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FEAR, FEAR, FEAR--the Ghost of Osama Bin Ladin as the Wizard of Oz

Foto by tgw, New York City, September 2010
The Continuing Saga of thegrowlingwolf Explaining Things to The Goofs
I know the Goofs read this blog. You should see the scummy rotting spam we have to scrape off our boots when we come in from wading through the slush pile of comments prior to accepting or rejecting them. I mean this morning alone we got this long line of America First urls and Americanism Explained urls and WhiteIsLight/BlackIsDarkness urls--and, as usual, these are mixed in with the still-attacking-us Russian porn urls. These high-school-drop-out computer science geniuses are getting as tricky as Osama bin Laden with their surprise spamming abilities. Google does now have a spam catcher attached to all its emails, Websites, and blog sites, but the Hackmasters are finding ways to relink to these sites getting around Google's spam guards. One of our faithful outsider commentors asks every morning if someone can maybe "mirror" the The Daily Growler (why does our style guide insist on that double article bullshit--oh well (Orwell), I follow rules; I'm a former chief copyeditor) so he can link to it.

First off let me say, I'll be honest, I honestly thought the allusive now legendary Osama bin Laden had been written out of the script by the multi-conspiratorial agencies who are guiding our many foreign intrigues--I mean, dammit, I know the bastard is a CIA operative--come on, they've got to be aware of where he is or where he isn't. Walmart can put a device in all the underwear they sell that can track every time you wear them and when it sends a signal back to Walmart Inventory that you've worn them long enough for them to be considered old-fashioned (worn out), Walmart Inventory sends you a notice that it's time for you to buy a new pair of underwear; YET, we can't find this more-or-less fairy-tale-like character who out-of-nowhere sends these scratchy unintelligible cassette tapes to the al-Queda news agency, who from all the info I've gathered over the years, is living in a rented villa in Peshawar, Pakistan, a rough motherfucking area of the wildest part of Pakistan in terms of ancient mores still in place there. Peshawar is in a heathenly wild mountainous part of the country, and it's always been a haven for the anarchic-minded rugged individualists who plied their trades and wiles on the trails leading to and from China down through Central Asia, into Afghanistan and from there into India, when all that land from Afghanistan over to the Middle East was India--broken up into West and East Pakistan after WWII and Indian Independence from the Brit Imperialists--Muslim vs. Hindu.
The image “http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_QfVWU-2pVL4/SdsrCW-lbRI/AAAAAAAAFKc/IBNldJ3DUJo/s400/Qissa+Khawani+Bazaar,+Peshawar,+Pakistan.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Modern Peshawar

And then along comes this latest FEAR crap, now our fear-managing departments of our many many investigative agencies: the CIA, the FBI, the NIS, Homeland Security, the Secret Service, the many Blackwater, Raytheon, Dimecorp undercover operatives, are directing our attentions to this massive accumulation of al-Queda resurgence forces emerging all over Europe. And though Osama bin Laden's latest scratchy cassette tape doesn't mention it, these great investigative forces are assuring us the man himself is behind this latest reemergence of al-Queda in Europe that is rumored to be about to attempt to blow up European landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.

New York City's little pipsqueak billionaire mayor and our great little-guy Shanty Irish police commissioner (he's been around since Rudi "Mussolini" Giuliani's day) were doing their photo-ops on all the local commercial teevee channels last night warning We New Yorkers who were planning to travel to Europe to BEWARE...be on the alert for suspicious-looking (Muslim-looking) characters--like that obviously Arab family that's eating at the table next to you at some Paris restaurant--but, oh my God, like Paris is full of Muslim-looking people!--Holy Hell, there's a whole arrondissement full of these characters. And, Jesus X, they're all over London, too; Holy Crap. Where in Europe is an American safe? And are these warnings for White Americans traveling in Europe? Like American Muslims shouldn't have anything to fear in Europe. Every city in Europe has a huge Muslim population. Check with the skinhead-Neo-Nazis in Berlin about who's the New Jew in Germany--those god-damn Muslim bastards from Turkey and Jordan (it was once Trans-Jordan) and the Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and Egypt...I mean, come on, who the hell are Americans traveling in Europe supposed to be suspicious and therefore afraid of? Remember, the British cops after the London bus explosions thought a Brazilian man looked suspiciously Muslim enough to blow him away without any questions.

President Obama seems to take the same attitude toward Bin Laden as George W. Bush did. He doesn't seem to be concerned by these scratchy tapes from the Hide Master himself, the illusive and probable CIA-agent, the New Prince of Darkness. So why should we be afraid of a scratchy message from this illusive Devil? George Bush said he'd put Osama behind him halfway through his second stolen term and like Obama's taught us, there's nothing gained by looking at our past--it's the future we're into! HOT DAMN!

Nobody asked Billionaire Mayor Mike "Our Rich Father High Up in the Catbird Seat" Bloomberg, like, "Well, Mister Barely-Elected-for-an-Illegal-Third-Term Mayor, just what are we supposed to be alert to while we're traveling in Europe?--I mean, will there be guys wearing military uniforms and black hoods and carrying assault rifles coming out of the shadows to kill us? Couldn't such dressed characters just as well be an arm of our own patriotic-beyond-the-call-of-duty CIA Death Squads or their American Citizen Assassination Squads thinking We look suspiciously like al-Queda undercover agents?" All the billionaire mayor could do was just warn us to be careful if we were traveling to Europe.

