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Living in New York City: British Imperialism Still With Us--the U.S. That Is!

Foto by tgw, "Tank Tops," New York City, 2010
This Time the British Invasion Destroys Our Gulf Coast Ecosystem
British Petroleum. Most US citizens have no idea what British Petroleum used to be. How it came about. Britain totally fucked up the Middle East back during World War I (the war to end all wars--yeah, sure). All the problems in the Middle East today can be traced back to those years. It was at the height of the British Imperialist rape of nearly every country in the modern world. You name a country and if it had any wealth, Britain was soon there with its invasive forces and following behind them its lords and ladies and earls and dukes and royal worthlessnesses--and jogging along behind this flotilla of fops came its assayers and geologists and anthropologists and archaeologists and technical geeks and linguists and economists and philosophers and Scotland Yarders and MI spies and assassins and the weakkneed and weakblooded members of its "I Say, Old Chap" diplomatic corps. At the beginning of the 20th Century, after the Brits had evolved their Industrial Revolution into a Global Marketplace, plus the Isles were running out of coal, the British Imperial Forces went looking about desperately for alternative fuel. What alternative fuel was there? Some pronounced it "Earl." What it was was OIL.

WE the PEOPLE of the USA are being sold down the river for OIL. Our world as we once knew it is being sucked dry of its main lubricant. Why are there huge underground deposits of crude oil? Of natural gas? Of methane? What do they have to do with the planet earth? Could it be a cooling protection between the surface of the planet and its molten rock burning-hell core? Could we suddenly be having more and more earth-shattering earthquakes and overexploding volcanoes (another huge eruption this week in Guatemala) because we're sucking the oil out of the earth's soul? The earth is alive. We stupid-ass dumbass human beings have no conception at all of the earth being alive. Most of us dumbass human monkeys believe the world was created by a pantheon of huge monkey men who live in some distant spacious paradise (Monkey House) hanging far out in some universal cosmos. Nearly all of these dumbass human monkeys believe the earth is possessed by gods and goddesses some of whom are good and others of whom are very evil bastards. These dopey human monkeys, as we said, can't conceive of the earth living. Can't conceive of it breathing. The earth has lungs. The earth has a nervous system--electromagnetic fields, etc. The earth has an equilibrium. The earth has inner-ears and inner-ear balancing as it spins outrageously fast as it runs around the track we call its orbit. Human monkeys can't believe that the earth has a circulatory system and that its blood is water (why don't oil and water mix?). They can't believe the earth gets sick sometimes. That it has to throw up occasionally. Or fart...big huge gas pockets explode as the earth farts. And some human monkeys, the dumbest of all animals, currently believe the planet is flat. Flat earthers. And somewhere, in some pocket of unexposed ignorance, some human monkeys still believe the sun sails around us and not vice versa.

Here's a little BP history from its Wikipedia entry.

In May 1901, William Knox D'Arcy was granted a concession by the Shah of Iran to search for oil which he discovered in May 1908.[7] This was the first commercially significant find in the Middle East. On 14 April 1909, the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) was incorporated to exploit this.[7] In 1923, the company secretly gave £5,000 to future Prime Minister Winston Churchill to lobby the British government to allow them to monopolise Persian oil resources.[8] In 1935, it became the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC).[7]

After World War II, AIOC and the Iranian government initially resisted nationalist pressure to revise AIOC's concession terms still further in Iran's favour. But in March 1951, the pro-western Prime Minister Ali Razmara was assassinated.[9] The Majlis of Iran (parliament) elected a nationalist, Mohammed Mossadeq, as prime minister. In April, the Majlis nationalised the oil industry by unanimous vote.[10] The National Iranian Oil Company was formed as a result, displacing the AIOC.[11] The AIOC withdrew its management from Iran, and organised an effective boycott of Iranian oil. The British government - which owned the AIOC - contested the nationalisation at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, but its complaint was dismissed.[12]

