Sunday, July 26, 2009

Growling on a Sunday in the Metropolis

I'm in a New Development
Politics is now beneath me. After a long ardent argument with a bunch of my erudite friends, I have decided politics is so miasmic and foul I'd best steer clear of it.

My erudite friends assure me that President Obama knows what he's doing; that he is a master at the art of compromise; that they can't help it if he is in Reagan's arms in terms of economics and Lincoln's arms in terms of union and unification. They guarantee me he did not make a deal with the Clintons, one of these friends saying I was also wrong to say the Slick One was down south playing the race card at one time when campaigning for his wife after Obama started whipping her there. They said I didn't know enough about politics to understand what's going on in terms of President Obama's weaknesses. One of my beloved erudite friends said the problem with Obama was that he is considered wimpy on homeland security and also in some circles he's considered against Law & Order (and I have to admit, Law & Order is lifting its ugly head again, yes it is--here in NYC the NYPD is putting thousands of cameras all over Manhattan Island from the Battery Tunnel all the way up to Washington Heights and the Police Commissioner is making laws up as he goes about making us safe for democracy). They went on to say he had to apologize to the white cop because as it turned out, Skipper Gates and his chauffeur were spotted by a passing motorist, a woman, who went to a filling station and called the Cambridge cops. Plus, my friend continued, this white cop trick-bagged Skipper into coming out of his house before arresting him. He said if Skipper had of stood his ground inside his house that the cop had no authority to arrest him. He said Obama jumped the gun in backing his old pal Skipper Gates against the police and that now the police would turn on Obama, demand an apology from him, and then make him look like a horse's ass.

I continued trying to disagree with these friends, but I promised them I would shove my political comments into the sidebin for the moment, though I still maintain I'm right, within a certain continuum, in my political observations. Plus, I liked this dude Austin Highchew's (don't call him Highchair or he'll turn on you--he'll snob you into a snail) idea that Obama is using his speeches as shields--guarding off criticism and then revamping his comments. I also have to remain curious as to why President Obama didn't consult Hilary on this healthcare plan business. I argued, too, that Obama's health-insurance-industry's-approved healthcare plan is a disastrous plan. Making every one who has no health insurance buy it--and from the same sons of bitches who have wrecked the system--I mean, come on, betting their money on people dying rather than living! How fucking antihuman is that? Mandatory health insurance! That's the best Obama and his whiz kid advisors could come up with--"We already have a system in place!" Obama argues, and I growl back, "But, that system isn't working; it's a failure; why you putting We the People's money in a failed system that will CONTINUE to fail!" And it's a blessed boondoggle for the HMOs, the insurance giants, and even for doctors!--it gives these highway robbers total control over the market now--and they'll raise their prices and the uninsured will be forced to buy insurance at higher costs than before and when they don't buy it their government will slap a tax penalty on them come April 15th! I mean how mean is such a healthcare plan, and from a Black man who knows god-damn good and well the only plan that will save We the People is the single-payor plan--otherwise, if you pump billions of dollars into a failed system--well, folks, you figure it out! Economic disaster. [Please keep in mind, that I believe we are in a State of Chaos right now--the old "tried and proven ways" don't work in Chaos--you need to reverse things, you see--that's the change we need, we need to reverse every fucking thing, including the god-damn money-grubbing Department of Defense! Reverse the War on Drugs! Reverse the two Wars based on 1 BIG LIE and a hundred thousand little lies--the BIG LIE being 9/11. (note The Existentialist Cowboy, a fellow Texan, currently is running an essay on 9/11 and how Bush lied about it--click on the Cowboy's link over on the right of the page to read it.]

But that's it; I'm through with politics. I leave Obama to figure the White Man out before it's too late and his administration is down the drain before he's even finished a year in office. The Repugs are trying their little racists best to trap "the coon up a tree"--and if you don't think idiots like Jeff Sessions and that ilk don't think and even talk like that coon up a tree analogy then get in line, you a stupid Amurican! Hang with these birds long enough and they'll let loose a coon joke, that I guarantee, one like: "You see our sheriff up here in Decatur pulled a couple'a black boys over on Highway 32 for driving like maybe they'd been hittin' the corn likker those boys love a little too heavy. He knew these boys. He'd caught 'em stealin' chickens, shit like that, nothing to waste a couple of county bullets on. So when the sheriff got up to the driver's side of their pickup, he flashed his light in on 'em and he seen Willie Stump, who he recognized, was drivin', and then he spotted Willie's brother Moses sittin' over on the passenger side, but there was a boy sittin' between the Slump Brothers the sheriff didn't recognize...." If you're White and from the South, you may know how that joke ends. And you bet that kind of joke is told daily around the District of Corruption--in both parties, too.

I can't imagine what Obama faces as a Black man in the White Man's House! A Black man as president has to be scared quite a bit and nervous all the time. I mean he must be constantly worried about his wife and kids, though he can't show any fear--he must stand tall against the White Man, like King did, like Malcolm X did--even like JFK did, and I don't say many nice things about JFK, except, I was there during Kennedy's first run for president and he had the Black vote solidly behind him; they saw hope in his being elected. We young Whites expected miracles out of this bird, too, but, sorry, progress in this country means the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and it always ends up that way. That's the Milton Friedman, University of Chicago, and the Chicago Boys way of stimulating the economy--do away with all welfare (except corporate welfare of course)--do away with things like free healthcare or like in Japan where they based their thriving economy on a total welfare state. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps! That's the Neo-Con way. That's the way of the New World Order. That was Reagan's way; it was Pinochet's way; it became Margaret Thatcher's way.

But don't listen to me; according to my erudite friends, I'm incapable of observing and commenting on politics. Fuck my erudite friends. I know I'm right; remember, I'm conceited.

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