Friday, August 15, 2008

The Rise and Fall of the American Empire

Georgie Porgie "Puddin' Pie" W (for Wimp) Bush as His Imperial High-Ass!
I am already tired of the Olympics--such a racket--now of course the big American corporations own the Olympics and have since 1984--especially General Electric--they own NBC don't forget--and as a matter of fact, General Electric is mostly in the spy business (which is now a 200-billion-dollar industry worldwide)--also in cahoots with GE in the spy business is Honeywell (they used to make thermostats for heating and cooling systems), and IBM (though a business-machines-maker and typewriter maker, they've been in the spying business for most of their existence--they once had control of most mainframe computers--IBM and Sperry Rand, remember them?--another typewriter company and weaponsmaker, Remington Rand merging with the Sperry Corporation--I believe they owned Univac--and Remington made good typewriters)--and these three spy businesses have set up more than 4,400 surveillance cameras in and around Beijing, putting this same kind of surveillance in Shanghai as well; in fact, the Commie Chinese are contracting GE and the Gang to put these surveillance cameras all over the country and especially in one large peasant area--nobody likes peasants and certainly not the Commie Chinese (the on-the-move NOW nation)--peasants (also called pissants--peones) are a pain in the ass of the New China (that's what our teevee is calling it). The Commie Chinese control the peasants now by coming into their villages and condemning their land and then taking it for the State--for development purposes--in one such case, the Commie State condemned a whole mountain valley of peasant villages and farms in order for a huge State-owned coal company to come in a strip mine the whole area.

Security, security, security--what are the Commie Chinese so scared of? Chairman Mao taught them to be strong in their defense of the nation and not to fear invaders or the threats of invaders (like Mao calling the US a "paper tiger")--now that they are the growingest country in the world, plus being the largest population in the world, what would they be afraid of? Their PEOPLE maybe? Of course, of course--and GE, Honeywell, and IBM know this for they too are totally afraid of the PEOPLE--and this same spying industry gang has convinced our billionaire mayor here in New York City into putting in this same surveillance set up in downtown Manhattan--it's so massive a project, thousands of camera covering all eastern entryways--at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, on the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge--on and on, thousands of camera-based surveillance devices--even to multimillion-dollar boats that supposedly can "sniff out" (I swear that's the phrase they used) nuclear matter from 5 miles away (yeah sure! I feel safer already--no terrorists will attack us from the East River, thank God!!!); these are systems so complicated, you know damn well they're bound to fail! There are no cameras, by the way, in these surveillance systems aimed on the mayor and the city council or the police force--oh no--these cameras are out to GET We the People--especially We the People who AREN'T WHITE! This surveillance system is called "The London Plan" or somesuch term because it's the system London set up after 9/11 where there are thousands of cameras throughout center city London that are sensitive not only to the area a certain camera is fixed on but they are also supposedly able to read license plate numbers or windshield IDs by infrared signals--like the EZ passes on the turnpikes and toll roads work--plus these cameras can zoom in on a face and make a facial identity by using a huge databank of all the faces the security cops can capture--yes, it's that James Bondish--and for that reason it is certain to fail--like it didn't stop the bomb attacks on the London buses--and remember the poor Brazilian bastard who the cops shot and killed because in a camera shot it looked like he was one of the jihad plotters--and of course, immediately every person wearing a towel on their heads or a Palestinian shawl or who look Muslim will be rounded up and harassed and tortured--that's it, they're looking for Muslim types (profiles)--that's really what these cameras are looking for--but also while they're at it, they're also profiling blacks and Latinos, of course--and I'm speaking of billionaire mayor bloomingidiotburg who hates all poor people but especially blacks and filthy Latinos--and it's his last year in office--and oh how lucky we'll be if...shit, I was starting to get optimistic...whoaaaaaaa!

