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Existing in New York City: On a Brain-dead Saturday

Foto by tgw, New York City, June, 2012
Check Out Nicholas Egon Jainschigg, a The Daily Growler Hall of Fame Artist, Over in Rhode Island, Doing a Painting:
Nicholas Egon Jainschigg Paintings
Trip to Hell and Back Over
I find it interesting how suddenly out of nowhere Samsung is emerging as a maker of computers and cell phones and iPods and refrigerators...I mean, Samsung? I always considered them like Sharp, a maker of cheap electronics out of Malaysia or somewhere Pacific Rim like that. But boy are they advertising like hell all over the media, especially on teevee.

Also, where do car companies come up with their names? Like the Toyota Venza. What the hell does Venza signify to Japanese marketers? I recall the old American car companies came up with names like the Dodge Ram (the Ram's head was their hood ornament), Chevrolet BelAir, Buick Custom or Roadmaster, Oldsmobile Rocket 88 (a rocket was their hood ornament), the Jeep 4x4, Lincoln Continental, Cadillac Sedan de Ville and Coupe de Ville, etc. I understood those names...but the Toyota Venza. And I ask myself, are Japanese cars now radiated?

The commercial media, including Yahoo news, are trashing President Obama daily, this week intimating that he's losing popularity due to the economy and that Romney is slowly gaining on him in the polls. What polls? I ask. Those Catholic college polls? Polls are so full of bullshit. Who in his or her right mind is considering voting for such a fool as Mitt "the Mormon" Romney? Of course, the good people of Massachusetts elected him governor. That includes Harvard professors and MIT professors...I mean, don't we usually consider Massachusetts a kind of progressive state? Nope, folks, Massachusetts is a dumb-ass state. Look at their current governor. Besides, they sainted the Kennedy boys, though most of the Kennedy worthless sons and daughters had to carpetbag to other states to get their cushy political jobs. Living off the taxpayers money. Totally worthless human beings; yet sanctified--why? Like the Kennedys--hey, We the Taxpayers of the US have totally supported this bunch of privileged fops since the days of Bootlegger Joe when he, a Nazi sympathizer, was made ambassador to Great Britain. And the Bush family (at one time Hitler's bankers); this bunch of worthless human beings have also lived off the taxpayers most of their worthless careers. Old Pappy Bush and his worthless worst-president-ever son are still living off the taxpayers.

I promised myself I wouldn't start railing on our Power Elite and that politics was so beneath me, but, dammit, it just makes me so god-damn mad to see our commercial media going after every progressive voice insinuating that the worst and sorriest candidates are the people's real choices. The dumbest people in the world, that's how I view my "feller Amuricans."

Everything I read in the commercial newspapers is lies; everything I hear on commercial teevee is lies. Like I'm reading how the recently released CIA papers on 9/11 prove that G.W. "Georgie Porgie" Bush lied us into this endless War on Terror. I already knew that. Yet, We the People of the USA don't seem to be pissed about what this clown did to us. Obama hasn't picked up on it and trashed our past worst-ever president and his administration for getting us involved in these endless wars we are currently involved in around the world. Remember, we have 150 military bases all over the globe. Remember, too, that the largest user and abuser of both fossil fuel and nuclear energies is the U.S. military!

Did you ever ask yourself how many millions of dollars these G-20 meetings cost We the People of the USA? Did you ever wonder how many millions of dollars we blow on Hillbilly Hillary's many State Department adventures she seems constantly to be on all around the world? Or how much these Congressional committee hearings like the one the Senate Banking boys just had with Prince Jamie Dimond cost We the People of the USA?

I was just reading on Little Timmy Geithner's Treasury Department Website that it is true that George W. Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest people in the USA did work to spur the economy, create jobs, and shoot the stock market back up to astronomical record highs and that Timmy and the Treasury are recommending to President Obama that he keep G.W.'s tax cuts in place. Turns out, our Treasury Department says, poor people don't pay dick shit when it comes to taxes. Low-life bastards. Of course these jealous fools, our out-of-work hicks and heathen or if they have jobs they're cleaning shit cans or working at Walmart of China as greeters, are confused by thinking the rich don't pay their fair share. According to our Treasury, the rich pay the bulk of our taxes. Then, I ask, why are We the People in such debt and the wealthy and wealthiest corporations (who are people don't forget) are making bucks head over heels?

We are fed so many lies our heads are spinning. A fool and his money are soon parted...who said that?...and we are a nation of fools. We truly believe there is a God. We truly believe that Osama Bin Laden planned the action that brought down the World Trade Center. We truly believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone killed President Kennedy. We truly believe that if you are rich you are wise. We truly no longer see anything wrong with Communist China owning our debt and manufacturing most of the products we buy, including U.S. flags. We don't even see anything wrong with countries like China, Indonesia, and India using child labor or in some instances slave labor. We don't see anything wrong with Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland buying up food supplies all over the world. We don't see anything wrong with the Federal Reserve still giving trillions of interest-free dollars to our crooked banking and financial industry. President Obama says absolutely nothing about Moody's (Warren Buffett owns it) downrating most of our big too-big-to-fail banks, including Prince Jamie Dimond's J.P. Morgan-Chase gang of pirate bankers.