However, the Mayor did make what to me was a very curious statement. Yep, Shanty Irish Ray Kelly, the NYPD Police Commish, another little man with a little man complex like Little Mayor Bloomberg, was standing at Hiz Honor's side when suddenly Hiz Rich-Boy Honor beamed out and said, "You know, Commissioner Kelly has NYPD agents stationed in every city in Europe...." I went, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT, the NYPD has agents all over Europe? What the hell; they don't have any jurisdiction in Europe? And you little rich punk bastard, you're claiming the city is fucking broke--you wasteful bastard asshole; yet we have budget enough to have NYPD agents stationed all over Europe...." This man pisses me off. And I holler back at his image like a full-blown schizophrenic thinking the person on the teevee screen is personally out to get me, "Fuck Europe." My question would be, is Osama bin Laden perhaps now planning to bring the European economy on down to the flat bottom like the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center did to OUR economy? Therefore, shouldn't European banks and financial institutions be watching out for these al-Queda insurgents? (Is this the Yemen Division of al-Queda--the one led by the American-born cleric? Remember the Nigerian banker's son who tried to blow himself up on the American airliner headed for Detroit? He was supposedly a Yemen-trained al-Queda (sometimes just simply referred to as "the terrorists")) agent--dupe--goof--dumbass--religious nutjob. ("They" are now inferring that this al-Queda invasion and attempted occupation of Europe is going to be of the Mumbai, India, kind of attack. So Americans traveling in Europe should avoid train stations, hotels, and banks--oh and watch out around the Leaning Tower of Pisa or when attending mass in Notre Dame in Paris.)

Is Osama and al-Queda popping back up into our lives perhaps in order for us to declare war on Pakistan? I mean the reason we're losing in Afghanistan is because of Osama bin Laden using it with the blessing of the evil Taliban as al-Queda headquarters. Now why not invade and try and occupy Pakistan, which is now supposedly Osama's secret base of operations? Makes sense to me so you know it must make sense to the more-intelligent-than-I Corporate Power Structure, that which rules us and determines our governmental actions.

We in our national subconscious, which our government has access to, desperately desire a World War III. We subconsciously recall how World War I declared us a true World Power and World War II was won because of OUR World Power and how both wars reenergized the economy, though our extravagant celebration over our WWI victory led to the Great Depression. Currently Our (and why not capitalize Our? all of these things are OURS under the laws of the land and the White Man's Constitution on which those laws are supposedly based)--OUR Power Elite and Our Congress and all of Our Executive branch lackeys and of course all of Our Military Hierarchy seem to be favoring the next World War, which will be, think about it, OUR WORLD WAR. We're starting this one--we're the Kaiser of WWI and Hitler and Tojo of WWII NOW--and NOW spelled backwards is WON. Once we defeat the rest of the world in OUR WORLD WAR, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, then, just think, the World will be peaceful at last; a Christian World in which all MEN are equal--why look how the world's people are dancing and singing and throwing rose petals at the U.S. representatives and ambassadors and diplomats and military police, et. al. Oh what a glorious day. I can see the USA after WE win OUR WAR sort of taking on the persona of a Messiah--WHY, why not call the World, Jesus X. Christ World--let the Disney Corporation manage it?--God, I'm hallucinating I'm so excited. These visions I'm having? Do they mean I AM WRITING A NEW GUIDE TO HEAVEN?--a new HOLY BOOK?

I and all the little Growler sidekicks have been posting for 4 years now that our military's (and our military is the Military Industrial Complex--since we're the world's largest weapons dealers, from whence do you think we get the weapons to sell?) objective in Afghanistan is to actually use it as a command space from which to invade Pakistan. According to generals like General "the Surge" Betrayus, it would be a very easy sort of "Mission Accomplished"-type of quick-run-in invasion followed by an open-armed welcome from the freed Pakistani people--occupation in place and a wonderful new freed pro-American government in place overnight--"Hey, we did it in Iraq!" They have us there.

Yes, the invasion and occupation of Pakistan would be an easy little police-action-type war--especially when you think about how we could use OUR powerful US Air Force bombers in this Af-Pak war by flying them from Diego Garcia through India to lay down their bomb strikes and Agent Orange and then fly back to Diego Garcia.

Why invade Pakistan? Because we want to have control of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. It's all about POWER, folks. It's simply a continuation of Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet-Carrying-a-Big-Stick style of American showmanship--American pompousness--American pride! This time our Great White Fleet is a flotilla of unmanned drones--with the accuracy of being able to put a missile right square between the eyes of an al-Queda-Taliban-terrorist 2-year-old sleeping in his or her cradle. In the past thirty days, various US military operatives--the CIA mainly--have made 26 drone attacks into Pakistan--the latest the one killing the 8 German citizens--the reason for this latest al-Queda FEAR FEAR FEAR ALERT now being fomented by the USA (though Obama says he's not so much concerned about it), Japan, and Sweden (though representatives of both those governments are saying they're not much worried about it either). Why are We attempting to thwart Us traveling to Europe at this particular moment in time? Could it be a distraction? Could it be because this is an election year? Could it be? I mean Rahm Emanuel is out of his powerful White Man's House job to run for Mayor of Chicago! Come on. Rahm's out on his ass because President Obama may have gotten the message--a little bit of it anyway--that these Clinton assholes are throwing his ass to the dogs--could they perhaps be getting revenge for Obama's beating Hillary? No. Come on, I'm not that cynical...or am I? Remember, I'm a soothsayer as well as an ex-poet. Guess who Rahm's PR firm is? If you said David Axlerod's Washington PR firm, you are correct. Just like the New York Mets just fired their general manager and their manager, Obama may be firing his managerial staff, too.

Just as Foghorn Leghorn used to say, "It's a joke, son," this, too, may be a big joke, though it's a god-damn mean and potentially deadly joke. I mean come on think about WHAT IF WE LOSE WORLD WAR THREE?

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