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thegrowlingwolf Still Dealing With Obsolescence

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2010
A Man of Great Conviction to His Cause Has Left Us--The Hombre Verdad, Wilebaldo Solano, a Right Kind of Communist, If There Is Such a Thing
Here's his Wikipedia page: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilebaldo_Solano
Obsolescence and My Survival

Things are so simple to me. Elect me president and I'll have us crowing like pompous cocks again. But I'm so obsolescent and loving life and enjoying my short span of existence on this paradise we human monkeys seem to hate to the point of bringing it to the brink of our destruction--not its destruction. Even most holy books of false hope say that the world will never be destroyed. Hey, I've discovered a holy truth--no, the earth won't be destroyed by human monkeys--I mean come on, this old earth's been hit by destructive matter before--real weapons of mass destruction--like the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs or the one that left that huge crater that is called by USA human monkeys the Great Basin--that in which Yellowstone Park sits with its underground system of thermal geysers that some geologists--extremely radical ones--are warning that that thermal hell is bubbling up and readying to explode--oh, but that's human monkey conspiracy talk, the flat-earthers jeer at us radical anythings. I shut up. Where is my point leading? Good point.

And a few months back I was standing on a point in Rhode Island, an extreme point, the edge of which was a surreal little patch of weeds called an African burial ground that sits neglected among a tablet of ancient exposed stones laid as if in a walkway to the edge of that point and then falling over into the churning waters far below. A wonderful comforting point of view for me then...the sea causing the whole sky to open up wide mouthed, stretched out far wide open by the lapping tongue of the Atlantic Ocean as it licks its lips-like shore at this point. I do not feel obsolescence standing on such points of freedom, freedom to see the beauty of the world if it were only left alone to give us a chance at evolutionary escape--the reason we're driven to explore space in our machines, the greatest of our inventive and therefore destructive minds. Destructive? Yes. Space travel is currently way obsolete. Why is that? Don't we really want to escape this one-day perhaps taken-over-by-fire-and-brimstone planet (perhaps our sense of what most of us call Hell)? To be a chaotic planet like the rest of them that depend on the Sun for their God-like energy and whatever eternal life any of us have any kind of chance at.

I am confused. Why are we driven to know all we can about space, the possibility of us physically exploring that space? Are we looking for relatives? Another planet like this one because we instinctively know we one day do have to get the hell off this planet.... Jesus, that sounds hopeless. I can see the reason for being an Existentialist.

According to my Holy Apostle, Saint Thorstein Veblen, we became involved in a class struggle when the Industrial Revolution hit this country after the Civil War. A class struggle between the Lower Class, the primitive class, and the Predatory Class, the leisure class. Which leads the Angel Veblen to make this statement, this great revealing statement that progressive thinkers in this country have had at their disposal since 1899 and yet it's still not understood and respected. That statement is: "The office of the leisure class in social evolution is to retard the movement and to conserve what is obsolescent" (p. 137, The Theory of the Leisure Class, New American Library, Mentor ed., 1953).

Things are so simple. It started when human monkeys departed from (evolved out from) Nature, the Jungle. "We are free to be savages with impunity" in the Jungle. Man's evolution has led him to Civilization, an artificial way of countering the Jungle--to challenge savagery with sensibility and reasoning, in arts and crafts--I mean in the earliest forms of man there's art of some kind be it simply a pretty rock on a piece of deer gut around an aboriginal's neck or the painted murals in his caves. Surely Lucy out in that birthplace of early human monkeys in Mother Africa had some kind of artistic device on her body--maybe even cuts in her flesh--don't you think that's where tattoos came from? African tribal tattoos made to look like the animals they hunted or the vegetation and shell fish they depended on for survival. Camouflage a way of life. A way of survival. Survival is simply the urge to live. All animals have it. You go to pull a porker out of a holding pen with intentions of slitting its throat and draining it of its life. Animals know when their lives are in jeopardy. Like that porker, they immediately start squealing and bucking against the inevitable. Man is not the only animal to seek out and destroy his own kind but he's the most open about doing it, justifying it with all kinds of propaganda and religious hoodoo and rumor-buzzings--and we human monkeys love to snitch and point our fingers and judge and condemn and attack with intentions to kill--a strong desire to kill--and, yes, we are natural-born killers like all animals. We are predators. ALL ANIMALS HAVE TO KILL TO SURVIVE...just like all ANIMALS HAVE TO DIE IN ORDER TO PROCREATE...a given that's hard for human monkeys to understand.

"Wait a minute, dude," a flat-earther/creationist cries in protest, "We human monkeys ain't common old ordinary animals...we're higher than the beasts of the field, even the birds in the air...WE ARE DIVINE BEINGS waiting here on earthly hell, that land, air, and water in the grip of THE EVIL SPIRIT that some think takes the form of evil things like deformed human monkeys, fusioned half-human-half-scaled-monster monkeys, zombie human monkeys, fiery red human monkey-goat-combos with forked tails and carrying pitchforks--for pitching all those lost souls drifting down by the millions every day into the pits of Holy Hell, pitching them headlong into the fiery furnace." Then, OK, perhaps Hitler was the Devil in human monkey disguise. Perhaps George W. Bush is the Devil in a sonny boy way. Or this idiot imp is the son of the Devil if, say, you believe George H. W. Pappy Bush is the Devil not in disguise.

