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A "Strange" Man Is Dead

Robert Strange McNamara Is Dead at 92
Death dealer/war-strategy planner/death dealer Robert Strange McNamara is dead. Robert's "civil service" career started off near the end of WWII when Lt. Col. Bob worked for General Curtis "Bomb 'em Back to the Stone Age" LeMay during the fire bombing of Tokyo, a bombing that literally burned alive (and McNamara later admitted this) several hundred thousand Japanese men, women, children, dogs, cats, zoo animals, it didn't matter to the USA, we were mad bombing our way to a victory in the South Pacific over the "Imperial" forces of Japan, under their God-blessed Emperor, Hirohito, a guy we let live on in relative splendor after the war--though we hanged by the neck the military end of this sacred human being's God-blessed Imperial war machine.
Tokyo, after Gen. Curtis Le May and his B.B.A. Harvard sidekick, Bob Strange McNamara, got finished with it. We "bombed 'em back to the Stone Age."

Old Lt. Col. Bob later admitted in one of his "forgive me" books that this fire bombing had even shook up old unshakable Curtis LeMay--Bob said the General couldn't sleep at night worrying over what his bombing orders had done. Yeah sure, Bob. I'm sure you guys were really repentant as you joshed and jived about "frying all that Jap ass" watching the results of your homocide in the safety of a cosy well-supplied with cigars and fine wine war room!

Robert Strange McNamara came from California with a banjo on his knee, graduating with a B.A. degree from Berkeley and from there rise on up to become a whiz-kid grad of the Harvard Business School. Yep, he's a member of the Power Elite. They can do no wrong remember. The Power Elite does not make mistakes. Good and Evil doesn't exist in their lingo. Winning is all they know. Losing to them is just a fixable problem with winning. That's what they're taught at the Harvard Business School. Win/win. Robert McNamara was a win/win bright boy. Yep, he got all the shit down fast; he was a speed learner grasping long fly ball concepts with relative Willie-Mays ease; he was tricky in logic; and he could score A's with celerity in everything he did he was so bright! A Best and Brightest, the Power Elite honoring highly competitive whiz kids--ruthless little bastards with no morals at all easily conditioned in Capitalist propaganda and warmongering for profits and territorial (imperial) gain. After Berkeley, after Harvard, after becoming a Lt. Col. in WWII, the very righteously thought-of Irish bootlegger's son, JFK, called Strange, a Repugnican, to Washington, District of Corruption, where he named Strange as his Sec'y of Defense; thus, along with a creepy career diplomat named McGeorge Bundy, Bob became a great military policy maker; why, he came up with such great win/win things as The Bay of Pigs! Then he was hailed as the "architect" of the fabulously wise and lied about Vietnam War. When JFK was blown away (probably by a collaboration between the Mafia and the CIA) Strange stayed on to become Lyndon "Big Balls" Johnson's Sec'y of Defense. B.B.A. Bob, Lt. Col. Bob "Bombs Away" McNamara put into practice all he'd learned under the tutelage of Gen. Curtis LeMay and soon the USA was bombing the bejesus out of Vietnam from stem (Hanoi) to stern, Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City, proof we didn't WIN that war) and the Mekong River. Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bob sang "Bomb Vietnam" like John "Vietnam Nutjob" McCain sang "Bomb, Bomb Iran!"
"Hello, Vietnam!" Here come Bob Strange McNamara's bombin' fools to bomb Vietnam back to the Stone Age!
The results of Bob Strange McNamara's win/win, Harvard B.B.A.-taught, war-winning strategy in Vietnam. First you bomb the bejesus out of them then you send in Lt. Calley and the clean-up squad to blow away the remainder of those wily VietCong soldiers, as seen running from the US clean-up squad heroes coming after their little gook asses! Behind these fleeing Cong "terrorists," one US soldier is saying to the other, "You wanna blow away that little gook pussy or do I get the pleasure?" That's a fucking sad photo, don't ya think? That's the reality of WAR.

We lost over 50,000 young men in the Vietnam War (a war started by lies and ruthless skulduggery--like "Search and Destroy Missions" and backing and then whacking at will South Vietnam military dictators--the irony, Ho Chi Minh was more democratic than any South Vietnam "president" our military put into power--one of whom, General Ky, was, last I heard, still living a good life in Southern California). Vietnam lost way over untold millions (Colon's Pal and General Westmoreland admitted to "around 2 million" after we stopped counting Vietnamese dead) men, women, children, dogs, cats, chickens, canaries, etc. We Agent Oranged (made by the Power Elite Dupont Family) all their forests and farmlands. Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb. You know how many tons of bombs we dropped on Vietnam and Cambodia in that stupid Power Elitists's play-station war?

6,727,084 tons of bombs dropped on Indo China by the US during the Vietnam War.
from Vietnam Veterans Supporting Veterans

2,700,000 tons dropped by Allies in European theater
656,400 tons dropped by Allies in Pacific war
US Strategic Bombing Survey, 1945

2,756,941 tons of bombs dropped on Cambodia. Full-size map Graph
from zfacts.com/p/679.html

And, yes, Curtis Le May was in the Vietnam War, too. It was during the Vietnam War that he reiterated his "Bomb 'em Back to the Stone Age" theory of military victory! We ended up getting our asses put in a sling in that war. We spent 400 billion dollars in losing the Vietnam War.

