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The Daily Growler "Insights" Edition
"His intentions were honorable"
We of The Daily Growler observe:
President Obama is trapped in the aura of his speeches.

Think of it as President Obama using his speeches as shields.

Behind the scenes, it looks like to me, is where President Obama is weak and maybe even helpless. These are the "secret" places where all the many shenanigans are being pulled in mechanical motions based on the rules and regulations of that back-room, private-club mentality, these places (K Street, in the think tanks, in the many foundations, the various old boys (white boys) clubs, in Billy Towson's Pharma healthcare lobbying business, in the backrooms of the Federal Reserve, in the advisory committee meetings) where all the promissory notes, IOUs, pay-offs, buyouts, bailouts, campaign finance deals, and the "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" offers are passed around. This ilk of backroom Power Elite players are always in the District of Corruption; they are always in town for these behind-the-scenes rituals...

Like, Obama's administration sticking to Bush's executive privilege scam and keeping all the executive powers they can that this 2-time illegally elected president put into place. For instance, they are not releasing information on who from the healthcare (making profits off disease--profits made by what's called "dumping the sick") industry has been to the White (Man's) House and conferred with President Obama (same as Bush refused to say who was at that oil big shots meeting with Unka Dick, the untamed Neo-Con, affair). In Obama's press conference he lamely excused this "secrecy" as "Well you guys were here taking pictures, so you saw who was here"--then later he said he had released a letter telling who SOME of the big shots were who were there. Don't worry, there were no single-payer advocates there, only healthcare-for-profit dudes, one meeting with Obama 13 times! Keep in mind, too, that Max "Backwards Thinking," Backus, Obama's healthcare advisor and head of the special committee looking into national healthcare, is the largest receiver of contributions from the healthcare-for-profit industry and big Pharmas in Congress (remember, he's from Montana, where most of the land that was stolen from the Native Americans of the region is being grabbed up cheap by Power Elitists like T. Boone "Nat'ral Gas" Pickens, Ted "The Carpenter" Turner (remember when this hick colorized all our old black and white movies?), and celebrity rich, like David Letterman, etc.; one billionaire from Italy bought a whole huge mountain outside of Billings in order to build an outrageously gaudy, conspicuously ostentatious "mansion" all over the top of it, with helicopter pads where his Euro Trash friends can whirlybird in and out for his fabulous trendy parties and wild, wild, La dolce vita weekends--partying hearty on sacred lands that used to belong to Native Americans who are now serving time for not bowing down to the Great White Father's Godly demands--that they either went on these Montana "Injun/Redskin Devils" reservations or they were massacred by the U.S. Calvary--except for the great American general George W. Custer--"Holy Jesus, look at all those fucking Indians!"). By the way, since Max, being a member of Congress, gets free, all-expenses paid healthcare courtesy We the People; that shows these goons are all for socialized medicine as long as it's them that's getting it.

These behind-the-scenes political players are always in Washington, District of Corruption. They stay behind while the President and his "administrators" are out going around the world attending special banquets and then doing photo ops with the jive heads of whatever state or nation or political bailiwick they're in. All this fol de rol followed by one of those beautiful and promising speeches (Joe Biden, our Yahoo-type VP, is still in the Republic of Georgia (from whence came Joe Stalin), kissing the Georgians's ass right under the bald-face nosy eyes of old former KGB goon, Putin in Russia. Why is Joe in Georgia? The answer: OIL, OIL, OIL)(And Hilary was in India the other day carrying out G.W. Bush's trading India nuclear-power-plant building for mangoes! Yep. Hillbilly Hilary, in the name of President Obama, is going right ahead with Bush's plans to give India the very latest in nuclear-power-plant technologies. And you ask why--because we are running out of mangoes? The answer: Hilary Clinton went to India to seal this deal because this deal means 20 billion dollars to both GE and Westinghouse, both nuke plant builders (also warmongers because they build hi-tech-hi-cost military equipment like rockets, missiles, nuclear reactors on submarines), sleazebag corporations who have the nerve to currently be appealing to the Indian Congress to give them impunity should one of these several nuke plants ever blow up and kill a couple'a billion Indians (nobody will miss a billion or so Indians is the Power Elite's way of considering this)(Isn't it ironic how we currently in this country have a ban on building new nuke plants; yet it's OK for India--and Hilary was very proud of this deal in her SPEECH where she said the US was thrilled to be bringing much needed energy power to the poor beastly woggies! Yet, I believe when Hilary was a senator she voiced her opinion she was against building new nuclear power plants in this country--yet, they're alright for India. Of course, if you should ever get to see Bill and Hill's stock portfolio (did you notice no member of Congress got foreclosed on or lost their fortunes in the stock market) you'd see it's jammed full of HMO stocks, and GE and Westinghouse stocks, and Martin-Marietta, and Pfizer, and, of course, Exxon-Mobil--oh, but I forgot, poor Hilary claims she went broke running for president).

