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Pickin' Through the News Garbage

Look Out Davenport
thegrowlingwolf did not show up for work yesterday. He was reportedly seen getting terribly blasted at his favorite Irish joint in tow with thedailygrowlerhousepianist and thesegolendrummer flirting in unison good humor with the gorgeous Mary from Donegal, who overheard them talking about fleeing with The Wolf Man for a few days of male bonding out in Davenport, Iowa, where thegrowlingwolf keeps a secret den for these occasional flights from fancy.

We've Gone Through the Garbage Dump of the Latest NEWs and Here's What We Found

Mehlman, Rove boost McCain campaign

By: David Paul Kuhn
Mar 8, 2008 07:08 AM EST

John McCain is getting much more than President Bush's endorsement and fundraising help for his campaign. He’s getting Bush's staff.

It’s no secret that Steve Schmidt, Bush’s attack dog in the 2004 election, and Mark McKinnon, the president’s media strategist, are performing similar functions for McCain now.

But other big-name Bushies are lining up to boost McCain, too.

Ken Mehlman, who ran Bush’s 2004 campaign, is now serving as an unpaid, outside adviser to the Arizona Republican. Karl Rove, the president’s top political hand since his Texas days, recently gave money to McCain and soon after had a private conversation with the senator. A top McCain adviser said both Mehlman and Rove are now informally advising the campaign. Rove refused to detail his conversation with McCain.

The list could grow longer. Dan Bartlett, formerly a top aide in the Bush White House, and Sara Taylor, the erstwhile Bush political adviser, said they are eager to provide any assistance and advice possible to McCain.

Rove explained that he and McCain “got to know each other during the 2004 campaign.” In a separate interview, Mehlman noted that “McCain was completely loyal to the president in 2004 and worked incredibly hard to help him get elected.” According to Taylor, “The Bush Republicans here in town are excited for John McCain.”


The Daily Growler keeps emphasizing that the Dumbocrats are known for shooting themselves in the foot every election--like why didn't Gore stand up and call a foul in the 2004 election? Just like why didn't Kerry, it turns out the Swift Boaters were right, Kerry in actuality was a coward, stand up and call a foul in the 2000 Florida election results? So with Karl Rove back in political action, a would-be prison-time-serving felon now making big buck salaries commenting for Fox (Australian) News and now helping out John "Once a Nutjob Always a Nutjob!" McCain, who is also now one of G.W. Bush Junior's best buds--when only a few years ago, this same Karl Rove and our Commander and Thieving Liar, G.W., Jr., were calling McCain a certified nutjob along with one-arm and no-leg Vietnam veteran Max Cleland--and being war-related nutjobs didn't qualify them for any kind of public office above senator. Talk about flip-floppers! But then, politicians all are professional liars.

More News From the Garbage

John McCain likens himself to Winston Churchill

By Alex Spillius in Chicago
Last Updated: 2:13am GMT 08/03/2008

The Republican candidate John McCain yesterday released an advertisement comparing himself to Winston Churchill, as he attempts to convince American voters that he would be the nation's worthiest leader in wartime.

  • John McCain's Churchill video
  • Produced just days after he sealed the Republican nomination, the two-minute advert begins with Churchill's 1940 promise to "fight them on the beaches". This os followed by a clip of the Arizona senator exhorting his countrymen not to yield in the Iraq war in a 2004 speech at the party's national convention.

    And If You Were Wondering What Ahmad Chalabi Has Been Up To

    Who Pushed America to War’">Turning the Page: ‘The Man
    Who Pushed America to War’

    The number of published books chronicling the invasion of Iraq and the continuing war could probably fill a few bookcases at your local Barnes & Noble.

    But the full story of one key player, Ahmad Chalabi, has yet to be told.

    The legendary conman and disgraced war cheerleader gets his due in Aram Roston’s “The Man Who Pushed America to War: The Extraordinary Life, Adventures and Obsessions of Ahmad Chalabi.”

    Among the revelations:

    - One of his key backers has been John McCain, who was one of the first patrons of Chalabi’s grand-sounding International Committee for a Free Iraq when it was founded in 1991. McCain was Chalabi’s favored candidate in the 2000 election since Chalabi knew that he would be able to free up the $97 million in military aid plus millions pushed through in Congress and earmarked for Chalabi’s exile group, the Iraqi National Congress, but held up by the Clinton State Department.

    - Chalabi’s family runs much of Iraq’s economy: his grandnephew Hussein al-Uzri heads up the Trade Bank of Iraq, through which all Iraqi government purchases are made. That’s despite the fact that his only banking experience was handling software for ATM machines.

    The day after Chalabi was confirmed as deputy prime minister, the bank signed a agreement with the family company, Card Tech, to provide card processing services for a range of Visa cards. The company was eventually sold to American company Total System Services for $54 million in July 2006.

    Nephew Ali Allawi has an important role at the Trade Ministry and another nephew, Salem Chalabi, helped organize the prosecution of Saddam Hussein.

