPD by calling the show "Blue Bloods," starring the long-time washed-up actor on his second or third comeback, Tom Selleck, a name long forgotten, though the show that made him famous and rich, "Magnum P.I.," is well known to teevee buffs and college teevee analysis courses. OK, I admit, it was a hit show for 8 years, from 1980 to 1988--and, yes, I watched it, though I thought it was pretty badly written and acted, just another version of "Hawaii 5 O," the current remake of which looks like a loser since it's oversuperanal, pompously acted by bad actors, common old ordinary James-Dean-imitating supermadeup and styled Hollywood punkmen and superslick girl sidekicks--a show that gives token acting jobs to so-called "Hawaiians," who in fact are American-Asian actors, one on this new show being this Grace Park "Hawaiian pretender," who acts according to White-Hollywood standards as a supermean and yet superteasysexy Asian actress (a la Anna May Wong of the Hollywood old days--Hollywood still using tactics invented by Tom Edison and D.W. Griffith). Also, Grace has a very weird accent--hell, the show is pure schlock, folks, and is probably filmed in L.A. it's so phony. It looks like CBS is leading up to adding a "CSI-Honolulu" to its now loaded roster of CSI shows--tying "CSI-Honolulu" in with the "Hawaii 5 O" gang of James-Dean imitators and phony "Hawaiians"--both CBS productions--how 'bout Snoop Dog turned Hawaiian? Or take this annoying Chuck D. here in New York City, the ex-Bad Ass when he was in Public Enemy, and make an actor out of him. All rappers to me are phonies--Middle-Class urban Black kids pretending to be gangstas and streeters, when in truth, like P-Diddle-Diddle, most of these kids come from certainly gettin'-by Middle Class homes--they go to high school--some of them like P. Diddle went to private schools in Manhattan--some of them like P. Diddle-Daddy went to college--some of then like P. Pappy got business (management) degrees. To me rap is simply Black commercial-pop music now--not the continence of improvisational music, i.e., Jazz, though I'll admit it could be a reinvention of the intentions of the Boppers with their special bop way of singing lyrics and talking, or an extension of The Life, the Black way of communicating in prisons in the old days--the rapping on the pipes the code way of talking and then inventing long poems explaining prison life through Uncle-Remus-like tales and legends and Grim Brothers-like fables extending out into the real world with the publication of the small book of poems called The Life, which I can find no reference to via Googling--but I know it exists because I once owned one, which I sold to a friend who worked at the Gotham Book Mart for nice bucks, along with a copy of Patty Smith's first book of poem--and all of the above a wordy detour while I got President Obama from wherever Air Force One landed and into Manhattan to the Presidential Suite in the Waldorf-Astoria that I said was probably costing We the People not the normal $7,500-a-night but rather more like $75,000-a-night given all the special fixtures and rooms and services the hotel has to provide the President's entourage--I mean, come on, the Waldorf has to make a profit off the President's visit.

All of this so our President can make a speech before the UN General Assembly in which he poses as a peacemaker (how hypocritical is that? except he did win the Nobel Peace Prize last year) in the ongoing battle over Israel's right to be placed in a Palestinian occupational role by the United Nations under the control of then US President Harry. S (for Ass I say--but then I was alive during Harry's presidency) Truman who said with quivering voice of meaning that We the People of the US would back Israel all the way to the end of time, blah, blah, blah. "Fuck the Palestinians" has always been the joint motto of both the Israelis and the U.S. Government. According to every Israeli I've ever met, Palestinians are lower than dogs. The Palestinians to the Jews are even lower dogs than common ordinary Arabs are to them. I argued this ingrained belief all night one night decades ago with a Jewish lover, and a wonderful well-educated and very level-headed woman she was, too, except when it came to the Israel-Palestine problem, blaming the problem on the fact Palestinians and all Arabs were lower than the bellies of dogs to Middle-Eastern Jews but especially European Jews, of which she was one, from German-Swiss heritage, of which she was very proud, a pride she showed by keeping her German-Swiss family name after marrying an American Jewish guy of Russian origin, an Ashkenazim, whose name she made fun of because she said it meant "Field Hand" in translation.

Obama's speech on his effort at bringing peace between Israel and Palestine was phony from the get go. Why is it the USA that has to constantly try at great expense and time wasting to bring Israel and Palestine to a peaceful coexistence in the country that was formerly the sovereign Arab nation of Palestine whose capital after the Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War I became Jerusalem? After World War I, Palestine had a large Jewish population. Jerusalem as it grew became more an international city than it was belonging to any one sect, cult, or fantasy or another. Yet, when Israel was formed, most of it was given over to the Israelis, based on it being a Jewish capital based on the fact the great Jewish temple that Tiberius destroyed was in Jerusalem, though a half-like portion of this city was left in control of the Palestinians.