By spring of 1953, incoming U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorised the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to organise a coup against the Mossadeq government with support from the British government.[13] On 19 August 1953, Mossadeq was forced from office by the CIA conspiracy, involving the Shah and the Iranian military, and known by its codename, Operation Ajax.[13]

Why lookie, lookie, lookie...Iran enters the spotlight. Seems like Ike Eisenhower was out playing golf or else having another heart attack when all of this was going down and he adlepatedly approved it--the Dulles Brothers, John Foster and Allan, were in charge of the world at that time. John Foster Dulles gave us the "domino theory," the Cold War, and designated us as the World's Policemen. His brother Allan, gave us the Central Intelligence Agency. Even Ike admitted when he finally left office after 8 years of playing golf and having heart attacks that we should get rid of the CIA.

But we didn't, instead, we gave the CIA a blank check in terms of expenditures. We gave them their own Constitution and set of rules and laws; we gave them powers beyond belief. As an organization, the Central Intelligence Agency has gone about the world being assholes, pricks, exceedingly cruel ignorant motherfuckers (and, yes, everybody in the CIA would fuck his or her mother if the Big Cheese (Leon Panetta currently--a Clintonista) sends down that directive). They've assassinated heads of state (Allende in Chile); they've overthrown governments (Mossadeq in Iran--see above History of BP); they failed to assassinate Fidel Castro by sending him exploding cigars; they failed big time in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, though they may have, some have said, succeeded in assassinating the President of the US at the time, Johnny Boy We Hardly Knew Ye Fitzgerald Kennedy. Allan Ginsberg through Freedom of Information Act-retrieved documents proved that the CIA and the Mafia worked hand-in-hand in the US and Cuba--along with the big sugar companies and the oil companies--yes, there's oil in Cuba--around Cuba's shoreline. Ironically, though President Obama only a week or so ago forbade American oil companies from signing lease agreements with Cuba to drill off their coast, after the BP well explosion was obviously totally out of control, he recalled that forbiddance and American oil companies (BP and Shell included) are in old Habana now making offshore drilling deals with Raul Castro.

We are desperate for OIL! We the People of the US will start a nuclear war if we don't get control of the world's oil.
I watched clips of the many many Memorial Day parades going on around the TriState area. The march organizers proudly declared they were honoring our HEROES! Our losing heroes. Our volunteer army heroes! Our murdering heroes. Consider this: in Afghanistan only a month ago, 5 or 6 of our HEROES murdered in cold blood two pregnant Afghan women and 2 small girl children who were with them. In an attempt to cover up their crime, these American heroes tied the dead womens's and girls's hands behind their backs, shot them again in the back of their heads, and reported to their officers the Talliban had killed these women and they had simply found them that way. Too bad for those heroes but a camera was on them the whole time they were being heroes. That's the heroes we are honoring today. Protectors of our freedoms! What freedoms?, I shout at the stupid, ignorant, moronic asshole television news commentators all day today as they praised our heroic troops all around the world--yeah, in 150 countries--so powerful, the new Japanese prime minister went ahead against the will of the Okinawans and gave an extended lease to the US military forces on Okinawa. The problem our brave heroes face on Okinawa is their insatiable need to rape young Okinawan girls and maybe accidentally kill a few of them, too, in the process. Nookie. That's where the word comes from.

I didn't see Lyndie Englund marching in any of today's Hero Parades; or Jessica Lynch--anybody remember who Jessica Dawn Lynch was?

And who else was our vaunted, numskull, idiot news commentators declaring heroes today: why the mighty men at British Petroleum who, by God, were giving it their best--and these are highly technological guys, don't ya see--trying to find a solution to this MILD oil LEAK in our Gulf Coast waters--120 miles south of New Orleans--adding occasionally that so far the oil hasn't spread as rapidly and as far as the terrorist Green Peace people are hollering that it has; or the doomsayers who are going down there protesting BP and demanding the whole slew of these dumbass British assholes and their American partners be arrested and thrown in a Louisiana slammer--throw them in Angola, back in those special cells White Louisianans save for incorrigible Black prisoners. The protesters are the ones, however, getting arrested as "property violators." And, yes, all day today on Hero Day, the talking heads were defending BP. "This is a problem that these highly technical-minded men have the grasp of; it's just gonna take time. Eventually, yes, BP will cap this well and then we can with a clear head, over the accusations, see the truth of just how serious this LEAK is."

