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Existing in New York City: Among the Nerds of Business

Foto by tgw, New York City, August 2013
Say Goodbye to: Jack Beal, artist:

Say Goodbye to: Steven Tari, it ain't easy being Jesus Christ, I mean martyrdom surely awaits you...poor old Steven "Jesus" Tari, killed by hackers...using his laptop, we assume. Steven Tari, 42?, Papua New Guinean cult leader, hacked.

Introduction to What Follows Afterwards From C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite

The power elite is composed of men whose positions enable them to transcend the ordinary environments of ordinary men and women; they are in positions to make decisions having major consequences. Whether they do or do not make such decisions is less important than the fact that they do occupy such pivotal positions: their failure to act, their failure to make decisions, is itself an act that is often of greater consequence than the decisions they do make. For they are in command of the major hierarchies and organizations of modern society. They rule the big corporations. They run the machinery of the state and claim its prerogatives. They direct the military establishment. They occupy the strategic command posts of the social structure, in which are now centered the effective means of the power and the wealth and the celebrity which they enjoy.

In the Land Where Money Grows on Trees 
I've just been reading a boringly long piece on Longform about Yahoo's fabby, doe-eyed, Stanford nerd-girl, Marissa Mayer.  It wasn't that the writer was boring, it was just that the subject matter was boring.  It was the story about the board-room shenanigans of a bunch of spoiled-brat Stanford yahoos and design-conked-out introverts as they go about their daily business of designing new ways to redesign what's been redesigned over and over in terms of bringing in more billions upon billions of advertising monies.

Marissa Mayer was once a shy nobody Middle-Class girl in Wassau, Wisconsin.  She was certainly pretty and cute and blonde, but according to her friends she was so shy she was anti-social, a characterization made ironic by the fact Little Marissa became a pom-pom girl in high school.  Being a superstudent, the pride and joy of her high school teachers, when time came to go to college, Marissa got so many offers to so many schools, she threw most of them in the garbage, except, OPPS! one day she accidentally filled out the form for acceptance to Stanford, which became the school of her choice.  She entered Stanford intending to become a doctor, a brain surgeon.  But brain surgery soon bored shy Marissa.  Being a humanitarian and learning how to save people's lives wasn't up Marissa's alley so she switched over to computer science.  In computer science, sweet little blonde and beautiful Marissa became a whiz kid.  By the time she was in grad school, she was teaching 101 CS kids so well she had a rat pack of nose-in-their-books nerds who were learning linguistics, programming, designing, and from their learning creating new Internet pathways that led from Stanford rags to social networking riches.  Marissa became so outstandingly famous at Stanford that soon a couple of her Stanford pals who created Google offered her a high-paying Silicon Valley job she couldn't refuse.  And from there, the spoiled-brat fun began for sweet little shy Marissa Mayer, the Wisconsin/Stanford whiz babe.

Reading Marissa's story of her rise from Google six-figure flunky to CEO of Yahoo had me puking at just about every turn of events in her life, from her starting to date Larry Page to Larry's eventual demoting her at Google to her buying a 5-million-dollar penthouse to giving money's-no-object parties and buying art and Oscar de la Renta originals to her marrying Harvard-trained pretty boy and San Francisco banker (read: pirate), Zachery Bogue.

Yahoo to me is simply an email address.  I realize, yes, they make their money off advertising and the way they attract advertisers is that through engineered designs and programs and such they track my buying habits and deal makings and sell these user-trends to their major advertisers.  For instance, since my heart attack, I've been allowing a certain holistic cardiologist to email me his latest offers of advice and deals from his supplements and vitamins company.  Next thing I know, this doctor's advertisements popped up in the sidebars of my email's homepage.  I am also quite sure that Yahoo is spying for the U.S. government and allowing the NSA access to all of my emails.  Why, hell, they admit such datamining in the small print of their company policy statements.

What makes me puke over all this Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Twitter/Apple/Microsoft glamor/glitter crap is easily these spoiled-brat computer science majors are piling up billions of dollars by manipulating their own staffs and board members, exchanging CEOs and COOs, kowtowing to hedge-fund operators and private investment fund connivers, and knowing each other and feuding with each other and pulling management surprises on each other and it all being a matter of egos since the money comes so swiftly and easily to these young pricks it has very little to do with care for what's going on out in the real world or how inhuman and vulgar their ways of piling up billions upon billions are.  The main asses they are kissing are the most profitable advertisers they can lure in with their designed homepages or .com sites.  And the irony here is, these spoiled-brat nerds are so frigging rich, they buy way beyond the advertisers offerings that have made them all rich.  They don't shop at Target or Walmart (of China); they don't date through Yahoo dating service; they don't drive low-end Chevys or Fords; they damn sure don't drive Toyota Camrys or Kia anythings; they probably don't have time to even Google, or read off Kindles, or use Google maps (where Marissa was demoted down to by her ex-boyfriend Larry Page); they don't ride the Mega bus when they take trips; and they don't shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.  They live in a world of constant work and job finagling, a here-today (Marissa is CEO of Yahoo today and gone to some other Silicon Valley start-up tomorrow where she'll enter the billionaire class) and once-upon-a-time tomorrow.

How boring these creepy rich boys and girls are; how mean they are; how self-centered and embedded in each other they are...but yay how fucking rich they are and how easy it is for them to get rich as they socialize among themselves, alone at the tops of their virtual reality worlds.

Marissa Mayer, by the bye, lectures all the time at Goldman-Sachs conferences.

Obama, Our Nobel War Prize Winner...Yet Another War We're Getting Involved In
Yes, Brother Obama is being manipulated (their hands up his ass working his brain and mouth) by his warmongering advisers, aides, and generals.  He's using the G.W. Bush trick of hollering wolf via Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nerve Gas in this case (the largest producer of biochemical warfare in the world is the USA)) to get us involved in the War in Syria, a war instigated and started by our own CIA, a war where the good guys are terrorists (mainly al-Queda terrorists) who will now be given free reign to murder Syrian civilians by the hundreds of thousands as We the People of the USA use the Islamic jihad (Assad's Syria is a secular nation) to cripple and leave Syria in ruins as Obama continues to carry out the plans drawn up by the Neo-Cons back in the 1990s when Paul Wolfowitz decided We the People of the USA as a war economy should bring war and ruin to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the Sudan, Somalia, Syria, leading up to a full-blast nuclear war against Iran, a nuclear war that will bring on World War III when Russia and China rise up against us.  You think I'm crazy?  I'm not the only one who foresees such doom and gloom...most progressive economists and investigative journalists see this scenario happening as we go about losing our jobs, our homes, our cities, our public school systems, our savings, our pensions, our freedoms.  Will we wake up in time?  We the People of the USA since we are the stupidist people in the world will continue to "trust" in these sociopaths and psychopaths that are leading us (lemmings) farther and farther off the cliff (brink) and into total Chaos.

Obama, the Bobble-Head Doll President, Is Going Full Speed Ahead Making Larry Summers Head of the Federal Reserve (Read: Central Bank of the USA)
Larry Summers, the very idiot economist who along with his asshole buddies Robert Rubin and Slick Willie Clinton totally wrecked our economy in respect of Neo-Con ways and means, is going to be head of our Federal Reserve...and you thought Little Timmy Geithner and Ben Bernanke were aristocrat whoremongers...wait'll Larry gets his mitts on turning worthless paper into money.

So hold on to your hats, folks...we're in for a fucking scary ride. And it looks like there's no way to get off this roller coaster that is flying off its tracks and diving us straight into the deepest Hell of Chaos.

Read What Greg Palast Has on Asshole Larry Summers

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