    - Before and after the invasion, Chalabi met with Gen. Ahmed Frouzanda, a top Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force general, who was wanted by U.S. military and counterterrorism officials who considered him a “murderer of Americans.” Around the time of their spring 2004 meeting, the NSC learned that Tehran had been warned its codes had been broken, a high-level breach of U.S. intelligence. When the FBI tried to set up an interview with Chalabi, it never happened.

    - Chalabi helped arrange meetings with the Iraqi oil minister for American oilmen like Bush fundraiser Albert Huddleston. Chalabi “fawned over the Texan,” taking him out and presenting him with gifts like a lavish crystal sculpture of an Iraqi reed house which had to be shipped back to his home in Texas.

    Another businessman helped by Chalabi was defense contractor Dale Stoffel, who was set to make millions by selling military scrap iron from Saddam’s armed forces. His luck changed when his middleman stiffed him, Stoffer threatened to expose the corrupt deal on Capitol Hill and ended up with a few bullets in his head along the banks of the Tigris.

    And then there was Wayne Drizin, who did business with Chalabi in the 80s. The failed brothel owner, who was convicted of wire fraud for a scheme involving shares in a company that claimed it had a cure for AIDS in 2003, tried but failed to use his connections to Chalabi to sell homeland security technology to the government.

    - Chalabi misled a team of reporters from ABC News and British publications by arranging interviews with “Saddam’s Mistress,” Parisoula Lampsos, who peddled countless lies about a meeting between Hussein and Osama Bin Laden for over $50,000.

    - Chalabi narrowly avoided taking American Flight 77, the flight which crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. He was scheduled to fly on September 10 but the gate was closed and he was told that he had missed his flight. Only through his powers of persuasion did Chalabi convince the attendant to let him on the flight.


    And Here He Is, the Deputy Prime Minister of the NEW Iraq!
    Though wanted in Jordan for bank fraud and though he lied his way to stealing literally billions of We the People's money as he led this country and its crazed fraud "president" into the Iraq War that has made Chalabi filthy rich while bankrupting the US economy, putting us in frightening debt to really the wrong people, like the People's Republic of China, the world's leading Capitalist and Communist country--Marx has to be doing triple backflips in his grave--and god Chairman Mao must be spinning like a top on his spitz in the pits of Dante's Hell. But, you see, kiddies, crime does pay as long as you do it in a big open smiling way. Ahmad is looking pig-foul fat these days, too--living very high up on the old hog in the Green Zone at We the People's expense. "Hey, Chalabi, steal any thing you want, pal. Hell, fuck our wives and daughters, we respect you, man. So what you led a bunch of our stupid burrheaded hayseeds to their wicked deaths"--what it is now? We think they quit counting lately with the official dead total hovering just off the 4,000 mark, a full 1,000 more US service folks dead now in revenge for the almost-3,000 that died (not all of them U.S. citizens) on 9/11 while our "president" was reading My Pet Goat, the only book he's read since being our faux-president and, you bet, it's going in the billion-dollar G.W. Bush Library paid for by We the People on the campus of SMU in Dallas; where Kennedy was assassinated), to a bunch of goofy Florida 4th graders, G.W.'s grade-level, too. the left, the Deputy Prime Minister, self-elected like G.W., of the New Great Democratic Nation of Iraq.

    By the bye, a dude on a wobbly bicycle managed to "bomb" the army recruitment center in the heart of Times Square in the heart of New York City the other night and then disappear into the night--gone. And our police chief Ray "Shanty Irish" Kelly's beside himself with pomp and doubletalk and our Little Man Billionaire Mayor Bloomingidiot has been rather silent, as he's still trying to think up ways to get the poor off Manhattan Island, which he's successfully managing to do through rezoning Manhattan, breaking up its traditional communities and then bringing a "market rate" rent level at $2,000-a-room, bottom price, into effect--and that's the way it's gonna be, poor folk and middle class fuck you, so says the billionaire mayor (who was born in Boston, a tiny city compared to NYC) and the millionaire-packed City Council, and the Little Mayor is still working night and day to get his congestion pricing traffic tolls put in to effect to help keep the outlanders and peones out of the city so the rich can bring their limos in free-of-charge from the Hamptons for a weekend spree around town--"Oh it's P Diddy and his 20-black-SUV entourage--sure let 'em come on in boys"--besides, a lot of these rich assholes all travel by helicopter after they get too rich to go ground level anymore. So this homegrown terrorist slipped right under the supposedly most well-policed area in Manhattan, at 3:45 in the a.m., when all the duty cops are waking up from their all-night naps and getting ready to roll out for breakfast--and oh, shit, what the hell was that, the stretching desk sergeant yelled. Oh, it was nothing, just a goofball on a bicycle who managed to slip right past all those Homeland Security cameras and blow off the front of the army recruitment center that has been in that one spot in Times Square since WWI I'll bet. Could there be a "weather underground" developing in this country again? An anti-War movement for real this time. Could the young people of this country, all the hippies's kids, be waking up to the fact that soon the armed services are gonna need their asses for more cannon fodder--soon the draft will be reinstated and then--that's right, girls, they gonna draft your young asses, too, in this next world war, a world war John "Shot Down Fly Boy" McCain is all for.

    Hope you have a nice day,


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