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Existing in New York City: the Scary Christians, Jews, and Muslims

Foto by tgw, New York City, August 2013
Say Goodbye to: Andy Pafko.  Andy, though a Cub, was a hero of mine when I was a kid.  I owned Andy's 1952 #1 Topps baseball card.  Andy after being a Cub where he was an All-Star outfielder and then infielder became a Brooklyn Dodger, ending his career with the Milwaukee Braves.  He made it to 92 years old; baseball players have a lot of long-lifers amongst their midst.  Andy Pafko, 92, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Braves).
Say Goodbye to: Butch Warren, jazz bassist extraordinaire back in the Golden Age of Jazz, on Blue Note, Prestige, et al.  Butch was lost for many years down in D.C. suffering from obscurity. Sorry to see him go. Butch Warren, 74, American jazz bassist, cancer.
Remember: All Politicians Are Backwards Thinkers (Flip Over Everything They Say)
I've just been reading the comments on a Mother Jones article about the 48 ways the government shutdown is affecting We the People.  Holy Christ! Comments from both Wingding Righters and Dumbocrat Middle-of-the-Roaders are totally idiotic.  Proves my point that most of We the People of the USA are bumbling idiots.  Totally uninformed.  Sticking behind these sociopathic/psychopathic power-bloated politicians no matter how out-of-focus their views are.  No one understands Obamacare and how could they, the bill is 2,700 pages of legalese gobblygook.  Single-payer healthcare is the only sensible healthcare plan I've seen, but, of course, most idiot Americans see that as Socialism and they align Socialism with their belief in devils and demons in which they also categorize Communism; yet, how ironic that Red China is now the greatest Capitalist country on earth...but that doesn't bother the idiots who keep buying Chinese goods (just about everything we buy nowadays is made in China) and who keep giving their money, what little they have, to Bank of America or Citibank or Chase Bank or Wells Fargo, or any big huge bank and who keep buying their insurance from these crooked bastards as well.  These are the same idiots who will reelect most of our stupid long-term millionaire politicians over and over again.  The same people who think Bill and Hillary Clinton are Populists.
Idiot First Class
I just accidentally saw Bill O'Reilly, the American Idiot who 50% of Americans (who are also idiots) take very seriously, being interviewed on teevee (by a very serious woman interviewer) about his latest piece-of-crap writing, and, yes, he wrote it with a guy described as a "history writer," Killing Jesus, the third "Killing" book in Bill's recasting of history in his oddball deductive way of thinking.  This "Killing" book, Bill swears, was sent to him directly by the third arm of the Christian trinity, the Holy Ghost.  Yessir, folks, Bill, white sleeping soundly one night, perhaps after he'd snorted a couple a spoonsful of cocaine (Bill a few years back admitted a cocaine habit, the habit that got him caught in a sexual scandal by a woman he had to pay off to keep her from sending him to prison), was awakened by a divine flash of lightning and thus spake the Holy Spirit telling Righteous Bill to write this book.  And this sorry bastard, this misdirected idiot, sold this book in a publisher auction for ten million dollars.  And, yes, folks, there are total idiots in this country who will buy this piece of crap and make this divinely inspired nutjob richer than he already is...amazing how easily Americans are fooled, trick bagged, led to believe the most incredulous of tales.
How Religious Nutjobs Can End the Human Race
I think a lot of well-known pundits miss the boat completely by not taking seriously the fabulous accusations of Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  Having grown up in the Protestant religion in an extremely fanatical end of it, I recall how what my parents were taught in church in terms of all aspects of life had a definite impact on how they went about their everyday lives.  What they were indoctrinated with on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Wednesday Prayer Meeting, and Friday Bible Classes affected everything they did, and especially their politics. 

I turned against Christian (Protestant) teachings early in life.  I was never able to reason even in my 5-year-old brain the various concepts my parents and the churches we attended tried to get me to accept as actualities.  At a very early age my dad came in every night before I went to sleep and had me read the Christian Bible with him, an American revision of the King James translation of that book.  The first concept that was hard for me to swallow was that every word in this book was the word of a man called God.  "In the beginning was the word and the word was God...."

