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Existing in New York City: Wake Up and Smell the GMO Coffee

Say Goodbye to: Terrence Coppage, better known a Bartcop at  I often disagreed with Terrence but I respected his site as a site on the side of right and respected his growling as aligned with my own and in just as down-to-earth tones as I find necessary to speak in order to nail the truth into the thick skulls of the deadheaded rightwinger idiots who rule most of the information channels that are corporatized in this now loathsome nation.  I disagreed with Terrence mainly over his adoration of who he lovingly referred to as the Big Dog, Bill Clinton.  Otherwise, he was always right on in his political analyses and knife-sharp rebuttals to the fools who commented against his growlings.  Terrence and I came from the same geographic backwards area, I from Enid, Oklahoma (and later West Texas), and he from Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is only a stone's throw east of Enid.  I was totally ragged out on reading that he had died in Tulsa of cancer [and I had just published 3 posts on the ravages of the Big C among my relatives, ex-wife, and dear friends].  It is also sad to read the last episode of, where Terrence says his good-bye.  My best to Mrs. Bart and the Bartcop regulars.  May we all be glad to have been aware of so independent and determined champion of what should be best in this now loathsome nation.  The following is a tribute by William Pitt Rivers who got his start on
We the People Deserve What We Get
Did I ever say I no longer vote?  What difference does it make whether you vote for a Repugnican scumbag or a Dumbocratic scumbag?  It makes no difference.  In order to mount an election, you've gotta have multimillions of dollars even if you're only running for dog catcher and now multibillions of dollars if you (or your handlers) feel you deserve to be president.  I'm reading the boring pundits who are now warning us that the Repugnicans may very well take over the Senate in this next mid-term election.  Why are they saying this?  Because even these boring analysts know that the majority of people who vote are dyed-in-the-wool idiots (I'm talking about the majority of white people who voted for that Mormon-moron Mitt Romney).  They are true believers in right-wing causes, including White supremacy, the Christian God, that rich people are rich because they're intelligent and therefore blessed, that oil is the blood that keeps this nation mean and cruel as it warmongers around the globe, that corporations know what's best for us, that banks are deserving of trillion-dollar bailouts, that John McCain is a war hero, that Obama is the anti-Christ, that Donald Trump is a great American, that people are poor because they're lazy, that Bill O'Reilly is a genius, that creationism is truth, that Capitalism is righteous and holy, that Black youth are out to murder all White people and rape White women, that Mexicans are subhumans who are taking jobs away from patriotic Americans, that our soldiers are all heroes (until they get back home, then they're treated like scum), that Osama bin Laudin really was responsible for destroying the tacky World Trade Center buildings, that G.W. Bush deserved two terms as president, that Jeb Bush should be our next president, that Sarah "Paleface" Palen is right about a lot of things, that the Koch Brothers are brilliant men, that the Bill of Rights is a Communist document, that guns are equalizers, that women who claim they've been raped are sluts, that Gays and Lesbians are abominations deserving of torturous deaths, that people on food stamps are lazy bastards who expect the Government to pay their way to a T-bone steak dinner (remember that actor-idiot Ronald Reagan talking about the "buck" in the grocery store line in front of you (the honest White person) who's buying a T-bone steak with food stamps (he later changed "buck" to "young man")), that Israel is the Holiest Land in the world and Israelis are the Jewish God's chosen people, that Blacks were happier when they were slaves, that Ronald Reagan was our greatest president, that abortion is murder, that Muslims are out to destroy the USA (and bring Sharia law onto us (us meaning White folks)), that America is a Christian nation (one nation under the Jewish God), that the Jewish God created the earth six thousand years ago, that climate change is a leftwing hoax (because the Jewish God controls the weather), that the Sun circles the earth, that Palestinians are pariah dogs and deserve to be treated as such,  that the National Security Agency won't bother you if you've got nothing to hide, that sugar is good for you, and on and on I could go further down into the pits of rightwing Hell.

