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Living in New York City: Checkin' Out the Yahoos

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2010
"I'm Surrounded by Yahoos"
I'm ruled by Yahoos. The King of the Yahoos here in New York "Turning-Into-Yahoo-City" City, our brilliant, blessed, billionaire Mayor Mike "Because I'm Rich I Know What's Good For the Poor" Bloomberg. Mr. Privatize. A Democrat one year. A Republican one year. An Independent suddenly. Now back to furthering Republicanism. Capitalism is Holy to guys like Mike. It is sacred. It is the true Word of their Living God: Moolah! Money. "BECAUSE I'M RICH I'M WISE." PRIVATIZE!!! Privatize the public sectors. Privatize the public. Turn the public into addicted consumers. And, yes, Yahoos are loyal consumers. Even when they don't have a pot to piss in they consume. They faithfully go into debt in order to keep consuming at record paces. Record debt. But DEBT is sacred under the Word of the Capitalist God. Debt means you've promised to sell your soul to a too-big-to-fail bank. Banks control most of the credit cards, too; so if you owe big bucks on your Visa card, you are in debt to some too-big-to-fail bank. A bank whose vile deeds and evil shenanigans are supported ignorantly rampant by the US Yahoo majority! The Yahoo Republicans are currently blocking any bill proposed that would reregulate the financial industry. Put it under severe limitations. Why are the Republicans blocking this? Because the Power Elite of the Republican Party make their campaign contribution livings from the same big-money crowd the Democratic Party make their campaign contribution livings from. As Ralph Nadir has always said, there is no difference in our political parties. The Democrats are scared to death of Republicans because traditionally Republicans control the nations wealth. The only power the Democrats had was they somehow got the reputation under Franklin D. Roosevelt (another Power Elite rich fop) of being the party of We the People. They somehow got the reputation of being the party of change. The party of the LEFT.

Billionaires (and/or millionaires) have traditionally been Bush-like Republicans. Or, put it this way, the Republican Party has been in the hands of the wealthiest Americans (bankers, Wall Street firms, insurance companies, industrialists, excessively rich men) since their revolution from being the party of We the People (Honest Abe Lincoln was a Republican--his Republican Party was a Unionist party--"United we stand; divided we fall") to being the party of those of our richest men and our most profitable industries those who are too big to fail. It was transformed from the party of the Union to the party of the corporations who back in the late XIXth Century were made "citizens of the USA" same as you and me by the then truly dunderheaded legal Yahoos of the then Supreme Court. The Supreme Court that backed the barbaric Jim Crow laws of the White South, the original States Rights states; the same Supreme Court that said poll taxes were all-American--and that if an American was black, he was too damn dumb and lazy to vote--therefore, the States are Right in denying Blacks the States Rights to vote--and voting is still under control of the individual states (that's how Jeb Bush stole the election of 2000 for his dumbass brother, G.W.). Under States Rights, Rand Paul is right in reasoning that if a White man wants to keep a Black man out of his restaurant, hey, that's his private property and by God, that White man has a right to say who or who can't come on his property, whether to eat or perhaps try and use one of his private White-only restrooms [this would certainly be a Libertarian way of thinking; it's the same a legalizing marijuana is to these guys]. Remember Lester Maddox and his axe handle he carried around his chicken restaurant with which he said he was going to enforce his Georgia-States-Rights that gave him the God-blessed right to deny service in his fried chicken joint to any son of a bitch he pleased, be he Northern White, all Blacks, all Latinos (especially Mexicans), all Injuns, whether Chiefs or squaws, or any handicapped person (like Gays and Lesbians). Lester Maddox, by the way, was a Democrat. So was George Wallace a Democrat. As I've said over and over, among most of the Deep South Republicans now in Congress at one time either themselves or certainly their families were Democrats. Ironically, and this is a nation filled with ironies--it's a very hypocritical nation, it was a Southern Democrat, Lyndon Johnson, who signed the Civil Rights Act into law and who started the Job Corps and who warred not on Muslim terrorists but on poverty--though the Georgia-based military industrial complex finally overwhelmed Lyndon and through their back-room shenanigans, death threats, whatever, we'll never know, forced Lyndon to demolish his War on Poverty in favor of the staged and lied (Gulf of Tonkin incident) into existence Vietnam War.

