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Newly Edited Version, October 21, 2010
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The View/The Talk

Election time. And the idiots, I should politely call them the primitives, are coming out of their woodwork knotholes while the elevated snobs (the artisans) (those who live up in the high branches--like in the ivory towers) stay cocooned and write their opinions back and forth to each other and praise and award each other as though their elevation gave them a clearer view of a very abstract situation. Meanwhile, down in the streets with the idiots there's no sanity, only the soapbox ravings and maniacal logic of the truly insane and warped, those being manipulated by our--go on, guess who, Pilgrims? If you know me and my Sociological stance, then you guessed: THE POWER ELITE, and you would be correct. The wealthiest of our society are working the works behind these idiot Teabagger candidates and true believers who are going to seriously vote for them. These wealthiest non-taxpaying-foundation-founding few. Those whose financial institutions, lending-scheme outfits, private-equity ventureships (and oh how brilliant the rich-boy's Harvard-grad son who came up with the wealthiest of us pooling their billions into these private equity funds and holding companies who are now stealing all our land and water, all our homes, our bank accounts, our pensions, our jobs, our factories, our public schools, OUR ELECTIONS--these few miserly knights of the Wall Street Roundtable forcing us into faithfully trust their judgments and backings, plunging We the People and our government deeper and deeper into debt. Individually through cheap enticing credit and remortgaging schemes and as a nation through their profiting from as many wars as they can encourage our leaders to get us into--from their robbing our Treasury and Federal Reserve (inside jobs)--using bankruptcy as their private little bailiwick--ordaining a limited use of bankruptcy now by the average citizen--from their imposing insurance schemes on us with the backing of our state governments and Federal government--I mean think of how many different insurance policies an average US citizen or family has to carry: life insurance; health insurance; dental insurance; automobile insurance; home insurances: fire, casualty, burglary, flood, wind, Acts of God, etc. They own our asses lock, stock, and barrel--and now they want to own our government and that way own our Rights, own the Constitution, own our decisionmakers, own our researchers, own our technicians, own our artists, own the land we are going to be buried on--that is if we have enough burial insurance.

And these Leisure Class bored are the ones who are manipulating the Teabaggers, the fundamentalist Christians, the White Supremists, the insane, the idiots, the primitives--directing their faith in the insane backwards-sliding-thinking or their most highly vocal misdirectionalists--the idiot-fondling intellectuals that spin doctor out the palaver that works in forcing these idiots to all take handguns and shoot themselves in the foot. Though, how great is it going to be when these fools take Congress back again; when McCain and Palin win by the largest majority in US voting history over Obama--and God help him if he keeps Joe "Lifeless" Biden as his running mate--but even with Hillary as his VP (and what an amazing rise to political catbird seat power old Hillary has weaseled her way into--by holding old roving-eye Slick Willie by the balls, making him pay big time for all that diddling he did while she was having to be the perfect-wife first lady--did Bill have her lover killed? Think Vince Foster. You remember old sad-eyed Vince Foster, don't you? The trusted Clinton lackey who was found in a Washington, D.C., park with a bullet between his eyes, which the D.C. cops said was suspicious but the Federal investigators said was obviously to them a suicide. Hey, very few of these lucky lackeys like Vince Foster, an Arkie hillbilly who saw the Clintons as his bus ticket to fame, commit suicide. Think back and count the number of White House aides who've committed suicide at the height of their active participation in a comfy, good-moneymaking, great-source-of-contacts White House job. Vince is the only one I can think of. By the bye, nobody asks Hillary about Vince anymore. It's like that BP oil spill, old Vince has just the annals of history. The late great, a The Daily Growler Hall of Famer, J. Orlin Grabbe had a whole file on the Vince Foster Murder Case on his grand old Website--but the great man died down in Costa Rica and his Website has evaporated...disappeared...miraculously like that BP oil spill. And thank God for British Petroleum. Why, if it had been any other oil company, God might not have allowed the air to suck those 2 million barrels of raw gucky crude oil up, filter it out in its cloud formations to allow the water to return to earth pure and fresh--OK, so it has a wee bit of an oily taste to it. I suppose we should all get used to drinking funny-tasting water--like those poor souls in Hungary along the Danube, the Blue Danube that is now the Toxic Red Danube, are going to be tasting that red sludge in their drinking water for perhaps years to come--deadly years, too.