The BP technicians are as dumbass as their executives. BP's too big to fail, so don't worry about them going under. President Obama rather than nationalizing their holdings in the US will give them umbrage--and tell them, don't worry, we'll give you those offshore Alaskan drilling rights--don't worry.

That oil is We the People's oil isn't it? It's national oil. Yet, we reap no profits off our oil. Who does? Ask the Governors of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas--who the hell is reaping the huge profits these oil companies are making off siphoning off our offshore oil--BP a British company and Shell a Dutch company draining off billions of oil profits away from the US and into offshore holding companies and into their offshore bank accounts. Did you know most of these offshore banks are British banks?

And we have Brits judging our amateur music and dance contests that are currently providing most of our commercial (pop) entertainers--I read yesterday where three or four of the amateur dancers on the Great American Dance Contest or whatever it's called, have gotten their own roles on television series as actors. Even the runners up on American Idol (the brainchild of the Brit Simon Cowell who originated the same show in England--brought overhere by that great American patriot, Aussie asshole, Rupert Murdoch) have successful singing careers now thanks to that show. Carrie Underwood, who can't carry a tune in a bucket, is currently the reigning Hillbilly queen--topping the charts with every boring monotonous hillbilly warbling diddy she comes up with--off pitch--even with Pro-Tools in her mics.

All over NYC television are British hucksters; young British women commenting on fashion and food; even one of the "designers" on that Eccentric Home Makeover show, where these actors build these fabulous houses for the lucky down-on-their-luck just plain folks, is a Brit fop with such Queeny-foppish gestures and attitudes; ironically a plethora of British chefs are getting top jobs in some of our fanciest restaurants, ironic because you ask anybody the world's worst cuisine and they're gonna in unison say, "England! Scotland! Ireland!"; Brits commentating on the US PGA golf tour--a tour now being dominated by Aussies, South Africans, and Brits--none of them Black--I believe Tiger Woods may be the only Black player on the US tour right now. CBS golf is dominated by Brit announcers like Nick Faldo and David Ferriday. Even Kevin Trudeau uses a Brit named Chloe on one of his phony interview shows where he's hustling his many books on cures, getting rich, and his latest set of CDs that will teach you how to become so confident you'll soon be a big player in world affairs.
And coming up--CHECK THIS OUT--OKRA...opps, I mean, Oprah (today's Oppie of Mayberry)
--Oprah Winfrey has an exclusive interview coming soon (tomorrow I think) with the Duchess of York, Fergie, where Fergie's gonna spill the beans on her "row" with the Royal HighassDumbass British Royal Flamers--what a rotten lot they are, too. The good Queen "Wobbling Drunk" Liz; old pompous Prince Fullofhimself Filledup; the heir to the throne Prince Charley (out fucking Camilla Parker Bowels in the fields while his wife then, Diana (America's Princess--that still makes me puke; and for further puking, give a listen to Sir Elton Yawn's "Blowjob in the Wind"), was out fucking the stable hands in the Royal Stables and Outhouses); and this Prince dumbcluck's two worthless sons, Prince "Kaiser" Wilhelm and the dapper (especially in his full-dress Nazi uniform) Prince Hairy (ooooh, all the teenage girls shriek with giddy sexual stirrings that let them dream of being his princess).
I confess. I hate the British. I'd rather sup with a German than a Brit. And I'm not so friendly with the Germans either.

Orwell (oh well), I got that off my USA/All American chest.

Happy Decoration Day, Fellow Colonialists!

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