You know, Ho Chin Minh came to Harry Truman around 1947 or 48 and told him how much he loved the USA (he was called the George Washington of Vietnam/Ho's Vietnam Constitution is almost word-for-word from our Constitution) and how he helped the USA fight the Japanese in WWII (they occupied Indo-China), and he did!, and how he was seeking help in his fight for Vietnamese independence from the Imperialist French, Indo-China having been a French colony since the 19th Century. But Hairy Ass Truman, the little prick, ignored Ho, and, in fact, instead threw his hat and We the People's endless money behind the loser French. Harry, though he could not have ever been elected in 1948 without the help of the Kansas City Power Elite led by an out-and-out crook named Pendergast, was never a member of the Power Elite. All Power Elitists start out as crooks--the only way you can get filthy rich in the USA is through secret schemings, backroom shenanigans, secret closet-made agreements, under-the-table wheeling-dealing--so though Harry Truman wasn't a Power Elitist himself, he was a Power Elite dickboy--same as, and I'm sorry to say this, President Obama--currently touring Russia with his wife and kids; seeing the world; in his first 6 months in office, he's been around the world a couple of times already! So has his wife. I don't know if I'd risk putting my whole family in jeopardy while flying on Air Force One. Change-minded politicians seem to die in either a hail of bullets or in plane crashes. Obama, in his short, sweet time in office, has already killed via bombs way over 500 helpless and innocent men, women, and children in Pakistan alone with in his unmanned drone flights, which he justifies by saying he's driving the Taliban (never really responsible for anything except giving aid and comfort to Osama bin Laden) back into Pakistan where he'll bomb them back to the Stone Age! Hey, folks, we're winning the war in Afghanistan, according to Bob Strange McNamara logic! War is so lovely; so rewarding; so humanitarian! [By the way, Obama's doing-away-with-nukes agreement with Russia! A farce! A total farce! At most this current treaty, one of two agreements we have with Russia--this one one G.W. Bush, that criminal, made with Putin, will eliminate around 25 nukes from a two-country arsenal of thousands and thousands of nukes. These photo-op trips are just that; Obama invades Russia with his cute family! Please, Obama, wake up and smell the burning flesh like Bob McNamara did in one of his "forgive me" books!]

Bob McNamara was rewarded for helping us lose the Vietnam War by being made head of the US-controlled World Bank! That's where G.W. Bush put Neo-Con Warmonger-and-Planner Paulie Wolfowitz after "Mission Accomplished" proved to be a matter of counting-our-chickens-before-they'd-hatched mistake.

But like Obama says, let's don't look back. Let's go on forward, even though we're driving a Hummer with four flat tires that we're expecting to repair themselves as we plod along throwing palettes loaded with billions of dollars off the back of it to keep the boogiemen away.

I'd suggest, however, that you take a look back at the life of Robert Strange McNamara. There are Robert Strange McNamara's throughout President Obama's administration. These are bottom-line bastards who have no feelings in them for human suffering and human conditions and human deprivations and human displacement. President Obama has this in him, too (Harvard Law School), unfortunately. It's that American Imperial determination; this false belief that we are invincible--that we are a Chosen People same as the Jews!

I watched the Michael Jackson really big shew at the Staples Center--I see where the City of Los Angeles (broke, of course) is bitching about police protection for these Power Elite entertainment industry folks costing so many millions they have opened a Website on which they are begging for donations! Hey, L.A., ask your Grade B movie star Governor to get the money from his wife!

I was impressed with the Jackson family, though they looked too compatible and overgrieved--maybe their meal ticket's death has shook 'em up--they looked very sold-out rich: mom, dad, all the boys--and they trotted out for the finale Michael's little white daughter and she called Michael "Daddy" once and then changed it to "Father." Am I cruel? No, just amazed at the fantasy world our entertainers live in (same one our politicians live in). And I watched the little jumping-up-and-down mostly white wannabes screaming and crying and on their cells screaming pangs of grief out to their little shut-in friends, maybe those stranded at a beach party in Malibu--and I looked at Michael's fans and I thought, wow, amazing, amazing, amazing--the power Michael had--the power to invent himself when he was like 10 or 11 and to stick with that persona, that JackO persona of being perfect while on stage doing the thing he was trained to do, not the same as doing a commercial where you set your skull on fire, but then living in a glass house as soon as he's off the stage--still trying to keep the music going--still trying to keep his youth going! Reinventing several youths over and over in himself; trying to youthfully change his color, to grow up out of that Jackson Five black-youth, that little boy youth--and he did pretty good, though it got freaky after a while--having to change masks--and nobody brought up Michael's love of masks--his love of disguises--his thinking up songs out of his fantasies as he danced along--but there he was, laying in that silver-plated casket, without his brain--an empty skull--though one spokesperson for Michael said they only took a "portion" of his brain not all of it. Maybe they're saving his brain; maybe they'll put it down there in Florida with Ted Williams's head and Walt Disney's whole carcass. One day, they can revive Michael's brain like they're going to do Ted Williams's head...and who knows what will become of it. That's entertainment, folks.

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Marybeth said...

Well, actually Michael's little white daughter said "I just wanted to say that ever since I was born Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine and I just wanted to say I love him so much." So Mr. Spin Doctor, whatever else bad you can say about the Jackson funeral, Michael's daughter did not call him "Daddy" and then change it to "Father". She seemed pretty genuine to me, poor little kid. I lost my father at age 51, 19 months ago and am still traumatized because "I loved him so much"-- yes, I did. I can't imagine what it would have been like to lose him when I was 11. I think Michael Jackson really DID love his children, enough to pay gobs of money to two women he neither loved nor desired to make three babies for him. And I think his children are really hurting. They had no mother, they just had Michael (and various nannies). It's huge to lose your parent when you're a little kid.

The brainless body in the gold plated casket was certainly creepy though. Maybe they'll splice Ted Williams' and Michael Jackson's brains together and give the world its best singing slugger. And THAT'S entertainment, folks!