Of our top overblessed multibillionaires, Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates, proved over the past few weeks that they've got a little criminal deceit in their Capitalist bones. Buffett proved it by saying he knew nothing about Moody's, of which he is the OWNER, doing a little "cheating" on its ratings of SEC stocks and bonds--hey, Warren was up in his above-the-clouds penthouse boardroom--he doesn't have time to go DOWN to street level and see what his little crooked imps are up to--as long as they're following old Warren's VISION: to get him even richer and richer no matter who he leaves spinning in the middle of the 8-lane highway that is the Nirvana-like path that leads to the global pot of gold at the end of the all-encompassing man-made rainbow like an empty beer can thrown out the driver's side window of a car on a regular old 6-lane highway going 100 mph. That beer can spins in the middle of the road for a long gorgeous minute or two, then it is suddenly flung off the road to end empty, battered, and a dead soldier in either the right-side or left-side ditch. Little Bill and Melinda Gates proved it when it was revealed their famous charitable foundation (their trickle-down utility) is heavily invested in and richly profiting from its investments in Monsanto, the toxic chemical company (sulfurides; Agent Orange), the genetically engineered and one-cycle seed company, the highly toxic chemical weedkiller Roundup company, and the company out to capture the world's food supply. "Hey, Melinda and I are covering our plumping-up asses, dammit," Bill argues. "We can't stay the world's richest people without some sound investments--like Cousin Warren told us about Monsanto...and Warren's a saint...I mean, why is he so rich if he isn't a saint?"

Monsanto, a native Saint Louis company, was founded by a man named Queeny back in the early 1900s who was a pharmacist/chemist. Queeny named the company after his Porto Rican wife's maiden name, Monsanto. Her father was a Caribbean sugar king based in Porto Rico but whose sugar plantations were in the Danish West Indies. Queeny's first big winning product was the artificial sweetener (later proven to be a carcinogenic), saccharin, which he sold exclusively to the Coca Cola Company. Monsanto later produced caffeine and vanillin, which it also sold exclusively to Coca Cola. Monsanto then joined with Bayer to form MoBay, which gave us polyurethane. And, yes, Monsanto also had a part in the role of producing acetylsalicylic acid from which comes aspirin. Monsanto in the 1950s gave us NutriSweet (aspartame) and bovine somatotropin (Bovine Growth Hormone). Monsanto through its European connections gave us rubber. And, by golly, Monsanto ran the Dayton Project, a part of the Manhattan Project that eventually gave us nuclear bombs. Monsanto gave us Light Emiting Diodes, LEDs. And, I almost forgot, Monsanto gave us DDT. And you never considered pharmacists/druggists/chemists/biochemists as producers of EVIL.

On another topic: I just read where We the People just made a big arms sale--and thank God for it since our national weapons of mass destruction industry (owned by We the People through our Pentagon and Defense Department and their support of our Military Industrial Complex) was complaining about how We the People were suffering a major drop in our worldwide arms sales--but thank God, like I said, besides the recent sale of jets to our great democratic brothers (the sisters don't count in this country) in Saudi-Arabia, this time We the People can thank God for the great democratic republic of Pakistan! Yep. We the People just made a 12-billion-buck arms deal with our fellow Pakistan lovers of peace and freedom and the security of having nuclear weapons. Hell, the Paki Army, those fairminded fellows, needs helicopters; they need hi-tech surveillance equipment--and their needs are a big boondoggle for the USA Weapons Industry--which means a huge help in our economy's better-than-expected (or is it?) recovery. Praise the Lawdy Lawd for US's rising weapons sales! We do need war, don't we? Friedrich Engels, after Karl Marx had died without seeing Capitalism fall in a few days as he had predicted in 1848, discovered that CAPITALISM CAUSES WARS.