I'll bet you, Mitt Romney (and he's going to pick this dumbass Paul Ryan for his running mate) gathers close to 50% of the vote come November. Half of this country are White racists, wild-eyed patriotic hypocrites, USA-home-bred terrorists, feeding at the money troughs like the pigs they are. Karl Rove, that criminal, is still on the loose getting his filthy hands on millions upon millions of dollars, still free to steal elections--and, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, he's an American citizen called Capitalist corporations. If you ain't got no money, then you are fucked. Get ready to get in line at your nearest Walmart of China store to try and get a job as a greeter. Also, you'd better stay healthy or else you should get ready to die since you'll be too poor to afford pay-or-die for-profit health insurance and you won't be cared for at our many coming-on-line for-profit hospitals--either that or gather up your clan and move to Canada--Montreal's suppose to be a nice place to live--though you should learn French before you move up there.
A Reader's Comment From the person who thinks like The Daily Growler wants people to think:

These assclowns pull a going "Galt," well payback's a b*tch

BOA [Bank of America] robosigns foreclosures leading to personal tragedies, suicides, homelessness, well screw them, pull your funds and go to your local credit union. Who would have the balls to enter into a 30 year mortgage (assuming one could find a job in 2012) with a known criminal organization like BOA or Wells Fargo or Chase or someone else? Who could ever trust them?
Same with Well Fargo killing thousands of jobs and moving them to Bangalore (or New Delhi) and Manila, fraudulent foreclosures, etc. Same with Chase that had massive security breaches because they don't care about customers' information, but only care about raping them financially. What, outsourcing data has implications to customers' security? Shocking!
Companies like American Express, GE, Boeing, Gulfstream in GA., FTI Consulting, state and federal govt. post fake jobs, f' them, post the information so the 30 million Americans unemployed in 2012 can pull this "GOING GALT" crap on them - payback. Bloomberg hired his sister for a city job and has his daughter working for him, but nepotism is bad, so my elementary school teacher told me.
USA Jobs posts fake ads to be filled by some dolt, well write to every single HR person involved and your US Senator and Rep. and bug them until they have no choice but to listen.
These scoundrels are blaming fellow Americans for massive unemployment, they are calling them lazy, uneducated, drug addicted losers who don't deserve to live the American dream while these criminals pull a "capital strike" while most certainly continuing to collect $20 million paydays (just look at JC Penney's recent failure of a CEO - scorch and burn management).
Your pension invests in hedge funds that pay the managers 2% of all assets under management in addition to 20% of all profits?! Guess what? That's a losing proposition that merely robs the public servants who have no choice. Write to your AG and Governor and pension administrator and demand to know who decided to invest in hedge funds, how the decision was made, and why the Hell 2% + 20% is a fair deal to public servants who are being fired left and right. FOIA, it's there for a reason.
Capital strike? Yeah, Ayn Rand, there's a role model for morons. Same as Gingrich is a model for being loyal and a man of the people or Obama is someone who knows life as a factory worker or Romney knows how to pull himself by his bootstraps (if your father was a Governor). D & R, equally useless, equally corrupt, equally beholden to the 1%.
These are all clowns so let's treat them as such. Payback, Bozo, payback.


And, yes, I am brain dead on this Saturday...unable to think straight...watching teevee like a dumb ass...watching all the millionaire teevee personalities giddy with inane glee...watching Lisa Quinn redesigning frumpy California rooms...watching millionaire Charlie Rose interviewing millionaire (and crook) Henry Kissinger (can you believe this old bastard is still alive and well?--Henry's PR firm has an office in Beijing)...or watching millionaire David Letterman not being funny...or watching a program on Oprah Winfrey, how her multimillion-dollar income has declined since she retired from her television show and is becoming fatter and fatter as she wallows in the good life...or watching millionaire basketball players finishing up their season so they can retire to their Florida or Texas mansions...or watching millionaire baseball players like the highest paid dude in sports, Alex Rodriguez, hitting under .300 but still collecting multimillions of dollars for playing an average game of baseball--I still love the sport, but I'm seeing players making millions who don't deserve it--and it pains me to watch my once beloved Yankees playing in a ballpark paid for by the taxpayers of New York City honoring with a big splashy memorial wall George Steinbrenner, that big asshole, with his image wiping out those of the Babe, Lou Gehrig, even the Mick and Roger see how brain dead I am?

I apologize for this brain-dead post.

A big fat dirty mouse just jumped over a mouse trap and ran across my floor right in front of my brain-dead ass.

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Francisco Goya, "The Witches Sabbath"
(As the Spanish banks are getting bailed out of their collapse by the Goldman-Sachs pirates, the IMF, and the World Bank (controlled by We the People of the USA))

Note: California artist Geoff Greene (a The Daily Growler Hall of Fame Artist) is showing in Palm Springs coming up in August:
just to lygk I'm putting a piece in a show in Palm Springs in August, honoring B movie goddess Tura Satana (Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! among others) Just one painting but it's a biggie and i've been wanting to show in this gallery for a couple of years now so if ya happen to be in CA around August 15th drop by...geoff

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