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Existing in New York City: Overseered by Sociopathic Fools

Foto by tgw, "Looking West," New York City, 2013
MONEY IS OUR GOD...the rich rule from heaven on earth...the poor live in hell on earth
With His Nose Deep in the Filthy Crack of Wall Street's Ass, President Obama Fucks Us
It is hard to believe but it is true, President Obama is proposing replacing Wall Street asskisser Ben Bernanke (a G.W. Bush henchman) as head of the Federal Reserve the asinine fool and economy wrecker, Larry Summers.  I mean, this jerk, Larry Summers, is an economist alleycat with more than the normally granted 9 lives.  This fool of a man and backwards-thinking economist keeps coming up daffodils and roses no matter how many times he fucks up.  We have this jerk still around thanks to old Slick Willie Clinton and his asshole buddy Robert Rubin, now making millions of bucks a year in his high-paying job with the once going-bankrupt CitiCorp, the group of derivatives pirates saved from going under by that little prick G.W. Bush and his bank bail-out bandits.  Truth is, you can trace this fool, Larry Summers, back to when he was an adviser to Slick Willie (the "I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman" liar) Clinton, when Larry and Robber-Baron Rubin advised Clinton to deregulate Wall Street and allow them to go hog-wild in the commodities, derivatives, and mortgage markets.  So when old Robber-Baron Rubin who Clinton appointed his Treasury Secretary left that cushy job and took his backwards thinking down to Wall Street, Clinton, that fool, replaced him with Larry Summers.

Larry Summers, in case you've forgotten, is also a racist pig who advised President Slick Willie Clinton to dump all our nuclear waste in Africa.  Then this fool brought about the financial crisis and began the wrecking of our economy by advising Clinton to deregulate the financial industry.  After being Clinton's Treasury Secretary, Little Larry, the scumbag, was pulled out of the alley by Harvard University who made him their president.  As president of Harvard, Good Ole Boy Larry showed how much he hates women by saying women weren't capable of succeeding as scientists.  Such deep thinking was just out of their genetic make up, according to Larry.  Soon, after he wasted several billion dollars of Harvard's endowment, Harvard finally got the message and canned Larry's worthless ass.

You would have thought that twould have been it for Larry.  But not old rising from many graves Larry.  Nope, he next showed up working with his nose up Robert Rubin's ass for CitiCorp where worthless Larry pocketed millions of bucks in salary and fees.  And what happens then?  "Yes, We Can" Obama wins the presidential election in 2008 on promises of change and reform only to jiveass stab the foolish American voters who fell for his jive in their backs by bringing in as his advisors a bunch of Clinton clowns like David Axelrod, Emanuel Rahm, and, yep, you guessed it, Larry Summers. Now, Barack "Gimme Wall Street Shelter" Obama wants to make this fool head of the Federal Reserve, a private bank itself that should be done away with and the printing of money turned over to the Treasury.

The Majority of American Whites Are Right-Wing Nutjobs
I was just reading a 2007 Marie Claire article on Sara Jane Olson's family and how they were coping with finding out their mother was in actuality a former member of the Symbiolise Liberation Army (the SLA)) while studying Women's Studies at UCal-Berkeley.  She was known then as Kathleen Soliah.  The end of the SLA came when Los Angeles police surrounded a bunch of SLA members who had taken over a small cottage and were hold up inside with a lot of weapons.  In a fierce show of L.A. cop power, the cops burned the SLA goofballs' asses to ashes, and when two of the women tried to come out and surrender the cops blew 'em away, shooting one of them in the back.  The SLA was at the time under the leadership of one Donald DeFreeze, a Black militant who called himself Cinque after the African slave, Joseph Cinque, who had liberated the slaves on the slave ship Amistad.  And Kathleen Soliah, a Fargo, North Dakota, girl with ambitions of being an actress, and her brother, Steven, fell in with this pseudo-revolutionary group, a bunch of fired up guilty White people who were being swayed by this one Black man, a man who had just escaped from a California prison where he had been sent after being convicted of stealing money from a prostitute.  This is the same group that supposedly kidnapped billionaire heiress Patty Hearst and her wimpy boyfriend, Steve Weed, and, according to Patty after she was later caught, said she was raped and tortured and finally forced to get caught on video carrying a submachinegun and shouting tough-girl orders as the SLA robbed a local bank.  Privileged Patty suffered no consequences for her shenanigans with the SLA, becoming one of this pact's White boy's lovers saying he was the most wonderful man she had ever done the double-back beast with.   Privileged Patty was given a full pardon by old Slick Willie Clinton.  Kathleen Soliah, however, not being privileged, with her brother, made good an escape, first to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), later ending up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, as Sara Jane Olson, where she settled down, married a doctor and bore three gorgeous daughters.  And then one day in the early 2000s, after being profiled on America's Most Wanted, the teevee show, a suspicious neighbor turned her in and the police arrested her.  She ended up in a California women's prison being sentenced to 20 years to life, cut down to 20 years after a plea bargain deal.  After serving only about half her sentence, she was approved for parole.  Due to a clerical error, she was released before the proper time in 2009.  She was recaptured at LA X and sent back to prison only to then be released properly and allowed to serve her parole time back home in Saint Paul, Minnesota. All went well until this year, when Sara Jane Olsen reappeared in a Saint Paul newspaper working for reducing the sentencing of crack cocaine abusers in our privatized prison system and promoting a petition she and a neighbor wanted sent to President Obama (himself at one time a pot smoker) trying to get him to reduce these addicts' sentences or even pardon a lot of them and devote the big bucks it takes to keep them in prison to rehabilitation programs.  Sara Jane's appearance in the Saint Paul newspaper sparked a bunch of fiery comments from the Minnesota wingding rightwingers, which is most of the state, saying she was a leftwing terrorist, a murderess, and should be hogtied and lynched or at best sent off to be thrown on the garbage heap of terrorists at Gitmo.  Most of these rightwingers theorized that Sara Jane had been given leniency because she was a member of the Minnesota leftwing Democratic Party and a strong backer of our leftwing, Muslim, anti-American President Barack Obama!  I could give one fart in hell about Sara Jane's guilt or innocence, the thing is she served her time for having a not very much involvement with this stupid SLA group (she admitted to placing pipe bombs under L.A. police cars and being an accessory to murder when during an SLA bank robbery a woman in the bank was killed).  My bitch is with the hypocrisy of the rightwingers in this nation of rightwingers.  I mean they see nothing wrong with sending our poor dumbass young people off to kill, maim, and bomb and be killed, maimed and bombed in two illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started by one of their dumbass kind, G.W. Bush, a little AWOL jerk whose rightwing cowardly reactions to 9/11 ended up bringing ruin to two sovereign nations that hadn't done one damn thing to bringing harm to this country.  As we should know most of the 9/11 boxcutter-wielding terrorists who blew down the World Trade Center towers were Saudi-Arabians (Osama bin Ladin being a Saudi who was stepbrother to Prince Bandar Bush (remember him?)).  But then I calm down when I recall my contention that all-American Whites are rightwing nutjobs and I return to dealing with my own inner demons as I try to ignore the insane politics currently awry in this Great White Father nation.  (It's OK, by the way, the way we treat Native Americans.)

I've Been Reading T.S. Eliot

I rather like this guy,
My brother's favorite poet,
From Boston via Saint Louis
Preferring  London
To his native land.
My brother, in great respect,
named a son
After this man,
A tragic son
Who with shotgun in hand
One afternoon in California
Proved he should never
Have been named for this poet.

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