Monday, April 21, 2014

Existing in New York City: 8 Years Old

The Daily Growler Is 8 Years Old
It doesn't seem that long ago.  It seems like only yesterday that we pitched our tent in the blogosphere, but it wasn't, it was instead April of 2006.  Much water and its fetid content has flowed under our bridge.  We came into existence during the two terms of who was then thought to be the worst president in US history, G.W. "Georgie Porgie" Bush.  How ironic that this Barack Obama, the Great Black Hope, came to power promising change and a "Yes, We Can" Black preacher chant though once in power (and that's the key word to all of this political bullshit), he stabbed his constituency in the back and took a chance at becoming an even worse president than Little Georgie Bush.

The Daily Growler started out as a jesting and ribald dig into the ribs of the stupidest people in the whole damn world who in their worship of the Great God Moolah (better known to us as "MONEY") let go their Bill of Rights and Constitutional guarantees in favor of an unblocked (at least in the minds of the stupid) road to that fictional pot of gold at the end of all those passing rainbows (rainbows that form at the end of a deluge).  Wealth is to be gained whether ill-gotten or honestly come by, which is the true salvation of this false god's promise of Eternal Life (and, yes, the wealthy do live longer than the poor).  Those White men and their worthless offspring who make it to those pots of gold at the end of those rainbows become the stupidest people in the world's priests, the disciples of this God of Money.  The heart of their message is: if you want a chance at wealth in this country, you must deregulate.  Nothing must stand in the way of that golden brick road to fortune.  As a result of this Capitalist myth, We the Stupidest People on Earth who believe we are rugged individualists have allowed 1% of us to now own and control more capital (screw wealth; their Power Elite status goes way beyond wealth) than any of the rest of us could ever hope to possess.  This 1%'s capital control puts millionaires in a poverty class.  The Koch Brothers alone control 100 billion dollars (with more and more coming in every day); these sleazy brothers along with the sleazy Walton Family together control 200 billions dollars of capital.  Then you throw in Little Billy Gates, Warren "Junk Bond" Buffett, and ex-New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg (who as mayor went from being worth 5 billion to end his illegal third term being worth 35 billion (explain that to your buddy)) and we're talking 350 billion.

Well, hell, Mel, this is a Capitalist country and has been since the robber baron days of the Industrial Revolution.  We have consistently been ruled by wealthy families and their worthless heirs: the Rockefellers, the Bootlegger Joe Kennedys, the Carnegies, the Mellons, the Morgans, the DuPonts, the Fords, et al. Our new Power Elites, however, control way more capital than those early-day robber barons could dream of.

Capitalism breeds a contemptible class of privileged priests in the temples of the great God Moolah.  We the Stupidest People on Earth though envious are worshipful of these people because we dream that one day we, too, will find a pot of gold at the end of a dream rainbow, which is what our hopes are based on.  Though with a handful (the 1%) of families and their worthless heirs controlling the capital, the stupid 99% haven't got a chance in 50 hells of ever even being worth more than the current debt they are in.

Our only hope lies in revolution...EXCEPT, a revolution will never happen in this now oligarchy state.  Just like in the days of feudal lords when it was not easy to overthrow the ruling royalty, it is almost impossible to overthrow our ruling royalty.  UNLESS...We the People get smart and pull our monies out of their banks; vote for progressive-types to take over our Congress and State governments; unless we shun buying child-labor-made Chinese (from Red China) goods...and we could babble on endlessly on the possible strategies to overthrow these robber barons who now control us hook, line, and sinker, but we hate wasting words.  I cannot see any one currently, with the exception of Elizabeth Warren maybe, bold enough to stand against the 1% and their private police forces or the public police forces who now cooperate with the ruling class to protect property rights over the rights of citizens (check out the public police forces' roll in destroying the Occupy Wall Street "revolt").

Whether we'll go on another 8 years depends on how long before the 1% take over the Internet (which they are now in the process of doing through huge outsourcing-of-jobs giants like Verizon and AT&T)(if you've ever dealt with a Verizon Internet technical problem you've dealt with a person in the People's Republic of China (Red China; Communist China)), a takeover that our government has no power to protect us from being most of our Congressional millionaires are highly invested in both of these communications monopolies.

So we sing "Happy Birthday" to ourselves as we poke our ways into the coming shenanigans by our idiot and totally corrupt leaders like Paul "the Pious Catholic" Ryan; Mitch "Old South Numbskull" O'Connell; Ted "Superstupid" Cruz; the twelve dumbasses on our Supreme(ly Dumb) Court (of jesters); Hillary "Presidential Wife Turned Inept Politician" Clinton; the corrupt Bushes; John "Bonehead" Boehner; our current President; and, if We the Stupidest People on Earth elect Hillary "Hillbilly" Clinton or (God help us) Jeb "the Reb" Bush, then we'll have four more years of poking our fat cats in their bulging bellies as they go about legislating totally anti-human, inane, polluting, rewards and more tax loopholes for the rich and famous and more deregulating what little regulations are left on our criminal corporations as they close down more American factories and send them over to Red China, or Communist Vietnam, or Taiwan, or India, or Brazil or they foreclose on more of our homes in order to return them to the communities as high-end rental units...we mean, to put it precisely, more of the same old bullshit.

WARNING: our current meddling in the affairs of Putin's Russia and the mess going in the Ukraine is building up into an excuse for a nuclear war.  We are meddling in a situation that has been going on for hundreds of years, that really goes directly back to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia that led to the creation of the Soviet Union.

The Eight-Year-Old Daily Growler

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Eight years, that's amazing! Keep on growling!

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Happy Birthday! Geez, does time fly.