This is a racist country ruled by multimillionaire and multibillionaire White men.  Instead of dividing it into Red and Blue states, we should divide it into Grey and Blue states.  Why I can even go so far as to say White men made it possible for Barack Obama to pull the wool over the eyes of his own people, progressive Whites, and borderized Latinos and get himself elected to two terms.  Terms which you can't really tell much difference from the two terms of that ignorant asshole G.W. Bush.

Government that is supposed to equalize us all, afford us all a level playing field, has instead been taken over by White assholes who are intent upon corrupting it to the point they want us all to believe that the Government rewards with our tax dollars the sickly (through Medicare and Social Security), the worthless, the lethargic, the lazy, the illegal, the crippled, the criminal elements (who to them are Black kids wearing hoodies).  Instead what Government has become is a warehouse full of worthless dollars that it is using to bail out the true criminals in this country, the fat cats, the 1-percenters who can dip their filthy hands with impunity into the tax tills and pass it around among themselves as they go about building skyhigh luxury superskyscrapers and spending outrageous sums of money on the high-end pleasures of life and supporting their worthless trophy wives (or trophy husbands in the case of a rich babe like Nancy Pelosi) and mistresses (or toy boys like grossly overpaid cultural dipsticks like actresses).

Most of these White racist voters that keep electing these Grade B jerks to political office are their own worst enemies.

It's a cryin' shame when the hope in the next presidential election for progressives is Hillbilly Hillary Clinton, a woman whose greatest claim to fame is that she married that sorry two-faced womanizer Billy Jefferson Clinton (Slick Willie who uses illegal cigars in place of his dick to pleasure his little wide-eyed admirer while he's beating that dick off onto her raised blue dress).

So will the Repugnican scumbags take over the Senate this year?  I don't give a shit and you shouldn't either.  Unless a wunderkin arises out of a list of potential dunderheads who'll be throwing their millions of stolen dollars into the political horse race, I see no hope that this country will be saved from the corrupt direction it is intent on going and has been since it was founded.  A revolution would help, but we'll never have a revolution in this military/police state.

Caught Reading Proudhon
"I spit on the gods and on men, and I believe only in study and friendship."
[Sounds very reasonable to me.]

"If I were asked to answer the following question, 'What is slavery?' my answer would be one word, 'Murder.'  My meaning would be understood at once.  No other argument would be required to show that the power to take from a man his thought, his will, his personality, is a power of life and death, and that to enslave a man is to kill him.  Why, then, to this other question: 'What is property?' may I not answer, 'Theft'?"

"As man seeks justice in equality, so society seeks order in anarchy.  Anarchy--the absence of a master, of a sovereign--such is the form of government to which we are everyday approximating."

"Communism rejects independence."  "Property rejects equality."

"Property is 'devouring and canibalistic'."

"Property is 'competition, isolation of interests, monopoly, privilege, the accumulation of capital, exclusive employment, subordination of functions, individual production, the right of profit or increase, the exploitation of man by man."
[Does this ring of what's going on in the global economy and the corporatism of our present state?]

"Possession can not be divorced from work, for that would mean the return of usury and exploitation."

"Science seeks to discover, not why things exist but how they exist, how they live, work and react on each other--in other words their relationships.  The Law of these relationships is Serial Law: 1) Unity of diversity; 2) Synthesis in division."

Bakunin's dictum: "The urge to destroy is also a creative urge."

"The nonproducer should obey, and by a bitter irony, it is the nonproducer who commands.  Credit...should be the provider of work; in practice it oppresses and kills it. the making available of the earth...[instead] it becomes the denial of the earth."

"We reach knowledge in spite of him [God].  Every step forward is a victory in which we overcome the divine."

"God is stupidity and cowardice; God is hypocrisy and falsehood; God is tyranny and poverty; God is evil."

Enough Proudhon for now.  More to come later.

for The Daily [Worker] Growler

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