Over the years, the Arabs tried their best to drive the Jews out of Palestine and take it all back under Arab control. Gamil Nasser went so far as to form the United Arab Republic out of Egypt and Syria with its base in Cairo in an effort to unite all Arabs against both Britain's and Israel's occupation of Arab lands. It all started in 1956 with the UAR's attack on the British at Port Suez in an effort that eventually led to Egypt gaining control of the Suez Canal. By 1967, the UAR, also becoming the United Arab States, which included North Yemen, under Nasser felt strong enough to attack Israel, coming at it across the Gaza desert. This became known as the "6-Day War" or to Israelis as the "June War." And thus started this whole conflict that is going on now. It was in this 6-Day War that Israel whipped the UAR's ass badly, wiping out their forces in the Gaza desert, and as a result, Israel's army took over the Gaza Strip from the Palestinians and Gaza desert from Egypt, the East Bank and the West Bank from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria. Conflict with Syria and Nasser over what form of government should rule the UAR--Syria then under the Ba'athists was going through a Communist takeover, and after breaking off with the UAR, it did become a Communist regime. This conflict between Syria and Egypt ended the UAR for good. Nasser was totally unable to unite Arabs--yes, Muslims are divided into sects same as Christians and Jews and Buddhists and Hindi...why even the Cargo Cult folks of the South Pacific eventually divided into sects based on what cargo parachuted down in their part of the South Pacific. One sect might worship the "Descending Jeep" god while another might worship the " Descending 1600-hp Rolls-Royce Airplane Engine" god or perhaps one sect developed around the "100-lb Sack of Flour" god. Divided they all fall down.

So why do United States presidents always around a prime election time start trying to arbitrate peace between Israel and Palestine? All futile efforts. This current one Obama's riding high on is so fucking unreal. First of all, these talks don't include the Hamas, who are afterall
the legally elected leaders chosen by the Palestinian people in a fairly run election a few years back. G.W. Bush, that idiot, declared Hamas a terrorist organization because of their lobbing crude Scud rockets at Israeli communities on former Palestinian lands--former Palestinian olive groves that once produced one of the finest and most ancient of olive oils in the world. Now, it is Israel who has gone into the olive oil business. Obama is trying to get Israel's nutjob, NutsinYahoo, and this Palestinian Abbas dude who is not the true leader of Palestine to negotiate this peace. WHY IS OBAMA WASTING TIME AND MONEY TRYING TO BRING THIS PEACE ACCORD ABOUT? WHY? I'LL TELL YOU WHY: IT'S ALL A SMOKESCREEN. These Palestinian-Israel peace efforts always fail. And all the presidents since Ronnie Raygun have had these Palestinian-Israel peace talks and they all have failed. How can there be peace where there's never been any peace? Do a little Googling and find out how many Israelis have been killed by Palestinian rockets or bombers compared to how many Palestinians (I know they're dogs) the Israeli Army has killed--just this year alone. There is no comparison. Hundreds of Israelis compared to thousands of Palestinian--why 1,400 Palestinian men, women, and children dogs were killed by Israeli soldiers only a year or so ago.

America's young leaders ignore history. History is boring to them and besides, their rebellious natures, their resistance to their elders, makes them deny any history they've never consciously lived through. Perhaps they are old enough to remember Pappy Bush's most successful US war of the post-World War II era of US wars, the Persian Gulf War, but I doubt it. And what ever happened to General Swarmin' Stormin Norman Dumkopf? Has he faded away? And why isn't he involved in the planning of our current long-run unsuccessful wars? Is he dead? I mean Obama is using that horrible asshole of a military idiot
Zbigniew Brezshinski, Slick Willie's Master of War--the man who ordered attacks on civilians in our fabulous Slick-Willie-instigated war against the leftover Hapsburg Serbs and against the former Nazi Croatians, ironically fighting, we claimed, to protect the people of the Serbian-Croatian-hated Muslim-majority country of Bosnia. "WHAT?" you scream, "we wasted money and blood protecting a bunch of Jew-hating Bosnia Muslims? Aren't we ashamed of ourselves?" That's what I mean by this being a nation of hypocrites. A nation of conspirators (the Existential Cowboy understands this) who believe that the Christian God Jehovah is on their side and justifying whatever killing fields they create or whatever heathen individuals they want to illegally kidnap and take to, ironically, Muslim countries to be tortured into admitting they are Muslim terrorists--hey, for a few extra billion bucks wouldn't you crucify your own grandmother (or do it diplomatically like Machiavelli taught the Power Elitists of his day--hey, Machiavelli had to make a living)?