I heard this history dude, Andrew Becavich, a professor in International Something or the Other at Boston University, he's also an ex-'Nam vet, on Bill Moyers's Friday Night Prayer Meeting--and you know how I feel about VietNam vets--like all VietNam vets are nuts--especially if they saw combat or were captured and tortured for 5 years until they broke down and made a video denouncing the US's bombing of the North--which was illegal--Nixon and his hooligan buddy Henry Kissingassinger went on and illegally bombed the north; Hanoi was bombed every day several times a day...but I'm going astray again...and while I'm astray, you know something that made me feel like hurling a loogie at old Henry Kissingassinger if I ever got close enough to him--which reminds me, we need some good pie-throwers like we had in the VietNam protest days--anyway, I was totally disgusted to hear that the Commie Chinese had hired Henry Kissingassinger and Associates as consultants to their Olympic project--why? Because Henry already had an office in Beijing! Whaaaa! Henry Kissingassinger and Associates--now who the hell are HK and associates? and what the hell does Henry Kissingassinger know about the Olympics?--besides, he's about 88 years old, isn't he?--what the hell kind of consulting does old Henry do at that advanced age?--except we know he's in cahoots with the corporations who now run the Olympics--Coca Cola, General Electric (through NBC cameras are now their business), Nike (really a Chinese company now), Wal-Mart, and a whole host of private investment funds and hedge funders (you'll see their weird ads during the Olympics)--corporations who are even at the point of spending millions of their vast profits sponsoring some of these athletes--this Michael Phelps, for instance, is getting 1 million bucks from his sponsor if he wins 8 gold medals (he's won 7 already)--and everybody should hope the guy fails--why?--because there's nothing worse than pompous USA General-Electric-hired reporter puppets, especially sports reporter puppets, to start blowing their out-of-tune trumpets long and hard about how "utterly amazin' this feat is--how much courage it took for Michael to do this--how much focusing--realizing that if he's just 1/10th of a second off one of these other swimmers could beat him, knowing it's that breathtakingly close--still Michael, a greattttt American true-blue-blood Great White Hope, a true American patriot and role model and just all-round nice guy, prevails--his eyes lit up sparkling like blue gold as he puts his American determination to work--and because he's wearing that American flag on his swimsuit gives him the raw courage to conquer his goal: GOLD"--and according to Mark Spitz, that super-slick designed swimsuit by NIKE [WRONG: these $600 swimsuits are made by Speedo--in China, by 13 and 14 year olds (China exploits its youth as you all should know) who work 12-13 hours a day seven days a week at 94 bucks a week] is giving superstar Michael the edge over his thirty-year-old record of 7 medals and whose swimsuit was simply a man-sexy Speedo.

So this Bacevich guy on Bill Moyers's Friday Night Confessional starts talking some plain sense about the Caesar-like power of the Executive Branch of our corrupt government, though I had to disagree with one or two of his minor points--the fact that he didn't mention the UN at all in his overview--meaning he's a historian not a sociologist--and a military historian at that, trained at West Point (same as Jimmy Carter was Naval Academy trained and who Bacevich says had the right idea when he was president and thanks Jimmy was on the right track in trying to get us off the credit and borrowing trail--warning us about depending on foreign oil)--nor did he ever once mention the corporations's roles in this--and he believed We the People should sacrifice for our troops who are sacrificing for us in Iraq--I think he was thus speaking Zarathustrian with us--meaning, they are sacrificing in a hopeless war, a war that was wrong, while we're over here looking the other way and driving our gas guzzlers and pretending like nothing is wrong--and we're demanding more cheap consumer goods and more credit while they are having to go back on extended tours of duty some of them for as many as five times! OK, I can dig that sentiment, but I can't share it--I see our troops as young fools being led by old fools--the biggest fool of all being the idiot that has made himself our IMPERIAL PRESIDENT! And that's the great point Bacevich blasted home into my skull. Of course, it's the Roman Empire in its final days all over again. Of course, Imperial Armies are paid to fight to the death at the will of the Emperor, whether he's wearing new clothes or not! Bush is the emperor now--our Congress has given him power beyond belief--in fact, as Becavich says, Congress has forced this power on Georgie Porgie Bush! Like in 2006 when the Dumbocrats promised to end the war in Iraq if We the People would put them in power--and what did they do when We the People gave them the power?