[It was announced Wednesday, Oct. 20th, by one of Hillary Clinton's lackeys--the division of the State Department that handles weapon sales--that the sale of jet fighters and helicopters to the Democratic Republic of Saudi-Arabia (I jest of course) at 60 billion dollars is the biggest arms sale in US arm-selling history. Oh the champagne and caviar is flowing in rivers around the District of Corruption tonight--how about the Lockheed-Martin Drink-and-Fuck Fest at the Sheraton!]

It kind'a ticked me off to read that close to 2,000 Iraq and Afghan War vets have committed suicide since their return home from both these continuous Capitalist wars. Amazing how we hype up how everything we're doing we're doing for our children and our grandchildren and yet when our children and grandchildren turn 18 we without conscience send them off to possible early deaths or if not deaths, returning severely wounded both physically and mentally--to die or be crippled in the current case in two very immoral if nothing else Capitalist WARS. Unwinable WARS, the best kind of WARS in terms of Capital Gains.

And getting back to speaking of idiots, check out the Teabaggers--though, you know, the Tea Party name fits these divisive little spoiled brats just as well. The original Boston Whiteys who staged the Boston Tea Party dressed up like Native Americans to deceive their White British Royal/Tory relatives--they were deceitful Whiteys. And beware deceitful Whiteys.

And the deceitful Whiteys are tricky bastards--remember, for the most part deceitful Whiteys have made the laws of the land--they've made up the rules. For example, Karl Rove, the brazen little hack-cover-up-creep is back in the political prankster business, back doing just fine, thank you, with his whole new bag of political tricks. Karl Rove is back. This is the man who openly stole two presidential elections right out from under the turned-up noses of two truly lame-brained Dumbocrat choices for president: Al "The Bore" Gore and John "Vietnam Vet Nutjob/Ex-DA" Kerry. Criminally natured, Karl Rove is the man who was brazenly pompous in shielding his personal Wizard of Oz while under the cloven hooves of Georgie Porgie Bush's vigilante administration--Kreepy Karl the pissant who refused to testify before a Congressional committee against his premierly crooked old privileged murderous boss, Unka Dick "Shotgun Blast in Your Face" Cheney. Karl eventually had to do a bunk and bail out of the District of Corruption just in time to avoid doing jail time (instead, remember, Karl's dick boy, Scooter Libby, did his time for him). Karl moved to Alabama to be near his private hump, Christian Ralph "Let's Screw Some Native Americans Out of Their Casino Bucks" Reed, where for the past few years Karl's been living the charmed life of having plenty of We the People's bucks and being a political agitater.

SO KARL'S BACK. AND HE'S BACK BIG TIME. This time in cahoots with Evil Ed Gillespie. Karl and Evil Ed are operating as bagmen for the distribution of a pile of a billion or so corporate bucks to the Teabagger candidates in their trying to steal the upcoming mid-term elections from the currently wimpy Dumbocrat Congressional majority. Karl's quest is to put his Master's (George H.W. "Pappy" Bush) Neo-Con New World Order back on the march using the idiot White nutjobs who make up the Tea Party's heart and soul as his stepping stones back into corrupt POWER (corrupting power) and political finagling.

Of course, too, Karl and Ed are political terrorists--ball-twisting arms of the corporate coup attempt that is currently going on. Karl and Ed are bagmen for the true crooks, the Power Elite, those known on Wall Street as "Shareholders," those who support the nasty deviousnesses of Kaptialist Kriminal Karl (with a KKK) and his twisted sidekick, Evil Ed Gillespie. Also, another Texas jerk, Dirty Dick Armey, is back on the political scene, too. The Dick of Dicks has got a Teabagger fundraising business going--another few million for the Armey coffers. Oh how wonderful it is to be in a world where everything you do and everywhere you live and go is wallpapered with billions of good ole worthless US bucks.

