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Living in New York City: thegrowlingwolf Lists Some Self-Evident Truths

Another Great Jazz Pianist Has Left Us--One of the Jones Boys--the Elder Hank Jones at 91Foto by tgw, "West Into the Sun," New York City, 2010
Truths That Should Be Self-Evident
1) We are desperate for OIL.

2) We are involved in two unwinable wars.

3) We are desperate for OIL...
---Think about how much OIL the US Government needs and uses every day
---It needs millions upon millions of barrels of oil, of gasoline, of jet fuel, of kerosine, of benzenes, of propanes, etc.
---To run its military vehicles, to oil its military weapons and run its Naval vessels and Air Force jets and even the President's jet and Hillbilly Hillary Clinton's jet
---To run its postal delivery vehicles, including its fleets of postal police cars
---To run its many limos
---To run its vast fleets of automobiles and trucks
---T0 power all the 150 military bases we have around the world
Think of all of the ENERGY we sacrifice to these "SACRED" WARS!!

4) We are reviving nuclear power plant construction as an alternative energy
---Mainly to run all of the nuclear Naval vessels in our nuclear-powered fleet; or for all our world-destroying nuclear weapon arsenal--the world's largest nuclear (mass-destructive weapons) in the whole round world--and the flat world, too
---Also to reroute oil away from local power (utilities) companies and divert it to government use
-- that diverted oil to be replaced with nuclear power--the first plant to be built in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, the home to some of our dear-sweet-patriotic-nontaxpaying largest military industrial complex companies
[And remember, we haven't really brought our Naval power into these 2 wars yet--except to anchor off the coast of Iran and to have them at the ready on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean]

5) President Obama is a two-faced (and all politicians like actors are two faced)...I don't want to call him a fool, he's not a fool, but I can call him a deceiver--and therefore a liar. Am I right? I can easily be accused of being a Teabagger but I'm not. Teabaggers to me are total FOOLs, though they are very dangerous fools. These are the fools Jose Ortega y Gasset in his masterpiece The Revolt of the Masses (1932) called Mass Man (Men and Women). These people are powerful people in terms of popularity, but oh so fucking dumb and disastrous in their misguided, off-the-wall reasoning, which unfortunately is the most popular reasoning going on today in the good ole USA. These are people who tear up when they hear the late, big fat, and in the end absolutely insane Kate Smith singing "God Bless America." That song, by the way, was a WAR SONG. Big fat Kate sang that at the height of World War II--she was singing asking God to bless our troops as they were sweeping into Europe and heading across the Pacific for Tokyo to bomb and shell and bomb and shell again; to shoot at and try and kill fellow human beings with rifles and Browning automatic rifles and bazookas and rocket launchers and flame throwers and grenades and grenade launchers and land mines and more bombs and more shells and maybe even Fat Boy and Girl ATOMIC BOMBS dropped like sent-from-that-God-who-blesses-America from heaven on Hiroshima and Nagasaki--to save 2 million of our brave God-blessed young American boys who would have been killed had we have had to send them dead-on into Tokyo to take it by hand so to speak--ironically, Atom bombs or not, we still bombed Tokyo flatter than a pancake anyway. [My God, all that because I got off on Big Fat Kate Smith. When I hear Kate Smith I puke; I don't feel patriotic; my generation made a mockery of singers of songs like her]

6) President Obama, an Ivy-League-trained corporate lawyer (and supposedly a brilliant one, too) is definitely fascinated by Reaganomics, which shows Obama knows absolutely nothing about Economics--he definitely believes the fiduciary (Calvinistic) economics of Von Hayek and Milton Friedman. Voodoo Economics, Pappy Bush called it. The little crown prince of the Reagan administration, David Stockman, said it was all bullshit, too. Even Milton Friedman before he died said his economics didn't really work--he admitted that. Milton's economics brought Pinochet to power in Chile after the CIA had assassinated Salvadore Allende, the duly elected president of that U.S. possession. BUT, President Obama truly believes the marketplace will correct its wrongs and police itself and will be honorable and all of that bullshit.

7) President Obama is a Corporate Lawyer (and so's Mrs. Obama), not a community organizer as he posed as for years in Chicago to help him get backing for his eventual political career. President Obama used his Black Chicago Southside constituents to propel himself into first the Illinois Senate and then eventually on into Congress. President Obama is a not a bold man; he's not a fearless man; he realizes he has NO real power really as president--he's caught in the jaws of the constituents who really got him elected: the Wall Street gang, the scumbag bankers, the Big Pharmas, the HMOs, the pay or die insurance companies, the Goldman-Sachs apes (several of whom are still influencing his economic decisions--the fools who got us into the mess we're in). But most of our dumb asses don't want big government regulating these criminals, who aren't really criminals to the American toadies--we assume the American fool is just "agin big guvermint" by environmental and local political nature--they grew up fools, were raised by fools, educated by fools, passed on and given degrees by fools--and there are plenty of fools teaching in those vaunted Ivy League Ivory Towers of Expensive learning, too, you better believe what I said.