To be in debt big time is pure Yahoo. Being a consumer is Yahoo. Wearing polyester is Yahoo. Buying things at a Disney Store or a Warner Bros. Store is very Yahoo. Shopping at Yahoo-founded-and-owned Wal-Mart stores is very chic Yahoo. Wearing the stuff you buy at a Disney Store is double Yahoo. Spending 75 million dollars in one week going to a Shrek movie is triple Yahoo. Yahoos would give Shrek, the cartoon character, an Academy Award for his acting. Yahoos are unable to tell the difference between a cartoon character and a real person. Thus, Yahoos are totally mesmerized by celebrities of all kinds. It is Yahoos who buy Dan Brown's utterly insane Christian-disappearance novels. [Hey, Dan, why not in the spirit of that great Christian theologian, Jim Jones, write one of your Christian-disappearance novels in which Jesus reincarnated in the body of a Jim Jones-like character tells all Christians if they are truly Christians to partake of the Holy Kool Aid and get the fuck off this beautiful and heavenly-to-me planet.]

Only when Yahoos begin to feel the bootheel of oppression on the backs of their necks do they revolt! Look how long it took the rebel intellectuals to figure out how to rouse the peasants of Russia to finally rise up and overthrow the Czarist rule and oppression. As Ortega y Gasset said, the revolutionaries aren't wanting to change the preexisting system. Instead, they are wanting a whole new system. A whole new set of rules to play by. That's what CHANGE means to people trying to live on pocket change in a folding-money world. The change they want is not more of the same reregulated or refinanced bullshit. They want a break from the same ole same ole. Even the teabaggers are right in their accusing our government of being too big to work--so big it's sure to fail. Of course, I'm so radically minded at the moment, I'm for two separate countries in this one country--a North United States and a South United States. Of course the South United States would include West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California, too. It would also include Idaho, the Dakotas, Northern Michigan, and probably Kansas, Missouri, and Indiana.

One problem the commercial culture has created in Yahoo minds: they faithfully with God-like devotion believe every huckster coming up and down the pike if he sort of guarantees them a straight and easy-as-pie-in-the-sky path to an unguarded pot of gold. If some fakir tells them in dulcet tones that following and worshiping his scam will MAKE THEM RICH they will fall sucker to it. Especially now since they see how easy it is for Yahoos to become overnight billionaires making billions of dollars off whims, trends, and mystically big-bucks-directing softwares these days. As one teevee ad tells Yahoos, "Why all you dumbass gullible (Gulliver?) Yahoos have to do to get rich is invent something--like a new kind of claw hammer, a new type of clothespin--or how about a new style diaper for adults with bladder-control problems."

Or go-getter-type Yahoos highly worship and respect that little dinky squeaky prick of a guy whose infomercials that run 24/7 on the cheap channels tell wide-eyed Yahoos if they pay him big bucks for his get-rich-quick-foreclosure-real-estate-no-down-payment-buying scheme, why, shucks, just like Jack and Helen Mudflap of Seven Slugs, California, or Prince and Patty Ugmug of Fool's Flats, New York, they'll be within a week or two buying up all these fantastic foreclosure bargains one day and reselling the next day for big-buck profits--and for no out-of-pocket money on their part.

Or there's Kevin Trudeau, the baby-face huckster who is so sincere he's a plastic kewpie doll he's so sweet. Kevin, who started off teaching people how to memorize a roomful of people's names, is now selling you a chance to join (at a 70% discount) something Kevin calls The Brotherhood. These several DVDs old Kevin's slickster creative services department put together came about after good old Kevin sponsored a special secret conference of his own based on what he had learned in this Brotherhood held in the Tyrolean Alps where he swore people (the world's big shots we assume) paid him $10,000 a piece to have him teach them this sure way to success he learned while he was a paying member of this secret out-in-the-woods-somewhere Brotherhood. This $10,000 conference teaches the Yahoo suckers who fall for this shit how to become invincible with self-confidence enough to take on whatever venture they get in their minds to succeed at--and, damn, within a few weeks, all these big wigs who attended Kevin's Alpine conference were rolling in 10 times the $10,000 the conference had set them back--and not long after that, they start arriving at the marina in Monte Carlo on their brand new custom-designed and -built private yachts. And there's Kevin sweetly suckering you into this hush-hush secret bullshit he's peddling that you, special viewer, are going to be able to buy at a 70% discount. Now since Kevin never gives us an original retail selling price to discount 70% from, we again must be assumptive and assume the 70% comes off the original cost of Kevin's Alpine conference--which means 70% off $10,000, which means Kevin's gonna bill your dumb ass $3,000 on your credit card if you fall for this invented scheme of his--plus shipping and handling and a Swiss luxury tax.