Imagine letting these little pissant rats get their filthy mitts on multimillions of laundried corporate profits-dollars, millions of untaxed cash dollars, bales of corporate profit-dollars and bail-out monies being palleted and trucked over to criminals like Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, Dick Armey--or LaRouche-Libertarian (Ayn Rand types) nutjobs like the Paul Boys. And Praise the Lawdy Lawd, I see where even Unka Dick Cheney, in spite of his old wanting-to-die-from-shame heart overfibrillating occasionally (Dick doesn't worry; he's got the best healthcare coverage known to man) is also out on the Teabagger campaign trail--Unka Dick and, of course, limelight-hogging John "Failed Mission" McCain is out there, too--and, of course, the brilliant hockey mom and moose hunter, Sarah Paleface Palin, yep, she's out there, too, spreading her frozen-north bullshit all over the heads of goofball people who gang together to listen to her babble on while her Alaskan hick daughter is fumble-bumbling her way into fame on the Disney-ABC "Dancing With the Stars" glossy-glittsy dumbshit show--with two fop British judges judging American fop celebrity dancers--and how embarrassingly uncouth of ABC it is in a crucial election year to trot out so dworky and backwoods a campaigning specimen as Sarah Paleface Palin's paleface daughter, Bristol (it rhymes with "fist full" or "Miss Bull" or "Pistol." And by the bye, where's Bristol's illegitimate baby these days? I sarcastically ask. Or, how about: When is Bristol's tell-all book coming out?)

As unbelievable as it sounds to sane people (yes, a minority except when they get in the streets and unite--then they are the majority--right now they are the new Silent Majority), perhaps over half of this country are idiots. They are White, afraid, and gullible. They want to believe the lies their Great White Hopes tell them and the twisted statistics these fibbers pass out so liberally. These are anti-Obama Whites. Even the most liberal or moderate of these White Supremists have gotten things so twisted in their minds as they try and find faults with having a Black man as president of what they're sure is a White-majority nation--ending up projecting the faults of their hero, George W. Bush, Baby Bush, onto President Obama. And why isn't Obama screaming his head off about this?--but he's not. He just won't say anything bad about George W. "the Bungler" Bush. He won't. Why? He's being accused of bringing down the economy with his overspending when ironically--only an idiot can't see it--it was Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie Bush and the leftover Repugs still in Congress who were born from G.W.'s ass who brought the great nation of the USA down to its knees, meaning brought down to the blow-job level of our Executive Branch's frail penis, brought down to our knees in a worshipful bow before His and His Father's Neo-Con-Jive New World Order gods--the Capitalist gods of the OLD PLANTATION system, the holiest way to bring about CHEAP LABOR--the goal of the POWER ELITE, the goal of CONSERVATIVES, the goal of our new billionaires, those who need cheaper and cheaper and eventually slave labor to keep more and more profits rolling into their wealth-collecting leisure class arms. Ignorant assholes who once they regain power and control of our destinies (how about Jeb Bush as our next president?) are going to right off the bat try and tar and feather our first Black President of the USA.

I think President Obama may be waking up a little bit to the fact that these sorry bastards are out to get his Black ass and nail it up exposed on an Old South Plantation barn door. And I'm reading, too, a few Internet political pundits who are waking up to the fact that if the Repugs take back Congress, Obama will face impeachment. The Roves, Gillespies, Armeys, and Bush Associates will come up with something on President Obama, even if it's calling him a pig fucker. Remember, these Teabaggers truly believe Obama is not an American citizen; they truly believe he's a Muslim; they truly believe, some of these nutjobs (a lot of whom are Holy Roller Christians and wild-eyed Mormons), that he is the anti-Christ! I mean, can you impeach a President on the grounds he could be the anti-Christ? You would think not, but don't be surprised if when these goons get back into power they don't try him as such.

"We can't take any chances?" these idiots squeal. "We know that God's already got his eye on our morals--look how he destroyed New Orleans because it tolerated Gays. And we know our heavenly father will destroy the whole country should we keep the anti-Christ in office. And, yes, we know Dr. Jack Van Impe of Troy, Michigan, is a holy rolling wild man, but, you know, he makes a point in his effort to prove Hussein Obama is the anti-Christ." How does one with sanity deal with so insane'a thinking fellowman?