8) President Obama is a middle-of-the-roader--balanced precariously on a barbed-wire fence--inside he's compromising between his Black feelings (and the man does want to be Black; in fact he has to be Black--because, yes, no matter how much White blood he's got in him, those southern Republican assholes and that Middle American Silent Majority and those White Citizens Council brothers and sisters in the mountains of Idaho and in Unka Dick's Wyoming and in the lowland sticks of Nebraska and up in the White Badlands of the Dakotas, even the White pencil-necked geeks in his (still ruled over by the White Criminal Daley Family) city of Chicago (once ruled over by Mafia mobs) still call him an N-word behind his back--or some of them, right to his face, "Miss-ter President, kin you-all present us with a lee-gyt-a-mate birth seetificat and not one of them thar Hi-wah-yan thangs" [Interrupted by a fact] "Oh, is that thar right? Hi-wah-eee's a state? Why then shucks, I beg yore pardon, Mister President; yet still, cain't I use Hi-wah-ee as a metaphor?"

9) President Obama surely knew he had a chance to become the most powerful man in the world but he gave it up in order to appease the Dumbocratic Party Power Elite and the Big-Buck Corporate lobbyists who are its parasites--those who paid for the biggest presidential campaign spending in the history of our elections. I've always said the Conservative Dumbocrats are powered over by Sir William Jefferson Clinton and his former sidekicks who have become known as the Clintonistas. Even Elena Kagen is a rather conservative plump lady first brought on board with a comfy government job by Sir William Jefferson Clinton. Obama has tried to assuage the Repugnican losers's hurt by keeping George W. Bush people in power in many places where he knows he has to stay the course--like in agreeing with G.W. Bush's Head of Defense and all of the G.W. Bush-era generals that The Surge worked in Iraq (remember, we haven't yet pulled any troops out of Iraq--we haven't closed down the world's largest Embassy yet--so the Iraq War isn't over yet by any means--Hillbilly Hillary Clinton confirmed that this week in one of her quickie press conferences during one of her stops on her perpetual world tour--she said it was due to the recent rise of car bombings and blowing poor old innocent war-weary Iraqis to bits and the stupid Iraqi Muslim puppies being unable to police and patrol themselves--they need the World's Police to stay there and direct their killing traffic) so it has to work in Afghanistan, too--duh, doesn't it? General McCrystalmeth just yesterday (Monday the 17th) said we weren't really making any progress in trying to get that oil pipeline laid through Afghanistan--er-ah, I'm sorry, I meant to say he said we really aren't making any progress with our military strategies in Afghanistan--read: We are losing that Holy War on Terror same as we've already LOST the Iraq Quest for OIL War--both Wars, like all our WARS were started by deceit--the Iraq War via out-and-out prefabrications--in other words: LIES. What a mess we got ourselves into with these two incredibly immoral and expensive and economy-destroying wars. Shouldn't our troops be over here protecting me here in New York City from this daily traipsing in of Muslim-looking dudes wearing backpacks or driving SUVs they bought off of Craig's List trying to blow us up with fireworks, bags of nonexplosive fertilizer, some cheap alarm clocks, and two tanks of propane gas like you use to fire up your BBQ grill? Shouldn't our troops be over here protecting me from these Muslim-looking young men who are so stupid and ill-trained at terrorism (I mean check out what our own Timothy McVeigh, a White man, accomplished with his van full of explosive fertilizer and a quickly tossed lit match? Hell, old ex-Army patriot Tim McVeigh killed 250 of his own people--that's more people in one day than most car bombers and suicide bombers kill in months, sometimes years, all over the world. This latest Taliban-trained naturalized American citizen who was going to blow up Times Square (time is not possessive in this square--that square belongs to the times) was supposedly highly trained in explosives by his Taliban relatives, those who were formerly the elected government of Afghanistan, back in his natural home country of Pakistan--Osama bin Laden must be having a kidney-damaging laugh over this incident: "Lookie, Lookie, stupid young Paki boy make monkeys out of stupid New York City idiot mayor and idiot shanty Irish police commissioner. Speaking of New York City police commissioners, whatever happen to my pal Bernie Keric? Oooh, quick, bring in my dialysis machine, I'm laughing myself into an early grave." [This Osama bin Laden message was extracted from a video tape left in a soggy paper bag on the The Daily Growler doorstep this morning. Hey, you believe in God, why can't you believe the The Daily Growler got a video tape from Bin Laden?]