Yes, we could be wiped out by fire. A huge volcano down in Indonesia is in its first stages of belched eruptions as I'm typing on this post, with the seismologists keeping a steady eye on it--if it blows--look out below and 4,000 miles away, too, maybe--another tsunami. But hey our Idiot Class--that's another Class we have in the Good Ole USA we have to consider--the Idiot Class, including the Christian fanatics, the Zionist-Jewish fanatics, the White Nation rejects (the teabaggers), the Corporation as an individual, the old Silent Majority that is now on the brink of the grave but IS still voting to ruin anything that stinks of ACTUALITY, worshiping the OBSOLESCENT ONES: having obsolescent dreams, working on obsolescent inventions, defending us with an obsolescent military, all of us surviving barely on an obsolescent superstructure....

And the perpetrators of the ruining of the USA, the true criminals in this whole affair, are allowed to go free as birds--why, you want to hear something disgusting--at least it is to me--George W. Bush's MEMOIRS are being published this fall. Oh my God. Check out the sales of that book, follow those who buy it home and you'll know you'll have a Good Ole Citizen of the Rightwing USA who's definitely gonna vote disruptively in the coming mid-term elections and the coming presidential election. And I see the Clinton-Adoring pundits, my fellow political bloggers who love Bill and Hillary Clinton, and who defend them with huge spittal-lipped put downs against anyone holding one shred of evidence demeaning the Slick One and his Unslick wife. These pundits are beginning to spread the rumor that "the Big Dog is back" (Bart-Cop and the Daily Howler, for instance)--and that Bill Clinton or perhaps his wife is who we need NOW. Remember when Big Dog recently said if he'd'a been president he'd'a stopped that Gulf Coast (British Invasion) oil spill in one day? And yet these otherwise very smart, sharp, and acerbically witty pundits can't see that it was the Clinton Administration (through Robert Rubin) who brought about this continuation of Reagan Economics that is the real reason we are currently in another Great Depression caused by Republican Conservative assholes who still walk in the expensive shoes of Herbert "Rich Boy" Hoover and the big floppy clown shoes of the idiot actor Ronald Reagan ("We will be able to fly from New York to Tokyo in three-and-a-half hours...."), the very same Reaganomics Barack Obama has praised in the past in one of his revealing moments, like when he said he had always respected Wall Street and our great financial industry--er-ah, I mean institutions (obsolete institutions, Veblen tells us, institutions meant to be maintained as obsolete institutions by the leisure class--the Republicans).

It is so simple. How easy it would be to end those wars and realign this country back into its New Frontier mode, its Great Society mode, its "Come Let Us Reason Together" mode, its New Deal mode. Franklin Roosevelt, an aristocrat from an old Dutch family of robber barons, said that his class always got us into Depressions and that his class had to be regulated or they would continue to steal and rob and drive us into debt in their efforts to create CHEAP LABOR in this country. The people of the United States on whose backs leisure class wealth is built deserve a NEW DEAL--they deserve SOCIAL SECURITY...they deserve JOB and PAY SECURITY...they deserve their MONEY BEING SECURED in terms of BANK COLLAPSES....

On the other hand, and I'm sorry to bring you such positive news, Chaos is inevitable. And it is the cause of our instinctual fears. Chaos is darkness to its darkest degree. Chaos comes naturally as our Sun burns out. And oh how helpless is the human monkey in any kind of DARKNESS.

I was just listening to an old cassette I found on my floor of Wild Child Butler. And also on the tape was Little Joe Blue and Big Mac. And Big Mac was singing about "Rough-Dried Woman"--and I thought, WOW, how fresh and vivacious these old blues dudes still sound--and they were horribly recorded to boot, but their art came through, their advanced civilization came through, the teaching and the preaching and the advice in the blues in all forms of laying down of musics. Musics laying down the path--the Tao--and how to ride on the path--from side-to-side and once down the middle, that's how culture's taught us how to ride--as if we were jockeys--and that's the way to make good love, men, too; once down the middle and then from side-to-side. Watch when a woman's riding a horse. Watch the action. That horse is rubbing against that woman's saddle once down the middle of his or her back and then from side-to-side. My second wife was a horseback rider. She admitted to me once half the fun of riding her horse was in the sexual motion of it--and she was always very warm and receptive sexually after she'd been to the stables and ridden her favorite horse up there--the old riding stables on the upper West Side of Manhattan that Donald Trump tore down when he finally got permission from his old real-estate-investor pal, Mayor Mike "Billionaire" Bloomberg, to build his gaudy Trump City up the gut of that part of the city. The Donald said horseback riding was obsolete; civilized men ride in limos and not on horseback.

Ok, so maybe to you this post makes no sense. Nonsense at least has some sense in it. Doesn't it?

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