Yep, if you wanna get rich quick, then come up with your own get-rich-quick scheme. No-down-payment real estate schemes must work. I remember the golden days of that scam--remember Ed Beckley the Iowa schoolteacher and his no-down-payment-real-estate scam? Ed eventually went bankrupt, but in the meantime, he was driving a god-damn Bentley around Des Moines, Iowa, and eating corn-fed Omaha steaks by the plattersful--a very impressive lifestyle bankrupt or not to his corn-fed Iowa neighbors who are all mostly going bankrupt, too.

From ZeroMillions:

Ed Beckley was another real estate shark who hawked a course called Ed Beckley’s Home Study Course of No Down Payment Real Estate. However, Ed Beckley would give sharks a bad name.

His seminars were misleading from the get go. Home Business Technologies, Inc., which was Ed Beckley’s business didn’t sound like a real estate sermon, but it was. The advice of Ed Beckley’s presenters led me to believe that my financial ruin was their primary concern. I certainly didn’t learn anything about technology.

Do not touch anything with Ed Beckley’s name on it.

I watch television, not because I find it elevating but because I find it so controlling over the beliefs of the ignorant. It blatantly promotes consumerism and thereby it promotes DEBT. It also promotes the Yahoo belief that because the RICH are RICH they are our wisest people and therefore should be our rulers, our privileged class, our upperclass, our consultants, our spiritual leaders, our moral leaders, our ROYALTY! We shouldn't bother them with laws and regulations and law suits and malpractice suits and charges of fraud or lying or stealing or being deceitful. They are our ELITE. These are the heroes Yahoos strive to emulate.

Television tells me, and I've lived in New York City 41 years, i.e, most of my life, that the greatest New Yorkers ever currently are Rudi Guiliani, Donald Trump, Joan Rivers, His Highass Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Bernard Keric, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, John Gotti, John Gotti, Jr., and John Gotti's daughter--and I fall to the floor of my one-room apartment that because of our Yahoo-deluxe mayor and his raising-the-tax-base scheme I pay way too much rent for--an oppression by the rich on me right there--and face down, Muslim-at-prayer-like, I wail against the oppressions being piled atop my revolutionary ass! Like those early great American White colonists used to put stones, heavier and heavier with each stone, on the chests until they suffocated of the many female witches they began with the help of God himself uncovering back in the wild 17th Century--or, ah what justice, if they survived say a two-ton block of New England granite on their chests--you know, didn't suffocate, didn't die--that would be divine proof they weren't witches! This barbarous practice is proudly dutifully noted in the White history of the USA. It happened, of course, in the township of Salem in the very fundamental Christian colony these folks named the Great Bay Colony of Massachusetts. (Wasn't it even more humble of these early White Christian Americans to name their colony after the savages they had to wipe out in order to fulfill the orders from their Lord and Master Jehovah (it can be translated into meaning "Allah"--"the one and only God")? Those divine orders that commanded these kicked-out-of-Anglican-England Christian Pilgrims to, by God, by hook, crook, or genocide establish a Righteous Ten-Commandment-Obeying Christian colony in this Land of the Savage Red Man, that lesser-than-man beast made in the image of his Red God, Old Ned Satan himself, a Red Man, too, in most Christian artistic depictions of His Hadean Holiness, certainly a sensible depiction since the evilest dude on earth's headquarters is in the pits of holy burning Hell, known as the Lake of Fire to Christians like those early White patriots in our Great State of Massachusetts, the state in which my billionaire, more-pious-than-thou-'cause-I'm-one-rich-motherfucker, mall-mad mayor was born. How's that for a sentence?)

To Yahoos, yes, Rudi, Bernie Keric, the Gotti Family, Donald Trump, Joan Rivers, Ray Kelly, the NYPD, our billionaire mayor are New York City makers and breakers, while to me, these phony two-faced bastards are New York City's worst enemies. To me, as a revolutionary, these rich fools (yes, they're Yahoos--and to me the Queen of England is a Yahoo--to me the Kennedys and the Rockefellers are all Yahoos) have to go--they have to disappear.

For instance, look about this great old true Metropolis (know what it means?) at how many old thriving neighborhoods Donald Trump has disrupted and eventually destroyed by building hi-rise luxury condos and hi-rise luxury hotels in them. Housing and tourist quarters only Trump's rich-as-sin patrons, mortgage holders, hedge-fund investors, his celebrity pals like P Diddly Diddle and his illegitimate children can afford. So these rich fuckers can come to Manhattan and keep their slovenly but leisure-class lifestyles up while paying millions of dollars a month in some cases for the privilege of having the ultra-wide-angle views and privilege of living on the top floors of New York City--away, safe up in the clouds above the riff-raff! "The riff raff will never be able to gain access to our high floors!" "No, not unless they hijack a couple of airliners and fly those motherfuckers into your high floors one morning while you're indulging in your champagne breakfast," I reply in my raucous revolutionary loud voice.