10) I predict, as a celebrated soothsayer, if in the 2010 elections, the Pale-Face Teabaggers do manage to overthrow enough Dumbocrat candidates to take Congress back over, Hillbilly Hillary Clinton will turn on President Obama and begin putting together her Clintonista-backed bid for the presidency in 2012. If the Dumbocrats hold onto the Congressional majority and actually gain seats, will it turn them more toward the left? NO. The Dumbocrats, as I've been saying, are under the control of the Party Power Elites, in which the Clintons are the power players--in cahoots with the Bush Family Empire--oh yes, Clinton is in bed with Pappy Bush. Why in this US takeover of Haiti, Obama has given both G.W. Bush and Sir Bill Clinton the power to take control of Haiti in the name of Democracy--G.W. Bush and Sir Bill Clinton could become the first U.S. co-governors of the New US Territory of Haiti. Yes, the US will one day own Haiti; look for an influx of Whites into the country.

11) Remember, at least 43% of Americans are FOOLS and will vote en masse as Fools.

12) Remember, most Americans say, with a false honesty, that they believe in a White-Jewish God and that this country's WHITE invaders and occupiers (excommunicated Anglican dissidents) based this country on the principles of Christianity found in the Pilgrim's Bible--and that the eventual White aristocrats that rose to the ruling top of this country were great Christian men who were learned in Judeo-Christian theology to the point it wasn't Slaveholding Tom Jefferson who wrote the Bill of Rights and the Constitution but the Judeo-Christian God Yahweh through old Tom's quill.

13) Most White Americans don't trust foreigners, though their families at one time were foreigners--ask a Native American about your White forebears

14) Most White Americans hate Mexicans--especially those Whites who live along La Frontera in our border states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California). Though Mexicans are hated all over the USA. Right here in New York City, out in Hempstead, Long Island, Whites hate Mexicans enough that sometimes their White loyalties overwhelm them to the point they have to beat Mexican-looking men to death with baseball bats to get their White point across to these heathen. These Whites are equal-opportunity haters. They also hate American Blacks, American-born Latinos, South Americans, Central Americans, Native Americans, Native American Eskimoes, naturalized Haitians and illegal Haitians, Castro-asskissing Commie Cubans, but also some of the Cuban Refugees (the Boat People) Castro got rid of--a lot of whom are still somewhere rotting in our prison system.

15) Most of our Southwest and even Old West once belonged to Mexico

16) Arizona was part of the Republic of Mexico until the Gadsden Purchase stole New Mexico and Arizona from the Mexicans.

17) White Arizonans, I guarantee you, have Mexican maids and gardeners and cooks and nannies and even relationships--yet behind their servants's backs they call them thieves and liars and gab about how you can't trust them--they're lazy--they steal jobs from White Americans (White Americans aren't disturbed at all by a 20% unemployment rate among Black Americans).

18) Yes, President Obama will continue to "drill-drill-drill" off our Eastern coastline and more drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Remember, We are desperate for OIL.

19) And, YES, WE the PEOPLE will be stuck with the clean-up bill for criminally mismanaged BP and its cocriminal buddies at Transoceanic Offshore who have caused the largest oil spill ever. BP, Transoceanic, and Halliburton will walk away from this disaster with a clean slate--soon to be making more and more billions off We the Dumbest People in the World. In the meantime, the oil will continue to spread--even now, reports today say they've found oil sludge off Key West--so look out West Coast of Florida here comes the most disastrous oil spill ever--an oil spill the doomsayers are now saying could in its worse-case-scenario state turn the whole Gulf of Mexico into a sea of oil and water (remember, they don't mix).