Did you see our "president" enjoying life over in Communist China? Bored to tears--constantly looking at his watch--remember, his old pappy was at the Games, too, though you never saw them together--Pappy, you see, was Ambassador to China once don't forget (that's where his Chinese mistress lived--or that's what rumors said--remember, Tricky Dick had a Chinese mistress, too?)--plus most of us have forgotten that Old Pappy Bush was once head of the CIA, too--or hell, Old Pappy Bush was once Commander and Chief and gave us his trumped up Persian Gulf War--our greatest military victory ever!!!--the war that eventually got old Pappy Bush called a wimp, though he was a lisping wimp all of his life--he only got elected in Texas as a Republican back in the fifties because of Strom Thurmond leaving the Dumbocratic Party in the '48 convention--Why? Why because Harry Ass Truman--who had gotten elected to Congress by his large mostly black voting district in Kansas City--was talkin' integration--Civil Rights talk was beginning then, started by the returning black veterans coming back from war some of them heroes to the same old same old--back to being "Niggers" and "Coons"--back to shufflin' and jivin' in front of old Cap'n Whitey--back to having to be a damn Tom to survive--and Truman felt guilty about the black situation in this country--though he hated blacks, they were his constituency, and Harry was the kind of two-faced little prick who could go into the black community of KC and glad-hand about making a lot of political friends--just think, Harry was running for Congress in Kansas City while the Count Basie Band featuring Lester Young was playing at the Reno Club! Just think, Harry Truman might have even heard Bird with the Jay McShann Band, though I'm sure two-faced prick Harry hated black music! Anyway, Harry conceded and integrated the US Army--and holy shit, the Dixiecrats were formed--approved by the Ku Klux Klan--and the Dixiecrats became Dem-Ike-Crats--and that's when the Repugnicans took over in this country--on the shoulders of poor old dumbass General Ike Eisenhower--a cold humorless man who spent most of his presidency playing golf or having heart surgery--those years were great for white folks--but not for the rest of the Americans--like the Blacks, the Mexican-Americans, like the Native-American Americans (our forgotten people--a people who once had more intuitive wisdom in their eyesight than the average white American has in his whole brain. The Navajos broke the Japanese codes--I wonder why? I wonder if it had anything to do with them having an Asian history in their DNA?). So while Georgie Porgie was kissing Chinese Commie ass and having a good ole boring time, 100s died in Iraq and Afghanistan--and New Orleans still sits in ruins while Beijing is being built up without a worry about expense--and G "Wimp" W Bush and Pickles were jest havin' sech'a good ol' time in Chinkieville!--and he looked so bored--and you know they say he's hitting the bottle again--he does look a little more bushed these days--and that's good--they all look bushed--Unka Dick looks like he's already been preembalmed--he's ready to be fitted for a coffin. And Bush has been flying around the world partying hearty and spreading his Imperialistic threats and condemning his old pal Pootin' the Great, the new Czar of Russia, for attacking a sovereign democratic nation (Georgia, a democratic nation? These guys are nomads aren't they? Beautiful women, though--I know that--I knew a Georgian Jewish babe who was one sweet hell of a look!)--and Pootin' the Great (quick, tell me who's the President of Russia?) has split Georgia in half and then destroyed an oil depot---oh hell, this is about oil, too--wouldn't you know it! Fightin' over oil.

Again I ask, why do we need a president?

Obama's already showing how two-faced he is by crowing in Berlin about bringing down walls at the same time he votes in Congress to spend billions of dollars building a fucking two-thousand-mile stupid wall from the Port of Entry at Tijuana in California all the way by Arizona and New Mexico and then across Texas all the way to Brownsville, Texas, Texas's southernmost city at the mouth of the Rio Grande (to Texans--it's the Rio Bravo to the Mexicans). Most of the construction of this "high-tech" wall, as they're calling it, is contracted out to a criminal American company, another new entry in the SPY business, Boeing (big-time crooks--remember just a few years ago when they had to move to Chicago and rebrand their image to duck charges of fraud and criminal activities in the big military industrial marketplace? And airplanes are now Weapons of Mass Destruction don't forget). This wall is a stupid wall and it's never going to work--first of all, this wall isn't being built to keep out terrorists--oh hell no--terrorists come in at the normal ports of entry--that fence is being built to keep out Messkins and other "lazy" Latinos--that's what it's being built for! It's pathetic--look at the Great Wall of China they keep showing over and over as something wondrous and beautiful, the work of MAN over Nature the enemy of MAN, when in fact that wall didn't work, did it? So, Obama's for bringing down certain walls while putting others up, like the Israeli wall trying to wall out the dirty, filthy, dog-like A-rabbs--though mainly the lower-than-what-comes-out-of-a-dog's-ass Paletinians. Why, heck fire, while Obama was partying it up with his pal General P(b)etrayUs he didn't see that wall the USA billion-dollars-a-day contractors have built around a whole Baghdad neighborhood?
The Great Mexican-American Border Wall--tacky as hell, isn't it? Not the beautiful wall, but the feelthy Messkin trying to climb it!

