Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Existing in New York City: The Jive Goes On

Foto by tgw, New York City, October 2013
How utterly stupid are our politicians on both sides of the aisle.  Paul Ryan...a cheesehead dumbo; Mitch McConnell, an old Kaintuck bozo; John Bonehead a chicken whose head has already be cut off.  Republican thinking: "If we're going down then so's the whole nation."  In all of this District of Corruption quackery We the People of the USA are getting totally FUCKED.  President Obama will Uncle Tom in the end and cave in on cutting Social Security, a program that workers and their employers have paid for above and beyond taxes and has nothing to do with the debt, and Medicare, a working system that also has nothing to do with the debt, while the too many spy agencies waste billions upon billions of dollars taking away our privacies, while our military squanders trillions of dollars on unwinable wars, while the Federal Reserve wasted trillions of dollars on bailing out our openly crooked financial institutions, while the largest corporations and wealthiest human beings on earth pay no the meantime, We the People of the USA will get double fucked, left broke and left to die in a ditch of poverty...yes, the whole Congress and President Obama should be impeached, but We the People of the USA being so dumb as to our power will wither on the Neo-Con vine and wake up on October 18th and find ourselves in one horrible Hell of a Mess.  Of course, our millionaire Congressmen and our millionaire president and millianaire ex-presidents and billionaire pirates will not be effected by a default...they can all move to China and become Capitalist Pigs over there...because, folks, if we default, Red China will own our asses lock, stock, and barrel.  Such a shame!
Before You Read Me, Read This Truly Enlightening Greg Palast Piece on the World's Leading Bastard, Larry Summers, and What His Influences Have Caused Around the World
Neo-Con Intentions Being Implemented
It's hard to believe the comedy of errors going on in Washington, the District of Corruption, these days.  As I sit and knock this out, John Bonehead and our Republican-sympathizing President have locked horns while We the People of the USA are getting FUCKED!  Can I be any clearer?  Evidently, we are enjoying being fucked by these well-heeled political clowning sociopaths since while all this political jive is acted out in our faces, we remain on our asses and not in the streets marching against these booby-hatch rejects.  The Republicans, still steaming over FDR waxing their asses in the 1932 presidential election and saving our grandparents and parents from the attempt of the big-buck Republicans to then sink the majority of Americans into poverty and into the status of a Third World nation, are determined to carry out the Neo-Con Manifesto that boldly stated its intentions to drive the dollar down to worthless paper and at the same time to sink us via Milton Friedman economics down into the depths of a Third World nation.  And again, I emphasize what only a very few of us pundit-minded thorns-in-the-flesh know, it's all about CHEAP LABOR; in fact, it's all about SLAVE LABOR, the cheapest labor there is.

Also, did you ever stop and think how influential the Christian right wingnuts are in this Republican revolt against Obamacare (I call it Baucuscare)?  That Texas imbecile, Ted Cruz's old pappy is a mad-raving Fundamentalist Rightwing Christian money-grubber, and there are so many things about Obamacare that go against the teachings of these imbeciles' Big Daddy in the distant sky.  Like contraception and abortion and stem-cell research.  They believe your poverty and illnesses are due to your not accepting the Raving-Mad-Ass-Mean-Military-Like Jesus Christ (their version) as a real person, as the Son of the Real God, this Jehovah-Gyro of theirs who is a vindictive bastard who'll kill your ass on the spot if you CROSS his nonexistent ass.  Nate Silver, back in July, predicted (and he's famous for predicting election results) that the Republicans will take over the Senate in the 2014 elections and, Jesus X. Christ, even though Nate's an ex-baseball statistician type, We the People of the USA, being the dumbest and most misinformed and illogical people on earth, are just liable to show by doing such a fool thing just how White and racist and rightwing we truly are in this doomed country.  [Of course, ye who know me, know that I think electing Hillbilly Hilarious Clinton president is the same as electing a Republican rightwinger to the job.  Obamacare is actually Hillarycare when you stop and think about it.]

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