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Existing in New York City While Jamie Dimond Mocks Us All for the Idiots We Really Are

Foto by tgw, "Penn Terminal Building," New York City, June, 2012

Say Goodbye to Margie Hyams, vibraphonist: Margie played with the best of them, George Shearing for instance and led her own trios and quartets on 52nd Street during the heyday of jazz in New York City: Margie Hyams, 91, American jazz musician.
The Young Prince Before His Lackeys
Jamie Dimond was standing proudly before his worshipers on the Senate Banking Committee yesterday. Sweet, precious Prince Jamie. Yes, Jamie is a corporation prince. A member of our new royalty; our new ruling class. Jamie owns Congress; he especially owns the Senate Banking Committee. Some young punk in attendance at the hearings had the nerve to stand up and accuse Prince Jamie of being a crook. Arrest that fool, came the reply from Prince Jamie's pals (his paid staffers) on the Banking Committee--most of whom the Little Prince and his cronies have contributed millions to their campaigns, like New York State's own charmin' crooked Senator Chuck Schumer, who when he questioned the Little Prince was all praise and no condemnation. The disruptive audience member was a threat to our national security. He's an enemy combatant. He's hand in hand with Al-Queda! How dare he accuse Prince Jamie of being a crook.

Prince Jamie's explanation of how his too big to fail bank had blown 3 billion bucks was honest. Jamie said they just didn't know how it had happened. It was something to do with the system. Jamie apologized for it--he almost broke his back apologizing, you know, straining by having to bend around and apologize to all those noses and lips up his filthy ass, sniffing that ass for more millions of dollars coming their way and kissing that ass as lackeys have to do if they wanna keep getting those million-dollar handouts from their ruling princes. Prince Jamie's apology was so sincere. Why, Prince Jamie had no idea any shenanigans were going on--he was too busy counting the profits, 8 billion in profits, his too big to fail bank had made off other crooked derivative schemes and foreclosures and stuff.

In the meantime, it seems our two-faced president is scheming to turn our country over to the international corporate crooks, carrying on where Big Dog Willie "I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman" Clinton left off in terms of foreign trade giveaways like NAFTA, giving the international corporate giants powers over We the People of the USA through deals that give them the power to shaft us good on trade deals and if we try to bring them to bear for their crimes--WHOAAA, President Obama has forgiven them any faults--like if they pollute our air, we have to pay them for the pollution. Does all of this sound like a fairy tale? Well, it ain't no fairy tale, it's a matter of fact. Nations are selling their souls to these global corporations that respect no national boundaries; that disrespect national laws and charters; that ruthlessly go about the world buying up the land, the food supplies, the natural resources, human lives (to put into slavery), etc. Taking us all over lock, stock, and barrel.

If the economies of the nations crash, no problem for good folks like Prince Jamie Dimond; no problem for that grubby Warren "Junk Bond" Buffett; or that asshole George Soros; or New York City's billionaire mayor Mikey Bloomberg; or Little Billy and Melinda Gates; or Little Timmy Geithner; or Dishonest Ben Bernancke; or Mayor Emanuel "Protesters Are Terrorists" Rahm the stupid citizens of Chicago made their mayor; or even President Barack Obama who invests his newly gained millions with Prince Jamie Dimond. These billionaire cowboys could care less if we all go down the toilet--it'll just mean they've got their grubby little hands on all our wealth--so we're all in the street--so what? That just means Cheap Labor to them. Which is what all this Neo-Con economics--the economics of Milton Friedman--is all about. CHEAP LABOR. Just think, Prince Jamie Dimond's private jet pilot makes more than you do. The guy that drives his limos makes more than you do. The guy that wipes Jamie's filthy ass after he's taken a huge dump makes more than you do.

Is anyone in this country interested in revolting against these bastards? How about first of all withdrawing all your money from Prince Jamie's bank or the extracrooked Bank of America or the Old West Bandit Wells Fargo bank. How 'bout you stop shopping at Walmart of China. How 'bout you stop going to Disney's Broadway shows or all these British Broadway shows or these stupid revival shows. Or how 'bout stop watching television. Or stop buying every new updated Apple China-made crap that comes along. Or stop buying the latest Windows operating system that comes out. Or throw your cell phones in the garbage and go back to land lines. Or keep the car you've got right now for another 5 or 10 years. Or how 'bout voting for one of the minor candidates like Rocky Anderson in the upcoming presidential election.

I know, nobody's gonna do anything revolutionary. We Americans are the stupidest people on earth--we're getting shafted and we seem to love it. Like that little asshole Jamie Dimond. Why not citizens arrest that creep? Are we afraid of being zapped by a drone on President Barack "James Bond" Obama's orders? Are we afraid of being shipped off to Guantanamo for life? Are we afraid of being waterboarded (it ain't torture, you know)? Are we afraid of perhaps being blown away by one of those stand your ground clowns? What are we gonna do when one of those crazed soldiers just back from Afghanistan goes berserk while we're buying some cheap Chinese child-made goods at our local Walmart of China store? Or while we're in a long line to get first dibs on that latest iPod at the Apple of China store?

Naw, hell no, we'll go on electing the same old jack offs; we'll go on believing Obama's gonna turn back to being on our side (Yes, We Can); we'll go on trusting our lives to these spoiled brat rich boys and handing them our money--Jamie Dimond and his crooked bank cronies took We the Stupid People of the USA for 18 trillion dollars. Stop and think about how much money that is. Stop and ask yourself where in the Holiest of Hells did Little Timmy Geithner and Gentle Ben Bernanke come up with that much money to bail these chislers out? Where?

I know, you'd rather I write optimistically...but I can't. I've lived too long...I've seen too much history repeated...I was born during a war and every 10 years I've had to live through another war...I've seen crooked politicians come and go...and I've seen rich men rule...and I've had to work my ass off for any dollar I've ever gotten. The problem is Capitalism, a British concept. Might as well go out and buy a lottery ticket and depend on that 1 in 20 billion chance of hitting the damn thing to bail me out.

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