Remember how Union Carbide treated the low-life woggies when their safely-American-corporate-built chemical plant blew sky high in Bopol--they never suffered any criminal charges for that; in fact, did they even pay anything to any of those poor Bopolians? Since the incident, like so many American corporations do when they get in trouble, Union Carbide changed their name and now they are spotless as the unpissed-upon driven snow).

And, hey, folks, we get mangoes from India in return.
The best mangoes in the world are grown within the tropical belts of North and South America, especially on islands like Jamaica (noted for their Julies and Bombays) and the Domincan Republic--but, oh no, we have to trade India nuclear secrets to get the mangoes we want. I want to know, who the hell eats that many mangoes in this country! That's how fucking stupid all this shit is.

--It was just (today) announced that Obama's healthcare bill is tabled until the fall. His own party determined this. This is a big defeat for our president. Poor Obama. His speeches are beautiful but they are hollow and full of promises he now realizes he cannot bring to pass.

Obama's strategy was one of bringing his heroes, Lincoln and Reagan, together into a coalition-unity party, a middle-of-the-road coalition of Dumbos and Repugnicans. Lincoln's great speech-making abilities and Reagan's voodoo economic policies kept intact in a trade-off for a new healthcare system. It backfired on Hillbilly Hilary when she tried it under her hubby and it's backfiring on Obama for championing that same old national healthcare. If politics were logical, shouldn't Hilary be the national healthcare advisor? Why Sec'y of State?

-- Like did anyone realize that Obama and the Dumbos have made Uncle Joe LIEberman a major player in Homeland Security?

--There's another back-room shenanigan that I am drawn to believing more and more each day. I think this shenanigan took place during the seemingly interminable presidential election campaigning. As you may not remember, Obama rushed right out and grabbed the spotlight with his brilliant speeches in Iowa--and from right there in the Iowa caucus on he started beating Hillbilly Hill, even though, as Hillbilly and her husband kept insisting, Hilary was winning more states and it looked like to her troop of hangers on that she would do better against the Repugs than a Southside Chicago wet-behind-the-ears senator who was BLACK would. Remember Slick Willie down south trying to play the race card for Hill?

Obama was a winner because of his charisma. Obama was out-slicking the original Slick One. Why Brother Obama was way more charming to the Black and White ladies than Billy Jeff Clinton had been! And Obama does have quite a charismatic presence: he's tall, he's loose, he's friendly, he's a glad-hander, he's mild-mannered, he's certainly good looking, boyishly good looking, just what most women no matter their ages dream of having as their own boy toys, fantasizing about affairs with those charismatic charmers who have a true POWER whether its effective or not!

When Obama comes in a room, he gets immediate attention and favorable respect. And Obama utilizes this perhaps a bit too much, to a point where when it fails to work, he's frustrated, helpless, which means he gets on Air Force One and heads out to make another brilliant speech somewhere. I'm being a bit sarcastic, but, hell, I'm pissed off. This man had a chance to change the world; literally; and he's wimped out, as far as I'm concerned.

And, I think I know why he's wimped out. I don't think it has anything to do with his intentions. His intentions were honorable and maybe they still are, but I don't think he can realize his intentions given the back-room situation in the District of Corruption. Again, I sarcastically emphasize, all advertisements are lies, whether they are advertisements in the commercial press or on teevee or whether they are self-advertisements in beautiful speeches. Since all advertisements are lies, surely then the people who create the advertisements are liars, deluxe liars, as are the people who contract the advertisements to be made! Ah, hell, why am I beating around the Bushes with this advertisement analogy? The truth is, all politicians are dishonest; it's just the nature of the job, and that's what being president of the United States really is, just a job.

--Robert Gates--and I still can't believe Obama kept this Neo-Con nightmare general as his DoD head--G.W. Bush's main man--and this army fool is now saying he needs 21,000 more troops (isn't it strange to just ask for 21,000?--why not 25,000, or 30,500? Ask Colon's Pal, that's his expertise, fixing battlefield deaths so that the US always needs more and more troops) for our failing war efforts in Afghanistan, a mess that is now causing turmoil in Pakistan as Obama's search-and-destroy tactics (from General Petraus's "Surge" tactic, too) against the Taliban in Southern Afghanistan is driving all sorts of militants, rebels, and terrorists into Pakistan. As one Pakistan writer put it, "Pakistan is on the brink of exploding." And when Pakistan explodes--LOOK OUT!