The ironies in this year's political game are many. One is, the Teabaggers are voraciously condemning Obama's healthcare reforms on the grounds most of them are unConstitutional, especially the one that forces all of We the People to buy health insurance. Yet, ironically, President Obama's healthcare reforms are greatly increasing the profits of the HMOs and Health Insurance schemers, especially the one forcing We the People to continue to pay-or-die in terms of our pursuit of life, liberty, and a chance at pursuing happiness. A further irony in this particular matter is that this healthcare reform bill they blame on Obama was designed and written by the health insurance industry itself! Yet, the industry is now shoveling millions into the Teabaggers's coffers thus backing opposition to a healthcare reform plan they actually wrote. Another irony is, while these same corporations are feeding bucks into the rightwingdingers's bank accounts, they are also shoveling big bucks some Dumbocrats's bank accounts--as they will be shoveling big bucks at President Obama when he reruns in 2012--this time with Hillary Clinton as his Vice President--fuck Joe Biden--he's been a rather droopy drawer excuse for a Vice President. Always remember that President Obama's largest campaign contributors were these same corporate creeps who are funding the Teabaggers, like the musty-smelling old codger Koch Brothers and the damage to our union they're trying to inflict upon us using the winning power of their excess wealth. TAX THESE BASTARDS'S ASSES OUT THE ASS, OBAMA...COME ON, MAN...ALL YOU GOT A DO IS TAX THESE SONS OF BITCHES...MAKE 'EM PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE...AND YOU'LL ELIMINATE THE DEBT...PUT US BACK IN THE BLACK...AND THESE TEABAGGERS WILL TOTALLY DISAPPEAR.

Bill Clinton got reelected not on the grounds of his national healthcare package but because he balanced the budget, or so it looked like, and got us a surplus economy--or so it seemed on paper--though a lot of Bill's surplus was in imaginary "future" dollars.

But oh the fun of watching our political system at work. A bunch of fucking clowns pretending to know it all--all these know-it-alls all divided down the middle--the baby Solomon chopped in half--"Who wants the head and upper torso? Or who wants this filthy bottom part, from whence comes the shit?" Besides, it doesn't matter who gets the most votes. George W. Bush proved that by openly stealing two presidential elections in a row on our dumb asses. And now We the Two-Faced American People have another chance to vote our Death Wish and put the crucifiers back into power so they can finish bringing this once-giant-potential country down to ruin, a ruin that only SLAVERY can repair.
It is now forty years since Angela Davis went to prison on murder charges after Jonathan Jackson, one of her personal body guards, took several of Angela's register weapons and went into the Soledad Brothers's court trial in Marin County, California, to free his brother George Jackson and the two other Soledad Prison political prisoners. During the affair, Jonathan shot and killed the presiding judge. The cops, of course, then killed Jonathan and because the weapons he used were registered to Angela Davis, they arrested her and charged her with murder, for which she stayed in prison for 18 months until her case was thrown out of court in 1972 and she was cleared of all charges and released from prison. It was Ronald "Raygun" Reagan as governor of California in 1970 who started Angela's death-threat problem--the reason she had guns and body guards--when he forced UCLA who had just hired her to teach a Black studies course to fire her before her first class met because she was a member of the Communist Party.

Angela Davis was a mysterious woman then--now she's a professor at Syracuse U who has just written an annotated reprinting of Frederick Douglass's autobiography. Black men in her revolutionary days saw her as a tough sister ready to die or rot in prison for the cause, a soldier on the march with the word--White men saw her as a sexual object, the new Black woman, with the Afros and the witty patter and the quick thinking and the bodies so svelte that moved so lasciviously; women so opposite the long stringy haired, pogo-stick-moving, too-White bodies, and same-ole-same-ole whiny blabber of their White counterparts; AND also with minds so brilliantly opposite directional to those propagandized minds of their White counterparts.

I myself got up close but not personal to Angela Davis once at a rally in Central Park for the Panther 21. And, yes, I was very attracted to her--to her look, but also she was deliciously beautiful in the face and cool and sure-looking in her military clothes--plus, rumor had it, Angela had had White lovers--and I really wanted to meet her and hit on her but I was with my wife and I was trying to be obedient to her after getting caught with my pants down up on Cape Cod--and yes, the anti-War Movement was a sexual affair as well as a political movement; and all political movements are sexual affairs.

And now I lay me down to sleep...

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