Saturday, April 05, 2014

Existing in New York City: Progress Equals Kowtowing to the Rich

The Rich Are Immune Period
Wake up, America.  The wealthy are ruling us all.  Just think, the wicked and evil right-wing nutjob Koch Bros. are worth over 100 billion dollars.  The Walton Family together are worth 100 billion dollars from selling cheap child-produced Chinese goods to the millions of Americans (most in poverty) who flock to their giant stores every day of the week.  On and on I could go telling you of one, two, three, four, five, six people who by controlling billions upon billions of close-to tax-free dollars rule us without fear of reprisal (you think the Koch (Cock) Bros. pay the same rate of taxes you pay?  Hell no, folks.  They take advantage of loopholes, like putting billions of their dollars into tax-free non-profit funds they use for trying to put their right-wing lackeys (most of whom would sell their own mothers down the river for a fistful of Koch dollars) in office).  I mean, think of the influence you'd peddle if you were worth 100 billion dollars.  And why are we so on our knees kissing these rich assholes' assholes in a rather God-like respect?  Because we do worship (as our true God in this country) MONEY!

I watch a lot of Christian television (and, by the bye, the Supreme(ly dumb) Court (of jesters) has declared that Christian television is the same as a church so they are considered non-profits, which means they don't have to pay taxes) and show after show after show what they consistently are leading up to is peddling their "Jesus" products to the true believers at the end of their shows.  After a dumbass idiot Christian doctor on one of my favorite Jesus-snake-oil peddlers's (Sid Roth) shows claims he was an atheist until one night he had a dream where he went to heaven and met Jesus, blah, blah, blah, and at the end of the show, you bet, Sid starts peddling this weirdo doctor's autobiography.  In the end, God and Jesus both become moneymakers to the tune of millions of dollars a year for these creepy hucksters who live on estates in mansions, their mansions surrounded by the mansions of their worthless children, all of them driving Mercedes and having a fleet of jet planes with runways on their estates, having fleets of trucks to haul their television equipment around the country where the weak-minded pile into huge auditoriums to listen to the drivel these side-of-the-mouth louses spew forth, while though it's free to get into these "conventions" you are harassed to buy the hucksters' cds, dvds, books, special Bibles, etc., and then the 5-gallon galvanized buckets are passed around amongst these fools with their metal mouths wide-open like hungry baby birds waiting for these poor simpletons to throw in some good solid dollars and all of these God's-business transactions are either tax free or the all-righteous preachers own their own books and DVDs, etc., so that all that money goes directly to them and certainly not to God.  I ask myself when I watch these tax-dodging parasites why does their God need money?  It's not their God (Jehovah, the Jewish God) who needs the money, it's THEM, they need the money to support their arrogant and gaudy lifestyles.

When I was a kid and was forced to go to a Protestant church every Sunday morning/Sunday night, Monday night youth meetings, Wednesday night prayer meetings, and Friday night Bible studies, I soon figured out that why I had to sit and endure this boring bullshit was simply so that at the end of his or her preaching babble I was expected to put a little in the pot and I sadly watched my poor parents (true believers) put $20 in the Sunday morning collection plate and then put more money into several missionary scams, etc.  God, like the Waltons and the Kochs, is a Capitalist!

And Capitalism, folks, is what this country is all about.  And Capitalism is a system of profits.  And the way to more and more profits is through CHEAP LABOR!  And Republicans, once the party of good ol' Honest Abe Lincoln, since the Industrial Revolution brought outright Capitalism to this country has been on the side of the wealthy against the liberal governments, against unions, against workers, against savings by the lower classes, and against government "entitlements" (as they falsely call Social Security, which they have hated since ol' aristocrat Franklin D. Roosevelt forced it on them during the Great Depression (caused by Wall Street speculators and marginal stock buying, which still goes on today)).

As long as our God is MONEY, our religion is Capitalism.

To show you the impunity rich folks are accorded, a DuPont in Delaware (and the DuPonts own Delaware lock, stock, and barrel (and that includes Vice-President Joe "DuPont Asskisser" Biden)) who had sex with his 3-year-old daughter ("Daddy's a DuPont, sweetie, so let Daddy pull your little panties down and....") did not have to serve any jail time, the judge ruling that prison would have been too hard for a DuPont.

Also, that scumbag crook, Charles Keating, just died.  This is a worthless piece of crap who bilked millions of dollars out of his customers to his American Continental Co. and his Lincoln Savings and Loan and who was caught red-handed by the Glass-Spiegel regulators.  In spite of the seriousness of his crime, Little Catholic Charlie (a crusader against pornography...probably because he was a masturbator who loved porno) only got a 4-year sentence, which he was out of in no time, convicted again for further bond crimes but the judge gave him 4-years again but this time said this 4-years was suspended because Catholic Charlie had already served the sentence with his first 4-years.  Charlie just died a very rich man in spite of his crimes.  Charlie claimed his banks went bankrupt due to the federal regulators.  Poor bastard.  He still lived to be 90-years-old.  The rich get to live forever.

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