More troops needed in Afghanistan. Oh boy, the beat goes on. Canon fodder. That's all Gates needs, more fodder for his mighty canons.

I actually saw DoD figures saying that the death toll in both of these inhuman wars has now surged over the 5,000 mark; 5,000+ dead young men and women. Canon fodder. Volunteer canon fodder. Like the poor stupid young man the Taliban captured recently and have been trotting out for photo op and propaganda purposes. I want to feel sorry for him, but then I think, wait a minute, when this guy volunteered for the US Army don't tell me he didn't know there are two bloody, filthy, terrifying wars going on and his kind were getting killed and maimed and mentally unbalanced or perhaps captured! And shouldn't he have known that if he were captured by our enemy that he could possibly be tortured same as the US tortures its captured enemies, whether they are guilty of anything or not. Soon I suppose the Taliban will decapitate this poor lad. Such a shame; too bad that's not Robert Gates they've captured instead of this poor shavetail, who, by the way, walked away from his base camp and into enemy territory...oh well, these wars go on and on and on and on and on. At least the war gods are happy! And now we learn, the Neo-Con maniac, Unka Dick "The True Amurican Patriot" Cheney wanted to use the Army in the USA--that's illegal, folks, though Robert Gates recently approved back when he was Bush's handpuppet a North American Command that if you read the fine print has been approved to do US Army surge and destroy tactics in North America now. Unka Dick wanted to send tanks and troops to Buffalo to wipe out all those al-Queda cells up there! Oh how stupid and dumb and ignorant we Amuricans are! Hey, we're the stupid dumbasses who found Walter Cronkite the most trusted man in the USA during his years as the CBS Evening News anchor. Back in those days, I'll tell you who was the most respected man in my way of thinking: Gore Vidal. Yeah, Gore used to be on television a lot with his wry wit and insider insights on American politics. Gore was a Gore, as in Al Gore, and one of Jackie O's relatives.

Think about when you were eighteen. What would have made you at that age go down to a US Army recruiting office and volunteer for military service?--for 2 years of potentially dangerous military service out of your young life, your young stupid life, a young life you may never even get to enjoy should you be included in the future additions to the list of 5,000+ troops who have already been killed or the tens of thousands who have been maimed or the hundreds of thousands who have been mentally scared for life?

You couldn't have dragged me with a bulldozer down to an army recruiting office and forced me to volunteer for any US armed service back when I was 18. Truth was, when I turned 18, I had two choices, 1) go to college and avoid the draft for at least 4 years, or 2) volunteer for the gyrenes, swabbies, or flyboys or be drafted by the fucking U.S. dog-soldier Army. Yes, I got a college deferment, but after college, I had no choice but to join the Army or become a Conscientious Objector (a CO) and be placed (weaponless; wearing a red cross armband with a red cross symbol on your steel pot) in charge of the gutbuckets on the battlefields. Being a CO in those days was worst than saying you were a member of the Communist Party or a member of Madalyn Murray O'Hare's American Atheist Church! (Check out how Madalyn Murray O'Hare died! Undeserving of even an Atheist.)

Today you "volunteer for the Army," though it's not really a volunteer army as much as it is a contracting employer of professional canon fodder. Today's soldiers are salaried workers; that's what they are. Mostly from the lower classes; the dog soldiers mostly poor Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and illegal immigrants.

Also, that 5,000+ death toll doesn't include all the soldiers who have committed suicide since these fiercely WRONG-WAY (BACKWARDS THINKING) wars were first foisted on We the People--at an ungodly cost, too, billions of dollars a month.

So I think the Clintons approached Obama during the presidential campaign and they cornered him and they made a fucking deal. I guarantee you this had to have happened. Otherwise, why would Obama hire nearly all the Clinton tricksters back into his administration? And that includes Eric Holder (he was in the Justice Dept. under Clinton); and that includes Sonia Sotomayor (Clinton elevated her during his terms--even though it was Pappy Bush who appointed her to the Federal court (remember his son Jeb married a "brown person"--remember Pappy talking about his "little brown grandkids"?)); and that includes having to rely on the advice of deregulators like Larry "Let's Dump Toxic Waste in Africa" Summers and Robert "Goldman-Sachs Crook" Ruben, and using Timothy "the Professional Ivy-League-Trained Civil Servant" Geithner (whose grandfather was head of the Ford Motor Company), a big player in the Wall Street collapse; and why oh why did he keep G.W. Bush's Army general staff criminals on, like Gates and Petraus--on and on go the Bush-Clinton advisors who are now on the Obama payroll--nothing new under the sun--and Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State! What a foolish choice that was--except, I feel Obama had no choice. Check out Hilary's connection to this current Honduras mess that is bringing back the infamous Death Squads to Honduras, those created by current Obama advisor and member of the law firm representing the Honduran coup regime, Johnny Boy Negroponte (a Greek shipping tycoon's maybe legitimate son born in London), who is what now, still in Iraq setting up their defense forces? Check out how palsy-walsy Hilary and Slick Willie are with their old friend, Lonnie (we mistakenly called him "Lanny" a few posts back) Davis. Lonnie's law firm is currently lobbying for the Honduran coup government before Congress. Obama could bring this Honduran mess to an end by simply freezing Honduran bank accounts and withdrawing the millions of dollars worth of aid and military supplies we send to them with no strings attached every year. Instead, poor old powerless Hondurans will be massacred now--all in the name of defending the great democratic nation of Honduras from the evil influences of outside agitator "Commie" nations (read: Cuban sympathizers; read: Indios revolutionaries like those in power now in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Bolivia).

