Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Existing in New York City: Low Down Among the High Rises

Foto by tgw, New York City, October 2013
How 40 White nutjob moron House jerks from low-population rightwing weirdo states are bringing down the government and sending 99% of us into CHAOS (Ruin)President Obama could end this immediately by declaring the government essential and by using the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling.  Will he?  Probably not since he's a Reagan Republican at heart. [Sad Note: Ted Cruz's (a true off-the-wall sociopath) popularity has risen among his Texas racist backers and his political coffers have gained $800,000 because of his tomfoolery.  The 1% is dancing with glee over this.  Remember, this is all about driving down the dollar and lowering our standard of living so we'll work for these Capitalist crooks for any wage they offer.  It's all about CHEAP LABOR!]
Standing Low Among Giants
How insignificant one feels when almost run down by a young man driving a BMW sports car.  And how insignificant one feels double-parked alongside the Alvin Ailey Dance studios watching a good-looking White babe getting out of a BMW SUV with her splendid little privileged White daughter, both escorted into the Alvin Ailey studios by a Black nanny.  And nostalgically I think about times past when I drove Jaguars and Mercedes and was upwardly mobile and now how low and below the horizon of life I am.  And the stock market continues to soar upward to heights never before reached by this legalized gambling casino and then my niece, a Harvard grad, confesses to me she's highly invested in Google stock.  And I'm always thinking everybody's on the brink of disaster when in actuality they're not.  And all during this recent government shut down and debt-ceiling bullshit, Manhattan Island and its islanders rolled on along as if nothing's going on that affects us, topped off by a pop star bragging about renting a $32,000-a-month apartment just up the street from me.  And me remembering Thorstein Veblen's writing about the Power Elite and "conspicuous consumption" and how that's the American be conspicuous consumers.

And I'm back in my low-rent apartment I've lived in for 32 years composing music no one will ever hear; writing on a novel no one will ever read; writing short stories that will never be printed; yet, in spite of such a depressing possibility I'm joyous, I'm pleasantly optimistic, I'm regaling in my own death-beating existence I've entitled, "The Best Years of My Life."  So that son of bitch driving that BMW sports car almost ran me down.  So I live cheaply among millionaires and billionaires.  So what I'm a dwarf among giants.  I'm lucky to be existing in New York City where everyone's pretending the world is free of calamities.  While out in the hinterlands there must be awful suffering. Homes being foreclosed on by cruel bankers.  Kids graduating from high school whose only hope for success is in joining the military.  And ex-military vets holding pistols to their foreheads ready to end their lives.  And young mothers having babies they don't want and perhaps thinking of dumping them in dumpsters or leaving them in paper sacks on doorstoops.  And husbands deciding they're tired of their boring wives and spoiled brat children; and wives cheating on their boring husbands after getting tired of dealing with spoiled brat children.

 A rocker friend of mine wrote a tune called "Alien Zoo," in which he implied we all were living in such a place, a zoo created and managed by aliens from some other world.  Aliens to my rocker friend would be people like John Bonehead, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Allan Greenspan, Paul Wolfowitz, Hank Paulson, Sarah "Paleface" Palin, John "Failed Mission" McCain, Jimmy Carter, Henry "War Criminal" Kissinger, the Bushes, the Clintons, and, yes, Barack Obama (and those are only a few...this list should also include all of Congress, Little Billy Gates, Warren Buffett, Mike Bloomberg, the Krotch (Koch) Brothers...and on and on the list goes).  And that's what these people are: zookeepers.  And We the People are the zoo animals.  We are locked in our cages and when we're let out, we're under the animal trainers' whips...Be Obedient, that is the warning signs placed all over the Alien obedient to your Masters.

FYI: According to the 14th Amendment, our government must pay its bills.

Life goes on on the New Plantation.

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