Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Existing in New York City: Spring Forward While the World Spins Backwards

Say Goodbye to: Eddie Lawrence, the Old Philosopher; when he was on, he was one funny dude; he was also an author, playwright, actor, and kiddie show host.  Eddie Lawrence, 95, American actor, comedian and singer.

Say Goodbye to: Al Harewood, from Brooklyn, Al's the drummer on one of the greatest albums ever made, Grant Green's Idle Moments. Al Harewood, 90, American jazz drummer.

Looking for Robin's Red Breasts
I'm up late on the first day of spring watching the Louisville Cardinals almost get their asses kicked by the Manhattan Jaspers.  Now that that hath passed, I'm now peering into my crystal ball (actually it's an old Magic 8-Ball...Q: Will there be a World War 3?  A: Without a Doubt) and seeing an ugly and very inky (the Magic 8-Ball is full of ink) future, not for me, but for the world as a whole mess.  Those who know me know I worship Chaos as our true God and not the Jewish version that the idiot Christians love so heartily.  Chaos is at least scientifically predictable and Chaos would never have only begotten sons miraculously birthed without fucking and spilling his (I assume Chaos is male) seed in some young Jewish damsel in a field between her house and the Roman tavern in which Hemingway claimed Mother Mary worked to make ends meet.  I mean, come on, old Joe the Carpenter was 75 years old when his young bride was knocked up by Yaweh and except for an occasional building of a chair or a lean-to shed for some Nazareth ghetto neighbor, how much carpentry was he capable of producing?

Watching the idiot news, I'm wondering, what right do We the People of the USA have messing in that mess in the Ukraine?  Why do we stick our fucking noses in other people's business?  And John "Ketchup Sucking" Kerry, what a fucking idiot, and the Veep, Joe "Nose Up the Duponts' Asses" Biden are both in Europe making threats against Russia while back home (though he's on his way to Europe, too), President Obama is threatening "sanctions" against Russia.  Idiots!  What goes on in Russia and the Ukraine is none of our business unless they're directly attacking our borders.  Just like Georgia the nation was none of our business while the Republican racist and anti-human legislations of our backward State of Georgia are our business and that's what we should be dealing with instead of gallivanting all over the world trying to start conflicts.

Yes, of course I know we are a military state dependent on a military economy, so hell yes we want wars, more wars, and constant rumors of potential wars.  We love war.  We love killing.  We love massacres.  We love killing in multiples of millions.  We love our weapons.  We love our nuclear weapons and oh how badly our sick sociopathic military leaders want to use them.

War is good even if it's just a Cold War.

In the Meantime
A lawyer in White Plains, New York, I'm hearing this spring morning on Democracy Now has uncovered a manual issued by the extremely gang of unfettered crooks at Wells Fargo Bank (the largest mortgage forecloser in the U.S.) that instructs its equally as crooked lawyers on how to forge documents necessary to pull off foreclosures.  Later in this report, it has been revealed that We the People's Justice Department, headed by that little Wall Street-asskissing Eric Holder, lied about how it was investigating over 1 billion dollars worth of foreclosures when in fact these foreclosure crimes were actually relegated to a low priority (an almost nonexistent priority) in their primary investigations.  Turns out rather than 1 billion dollars in foreclosure fraud they were investigating, the actual number was 95 million dollars in foreclosure fraud.

It is utterly amazing to me how these banker crooks (reprobates all of them) continue to exist among us and how We the People of the USA continue to bank with these crooks and continue to apply for mortgages from them.  Here in New York City, the Bank of America, one of the biggest and crookedest of our crooked banks, has just built a huge multi-story building in downtown Manhattan and right across from me, in Greeley Plaza, they've just opened a big brightly lit and glassy and aluminum branch bank and I curse the people I see flocking to it to do their banking.  Idiots!  But then, as I've often said, We the People of the USA are the stupidest people in the world.  We are like a huge flock of sheep, as a book (A Nation of Sheep) back in the 1950s called us, though I see us more like the proverbial lemmings who follow their leaders over the brink to certain death.

Caught Reading Proudhon
"Equality comes to us by a succession of tyrannies and governments, in which liberty is continually at grips with absolutism, like Israel and Jehovah.  Thus equality is born continuously for us out of inequality; Liberty has government for its point of departure...authority was the first social idea of the human race.  And the second was to work immediately for the abolition of authority, each wishing to use it as the instrument of his Liberty against the Liberty of others."

"The principle of the Revolution, we know it still, is Liberty."

"No more government of man by man by means of the accumulation of powers; no more exploitation of man by man by means of the accumulation of capital."

"One must beat on human brains as on an anvil, otherwise they will not listen."

"To indulge in politics is to wash one's hands in dung."

"The object of philosophy is to teach man to think for himself, to reason with method, to create sound ideas of things, to formulate the truth exactly, all with the object of ordering his life, of meriting his own respect and that of his fellows, and of ensuring himself peace of mind, bodily well-being and intellectual confidence."

"We shall never be perfect.  Perfection, immobility, would be death."

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