Have you noticed you have no idea where Bill Clinton is these days?...or what he's up to? I never saw any results of Slick Willie's debate with Boy George "the Election Stealer" Bush in Toronto, did you? Obama rewarded the Slick One by making him our representative to Haiti on their current affairs--

And, yes, they love Bill Clinton in Haiti, especially all those Haitians he rounded up and put in Guantanamo when it was used as a prison housing crazy Cubanos and AIDS-riddled Haitians (remember when we tried to blame Haitians for bringing AIDS to this country?--when it was a Canadian airline steward, a white guy, all along!).

Ah, those backroom shenanigans! They have us on a rocket sled headed for Hell, but, hey, enjoy the ride--it's better than any ride they have at Six Flags!

Here's an interesting reason why we are staying in Iraq forever and not leaving there in 2011 as Obama promised during his campaign (immediate withdrawal he said then): Obama has just refurbished the massive US Green Zone Embassy in Iraq at a cost of 300 million bucks. This wasteful embassy employs 1,400 regular staff, plus 17,000 (that's right 17 thousand) contractors. Plus, even though Obama has announced we are officially finished in Iraq, there are still 50,000 US troops stationed at the Embassy--and I just heard this morning on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now that the phony president of Iraq is in Washington saying he welcomes US troops staying in his country forever now. Just a few months back this little hand puppet was saying he wanted US troops totally out of Iraq immediately!

The war dead keep piling up but the warbucks keep flowing out. Do you realize the absolute sorry sleazebags that are getting filthy rich off these regressive wars? Like sleazy, greasy, smarmy arms dealers--I mean, you wanna get rich quick, invest in black market arms!

--Israel is currently testing long-range missiles in our Pacific Coast waters--we have a missile target range somewhere off San Diego--out where G.W. Bush made his famous "Mission Accomplished" bullshit photo op--I mean, come on, that little rat bastard should be serving time for that alone. He put on a military uniform for that laughable bash (laughable had it not have been so Yahoo in its backward-thinking glory), which is against the law--but, I forgot, poor little spoiled brat rich boys don't do no time for any of their crimes. I keep forgetting my own beliefs, like that members of the Power Elite never make mistakes; therefore, neither do they ever commit crimes.

I feel President Obama's great speeches are shields. One speech today may get the listener and follower (a handful of people probably when analyzed) thrilled to death; while the next day, a new speech might cause the listener and follower to ponder, "Wait a minute, yesterday you said, you're saying that!" And that's a phenomenon I call the "what's going on?" syndrome of politics. And that's the way politicians want We the People left hanging. Just like one of those serialized teevee shows likes to keep you "hanging" in the lurch after each episode until the next episode will totally turn your original analysis of "who done it?" haywire. Confusion keeps you controllable; and keeps you listening and following.

One being too busy to analyze all these shield speeches (President Obama is averaging three or four of these speeches a week now as he travels the globe and the continent holding his "special" meetings with them or those and then giving a photo op and then a little speech after the banquet), if one is "honestly" interested, then one has to depend on the analysis of teevee, radio, Sirius, iPod, YouTube pundits and opinionators, shock jocks, social commentators, Pentagon generals leaking false informations, apologists who can find no fault in anything political as long as it's laissez faire, stuck in a rut, and leaving our nation a nation of Filthy Rich (the one percenters) versus the Abysmally Poor (check out the growing tent cities around the country--I think there's one in Lafayette Park right across from the White (Man's) House--but you'd never know it. Washington reporter/pundits like to stick around the Press Club drinking brandies with Bob Bernstein and Rev. Sun Yung Moon (he owns a newspaper! and is a big palsy-walsy of Pappy Bush's, Bill Clinton's new best friend, remember?)).

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