On television, too, Yahoos are made aware of what are ruled by those who fake us out of our money as Yahoo status symbols--like overpriced automobiles. I love, since the US has pretty much given its automobile industry away, how foreign-made automobiles are suddenly discovering the Yahoo as a sucker for a chance to own an automobile he can afford to buy on time payments--go into debt for. For instance, there is a foreign-made automobile company that has purposely targeted the US Yahoo automobile market by commercially announcing that they are patriotically proudly saying they are now making their foreign-made automobiles in West Point, Georgia. No, that's not the Asian Republic of Georgia but the US State of Gawjuh down thar in the South end of the Good Ole USA. Yassuh, boss, the State of Gawjuh of Uncle Remus and Lester Maddox and Jimmy Cah-ter and Billy Cah-ter and Newtie Gingrich and the Olympics where the WHITE terrorist tried to blow up American citizens--did our crack FBI or CIA ever find out who really did set that bomb off?--I remember how it wasn't the guy they arrested and tortured for it. Gawjuh is also going to be the home or our next new nuclear power plant--yes, that's the Georgia where this foreign-made car is now building a billion-dollar plant. And the foreign-made automobile that's going to be "built" (read: assembled) in this huge new plant in West Point, Georgia? Why it's the Kia! The Kia! The Kia? Who the hell makes these Kias? Why, think a minute, Kias were originally Korean cardboard cars. At one time voted the most unsafe cars on any country's highways. Now these little Matchbox toy cars are going to be "made" (again read: assembled) in West Point, Georgia, out of parts made in China, Japan, or Korea and shipped to this country tariff free. Tariff free thanks to We the People's many free trade agreements. Remember, it was the old still-Yahoo-adored Patriotic (he gave us the Patriot Act) Bill Clinton (a draft dodger, by the way), a Yahoo, who gave us those wonderful economy-wrecking free-trade agreements and GATT and the WTO. Remember the Slick One saying NAFTA would create 300,000 new jobs in this country alone?--and oh how it would benefit our dear friends the Mexicans, whose banking system and money situation Uncle Billy Jeff and the US government controlled through the finagling of his Goldman-Sachs money advisers, the brilliant Yahoo economist (kin to Paul Samuelson) Larry Summers and the brilliant Yahoo pirate Robert Rubin (still alive and well at Goldman-Sachs--Robert got a 300-million-dollar bonus last year--tax free, by the way, due to the rich boy and girl loopholes in our full-of-holes-for-the-rich tax laws). Dig this, Yahoos, here's where the name Kia comes from (Kia, by the way, went bankrupt in 1997--they were bailed out by Hyundai, another Korean car builder, who outbid Ford for them--check out Ford's new Encore; it looks just like a Kia Soul (read: Seoul)):

According to Kia Motors, the name "Kia" derives from the Sino-Korean words ki ("to come out") and a (which stands for Asia), it is roughly translated as "arise or come up out of Asia" or "rising out of Asia"

Sort of reminds me of the "Rising Sun" icon of the Imperial Japanese. Well, then, it should since the Japanese ruled the Koreans with a rather ruthless iron hand for many pre-WWII years. Kia Motors started out making bicycle parts--which is why Kia's television commercial about this Georgia plant starts out with a little Gawjuh White boy dressed as though he were Opie of Mayberry riding up to this new Kia plant on a 50s-era bicycle.
The 2010 KIA "Soul" (for Seoul, I think, and not what Ray Charles sang). Wow, look what's rising out of Asia!

So you see television if you watch it empirically reveals so much truth to you--LIES are built out of truths, aren't they? "For the ultimate in design...." The KIA commercials say. Does that car above look like the ultimate in design? "Safety first." You know they're really saying: "You are warned, these little cardboard cars are about the most unsafe little crackerboxes you could force yourself into and then drive out onto the killing floor of a major US highway." Sure, they're cute little cars to bicycle around Seoul, South Korea (Do Yahoos know why it's called South Korea?) in, but I wouldn't want to drive one say in Miami or how about on the Santa Monica Freeway--or on the New Jersey Turnpike--or down the Taconic Parkway!
Can I say Obama is looking more and more like a Yahoo every day and not be thrown in the dirty clothes hamper with the Teabaggers? Like Obama continues to kowtow to the right-wing (minority) elements in this country. He continues to try and compromise his way to some middle of the road he has in his head, which to me is the middle of the far right road and bears not even a distant resemblance to the employment-opportunity road of Change, "Yes We Can," he promised he would steer us down should we grass-roots types put him in the White Man's House. Plus, I recently heard a doomsayer on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now report that Obama was seriously considering reducing future Social Security payments--not on the worthless old folks who are currently on it, but cutting the payments on those just now coming on. He swore when he was running for the presidency--in amongst his promises to back a single-payor universal healthcare and to close down Guantanamo...and to bring our troops totally out of Iraq within 3 months after he took office.