20) And, YES, isn't it weird how only a year or so ago General Motors couldn't give cars away and yet now they are suddenly selling cars somewhere (in this country?) to the point they are bragging that they not only have paid back their end of the bail-out money We the People through our corporate lawyer president handed out to them but now they're rolling in wheelbarrows full of profits and executive bonuses--Wahoo, the new 20-million-a-year executives are shouting. And Ford says they too are selling cars like hotcakes--and here again, Ford doesn't say where they're selling these cars. And since they are now so fucking profitable, how about reopening some of those dealerships here in this country whose businesses they ruined? And, dig this irony: even though Toyota had to recall millions of their shoddy-put-together tacky automobiles supposedly at a loss of company-destroying billions, they recently announced they have managed to come out showing big-buck profits in their last quarterly earnings. Ain't Capitalism grand? And that dumbass Karl Marx said overproduction would be the ruin of Capitalism. Not as long as we got slaves, Karl; not as long as the Neo-Cons and the Neo-Liberals keep driving our economy down toward the rock bottom--turn us into a Third World country. CHEAP LABOR. That's what all of this, even our being desperate for OIL, is all about. The Global Behemoth Corporations need CHEAP LABOR to keep making record profits. The Power Elite Top Dogs are profiting from this RECESSION that is in fact a DEPRESSION. And, hey, good news, I just saw a report that said our President is now a multimillionaire--Praise the Lawdy Lawd and pass me that platter of groat clusters, if you would.

From Truthdig, check out this story:
GM’s Shell Game
Indeed, Treasury knew of this unpublicized account from which GM drew the funds to make the payment. GM didn’t use the profits from sales of Chevys and Buicks, but, according to assistant secretary for financial stability Herbert M. Allison, Jr., “the money GM used to repay its bailout loan had come from a tax-payer financed escrow account held for the automaker at the Treasury.”

21) There still is no proof that an organization called Al-Queda ever existed except in the minds of the CIA, Congress, the Pentagon, and our President. Same goes for Osama bin Laden, who I now (along with the Existentialist Cowboy) declare has been dead for several years (this in spite of the video tape from him we here at The Growler received from him in that paper bag on our doorstep this morning). Have there been any Osama bin Laden scratchy, hardly hearable (audible) video tapes since Obama took office?

22) The New York City Police Department will continue to uncover Taliban-instigated bomb plots--and New York Citians will be totally vulnerable to so-called "terrorist" attacks until Obama gives our billionaire mayor and his police commissioner those Homeland Security millions he's holding back from them--especially the money to fund our billionaire mayor's crackpot idea of flooding the New York City area with spy cameras. Our billionaire mayor was recently--on his own private jet--over in London looking at the spy camera blitz over there--a camera set up that didn't stop those two London buses from being blown up--"Oh, look," the spy camera central said, "hey, those two buses just blew up." And, too, remember, it was the London police who shot and killed the poor citizen who looked suspicious.

23) At the same time, Eric Holder will continue to try and scare New Yorkers by saying New York City is the bull's-eye target for Taliban (the new Al-Queda) bombs--shoe bombs, car bombs, backpack bombs--while at the same time the Department of Homeland Insecurity is cutting Homeland Security dole outs for New York City in favor of protecting a donut shop in Indianapolis from terrorist attacks.

24) New York City Mayor Billionaire Bloomberg, though he claims he's an Independent (yeah, sure), is already putting his huge corporate moneybags to good use in backing Republicans in the oncoming New York State elections. Mayor Bloomberg will also continue to fuck up traffic in New York City with his fucking stupid-looking, max-tacky malls and island tourist rest stops. Traffic congestion the mayor purposedly caused with his original crosstown street stupidities. I give up on Bloomberg. You can't argue with a billionaire about his foolish reasoning same as you can't convince a fool there is no Big Daddy God up on the planet Krypton--besides, wasn't Krypton destroyed by a nuclear war?

25) The Reverend and Holy Prophet DR. Jack Van Impe in one of his recent televized harangues (Dr. Jack, by the way, is an official The Daily Growler spiritual guide) told us all the reason why these Muslim terrorists (all Muslims are terrorists to Dr. Jack) want to bomb New York City...IT'S BECAUSE...take a guess, a wild guess! BECAUSE NEW YORK CITY HAS THE HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF JEWS OUTSIDE OF ISRAEL! I never thought of that. But of course, Dr. Jack is right since he has many direct conversations with Yahweh (same word construction that in Arabic is the name of Allah) and as a prophet he gets all of this out of his Pilgrim's Bible.

So there you go. My list of 25 deceits still going on full blast against We the People of the USA. Every day we're being denied any rights we have left to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness no matter our race, religion, creed, eccentricities, thoughts, what we publish! And yet as though by smoke and mirrors we're being told we have been pulled back from the brink, we are righteous in continuing to kill and maim and displace millions of people our White rulers now have tabbed as Satan's children doing Satan's deeds against the Jews and Jesus Christ and the Boys Scouts and the boy-sex-abusing Catholic priests--Forgive them, Daddy, 'cause they so dumb they know not what they do.

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