Friday, March 28, 2008

More Chach Than I Need

Who'd'a thought Chach, to me a people who lived in the 4th Century in a small area just outside of the city of Samarkand, was such a well-used and varied-meaning word? I Googled "chach" and got way over 20 pages--I quit looking at 20--and Holy Prophets of Doom--chach is used to mean so many different things--from the Urban Dictionary, for instance, a "chach" is a woman's vagina. A s'chach is some kind of Jewish ritual covering. I found an actor in Providence, R.I., who calls himself "Chach" due to: At the age of 10, I played hockey in Russia for a junior Olympic team where the russians mispronounced my last name as "diziachachosz" and that is where "Chach" came from.

Plus, too, there is all kinds of new information about the Chach I'm interested in though I'm especially impressed with this Catalog of the Coins of Chach, published in Tashkent, 550 pages, and you know I'm ordering one as I type this from this guy in Tashkent.

I'm embarrassed that I got so out-of-date with my Chachian observations. It's still intrigues me. In Persian it means "stone"--like the "Tash" in Tashkent--"kent" being a Persian form of "city"--Stone City. The Kingdom of Chach--were they the "stone" people? Languages! They are all so similar and yet so god-damn complicated.

And Chach is also a Latino form of music, related to hip-hop I found out--and, as I said, afore, chach also means a woman's vagina to urban kiddies.

I'm embarrassed I am so dumb--that Anonymous dude is absolutely correct--I'm one dumb son of a bitch. But then, look at all I have to learn--and learning is such fun, isn't it?

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