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Existing in New York City: The Ship of Fools Sails On

Foto by tgw, New York City, August 2013
A Little New Sociology (Speaking About the Precariat)

"Deregulation and individualization divide and pulverize, instead of uniting
and integrating. This last effect has been aided and abetted by
a unilateral breaking by the employers of the previously
reciprocal dependence of capital and labour. The newly acquired
(won or imposed politically and supported technically) freedom
to move capital results in the “secession of elites” who no longer
depend on locally hired labour – and hence makes the extant
tools of employee self-defence, such as uniting in trade unions,
demanding collective bargaining agreements or resorting to
strike, ineffective or downright suicidal." [Zygmund Bauman]
Read About the Syrian Situation From Assad's Point of View
The Ship of Fools Sails On
I look at myself in the big full-body-revealing mirror that hangs in my subway tile-lined bathroom and ask myself, "Am I a fool?"  I don't really know anybody who thinks I'm a fool.  I know for sure most of my friends are anything but fools.  Oh, yeah, a past wife may have in anger over my many profligations thought of me as a fool, or perhaps thought of herself as a fool for marrying me.  If I've ever been called a fool, I don't recall it, and certainly the wife who may have thought of me as a fool never called me one to my face.  I certainly don't fit any of the words synonymous with fool used as a noun: idiot, blockhead, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, imbecile, cretin, dullard, simpleton, moron, clod.

I mean, I just heard my president talking like a fool (replace with any one of the above synonymous nouns).  I just heard our Secretary of State talking like a fool (again, replace with any one of the above synonymous nouns).  President Obama asking Congress (a huge body of fools) to give him permission to bomb the bejesus out of Syria and getting that permission, which seems pretty god-damn fool worthy to me (a fool asking fools if he can prove how foolish he really is).  Nancy Pelosi (obviously a fool) said she gave a yes to Obama's imbecilic request even though her constituents in California were 100% against getting involved in this Syrian Civil War, a war that our CIA in cahoots with al-Queda (you can substitute "Saudi-Arabia" for al-Queda if you wish) started in the first place.  And John "Ketchup Slurpin'" Kerry is mentioning "Weapons of Mass Destruction" as our reason for bombing the bejesus out of Syria.  Is history repeating itself?  Does President Obama sound like G.W. Bush?  Does John "Catsup Slurpin'" Kerry sound like lying dog Colin Powell?  And President Obama and John Kerry both bragging about how John "Failed Mission" McCain (a pathetic fool) was backing our bombing the bejesus out of Syria is to me fools backslapping a fool.  I mean is this "we gotta bomb the bejesus out of Syria" all a pack of lies or am I the fool?

I ask, "What right do we have getting involved in this Civil War?"  Because we are accusing Assad of using chemical warfare against the opposition forces who are attacking him and hellbent on killing his ass and as many Syrian civilians as they can on their way to killing him?  Or even vice versa, so Assad is a devil of a human being and in defending his authority he's killing his own people, so what?  Is our bombing Syria back to the Stone Age not going to kill Syrians, men, women, and children?  I mean due to our illegally invading Afghanistan (they had nothing to do with 9/11) and Iraq (they had nothing to do with 9/11) didn't we kill hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children?  Aren't we still everyday killing men, women, and children in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, and in Yemen?  Besides, who is the biggest manufacturer of chemical warfare weapons in the world [according to Juan Cole, Great Britain, Holland, Switzerland, and Germany sold Syria its ability to make chemical weapons]?  Isn't it We the People of the USA?  Who are the biggest manufacturers and users of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the whole wide world?  Isn't it We the People of the USA?  Am I a fool or how is Syria a threat to We the People of the USA?

I've always said all wars we've gotten involved in were started with bald-face lies.  The Germans torpedo-ing the Luisitania, a passenger ship that was carrying weapons of mass destruction about which our leaders lied, being our excuse for getting involved in World War I.  Our being warned by a forward observer that Japanese planes were attacking Hawaii and our leaders making out like they didn't get the message in time and sure enough that forward observer was right and the Japanese forces wiped out our naval fleet in Pearl Harbor and that got us involved in World War II.  And then came the Korean War, a "police action" numbskull President Harry "A Bomb the Japs" Truman called it, based on a fool's theory that the Communists were going to take over the world starting in Korea and then the "Domino Theory" was used as an excuse for us to divide that country in half.  And then the lying about the Gulf of Tonkin being our excuse for getting involved in dividing Vietnam, a war in which though we bombed the bejesus out of the Vietnamese, killed millions of them, used chemical warfare against them (napalm and phospherous), we still got our asses whipped and had to get the hell out of there with our tails tucked between our legs. And remember the lie that old Pappy (the New World Order fool) Bush spread about Saddam Hussien's army throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators being one of his reasons for justifying the Gulf War?  Lies leading us into wars.  Wars that killed millions upon millions of people and killed hundreds of thousands and maimed hundreds of thousands more of our young stupid men and women who were forced into military service or who foolishly volunteered for military service where they were taught to kill or be killed.

Am I a fool for being tired of war?  I was born in war and I've lived most of my long life through a series of wars.  As a young naive 18-year-old I was forced to join the U.S. Army and was scared to death I was going to have to go to Vietnam and kill gooks (we always have a derogatory name for our demons) and now I'm afraid to go down to Washington, District of Corruption, and look at the names on that Vietnam War Memorial because I'm afraid I'll see some of my buddies when I was in the U.S. Army on that wall, foolishly dead at so young and vibrantly potential an age.  I'm beginning to foolishly ramble perhaps now, but I think I've made my point.

We the People of the United States are passengers on a Ship of Fools, a Ship commanded by a pack of asshole fools bent on foolishly navigating this Ship into a whirlpool of coming destruction.  Just think what could have been done with all the trillions of dollars our fool leaders have foolishly wasted on all these unwinable wars in which they seem intent on keeping us foolishly perpetually involved.  After we've bombed the bejesus out of Syria and killed hundreds of thousands of Syrian men, women, and children who've never done a damn thing against us, then where will the next war be?  That question gives me dread.  Remember, fools go where angels fear to tread.

for The Daily (Foolkilling) Growler

The Foolkiller

I was walkin' down a backstreet just the other night/
I had a funny feeling that things weren't right/
I heard some heavy footsteps right behind/
And I know it wasn't just my mind

A Foolkiller's comin'/
He's gettin' closer every day/
A Foolkiller's comin'/
I've got to try and make my get-away.

I've been livin' in this concrete for eight years/
Scrapin' and scrappin' for my dollar bills/
Eight million people livin' on the brink/
Got no time to stop and think

A Foolkiller's comin'...

If you've never been a fool then you don't have to worry/
No need to go and get in a hurry/
But just to be on the safe side/
Get yourself a place to hide

'Cause a Foolkiller's comin'
He's gettin' closer every day/
A Foolkiller's comin'/
I got to try to make my get-away.

Mose Allison

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