Just yesterday, Obama, the son of a bitch, caved in to the Arizona nutjob Whites and ordered 3,000 more National Guardsmen to the border to protect us from the Mexican drug cartels--those who get most of their money, trade, and weapons from the USA (we are the largest gun dealers in the world). He says he's opposed to Arizona's new White folks law that allows White folks to spot a sorry, sleazy Wetback Mexican and turn him or her (doesn't matter if it's a pregnant mother with 3 children born in the US) in to the White police where they turn them over to ICE, that decent and good-natured illegal immigrant collecting agency who take great patriotic pleasure in locking up a family of sleazy, scumbag, lazy Mexican Wetbacks for months without representation, maybe beatin' 'em some with nightsticks or playing loud White rock music in their cells all night long--and then get the patriotic pleasure of deporting their worthless asses back to Mexico where they fucking came from, the dirty bastards. How dare they take jobs away from White Patriotic Americans like John McCain. And oh what a gracious kind man John McCain is. He welcomed Obama sending some poor old tired worn-out National Guardsmen to our border--along with a cool 300 million, too, or did I forget to add that? But Honest John the Shot-Down Flyboy added, that what Obama was sending wasn't enough. He wants 3,000 more National Guardsmen and more than 300 million bucks; more like 500 million. "Hey, my Arizona White compadres why don't we use that great German Christian Adolph Hitler's way of riding a state of unwanted human beings! Start building those ovens, John McCain. You and Sarah Palin can fire them up and barbecue the first load of filthy, unwashed, Catholic Messkins--those defiant little bastards who are sneaking across our fenced-in border and stealing jobs from us, stealing chickens from out of our hen houses, drooling in lust over our White women, etc. I thought that billion-dollar fence and that billion-dollar spy-camera contract with Boeing was gonna be enough to stop these unwashed pests from flocking into this country. Obama did proudly announce during his campaign that he was for continuing to build this fence that G.W. Bush's highly intelligent Yahoo consultants came up with. How ironic is it that it was Ronald Raygun Reagan, our Alzheimer's poster boy president, who is given archangelic praise as the man who told Gorbachev to "tear down that wall." Remember when Ross Perot ran for president one of his solutions to racial problems was to build fences around their neighborhoods! I mean, come on, Yahoos, Ross Perot was once the richest man in the world, so he must have been right all along. YAHOO!

Let me stop here and define a Yahoo:

Swift describes the Yahoos as vile and savage creatures, filthy and with unpleasant habits, resembling human beings far too closely for the liking of protagonist Lemuel Gulliver, who finds the calm and rational society of intelligent horses, the Houyhnhnms, far preferable. The Yahoos are primitive creatures obsessed with "pretty stones" they find by digging in mud, thus representing the distasteful materialism and ignorant elitism Swift encountered in Britain. Hence the term "Yahoo" has become synonymous with "cretin," "dinosaur," and/or "Neanderthal."

It is doubtful that there is any connection with any Hebrew roots as it has been proposed by some. The negative use of the Hebrew name Jehu is due to the actions of this ancient king and never in reference to the original meaning of the name.

This is from "Yahoos" in Wikipedia. That last part is interesting. Yehudi. I first heard "Yehudi" used in a Three Stooges short. Moe is a doctor and Larry and Curly are his assistants. After a series of schticks involving Moe asking for various surgical instruments--one I recall was an "Annapannapoonatang" (I'm sure Moe wasn't deviously working the word "poon tang" into that reference...or was he?)--suddenly Moe removes the troubling organ with a cry of "Yehudi!" As a kid for weeks after that I went about saying, "Yehudi!" every time I accomplished a task. Then I got into classical music and was introduced to Yehudi Menuhin and then I was confused. So, did Jonathan Swift mean Yahoo as a parody on the Hebrew proper name? Was Jonathan Swift an antiSemite? Wikipedia seems to clear Swift of such charges.

For what I consider the ultimate of trying to discover from whence Swift got the name Yahoo for so despicable of human-like beings, here's a site that will knock your socks off in terms of one man having the free time to do such literary research, though I can surely believe Swift may have known a dabbling of Sanskrit.


Ah, what would we do without linquists?

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