According to Becavich, and we've been hollering and growling about this since The Daily Growler began (April 2006), there is only ONE party in this country--it's a party that believes in using our military might to force our doctrines on the rest of the EVIL world--and since 9/11 and Bush's high-time very foolish folly in Iraq--his goal to murder Saddam (which he did--"Lynch 'em high," the old American West saying goes) and take over the dumbass, towelhead, sand-N-worders Iraqi's oil and natural gas! Bush and Unka Dick only know oil and how controlling the oil means controlling the military might and using the military to force your style of life on all Muslims!

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. We are being led over a huge clift ("bank" in England) by fools! And We the People foolishly are following.

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From L Hat:

Gwynne Dyer: No Cold War return over Georgia

"Have you noticed," my wife asked, "that when one of America's allies thinks it has a green light to invade somewhere, they always do it in the summer?"

She was right: Iraq invaded Kuwait in August, 1990; Israel invaded Lebanon in July, 2006; Georgia invaded South Ossetia in August, 2008. Israel really did have a green light from Washington (not that it helped much), but Saddam Hussein was catastrophically wrong, and Mikhail Saakashvili was, too.

The difference is that the U.S. government continues to support Saakashvili even after his smash-and-grab assault on South Ossetia went so badly wrong. The Bush Administration is just trying to save face--sending in "humanitarian aid" in US military aircraft and ships after the shooting stops, for example--and Washington never really backed Georgia's aggression. But if the Russians don't understand that, we're heading for a new Cold War.

That would be a very stupid way to spend the early 21st century, but the comically belligerent Vice-President Dick Cheney is not the only one declaring that "Russian aggression must not go unanswered." The US and British media (but not those in most other Western countries) are talking as if Communists still ruled in Moscow and Russia had committed a wanton act of aggression.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain declares "We are all Georgians now" and suggests expelling the Russians from the G8. Even relatively balanced people like Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice are using Cold War analogies: "This is not 1968 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia where Russia can threaten a neighbour, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get away with it." She's right about one thing--it's not 1968--but the rest is nonsense.

To read the rest of this, here ya go:

We here at The Daily Growler have no proof yet that Robin Rothman is really RIP. We are wondering, too, if the Robin Rothman who used to do rock reviews for the Village Voice is the same Robin Rothman we knew and loved (we speak collectively here at The Daily Growler). We are continuing to check this shit out.



Anonymous said...

I heard of Robin's passing yesterday. I tried to email her a few times over the years - but she never replied. I heard through the grapevine that she was very depressed - and that's why she never answered. We were friends during the late 70's, early 80's and roommates back in her "Meatball" days. Meatball...oy.
Anyway, I was just back in NYC from college in Buffalo in 78, when she invited me to a Ramones/Suicide show at CB's. I had been quite the hippie until that was a life altering experience. I hear there may be a memorial sometime in September. RIP Robin.

Anonymous said...

You are all idiots! Do you honestly believe the radicals would have stopped after 9/11 if we had tried MORE diplomacy? Ambassador Chamberlain thought the same thing when he met with Hitler!! "We have peace in our time". Bullshit!
It's the Democratic Congress which is destroying the country. They want more people dependant on the government for all their needs. Just look how wonderful that turned out after Katrina. All those left behind were totally dependant on the Fed. Now they're all pissed off because Uncle Sam left them there. The new regime's answer: print more money so we can get even more people dependant on us and then they will have to vote democrat.
Oh, and anything that comes out of Nancy Pelosi's mouth is always, always absurd. There's your leader. What a joke. I just hope America can survive just 1 term. That is all it will take for the country to get rid of many of the idiots.