Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Daily Growler Turned Over to Mr. Met

Foto by mr.met, Old Shea Stadium, Queens, New York (year not remembered)
Mr. Met, Today's Guest The Daily Growler Host
Hey, dudes, dudettes. Que paso? First they fired me. Now these Daily Growler dudes have given me a second chance. GO MET'S. And hootchie coo, my Mets beat the boogers out of the New York Yankees yesterday! Yahoo! Let's Go Mets! My White buddy Jason Bay had a great day. Go Jason Bay!!! And how 'bout that young Henry Mejia! Yeah, mis beisbollocks mestizos! You see, senores y senoras putas, Alex Cora is teaching me Espignol. Like kingchuckabooboo. I don't know what that means. It rolls nicely, however, off my little red-stitched tongue. Let's Go Mets! I don't have much more to say except the Yankees suck! The Phillies suck! The Dodgers suck! Willie Randolph sucks! Jerry Manuel, mi spickamigo, is the man. Go Mets! All the way today. Hey, boys and girls, the game's startin'. I gotta go load my teeshirt gun! HOO BOY, Let's Go Mets, Let's Go Mets. Hey, the Yankees are so stupid, they don't even have a mascot. Oh no, here comes some of those White boy Mets to give me a wedgie! Get away from me, you White assholes!

for The Daily Growler

[Mr. Ed: We here at the Growler apologize for Mr. Mets's salty language at the end of his post.]

A Brief Q & A Session With Our Guest Host
Q: Hey, Mr. Met, you dink, how come your Latino ballclub's in the fucking basement?

A: Up yours, Yankee fan. It's the White boys who are lettin' the Mets down this year. Let's Go Mets!

Q: Mr. Met, is Jose Reyes going to hit over .100 this year?

A: Up yours, Philly fan. Hey, the Boston Red Sox just beat your Phillie asses--almost a no-hitter. Kiss my little leather made-in-commie-China ass.

Q: 50 bucks says the Mets will end up in the basement. God, how embarrassing, to be behind the Washington Nationals, a joke team.

A: Up yours, Atlanta fan. Bend over, I'll shoot a Mets teeshirt up your ass.

[Mr. Ed: Such language, Mr. Met. The management may just fire you again.]


Language said...

Hang in there, Mr. Met, the Mets are back up to .500!

The Daily Growler said...

Hey, Wow, thanks Mr. Language--are you a Espignol? You sound pretty cool. I'm hangin', pal. Let's Go Mets!

Mr. Met