So why is President Obama ballyhooing in front of the UN about our commitment to Israel right or wrong? Why is he so eloquently defending Israel's Judeo-Christian right to be a free Jewish-only state in a territory belonging to a Muslim-only state, designated by the Christians (the Gentiles) as their Holy Land in their insane effort to prove to the Jews and the world that this fabulous Jewish reformer named Joshua ben Joseph is the true Messiah, something the Jews don't believe; yet they have the same history books as the Christians; yet, they reach a totally different conclusion about this fabulous character, as real as Paul Bunyan is in our folklore; or John Henry, the Steel-Drivin' Man; or Casey Jones the fabulous engineer--"Drivin' that train/High on cocaine...."

Finally, I get to my point: President Obama is on the campaign trail, folks. Not only is his ass up for grabs in the coming 2010 mid-term election, but it's up for grabs in the coming 2012 presidential election. Remember, folks, the presidential election Obama won started two years before the actual election. So that's all this is. It's Obama trying to keep the US Jews and those dual citizens of Israel who get to vote overhere, too, from going over to the Repugs and the Tea Partiers. And Jews have a lot of financial power in this country and like Teabaggers and Irish Catholics, they vote as a bloc, and they certainly have to defend Israel right or wrong and they will because even the most reformed Jew is sometimes scared to death of being separated from their Jewish roots. Besides, the Palestinians have no power in this country. Hell, Muslims have no power in this country. Hell, Arabs have no power in this country--except the Saudi Arabians, who, Praise Jehovah, have just made a big military deal with the largest weapons dealers in the world, the US of A. And our weapons salesmen have been bitching about weapon sales being down--so, like we say, Praise Jehovah for sending our God-driven weapons sales division some business. Hot damn. Perhaps the Saudis will send some of these jet fighters to their comrades in Afghanistan or Yemen or wherever the PR branch of our government says the 150 al-Quedans left on the globe are committing terror by threatening to kill Americans.

So, yep, President Obama is simply running for his second term now. He'll be eloquently ballyhooing a lot until November of 2012. I love, for instance, the speech he gave on his weekly radio broadcast--remember when he said the White Man's House would be available to We the People through emails and twitters and Facebook shit--going from us right to President Obama's Blackberry? In this radio speech, Obama is chiding the Repugnicans, correctly, too, saying the policies they are preaching now, reducing taxes on the wealthy--in fact, doing away with taxes all together--Steve Forbes (the fop son of old Bisexual Malcolm Forbes--Liz said he never banged her) and the Libertarians are for that for sure--and bailing out Wall Street are the same policies of failure that got us into this Great Depression. Well, DUH, Mr. President. That sounds good, but how do you explain that most of your campaign funds in 2008 (the most money ever spent by a US Presidential candidate in history) came from the very Wall Street corporations, banks, HMOs, and insurance companies G.W. Bush and you bailed out of bankruptcy and criminal charges with We the People's money (taxes on our earnings; taxes on our fuels; taxes on the food we eat; taxes on our water supplies; tolls on our highways; taxes on our hotel rooms; taxes on our property; taxes on our businesses; taxes on our phone bills and utility bills; taxes, taxes, taxes--EXCEPT NO TAXES ON OUR POWER ELITE. Do we realize that only a handful of MEN own us now: The Koch Brothers, The Walton Family, Warren Buffett, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and Bill and Melinda Gates control 200 billion dollars worth of wealth. Add Mexico's Senor Slim into the mix and we're talkin' 265 billion dollars worth of wealth. The U.S. is currently entering the largest ever separation of the wealthiest of us and the lowest of us--20% of us control all the personal wealth and the highest salaries in this country--the other 80% of us make $50,000-a-year or less, mostly less. How about that bunch of Economists (not a pure science, remember) who say folks 55 years old and currently out of work may never find work ever again in their lives. That's a pretty startling statement; yet Obama refuses to deal with such matters. Instead he's talking about the US of A committed to defending Israel even if it means World War III, which could be the War of Human Annihilation. YAHOO! When the Apes (with Essence) take their jungle world back over.

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