As I read this strange book with my dad, many other concepts jarred my naive mind into juvenile reasoning.  Like why did God make animals before he made Adam in the Garden of Eden?  Like how did God make woman from one of Adam's ribs?  Like why were snakes considered the embodiment of Satan?  Like Noah and the flood.  Like why did so many brothers in families turn on each other in some instances murdering each other or trying to murder each other?  Like why was Ham turned into a Negro just becuase he saw his father drunk and naked?  Like Moses parting the Red Sea.  Like Abraham willing to butcher his son, Isaac, under the command of this man called God.  And that's just what boggled my young mind in the early parts of what the Christians call the Old Testament and what the Jews call the Torah.  Forget it when dad and I got to the New Testament and started in on my believing in Jesus Christ as my savior.  That made totally no sense to me.  "Who was this Jesus Christ?" I asked my dad.  My dad's reply was that Jesus Christ was the only begotten son of this guy called God.  When I asked further why did this guy God wait so long to have a why didn't he just make himself a son or several sons and daughters back in the Garden of Eden?  My dad told me that God had his reasons for everything he did and that was that.

In spite of my parents doing their damnedest to make me a "believer," I have maintained my rebellion against believing in Jesus Christ as my personal savior right up until this very day.  None of the Christian/Protestant beliefs made sense to me then and they damn sure don't make sense to me now.  And when I was in college and becoming a Sociologist I was reading Paine's Age of Reason, Malinowski's Magic and Science, Fraser's Golden Bough, Jung's theory of archetypes, the Gilgamesh, books stuffed with the ancient theories of creation and magic and shamanism and manna, things that made more sense to me than the God and Jesus tale.  When asked back then if I believed in God, I replied that I didn't think so; when asked now if I believe in God I give a definite no.  Yet, as a nonbeliever, I realize I'm in a distant minority.  I'm in a ridiculed minority.  "You don't believe in God!"  "You don't believe in Allah!"  "You don't believe in Vishnu!"  "You don't believe in a soul!"  "You believe in evolution...that humans are simply primates...chimps on steroids!"

As a true devil's advocate, I watch Christian television.  And though to me, Christian television is laughable, beneath my cynical laughter lies a great concern.  A concern that emulates from the point that while I'm laughing at these ignorant fools, millions of human primates are raising their arms and shaking their hands and moaning in babbling ecstasy in belief of all that these so-called television Christian prophets and thousands of other tax-free Gospel-peddlers are spouting out.

Like I love watching and laughing at the Reverend Doctor (and all of these religious dudes call themselves doctor) Jack Van Impe as he shoots out bible verses a mile-a-minute as he goes about predicting a nuclear war that's coming, an Armageddon, as, according to Dr. Jack, China and Russia amass troops against poor little Israel.  However, Dr. Jack is quick to inform us that though the world will be one hell of a mess, God will still not destroy it.

For a while there, Dr. Jack was saying President Obama was the Anti-Christ, quoting as proof old war-criminal Henry Kissinger who once said Obama was going to be the leader of the New World Order, Dr. Jack's Anti-Christ governing body (and I may have to agree with Dr. Jack here) made up of the Bildersburgs and the Club of Rome and other Freemason-like secret cult think tanks and trend setters.  (Christians are deathly afraid of the Freemasons, of whom a lot of our White forefathers were members.  Our paper money is filled with Freemason symbols.)  Dr. Jack has recently decided that maybe Obama is not the anti-Christ, though he certainly had Dr. Jack fooled for a while there.

Another scary Christian fool-enlightener is the converted Jew, Sid Roth, who runs his little million-dollar-tax-free band of angelic beings out of Charlotte, North Carolina, the home of many fundamentalist cults.  Sid is scary because he toadies to the weirdest of the Christian fanatics, like the woman who claims she remembers when she was a fetus; or the man who says that definitely there will be an Armageddon-like war...and soon...and that it's necessary in order for King Jesus to bring his army of angels down to take over the New World Order out of Jerusalem; or several wild-eyed fools who swear on a stack of Sid Roth's latest book and DVD offerings they've actually been to Heaven and seen J.C., Big Daddy, and St. Peter, one such visitor a 10-year-old kid.

Of late, the Christians are bombarding their fool-believers with bombastic pronouncements against Obamacare, calling it "Pro-Abortion Obamacare."  Again, here, even though their anti-Obamacare stance doesn't really address it, I have to agree with the Christians against Obamacare, an insurance company/HMO written 2,700-page bill that brings billions of dollars into the overflowing coffers of the health insurance companies and the HMOs all at the expense of taxpayers.  The IRS calls Obamacare a TAX.

Remember, Obamacare was designed under the chairmanship of Max Baucus, the Montana pompous-ass senator who recently retired worth several millions of dollars thanks to contributions from the healthcare insurance industry, HMOs, and big Pharma.  Remember, too, Max is the dude who refused to put single-payer health insurance on his committee's table.  Max also later said Obamacare (or Baucuscare) was headed for a "train wreck" if the PR funds for it were slashed, which they were.

It still amazes me how after all these centuries of the enlightenment of man, how billions of mankind are still lolling about and praising nonexistent gods in the darkness of the nonexistent supernatural state.

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