Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Democrats Are Cowards!

SPECIAL: It's True: RIP Robin Rothman/We Received the Following Comment:

I heard of Robin's passing yesterday. I tried to email her a few times over the years - but she never replied. I heard through the grapevine that she was very depressed - and that's why she never answered. We were friends during the late 70's, early 80's and roommates back in her "Meatball" days. Meatball...oy.
Anyway, I was just back in NYC from college in Buffalo in 78, when she invited me to a Ramones/Suicide show at CB's. I had been quite the hippie until that day...it was a life altering experience. I hear there may be a memorial sometime in September. RIP Robin.

8/19/2008 5:38 PM (signed Anonymous)

So now it's official, dear sweet crazed Robin Rothman is GONE--real Gone! RIP with love, RR!


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Women Are Scared of Tough-Acting Men--Charmers!
Obama and Nancy Pelosi (California's richest woman) have both this week caved in to John McCain--a tough motherfucker hero to these blinded Dumbocrat politicians who We the People of the USA gave a mandate in 2006 that let them take back Congress--so how did they cave? By coming out in favor of offshore drilling (isn't that flip-flopping?). Whaaaaaaa! you're growling! Yep. Both came out over the weekend and said they changed their minds, even though We the People, especially the people in Florida off whose shores they want to drill--besides it will do nothing in bringing down the price of oil which all goes through OPEC anyway--nor do we need offshore drilling, it will do no good except give the oil companies big tax breaks and recontrol of our EPA-protected offshore waters--but one supposes they thought Ol' Maverick John "Nutjob" McCain was whipping them on the subject and this false information is probably due to Obama and Rich Bitch Nancy listening to their stupid advisers, the same old advisers who have lost the Dumbocrats most elections since Richard "I Cannot Tell a Lie--Lyin' Dog" Nixon beat out wimpy, scared shitless Hubert "Pleased as Punch" Humphrey in the infamous election of '68--and then in '72, after the Watergate affair was already blossoming forth, the Dumbos nominated wimpy but nice guy, whiny-mouthed George McGovern, and in George's favor, he did try to make the Dumbocrats a party of We the People, trying to restructure the party more on Populist lines, but that failed--why? as a result of ol' Bob Strauss the Texas Dumbocrat boss at the time, he reangled the party and George was left hanging by his own thumbs--and not once did George mention that Nixon was involved in some serious shenanigans that not many years hence would get him impeached--remember, the guy who couldn't chew gum and walk at the same time pardoned Nixon--Gerald R. Ford, from conservative, Calvinist, Grand Rapids, Michigan, a never-elected president who got a library anyway and his salary for the rest of his life, a fully staffed office, and a membership in all the Palm Springs golf clubs where Gerald lived out the end of his long easy life, up to 90, playing golf every damn day and hobnobbing with Hollywood celebrities and moguls and shit while his wife, Betty, ran her celebrity dry-out clinic--probably financed by We the People--all because of We the People's foolish generosity--and as a result of George McGovern being such a nice guy, the Dumbos got creamed in the '72 election--George McGovern got, what, two states, if that many? And now here go the Dumbos again. They have what is maybe the most exciting presidential candidate since JFK got out of his bed of adultery long enough to barely whip Nixon's ass in 1960 and with this GREAT candidate, what are they doing? They're dumbing him down to the level of John "Nutjob" McCain. We real progressives all thought that JFK really was the beginning of a New Frontier, a New America, a Young America, an America devoted to Peace, Love, and Tie Dye! Instead, we got the same old same old and soon Nixon was back in office and then the Repugnicans took over and drove us into the worst debt ever--continued on by Pappy Bush--his deficit was the largest in history until his lyin' dog son stole the 2000 election from wimpy Al "Bore" Gore, right before his eyes, the Supreme Court appointing this failure poor little rich brat president, something they had no jurisdiction over but they did it anyway, and now we aren't just in the deepest debt hole ever in the history of a nation; our economy is wrecked; our army (now a professional army) is worn out and almost depleted; our infrastructure is falling down; New Orleans is still in ruins; we're all having our rents and mortgages raised; we're all losing our apartments, our houses, and our land; we produce nothing but human services; we're all becoming Third-World; and worst of all we're all addicted to consumerism (Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald, Wal-Mart (Chinese goods market))--and rather than offering us a chance to pursue happiness, the government is stealthily taking away all of We the People's rights; they are busy and madly trying to classify ever damn Amurican a terrorist; they are dedicated to deleting our right to privacy, our right to keep personal information to ourselves--BUT so for not our right to petition Congress--they haven't taken that away yet--so why don't we use it! Email Congress every day and tell them what fools, what reckless and uncaring fools, they are, shivering within their thin skins, shivering with fear of losing the election to John "Nutjob/Great White Hope" McCain--'cause now Obama's involved in a "boxing match" with who's being trumpeted now as a Great White Hero, and Obama's in the same situation as the great black boxer Jack Johnson was back when he was campaigning with his strength and bareknuckles against the strongest white boxer in the world--yet constantly handicapped by the white man's tricks--yet still prevailing and becoming the first black heavyweight champion--and Obama has to persevere like Jack Johnson and not be afraid to box McCain's ears off. It pains us to see Obama dancing to the consultants and advisers who are shooting bullets at his feet to make him dance to their tunes--consultants who were Bill Clinton's consultants, too--and now we're afraid Obama's gonna pick Joe Biden or Evan Blah of Indiana for his running mate! Oh holy shit no, Obama, please, if you've gotta have a man from a middle-America state take the Virginia governor--not Uncle Joe Biden or anybody from Indiana--Indiana sold its highways to some Arab Royal Family--Indiana has been a racist state since the Ku Klux Klan was formed just under Indiana in Pulaski, Tennessee. The University of Indiana Music Department is pretty cool, but not Indiana politicians. Dan Quayle, wasn't he from Indiana?

We here at the Growler feel Obama could sweep this election easily if he'd just simply tell us he was going to work like hell to diplomatically get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan--14 French soldiers were ambushed yesterday by Taliban forces JUST OUTSIDE KABUL!!! As a result the idiot French are sending 200 more easily-ambushed Frenchmen (remember the Vichy in WWII) to Afghanistan and Commander in Chief not to be outdone says he's gonna send 12,000 US Pros over there, too. Yeah, because the the Taliban are coming back--why they're knocking at the gates of Kabul! We are such idiots. And Bush is still saying Musharraf was really best for Pakistan and praising him for doing "a heck of a job" as dictator--and now Pakistan is under a popular president and the Pakistan Assembly is now full of Maoists--what a mess!! And then Bush and Condo-Leasing Rice started bullshitting about Russia attacking a sovereign nation!--ah, two-faced people--Januses--speaking out both sides of their mouths at once--doublespeak, freakspeak, dumbspeak, dumberspeak, nutspeak, goofspeak, just plain liespeak--the USA is the biggest terrorist organization in the world--and our terrorists are just as big'a bunglers and fuck ups as the imaginary jihadists we invented after the surprise attack, the miracle military attack, of 9/11--this invincible Al-Queda! Once Bin Laden, though there is no proof this CIA invention had anything to do with 9/11, was the Devil, then Saddam Hussein, then the Insurgents, whoever they were, then the Sodr City Forces, then some Al-Queda big shots we killed four or five times but they kept popping up again, then suddenly Iran became the Devil--the Neo-Cons couldn't find the right Devil when they had him all along, the President of the USA, the biggest terrorist leader there is. Do you realize Bush could just suddenly make an executive order banning further elections--say he accidentally got us involved in Georgia, for instance--he could declare Russia now a terrorist threat--pushing us closer to WWIII, the dream war of the Neo-Cons and the Christian Fundies who Obama seems to be so afraid of, kissing their asses like he did out in L.A. at that fundie mega-church (at any one time, historians tell us, Jesus Christ, at the most, had twenty followers--and we say it's the same with fundie mega-churches--while there may be 12,000 people in Cryin' Baby Joel's (the pathetically sick Joel Osteen) big mega-church down in Houston, there are 100,000 people gambling their asses off over in the New Orleans and Biloxi gambling dens at the same time. By the way, Cryin' Baby Joel's homespun blonde wife got away with pushing the pushy black bitch airline hostess who said Mrs. Cryin' Baby Joel was acting honkey-snobby and pushed her to get her out of the way so she could snob up and down the aisle--yep, and Cryin' Baby Joel was crying his eyes out (it reminded me of Jimmy Swaggart bawling out his tons of crocodile tears when the Devil made him hire New Orleans whores to go to motels and get naked and play with themselves while Jimmy jacked off in the corner--Little Jack Horner style) before his mega-church full of suckers over his wife's victory over that Devil's daughter black bitch--hell, said Cryin' Baby Joel, let's call her what she is, "An N-worder!" But Obama was kissing fundie ass as far up their filthy unwiped butt cracks as he dared go--they trapped him into admitting he's for abortions! Aha! He's a black Devil now--he'll get Swift Boated--well, that guy Corsi, the original Swift Boat creative dude, has a book out Swift Boating the Hell out of Obama now--Corsi says Obama is more Foreigner/Moslem than he is American!!!

Obama could simply walk his way into the White Man's House--but he's under the thumb of the same ol' Dumbocrat foot-shooters and foot-in-mouth fools as have been around for years (Howard "Whooooo-Ahhhh" Dean and his ilk)--the same crowd that gave us Michael Dukakis, Fritz Mondale, Al "Bore" Gore, John "Vietnam Nutjob" Kerry, Sweet Little Pretty Boy John Edwards, and if you've forgotten, Al "Bore" Gore's ruining mate, Uncle Joe LIEberman! Please, Obama, don't pick Evan Blah or Uncle Joe Biden--we'd rather you take Hillary as your running mate! We'll bet you and your wife secretly hate Bill and Hill's guts! Watch your back--and watch out what airlines you take--We'd avoid Midwest Airlines like the plague--and certainly take no small planes when you're in and around Racist, Gay-Murdering, Messkin hatin', Denver, Colorado--why did the Dumbos pick Denver for their Convention?

We still must hope for an Obama win. Black, white, fourlegged, with tail, whoever, anybody but John "Mission Failed" McCain--though at least he was a real pilot and not an AWOL pilot trainee like the Commander in Chief McCain's so idolizing now.

We are in a mess--fuck the people who caused the mess, let 'em die by the wayside--besides, all this excitement may drive John "Nutjob" McCain to forgetting to take his Prosac and he may go off his rocker and have a psychotic experience and kick the bucket--like William Jennings Bryan did after being humiliated by Clarence Darrow in the Scopes Monkey Trail in Tennessee--and by the way, folks, Tennessee hasn't really changed that much since that trial--Tennesseeans still don't believe in EVIL-ution.

Did we make our point? WEV.

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